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FIRENIB Media Pvt. Ltd, a Conglomerate, with diversified interest in current and upcoming business activities, is spreading its wings in Kerala, all important cities in the country and also abroad. Its sister concern BUSINESS NEWS is a popular much sought after business journal which has created much goodwill among the business community of Kerala. BUSINESS NEWS which started in 2000 from Palakkad has a wide circulation. It possess RNI Registration and MSME Registration. Business News covers a wide spectrum of business areas like management, entrepreneurship, Education, Insurance, share market, retailing, distribution marketing, new trends in advertising and the like. The journal has secured high ranking in the media list by I & PR dept. of Government of Kerala.

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    Chief editor S.V. Iyer

    General manager (marketing)

    Haridas M K

    Sr. consultant (marketing) Anil panikkar

    Marketing Manager (Kerala & Tamilnadu)

    Sunilkumar P S

    Circulation manager (Kerala) Suseela K


    R G Gireesh Pravitha K S

    Office administration

    Vinaya K M

    Graphics& design Mohammed safuvan


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    RNI Reg No - KERMAL 34088

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    hy-Xy-kv-X-am-bn Nn-´n-¨m Im-Wp-¶-sX-Ãmw km-[y-X-IÄ


    I-eym¬-Pn Online Startupreneur Coach 9495854409co

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    Xv. R-§Ä F-Sp-¯p sIm-Åmw F-¶v ]-d-ªp sIm-ïv. t^mÀ-Uv am-t\-Pv--aâv Nn-cn-̈ n-«p-ïm-hpw a-\-ÊnÂ, Cu hy-àn F-́ v ̀ m-hn-̈ n-«m-Wv F-¶v. ]-s£ X-IÀ-¨-bp-sS ]-Sp-Ip-gn-bn \n-¶pw hn- P-bn-t¨ A-S-§p F-¶v Xo-cp-am-\n-¨ c-¯³ Sm- ä-bv-¡pw A-t±-l-¯n-sâ am-t\-Pv--aâv So-an-\pw hy-à-am-b e-Iv--jyw D-ïm-bn-cp-¶p. t^mÀ-Uv 5.2 _n-ey¬ tUm-f-dn-\v kz-´-am-¡n-b Pm-KzÀ, tdm-hÀ F-¶n-h Sm-ä 2.5_n-ey¬ tUm-f-dn-\p kz-´-am-¡n. C-sXm-¶pw A-à I-Y-bn-se Szn-Ìv. kz- ´-am-¡n c-ïp h-cv-jw sIm-ïv Cu Im-dp-IÄ Sm-äm-tam-t«mÀ-kv-- F-¶ I-¼-\n-bp-sS G-ä-hpw Iq-Sp-X hn-äp-h-c-hv e-`n-¡p-¶ Im-dp-I-fm-¡n am-än. A-hn-sS Im-e-§-fm-bn tPm-en sN-¿p-¶ sXm-gn-em-fn-I-fp-sS i-¼-f-hpw B-\p-Iq-ey-§-fpw hÀ-[n-¸n-¡p-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp. C-Xn \n-s¶-Ãmw hy-à-am-Ip-¶-Xv Hm-tcm _p-²n-ap-«p-I-fpw ]p-Xn-b A-h-k-c-§Ä Xp-d-¶p X-cp-I-bm-Wv. C-Xn-t\m-Sv A-\p-_-Ô-am- bn F-sâ H-cp hy-àn-]-c-am-b A-\p-`-hw Iq-Sn tNÀ-̄ v hm-bn-t¡-ï-Xm-Wv. Rm³ hn-tZ-i-̄ m- bn-cp-¶ k-a-b-¯m-bn-cp-¶p F-sâ ]n-Xm-hn-s\ s]-s«-¶v A-kp-J_m-[n-X-\m-bn B-ip-]-{Xn-bn A-Uv-an-äv B-¡p-¶-Xv. A-Ñ-s\ B-ip-]-{Xn-bn-te- ¡v sIm-ïv t]m-Ip-I, A-hn-sS \n-¶pw th-sd H-cp B-ip-]-{Xn-bn-te-¡v k-v-Im-\n-§n-\p th-ïn sIm-ïv t]m-Ip-I F-¶n-h F-Ãmw F-sâ kz- tZ-i-hp-am-bn Im-cy-am-b _-Ôw H-¶pw C-Ãm-̄ , Ø-e-]-cn-N-bw t]m-epw C-Ãm-¯ F-sâ `m-cy- bp-sS Np-a-en-em-bn. kz-́ w Im-cy-̄ n-\v th-ïn t]m-epw B-ip-]-{Xn-bn-te-¡v t]m-Im³ t]-Sn- ¡p-¶ H-cp hy-àn-bm-Wv Xn-I-¨pw G-I-bm-bn F-hn-sS \n-t¶m h-¶ H-cp ss[-cyw kw-`-cn-¨v F-sâ A-Ñ-sâ A-h-km-\w h-sc F-Ãm Im-cy- §-fpw H-ä-¡v sN-bv-X-Xv. C-t¸m-gpw R-§Ä A-Xv NÀ-¨ sN-bm-dp-ïv. R-§Ä I-sï-¯n-b H-tc H-cp D-̄ -cw, {]-iv-\-§Ä h-cp-t¼mÄ am-{X-am-Wv H-cp hy-àn-bp-sS-tbm A-sÃ-¦n {]-Øm-\-̄ n- sâ-tbm i-cn-bm-b i-àn ]p-d-t -̄s¡-Sp-¡p-¶- Xv F-¶-Xm-Wv. C-Xv X-s¶-bm-Wv Cu tIm-hn-Uv ]-Ým-

    -̄e-̄ n-epw ]-d-bm³ D-Å-Xv. tem-Iw A-Sp-̄ Im-e-s¯m-¶pw I-ïn-«n-Ãm-¯ a-lm-am-cn aq-ew ap-X-em-fn sXm-gn-em-fn hy-Xym-k-an-Ãm-sX {]-Xn- k-Ôn t\-cn-Sp-t¼mÄ th-ï-Xv {]-Xym-i-bpw km-[y-X-I-fp-sS I-sï-¯-ep-I-fp-am-Wv. ]-e-cpw km-[y-X F-¶v ]-d-bp-t¼mÄ

    Im-Wp-¶-Xv C-t¸mÄ \-½p-sS I¬ ap³-]n D-Å-h-bm-Wv. B-tcm-Sv tNm-Zn-̈ m-epw ]-d-bpw PPE In-äv, ¥u-kv, am-k-v-Iv F-¶n-h \nÀ-an-¡p-I-bpw hn-X-c-Ww sN-¿p-I-bpw sN-¿p-I F-¶-Xv h³ hn-P-b-am-bn-cn-¡pw F-