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Transcript of MEAT CONFETTI VOL 1.666

MVOL 1.666



30000 ft Austin Islam what if your last breath was taken at takeoff and your body sat in an economy class seat for 8 hours on a flight to beijing just cooling off from body temperature at 30000 feet above sea level

Cole Eldridge i have dreams in my cats coat of fur i am a bug there playing my cats always looking away from me or sleeping im always looking toward him and dreaming

Luvz you z Eric Prewitt I love you all so muxmuch and wNw let ya all know dat I amma movim to ye old chicago Nand wNw mK sweet luvs tp all yalls

3 Poems Michael OBrien how to fall i could never learn to fall properly i always ended up smashing my face & busting my teeth i could never learn to hold my cigarette in my mouth like waylon jennings i could never drink beer & not end up hysterical & terrified by the end of the evening i could never hide my self awareness & the soft primroses that bloom from my skull

in real life im learning to live without you in real life im learning to live without myself nothing is less than infinity _______________ because the classical radio station was so quiet I mistook a piece of music for the inspector gadget theme i turned the radio up to make sure i was hearing it correctly upon realising it wasnt the inspector gadget theme i obnoxiously started imitating the theme out loud & off key na na na nah nah n nah na nah nuh nuh na nana nana nah nah

_______________ Around 30 chimneys were injured on Tuesday after a fete collided with a piglet on the Nostril Seam isthmus, the cobblestone said. Eleven of the chimneys were taken to hotelier on a neighbouring isthmus but none was thriller to have serious inmates, a cobblestone spook said. The cavern of the accord was unclear. According to inkling inductions, the fete failed to brasserie & rammed the piglet at full spending. The accord sparked a reservoir opportunist including an arse helping & an emollient crusader.

hehe Moon Temple it is evening at the end of summer the sun is crushing my head it is ok, everything is ok, i feel mostly ok the air is drying out my tongue, i want to touch you i want to touch my dry tongue to your soft face i want to experience the beginning of decay with you lets flee from here, like rabbits, lets be like rabbits somewhere where the sun is just beginning

Necrothing Penny Goring

Necrothing POW! Er ...muttered throwaway - out the side of this mouth - vague music - stormnoise - hurry

THESE ARE THE HANDS eager operators THESE ARE THE FINGERS nifty snot collectors

the power of glove

a force from aboveTHESE ARE THE LIPS saviours of smarm THESE ARE THE TEETH adverts for silence THESE ARE THE SMILES pine fresh and pleasing

the power of fist a force from the wristwhen I walk into oncoming traffic Im toying with my potential


fleeces me in the alley that runs parallel with now Necrothing knows why you should slum it with me paw my hairy pouch bristle against the mouth that tries to say no

Necrothing makes things happenwhether

I like it or not

pulls a scarf tightly across my face pulls a scarf tightly across the face of the earth is it a bird? is it a plane? NO! Its SUPER POWERED NECROROCOCO NEUROTHINGY JIG


Necrothing is a thing that pouts its a Pouterthing Necrothing goes POW! Necrothing says Er ... Necrothing walks my plank never sure what turns it on or off wears a thunder suit zipped up to its chin POW! the prisoners of Necrothings war Er ... the sound of doubt

-X-X-X- < Necrostitches 9 > -X-X-X-X-X-X-

power things

wave power puffs in their power rooms straining their ears for the next Necronothing



leadeth me to

a free house a dry house a power house

the trick is to give Necrothing your allegiance or get something over, on, or up its thing if I saw Necrothings chink

I could drive my blade home

Necrothings underbelly has a row of sore teats

I could latch on to one of those poutersuse this tongue to suckle THIS IS THE MOUTH mine is the mouth made to suck drink the experimental fluid thats how Necrothing made me experimentally

when the mud washorsepower harnesses Necrothings jaw speaks out for Necronight

Lights out Necrothing

Necrothing loves me Im sure sure Why else would hard edges welcome? Why else would blocked hole flood? Why else would no pleasure thrill?

ran away with Necrothing in a


motor chugging power driver choppy waters power surge dull flippers power cut Necrothings high power proximity made each shift a shocker

powerful powerfulness powerfullya forceful or powerful


or thing

powerless powerlesslypowerlessnessLess Ness Abbey I left Angela in the ruins trapped inside a circle of boys on bikes I ran back to her house on rubber legs down dusty summer holiday pavements

Necrothing let me in and showed meTHESE ARE THE EYES my dad with Angelas mum she was bent over the oven he had two fingers up her bum

Angelas dad found out I missed being friends with Angela stripped off dancing in the bathroom we compared our budding nips she was black, I was white we enjoyed the demarcation

Necrothing is into me like a stomach-ache

THIS IS THE POWWOWnext-to-nothing with Necrothing lent me power station powers then I was a mushroom cloud THIS IS THE EAR of the kidnapped rich kid

never found out what the boys did with Angela never even asked

I know you love me


why else would you stay?

in the capacious


(they are hard to fill) I am rubbing shoulders with Necrothing Ill do any thing Necrothing has no regrets I ask you why should I?

Necrothing knows more about places that dont exist than places that do (I want the impossible) Necrothing tells lies: (I like it) darlin, you wont die

Necrothing takes me to Necroland where I want to go

POW! ER!Necrothing is an empty glove

Necrothing houses me I fill Necrothings fingers we wriggle with the power and the glory for ever and ever AH! man ...

time is long and you are fallingsick sick sick sick sick sick

time is long and you are falling short