What is Personal Branding?

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How can we stand out from the rest? How can we leave our significant fingerprint that demonstrates our expertise and value? What does exactly define our personal brand?

Transcript of What is Personal Branding?

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Giorgos AlexakisPersonal Branding & Social Media [email protected]: g_alexakis1Giorgos AlexakisCareer Planning in 302

Giorgos AlexakisCreate your Personal Brand

3Giorgos Alexakis4Stand out!Giorgos AlexakisYou are the Manager of the company Myself S.A.

5Giorgos Alexakis6Giorgos Alexakisour brand is what people say about you when you're not in the roomJeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon7Giorgos Alexakis8Giorgos AlexakisYou are under surveillance.Truth 19Giorgos AlexakisTruth 2If you dont create your personal brand, someone else will do that for sure10Giorgos AlexakisPersonal Branding Key PointsCommunicationRelationshipsConsistencyKnowledgeInterestProspectGratitudeConfidence 11Giorgos AlexakisWhat am I good at?12Giorgos Alexakis13Giorgos AlexakisElevator Pitch14Giorgos AlexakisWho are you?What is your job?What is your main point?Whats in for me?15Giorgos AlexakisDont forget16Giorgos AlexakisContact Me!Giorgos Alexakis17Giorgos [email protected]:Giorgos AlexakisTwitter:g_alexakis