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Transcript of Granit SD – Toro SC · PDF file Granit SD – Toro SC • iQ ... Recycling Plants...


    Granit SD – Toro SC

    • iQ Granit SD for static dissipation (106 ≤ R ≤ 108 Ω)

    • iQ Toro SC for static conductivity (5x104 ≤ R ≤ 106 Ω)

    • Unique conductive iQ PUR

    • iQ Unique Surface Restoration

    • Market’s best Life Cycle Cost

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    In today’s modern society, we see an increasing number

    of ESD*-sensitive environments. To benefi t from develop-

    ments and opportunities today and in the future, we must

    be able to handle this situation by adopting appropriate

    products and systems.

    The fl ooring is an important part of an effective ESD

    control system. Tarkett has developed products that meet

    high technical standards and deliver benefi ts like easy in-

    stallation, low maintenance and extraordinary durability.

    Our two static control fl oorings are iQ Granit SD, covering

    static dissipation needs, and iQ Toro SC, covering the higher requirements for static conductivity. Both are

    colour-coordinated with the iQ Granit range and have the

    same maintenance needs, allowing a harmonious combi-

    nation of regular and static control fl ooring in the same

    building. iQ Granit SD and iQ Toro SC are available in sheets

    as well as tiles. When using sheets, no special conductive

    adhesive is needed, which makes installation easier and

    more cost-effective.

    High safety in sensitive environments

    *Electrostatic Discharge

    The iQTM concept

    “Intelligent quality, with Unique Surface

    Restoration, for top performance in every

    aspect of fl ooring function.”

    Tarkett’s iQ fl oor coverings give you the best durability, the

    best design, the easiest cleaning and maintenance, and

    the best life cycle cost. And all with a concern for sustain-

    ability and the environment. We call it intelligent quality,

    and we see our iQ fl oor coverings as the most intelligent

    choice you can make when buying fl ooring.

    Unique Surface Restoration Most notable is the Unique Surface Restoration property.

    Tarkett’s extensive experience of raw materials, production

    technology and maintenance requirements has enabled us

    to develop products that are wax- and polish-free forever,

    and not just until the PUR wears off, as is the case with

    other vinyl fl oor coverings. Unique Surface Restoration

    makes it possible to fully restore the fl ooring surface to

    its original appearance and properties with just simple

    dry buffi ng. Thanks to high-quality raw material, iQ PUR

    surface reinforcement and an innovative design process,

    Unique Surface Restoration leads the way to extreme

    longevity and outstanding performance plus the market’s

    best life cycle cost.

    iQ Granit SD and iQ Toro SC are iQ fl oorings from Tarkett

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    What is an electrostatic discharge? All around us, electrostatic charges are generated

    by friction or the separation of different materials.

    Since all matter in our world strives towards

    balance, every electrical charge tries to discharge

    itself. When two materials with different charges

    come suffi ciently close to each other, there is

    an electrostatic discharge (ESD). This may cause

    damage to sensitive items and equipment.

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    iQ Granit SD is a high-quality static control fl ooring with

    an electrical resistance of 106–108 ohms. It is developed

    for use in electronics industries, laboratories, ESD-sensi-

    tive areas in hospitals, etc. The nine versatile colours, in

    a classic non-directional design, offer great possibilities

    for creating harmonious interior designs without having

    to compromise on function.

    The iQ Granit SD colour range

    iQ Granit SD – the static dissipative fl ooring

    711 NCS S 2502-B

    Welding Rod No. 1287412

    710 NCS S 1500-N

    Welding Rod No. 1287411

    715 NCS S 1020-Y30R

    Welding Rod No. 1287416

    714 NCS S 2005-Y40R

    Welding Rod No. 1287415

    716 NCS S 2020-Y30R

    Welding Rod No. 1287417

    713 NCS S 7502-B

    Welding Rod No. 1287414

    718 NCS S 2020-R90B

    Welding Rod No. 1287419

    717 NCS S 3020-B70G

    Welding Rod No. 1287418

    712 NCS S 4502-B

    Welding Rod No. 1287413

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    Technical data for iQ Granit SD iQ Granit SD is a homogeneous, resilient, permanently

    static dissipative control fl ooring. It is manufactured

    using the latest technology and with iQ PUR for excellent

    wear resistance and cleaning characteristics. This provides

    stable and reliable conductivity as well as an aesthetically

    pleasing product. iQ Granit SD is classifi ed as a DIF

    product, Dissipative Floor, according to IEC 61340-4-1.

    The pattern is non-directional. Sheets are installed using

    ordinary fl ooring adhesive. Tiles must always be installed

    using a conductive adhesive. Conductive adhesive is

    required over copper strips.

    Technical data Type of fl ooring EN 649 Permanently static dissipative


    homogeneous vinyl fl ooring

    CE certifi cation Yes

    Classifi cation EN 685 Commercial: 34

    Industrial: 43

    Wear layer thickness EN 429 2,0 mm

    iQ PUR Yes

    Total thickness EN 428 2,0 mm

    Total weight/m2 EN 430 3000 g

    Dimensional stability EN 434 ≤ 0,40% for rolls

    ≤ 0,25% for tiles


    Thickness loss EN 660: Part 1 Group P: ≤ 0,15 mm

    Volume loss EN 660: Part 2 Group P: ≤ 4,00 mm3

    Residual indentation EN 433 Approx. 0,03 mm

    Castor chair test EN 425 Suitable

    Static electrical charge EN 1815 < 2 kV

    Electrical insulation VDE 0100, Part 600 R i ≤ 5x104 Ohms

    Electrical resistance ESD-approval SP method 2472 106 ≤ R ≤ 108 Ohms

    EN 1081 R1 ≤ 10 8 Ohms

    R2 ≤ 10 8 Ohms

    EN/IEC 61340-4-1 R ≤ 108 Ohms

    Underfl oor heating Suitable – max. 27ºC

    Impact sound resistance EN ISO 717/2 Approx. + 4 dB

    Thermal resistance EN 12667/DIN 52612 Pending

    Reaction to fi re EN 13501-1 Class B fl


    EN ISO 9239-1 ≥ 8 kW/m2

    EN ISO 11925-2 Pass

    Light fastness EN ISO 105-B02 ≥ level 6

    Chemical resistance EN 423 Good resistance

    Fungi and Bacteria resistance DIN EN 846-A/C Does not favour growth

    Slip resistance DIN 51130 R9

    EN 13893 ≥ 0,3

    Colours 9

    Form of delivery EN 426

    Sheet A pprox. 23 r m x 200 cm

    (rolls) art. no. 3096_ _ _

    3 digit colour number EN 427 Tiles 61,0 x 61,0 cm

    (box) 14 tiles/box=5,21 m²

    art. no. 3097_ _ _

    3 digit colour number

    iQ Granit SD

    According to European Classifi cation EN 685

    The information is subject to modifi cation for the benefi t of further

    improvement (06/08).

    For more detailed technical information, please contact Tarkett.

    Please follow Tarkett’s installation and maintenance instructions,

    included on the packaging, carefully.

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    iQ Toro SC is a high-quality static control fl ooring with an

    electrical resistance of 5 x 104–106 ohms. It is developed

    for use in operating theatres, x-ray rooms, electronics

    industries, laboratories, explosion risk areas, compu-

    ter rooms, etc. The ten fresh colours, in a classic non-

    directional design, offer great possibilities for creating

    stylish interior designs without having to compromise on


    iQ Toro SC – the static conductive fl ooring

    101 NCS S 2502-B

    Welding Rod No. 1291811

    100 NCS S 1002-Y50R

    Welding Rod No. 1287322

    105 NCS S 2020-Y30R

    Welding Rod No. 1292372

    104 NCS S 1005-Y40R

    Welding Rod No. 1288255

    106 NCS S 3020-B70G

    Welding Rod No. 1291794

    107 NCS S 2020-R90B

    Welding Rod No. 1291210

    108 NCS S 4030-Y90B

    Welding Rod No. 1292379

    102 NCS S 4502-B

    Welding Rod No. 1292383

    103 NCS S 8502-B

    Welding Rod No. 1292384

    109 NCS S 2070-Y90R

    Welding Rod No. 1287408

    The iQ Toro SC colour range

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    Technical data for Toro SC Toro SC is a homogeneous, conductive resilient fl ooring

    with iQ PUR for excellent wear resistance and cleaning

    characteristics. The advanced conductive properties

    are achieved by carbon-black particles running straight

    through the product, and a pure carbon backing. Rolls are

    installed with standard fl ooring adhesive. Tiles and copper

    strips always require conductive adhesive. The iQ PUR,

    invented by Tarkett, and the raw material composition

    give iQ Toro SC the powerful advantages of our iQ fl oorings

    during its lifetime. iQ Toro SC has a non-directional design

    available in ten colours. The range is colour-coordinated

    with other homogeneous fl oorings from Tarkett. Areas

    of application for iQ Toro SC include the electronics and

    petrochemical industries, operating theatres, computer

    rooms, clean rooms and similar areas.