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1 2011 DIMOIL SA * Industrial & Commercial Greek Oil Company

Your Strategic Business Partner In the Mediterranean Sea !Dr. Kiriakos Tobras 1

1 2011 DIMOIL SA * Industrial & Commercial Greek Oil Company

About UsDIMOIL SA is a 30 years family owned corporation, formed under the laws of Greece (EU), state authorized & licensed and in good standing. DIMOIL SA has the right to acquire oil products directly from Greek Refineries, on medium term delivery contracts and acquisition of production capacity. DIMOIL SA licenses and authorizations are current. The Company maintains compliance with laws and regulations in all countries is operating, and transacts business only through verified and performing entities, looking forward to serve the customers through secure transactions only. DIMOIL SA was founded on the principle of providing local buyers the fuels they are seeking, at the most competitive price available in the marketplace, and in the shortest time possible. The Company accomplices this by dealing with end buyers with proven financial capacity, and bona fide title holders and refineries, enjoying direct access to some of the world strongest fuel providers. DIMOIL SA has set its sights on being between the premier local supplier firms in the oil and fuels providers industry. We expect to accomplish this through our relentless focus on our buying clients needs, and by working diligently to achieve the goals.AVAILABLE PRODUCTS IN HIGHER DEMAND

DIMOIL SA MANAGEMENT BOARDMr. Nikolaos DimosMaster of Mechanical Engineer Oil & Fuels Expert DIMOIL SA Founder DIMOIL SA Major Shareholder Chairman of the BOD

Mr. Ioannis Dimos

Merchant Marine Accademy Graduate Master of Business Administration Oil & Gas Professional DIMOIL SA CEO & Managing Director DIMOIL SA Signatory

Dr. Kiriakos Tobras

Doctor of Economics & Finance, Business Administration & Direct Merketing DIMOIL SA Sole & Exlcusive Mandate DIMOIL SA Mandate Signatory

Gas Oil D2 (both types 0.2 0.1) Fuel Oil No 1 (Mazut 180) Gas Oil 10 PPM Bunker Fuel Oil No 3 (Mazut 380) Gasoline 95/98 JET Fuels JP-54 & J-A1 LPG Lubricants Ashpalt

Your Strategic Business Partner in the Mediterranean Sea !Dr. Kiriakos Tobras 2

1 2011 DIMOIL SA * Industrial & Commercial Greek Oil CompanyDIMOIL SA Industrial & Commercial Oil Company (www.dimoil.gr) is a Greek Oil & Gas Supplier operating in wholesale & retail trading of any kind of petroleum products, mineral oils, asphalt and liquid gases, including import & export of the above mentioned products.

DIMOIL SA PLANTS & INSTALLATIONS Patras Plant & Head OfficeLocated in Theriano Municipality within Patras Industrial Zone, on 7.2 hectares of privately owned land comprising of building installations and a storage facility with modern equipment. The installation complies with all laws, rules, standards and safety features & regulations, according to the EU Directives, the international requirements and with all National & EU environmental laws & regulations. Within Patras Plant, apart from the buildings hosting the registered head office and the technical services, the fuel depot consists of tanks with a total storage capacity of 15.804 m3, as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Asphalt Tanks Fuel (Mazout) Tanks Diesel Tanks Heating Oil Tanks Petrol Tanks LPG Tanks 2.084 m3 5.255 m3 1.187 m3 1.187 m3 5.561 m3 530 m3


There are also Lubricants Warehouses with a total surface of 900m2. Within those installations, DIMOIL SA obtained on the year 2008, the state license and authorization for a Biodiesel Production facility with a capacity of 150 tons per day.

Dr. Kiriakos Tobras


1 2011 DIMOIL SA * Industrial & Commercial Greek Oil Company

Astakos Port Plant : The Greek TANK FARMLocated on 27,5 hectares of private owned land in ASTAKOS right next to the commercial Astakos Port, on the borders of a NATURA 2000 area, excluding any other industrial installation. Astakos Port Plant was completed on 2011 and has the capacity to load by pipeline, from DIMOIL SA facilities to a private docking station in the port. Astakos Port Installations comprise of a storage facility geared for the distribution of asphalt, crude oil, refined oil and petrol, with a storage capacity of 20.347, 20 m3, comprising of 8 tanks and is equipped with : 1) Electricity Supply with privately-owned energy transformer of 1000 KVA power, 2) Two privately-owned bore holes for water supply, 3) Automatic fire systems, 4) 1.000 M3 Reservoirs for water storage, 5) Automatic electronic refuelling, 6) European specifications 18 m/80 t weigh-bridge, 7) Pumps for fluid products (crude oil or asphalt), 8) Anti Explosive type Petrol Pumps, 9) Oil Pumps, 10) 250 sqm Office buildings, 11) 250 sqm Garage Park, 12) 250 sqm Warehouse, 13) Security watching area, Alarms etc. 14) Direct connection with the national road network and 15) No 3 X 6 inches hose drivers directly connected with the harbour. From the 27.5 hectares, only a 6 hectares land has been actually used. On the remaining unused land a further storage capacity by up to 100.000 tons can be set up. DIMOIL SA Astakos Port Plant is equipped with class A, B & B1 petroleum trading licenses and a petroleum logistics license. The Company also holds a State license & authorization for Slops Reception & Treatment and the EXCLUSIVE LICENCE to supply Astakos Port with bunker fuel. DIMOIL SA owns a private fleet of 20 trucks for the distribution of oil products and is also a contractor of Public Use Tankers for distribution purposes. DIMOIL SA is the Sole, Unique & Real TANK FARM in Greece.


Dr. Kiriakos Tobras


1 2011 DIMOIL SA * Industrial & Commercial Greek Oil CompanyDIMOIL SA : Your Strategic Business Partner in the Mediterranean Sea DIMOIL SA facilities are sole and unique in Western Greece, providing with oil products all continental area (population of 800.000 people), the Ionian islands (population of 200.000 people) and Albania (population of 3.000.000 people). The brand new ASTAKOS PORT PLANT is the DIMOIL SA strength and is expected to increase the existing business volume and profitability, as the company can be directly supplied with fuels from the international markets at more competitive prices than the local refineries. No other facilities can legally operate in the above mentioned area, as the further geographic Mediterranean area from Trieste (Italy) to Libya, has been recently incorporated into the NATURA 2000 PROTECTED ZONE. This is the top competitive advantage of DIMOIL SA, and this is the reason that also Patras and Igoumenitsa Ports fuels distributors are between DIMOIL SA prime customers. Any other competitors who intend to provide with oil products the Western Greece region, will suffer at least an additional 20-25 euro/MTN transportation cost, due to the 500km of highway between Korinthos & Aspropyrgos refineries to Patras / Astakos Plants and to the Rio Bridge expensive tolls. Considering the DIMOIL SA estimated business volume, limited with the existing customers (800.000 MTN/Year), we expect the gross operation profit to benefit from the logistics and transportation savings for at least 10-15 million euro/year (800.000 MTN X 20 euro/MTN). DIMOIL SA is also the exclusive oil supplier at the emerging ASTAKOS PORT, where company plant is established, with a load capacity of 500 MTN/hour, by a triple 6 & 900 mt pipeline system from the plant to the private owned DIMOIL SA port docking station. DIMOIL SA is also running Slops Reception & Treatment business in ASTAKOS PORT, with private owned facilities, tanks, installations and machinery and is state licensed & authorized to issue Certificates to the vessels. Ionian Islands & Albanian existing customers are now expected to increase their business volumes, as they can be direct supplied with small vessels from Astakos Port Plant. SE Italy market will also be developed from Astakos Plant, combining fueling with

Dr. Kiriakos Tobras


1 2011 DIMOIL SA * Industrial & Commercial Greek Oil Companyslops reception, both at very competitive prices. ASTAKOS PORT real estate is actually owned by APLHA BANK, EUROBANK & COMMERCIAL BANK OF GREECE and, after the recent banks merger, until the end of the year 2012 will be controlled by QATAR PARAMOUNT FUND. This will strategically improve ASTAKOS PORT business interest and will further push DIMOIL SA business volume, future turnover and revenues, considering that the company is ASTAKOS PORT sole and exclusive oil supplier, owning on this purpose the above mentioned private port docking station. On October 6th, 2011, the Greek Cabinet (ref. Minister Mr. Yannis Maniatis), approved the oil exploration and drillings start up in the Ionian Sea region, in Western Greece. Offers invites & auctions will be banned by the Greek Government on January 2012. This is the reason DIMOIL SA now becomes the hottest oil project in the region, as drilling areas are very closed to DIMOIL SA Astakos Port Plant (from 25 to 100 Miles) and, for this reason, DIMOIL SA existing licenses & authorizations will be upgraded from storage to refinery. Another refinery facility could never be authorized to operate in the Western Greece region (NATURA 2000 zone) and only existing plants & facilities could turn in refinery. After that, the only existing plant in the Ionian Sea - with port facilities - is DIMOIL SA plant in Astakos Port. For your better information, hereby you can read some relative links : http://english.capital.gr/News.asp?id=1298730 http://www.globaltimes.cn/NEWS/tabid/99/ID/678221/Greek-cabinet-approvesplans-for-oil-exploration-drilling.aspx http://www.bus