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1. Brief Company Profile

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1 SQLearn |Brief Company Profile

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SQLearn’s milestones

2006Founded in Athens

2008First LMS installations

2010Key partner & coordinator in EU projects

2011Collaboration with insurance companies

2013LMS App release

2015Collaboration with shipping companies & development of vLMS

2017Development of resilience training courses

2020HQ offices relocation from Athens to Piraeus

2009First ISO certification

2012Collaboration with the banking sector

20142D/3D animation in courses

2016Development of courses based on real incidents

2018Development of VR applications

2019Training Management System release


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A modern way to improve safety for maritime1

An e-learning system designed especially for maritime companies.

Α wide library of certified e-learning courses.

Customized solutions (system & courses) according to each client’s needs and procedures.

SQLearn provides:

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Sectors of interest - Clients

Participation in EU projects


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Certifications 1

SCORM 1.2 & SCORM 2004

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Indicative maritime clientele1

Page 10: 1. Brief Company Profile

160.000+total number of

users of our services

1 SQLearn in numbers

30.000+ users from the maritime sector

250+ digital courses for maritime

800+ installations in vessels

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2 SQLearn | E- learning System

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Dolphin System: TMS, Ashore installation, Onboard installation, Tools

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Dolphin System

The Training Management System which includes the training matrix rules, extensive real time reporting, training KPIs and other features that support the training procedure.

The ashore installation which is the main e-learning platform installation.

The vessel installation (Dolphin Box or Virtual Image), an e-learning platform installation per vessel that is able to communicate with the ashore installation.

Dolphin System consists of three web-based sub-systems:


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Reporting tool2

✓ Add-on service for TMS.

✓ Detailed reporting for all trainings and for all employees (both ashore personnel and crew).

✓ Filters to create specific segments.

SQLearn offers an online reporting tool in which administrators can monitor users’ activities, using a wide range of filter combinations.

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Evaluation tool2

✓Multiple structure settings are provided to serve any possible need for evaluation scenarios.

✓ Data and structure settings are handled on the administration panel of the TMS.

✓ Users evaluated have access to their previews and results.

✓ Administrator users have access to each user's percentage results.

SQLearn provides an interface which offers easy-to-build performance appraisals for users.

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Dolphin Go: Mobile Application- Android & IOS compatible

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Dolphin Go (available for Android & IOS) covers most functionalities currently offered at the ashore LMS and can facilitate all users (both ashore personnel & seafarers).

Dolphin Go

Dolphin Go consists of the following features:

➔ View your activity and course total grades in a course

➔ All course modules are available

➔ View certificates

➔ Access to personal training records

➔ Quick access to course content

➔ Mobile Push notifications

• The ultimate App also in customized version upon request.

• The development of a version for onboard use is in progress.


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SQLearn |E- learning Courses3

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Dolphin Library: STCW, Resilience, Mental Health, Virtual Reality

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Dolphin Library

• Courses are divided into categories (Common, Wet, Technical, Company/Ashore, Lessons Learnt)

• SQLearn’s e-learning library includes courses that cover regulatory requirements (e.g. STCW, MARPOL, ILO, SOLAS)


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• SQLearn has already developed and is able to deliver a library of e-learning modules available under the Resilience Training Programme.

• Resilience training for maritime is a concept that has been proven to be of high importance to seafarers’ safety.

• Aim: The improvement of crew’s (including all ranks) capacity to successfully deal with stressful personal or professional challenges or events and take effective decisions.

Resilience Training Programme3

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SQLearn develops e-learning courses on mental health related topics available under the Let’s Talk Training Programme.

Let’s Talk Training Programme3

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Virtual Reality Applications• SQLearn develops VR

applications for the maritime sector.

• There is a library of VR microlearning modules, as well as the possibility to develop custom VR applications.


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Special Dolphin: Custom e-learning courses

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Special Dolphin- Custom e-learning courses

Types of e-learning courses:

• Webinars

• Quick SCORM

• Simple courses

• Courses based on scenarios

• Software simulations

• Educational/Serious Games

3SQLearn has the capacity and the fully trained and experienced personnel in order to build custom e-learning

courses according to each organization’s specific needs, using the most popular, modern authoring tools.

• Lessons Learnt (Reflective

learning based on Incident


• Facilitator Based Courses

(Resilience training Programme)

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✓ Compatibility with SCORM standard (LMS independent)

✓ HTML5 support for m-Learning

✓ Comply to principles of adult learning

✓ Gender neutral

✓ Cultural neutrality

✓ Multimedia elements (video, 3D/2D animation, narration, etc.)

✓ Easy navigation and user-friendly interface

✓ Interactive activities

✓ Self-assessment

3 Characteristics of the e-learning courses

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Career Dolphin:Pre-employment Test & English Placement Test

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• Career Dolphin is an online web-based questionnaire platform that helps shipping companies to evaluate the seafarers’ knowledge and identify training needs.

• It consists of a question pool with over 3.000 multiple choice questions categorized accordingly to address STCW topics than can be used for recruitment and for appraisal purposes.

• The following features are supported:

✓ Online provision of any future updates to the software and the question bank✓ Crew managers can create their own tests✓ Predetermined test templates, drawn from the question bank according to multiple

criteria (e.g. rank levels, vessel types, levels of responsibility, topic categories etc.)

Career Dolphin: Pre-employment Test3

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SQLearn created in cooperation with Linguaphone the English Placement Test, an online test that designed to give companies an easy way of assessing the level of an employee's knowledge of English.

✓ A certificate of the user’s result can be printed out at the end of the test.✓ Consists of 100 questions (grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms). ✓ Contains multiple-choice questions✓ After submitting the answers, employee’s will be given an estimation of their

current level of English according to the common European framework of reference for languages.

Career Dolphin: English Placement Test3

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4 SQLearn |Competitive Advantages

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SQLearn, exclusively specialized in e-learning, offers you:

Competitive Advantages4

• A modern way to improve safety for maritime. All e-courses

have been developed the last 5 years.

• Services designed especially for maritime companies that

are compliant with industrial and enterprise regulations,

available 24/7 both onboard and ashore.

• Αn easy way of training management and detailed,

real-time reporting of training activities.

• Custom e-learning courses and in general

custom solutions for specific clients’ needs. All

development takes place in house, as SQLearn

employs more than 80 people from a variety

of fields.

• Training related with the KPIs per vessel and

per rank.

• Crystal clear price policy.

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