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Transcript of 56 M A C E D O N I A - ª ∞ ∫ ∂ ¢ √ ¡ π ∞ - M A K E D O N I J A

  • 56 M A C E D O N I A - - M A K E D O N I J A

  • A P a r a d o x o f D e f i n i t i o n s 57

    For the Greek business world, Macedonia had and continues tohave a dual nature. In the first place, as an administrative region,it was the seat of their activities. Yet it is more than that. The nameMacedonia and its derivative adjectives are the name of origin oftheir products, with which they have become established in theGreek or international market. At least 50 businesses are namedMacedonia and over 200 define themselves as Macedonian, asemerged from impromptu research mainly in the Thessalonikiarea. A further thirty have chosen the names of Phillip and

    Alexander, the kings of Macedonia, and a few more have in recentyears chosen that of Vergina, site of the Macedonian royal tombs.Many more have included the Macedonian sun, or the figures ofAlexander and Phillip, in their trademark. In the economy sector,it is clear that symbolisms are neither complex nor numerous. Yetit is obvious that all these businesses have always been sure thatthose symbols, whether as pictorial representations or asdefining epithets, clearly refer the purchasers or consumers oftheir services to Greek Macedonia.


  • 58 M A C E D O N I A - - M A K E D O N I J A

    The word Macedonia and its derivates were also used as a commercial title,reflecting (either) its regional, historical or symbolic content/ meaning (of the word).

    Almak A.V.E.E.Kalochori, Thessaloniki Industry

    Arisco Makedonias A.E.Thessaloniki Domestic Appliances

    Euromedika Dytikis Makedhonias A.E.Kozani Medical Centre

    Filippos HotelChalkidona Hotel

    Infocluster. Diktyo Viomichanikis Pliroforikis Makedhonias A.E.Thessaloniki Information Technology Supplies

    Leader Makedonias A.E.Thessaloniki Foodstuffs Trade

    Macedonia Cartons SaIonia, Thessaloniki 1992Producers of Packaging Materials

    Macedonia Import O.E.Thessaloniki 1970 Small Manufacturers

    Macedonian Automoto RentalThessaloniki Car Hire

    Macedonian Business ScoolThessaloniki Educational Institution

    Macedonian Cotton LinesThessaloniki 1991 Clothing Manufacturers

    Macedonian Export LtdKaterini 1973 Exporters

    Macedonian Rice MillsSerres 1997 Industry

    Macedonian Sun HotelKassandreia, Chalkidiki Hotel

    Milesi Katastimata Makedhonias E.P.E.Thessaloniki Paint Trade

    Polar Makedhoniki EisagogikiVasilika, Thessaloniki 1994 Trading Company

    Sitex Makedhonias EPEThessaloniki Window and Door Frames Trade

    Star Fm Dytikhs MakedhoniasGrevena Radio Station

    > Macedonian Company for the manufacture of clothes, Thessaloniki.

    > Macedonian Pasta, Serres, Greek Product.

    > Macedonian Ceramics.

    > Makedhoniko (Macedonian),Greek product.

  • Theo Sol Makedonia A.E. Thessaloniki Paint & Varnish Trade

    VerginaKaterini 2000 Manufacturers of Foodstuffs

    Vergina HotelThessaloniki Hotel

    Vergina-OlivesVolos 1950 Manufacturers of Foodstuffs

    Agrotiki Viomichania MakedhoniasFlorina Manufacturers of Foodstuffs

    Agrotiki Viomichaniki Exagogiki MakedhoniasThessaloniki Cotton & Cereals Trade

    Agrotoemboriki MakedhoniasChalastra Agricultural Machinery Trade

    AthloMakedhoniki EPEThessaloniki Sporting Goods Trade

    Alexandreio Hotel Arnissa Pellas Hotel

    Alexandreio Kardiologiko Kardioxeirourgiko KentroThessaloniki Medical Centre

    Alexandreio OdeioThessaloniki Educational Institution

    Alexandros o MegasVasilika, Thessaloniki 1988Bottlers of Table Water

    Alexandros o Megas. Elliniki TechnikiMetalleftiki E.P.EThessaloniki Producers of Metal Goods

    Alexandros PallasThessaloniki 1996 Restaurant

    Alevra MakedoniasThessaloniki Trading Company

    Allantika MakedoniasIonia, Thessaloniki 1990 Trading Company

    Aloumimia MakedoniasKilkis 1977 Aluminium Production Industry

    A P a r a d o x o f D e f i n i t i o n s 59

    > Macedonian Flower Market. The seal illustrates a flower whose blossom is the sun of Vergina.

    > Macedonian Plastics

    > Macedonian furniture manufacture.

  • Alouminia MakedoniasAttiki Aluminium Production Industry

    AlouminomakedonikiThessaloniki Aluminium Trade

    Alfa MakedonikiThessaloniki 1981 Plastic Ware

    Aparamilla Makedonika PlyndiriaVasilika, Thessaloniki 1992 Cleaners

    Asfaltika MakedoniasThessaloniki 1984 Asphalt AluminiumConcrete Factory

    Afromakedoniki O. E.Thessaloniki 1982 Foam Plastic ProcessingIndustry

    Basileios Bryonis Makedonikes TouristikesEpicheiriseisThessaloniki Tour Operators

    VerginaThessaloniki 1998 Estate Agent

    VerginaThessaloniki Agricultural Machinery Trade

    VerginaVeroia Car Hire

    VerginaThessaloniki 2004 Cleaning Service

    Vergina A. E.Thessaloniki 1995 Pizza Restaurant

    Vergina- Hellas A.E.V.E.Thessaloniki Shop Fitters

    Vergina- Hellas E.P.E.Thessaloniki Shipping Company

    Vergina, Oikodomika MichanimataThessaloniki Graphic Arts

    Viomichania Syrmaton MakedoniasChortiatis 1979 Industry

    Viomichanika Plyntiria MakedoniasTrilofos, Thessaloniki 1998 Trading Company

    60 M A C E D O N I A - - M A K E D O N I J A

    > Pella. Macedonian Company of general imports- exports-representatives. The logo of the company consists of the name (Pella) with an ancient capital placed squarelyabove the name Pella.

  • A P a r a d o x o f D e f i n i t i o n s 61

    Geniki Thermaseon Makedonias ThrakisThessaloniki Heating Appliance Trade

    Georgika Michanimata MakedoniasIonia, Thessaloniki 1990 Trading Company

    Graphotechni MakedoniasThessaloniki 1983 Graphic Arts

    Dermata MakedoniasThessaloniki 1983 Trading Company

    Dimitriaki MakedoniasThessaloniki Farm Produce Trade

    Domiki Makedonias A.E.Thessaloniki Construction Trade

    Dromilko Makedonias E.P.E.Thessaloniki Building Materials Trade

    Dromoi Tou Krasiou Tis MakedoniasThessaloniki Wine Related Tourist Services

    Ekdoseis Makedonia E.P. E.Thessaloniki Newspaper Trade

    Elastika MakedoniasSerres 1984 Trading Company

    Helliniki Makedoniki YpodimatopoiiaThessaloniki 1962 Industry

    Helliniki Chartopoiia Makedonias A.E.Thessaloniki 1936 Industry

    Emporiki Makedonias ThessalonikiLubricants Trade

    Emporiki MakedoniasThessaloniki Building Materials Trade

    Emporo- MakedonikiThessaloniki 1989 Glass and Ceramics Trade

    Emporomakedoniki Em- MakThessaloniki Bathroom Furniture & Fittings

    Enosi MakedoniasSerres Hauliers

    Ex-Mak A.E. Emporiki Exagogiki Makedonias A.E.Thessaloniki Shop Fitters

  • Epiplo MakedoniaThessaloniki 1992 Industry

    Epicheiriseis Makedonias Eidon DiatrophisAssiros, Thessaloniki 1998 Trading Company

    Ergodomi Makedonias AteKozani Construction Company

    Ergokat Makedonias AteveKozani Construction Company

    Ergoktimatiki Makedonias A.T.E.E.Thessaloniki Construction Company

    Ergobeton Makedonias AmetveKozani Construction Company

    Eteps Makedonias A.E.Thessaloniki Cooling Apparatus Trade

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1971 Car Body Shop

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1994 Soldering Workshop

    MakedoniaThessaloniki Spice Trade

    MakedoniaThessaloniki Candle Makers

    I.E.K. AlexandreioThessaloniki Educational Institution

    Intervino Makedonias E.P.E.Thessaloniki Alcoholic Drinks Trade

    Kavatex E.P.E.- Makedoniki BiotechniaThessaloniki Textiles Trade

    Kallitechniki Ekthesi MakedonikiThessaloniki 1941 Popular Art & CraftWorkshop

    Kalomendika Makedonias TharkisThessaloniki Medical Goods Trade

    Karakitsios Security Makedonias E.P.E.Thessaloniki Alarm Systems Trade

    Caf Makedoniki E.P.E.Thessaloniki 1984 Coffee Processing andPackaging

    62 M A C E D O N I A - - M A K E D O N I J A

  • A P a r a d o x o f D e f i n i t i o n s 63

    Kentro MakedoniasThessaloniki Clothing and FurnitureManufacturers

    Klironomoi Dimitriou Simota "Makedoniki"Thessaloniki 1984 Brush Workshop

    'Collection' Makedoniki KenditikiThessaloniki Embroiderers

    'Cotton Fields' MakedoniaThessaloniki 1996 Ready-to-Wear ClothingManufacturers

    Kreata Makedonias EPE Thessaloniki Foodstuffs Trade

    Levitopoiia MakedoniasKalochori, Thessaloniki 1997 Industry

    Leiantiki MakedoniasThessaloniki 1983 Grinding ApparatusProcessing

    Lefkosidirourgia MakedoniasThessaloniki 1992 Industry

    Lithomakedoniki E.P.E.Thessaloniki Contractors

    Mavil Makedoniki Viotechnia ElektronikonThessaloniki 1984 Producers of Electronics

    Makednos Finance A.E.Thessaloniki Financial-Economic Services

    MakedonasThessaloniki 1963 Automobile Springs

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1945 Bakery

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1965 Cured Meats & Sausages

    MakedoniaKalochori, Thessaloniki 1975 LegumePackaging Plant

    MakedoniaSindos, Thessaloniki 1976 Rice ProcessingIndustry

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1976 Chair Makers

  • 64 M A C E D O N I A - - M A K E D O N I J A

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1984 Cleaning Contractors

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1988 Clothing Trade

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1989 Roast and BakingApparatus Trade

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 1990 Knitwear

    MakedoniaIonia, Thessaloniki 1992 Paper Processing

    MakedoniaMelissochori, Thessaloniki 1992 Restaurant

    MakedoniaPeraia, Thessaloniki 1992 Dry Cleaners

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 2002 Public Transport Co-operative (KTEL)

    MakedoniaThessaloniki 2004 Company Car Depot

    MakedoniaThessaloniki Bread Trad