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Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010 (May 31, 2009-June 1, 2010)

Transcript of 2010 Annual Report

  • 1. 10Annual Report8 Areas of Impact in Fiscal Year 2010AM FoundationSigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report Pictured above are members of the June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 2009 Developing Leaders Initiativep. 1 with the education committee.

2. Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual ReportFiscal Year: June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundations first ever Annual Report provides an overview of the Foundations programs and acknowledges the generous donors who have supported these programs. The report has been published on-line to reduce paper use. The 2010 Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report covers programs and donations received from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010.Table of Contents Overview p. 2 Programs p. 3 Scholarships p. 4 Donors by Amount p. 5 Donors by Chapterp. 13 Centennial Campaign Honor Roll p. 20Mission Statement It is the mission of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation to support the educational interests and activities of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, to furnish student aid, and to encourage and develop conduct and traits of character consistent with high morals, constructive citizenship, scholarship, leadership and community service.Officers and Executive Committee Foundation Directors President: Hanno D. Mott, Cincinnati 55 Dr. Alvin W. Cohn, Cincinnati 56 Vice President: David H. Phillips, Ohio State 84Robert S. Weiss, Oklahoma 77 Treasurer: Ronald S. Katch, Illinois 54 Terry Semel, LIU 64 Asst. Treasurer: David S. Rice, Wisconsin/Illinois-Chicago 87 Barry S. Arbus, Toronto 62 Secretary: Steven Franklin, Houston 69Dennis G. Paese, Cornell 73 At-Large: Lawrence D. Schaffer, Ohio State 53 Donald J. Stein, Purdue 53 At-Large: Richard H. Williamson, NC State 63Barry M. Epstein, Purdue 61 At-Large: Robert B. Fagenson, Syracuse 70 Marshall M. Gelfand, Syracuse 49Seymour D. Weiss, Case Western Reserve 56Scott A. Stone, USC 77James R. Alexander, SMU/Texas 44Sidney H. Guller, Washington U. 47Howard B. Miller, Maryland 58General Information: The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is a 501c(3) charitable and educational foundation. The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation's financial information, IRS form 990, and policies may be found at www.guidestar.org.For More Information Contact Us At:Foundation Staff 9245 N Meridian St. Suite 105Aaron M. Girson, Executive Vice President Indianapolis, IN 46260 Kaki Garard, Centennial Campaign Coordinator 317.846.0600 samfdn@sam.orgMake A Gift: Gifts to support AM Foundation programs and grants are welcomed at all times. Donations are accepted via mail, phone, and on our secure, online donation page at www.sam.org. Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 2 3. Foundation Funded Programs1. Chapter Leaders Day GrantChapter Officers ensure the success of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. The Foundation makes an annual grant to support their leadership development through the Chapter Leaders Day program. These day-long programs occur every fall with programming designed specifically for all chapter priors, vice priors, exchequers, recorders and candidate educators to attend this program. There are also general sessions about Council and Chapter leadership as a team, Strategic Planning, and Goal Setting. Sessions about running successful meetings, how to host campus events, and conflict resolution are also included.We improved our chapters organization. I have a greater determination to lead. Our Council has strengthened the unity and motivation of our brothers.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 2692. GreekLifeEdu GrantAll candidates are required to take GreekLifeEdu prior to their initiation into Sigma Alpha Mu. This program is funded fully by a grant from Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation. It is essential that incoming students are knowledgeable about issues that impact Greek Life and college students as a whole. Similar programs are used on many college campuses for the general student population. GreekLifeEdu teaches our members about how to be safe and address issues regarding alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault. Surveys are taken before and after the 3 hour program and 30 days after completion. Data shows that our members are more knowledgeable of these areas, make healthier decisions long term and are more equipped to help a friend who is dealing with one of these issues.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 7713. Leadership Conference & Convention GrantEach summer Sigma Alpha Mu holds its Leadership Conference & Convention. Two students from each chapter are required to attend. The programs include educational sessions to help develop chapters, prepare individuals for success, scholarship, mens health issues and to provide meaningful networking among chapter members and Fraternity leaders.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 1474. Developing Leaders InitiativeThe Developing Leaders Initiative is an endowed program that enhances the Leadership Conference. Student leaders apply for the program which emphasizes service, Jewish involvement, leadership, facilitation, and nonprofit operations. These students and the education go a mid-year retreat to prepare for the leadership conference. The DLI participants build a portion of the curriculum and facilitate small group sessions. They also prepare and present a strategic proposal for the improvement of Sigma Alpha Mu to the Octagon.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 11 Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 3 4. 5. Chapter GrantsDonor advised-grants were made to USC and Syracuse in support of initiatives on those campuses.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 916. Young ScholarsAn annual gift by Bobbi & Sidney Guller, Washington U. 47, provides each candidate that receives a 3.75/4.0 or better during their candidate semester with a $200 scholarship award.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 557. Top Junior & Senior Scholar AwardsStudent academic achievement is recognized by the Hyman I. Jacobson Award for the Top Senior Scholar in Sigma Alpha Mu. This year the $1250 award and plaque was presented to Scott Rog, Cornell 10. The Top Junior Scholar Award of $250 was presented to Max Salk, Illinois 11.8. Scholarships$102,250 Awarded to Deserving Students 116 students were awarded $102,250 this year thanks to scholarship endowments that have been created by alumni, family and friends of Sigma Alpha Mu. The Foundation received a record number of 521 applications for 2010 scholarships, demonstrating a growing need for financial assistance. These scholarships are based on need and merit.A complete scholarship program review can be found at http://www.sam.org/foundation.asp.New Scholarship Commitments in Fiscal Year 2010: Theta (Penn) Scholarship Fund Kappa (Minnesota) Scholarship Fund Mu Eta (Drexel) Educational Fund Mu Theta (USC) Educational Fund Keyser Family Cancer Memorial Scholarship Les Raffel Scholarship (commitment to double the funds endowment) Preston Robert Tisch Scholarship (commitment to increasing funds endowment)It is great to give back to the fraternity that has given to you, and I know I will do the same after graduating. Thanks again for awarding me the Seymour D. Weiss Engineering Scholarship! - Graham Schlanger, Texas A&M 11I am honored, but more than that privileged, to have been a recipient of the Walter Rose Scholarship. Ever since I have become a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, my life has changed for the better. Between having the best friends and brothers that a college student could ask for, and now this help with my familys financial struggles, Sammy has truly been a godsend for me. - Devin Young, Syracuse 12 This scholarship encourages me to continue to succeed academically at Indiana University. - Alexander Kain, Indiana 12Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 4 5. Donor Honor Roll By Giving Level Fiscal Year: June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010Platinum$1,000-2,499 Robert F. Ford, Berkeley 83 $40,000+Michael J. Baucus, Penn 84Ira M. Friedman, Rochester 69 The Tisch Foundation INCMyron Becker, Washington U. 49Kenneth J. Friedman, UCLA 58 Wilbur M. Cohen, Cincinnati 47H Richard Garber, Nebraska 56 $20,000-39,999Anthony Michael Cuomo, NC State 80Howard D. Garoon, Michigan 80 Paul A. Pumpian, Maryland 45 Barry M. Epstein, Purdue 61 David E. Genser, McGill 62 George A. Zimmer, Washington U. 70 Baret C. Fink, Oklahoma/USC 64Dr. Lawrence Gettleman, Rutgers 62 Douglas I. Friedman, Virginia 72Jay S. Ginsburg Esq, Houston 69 $15,000-19,999Douglas R. Goldstein, NC State 81 Louis E. Gitomer, CWRU 72 Robert B. Fagenson, Syracuse 70Sydney H. Handlin, Washington 60Joel A. Goldman, Indiana 85 Sidney H. Guller, Washington U. 47 Irwin M. Jacobs, Cornell 54 Daniel A. Grossberg, Miami U. 87 Howard B. Miller, Maryland 58Steven C. Jarmus, USC 78Paul Greenberg, Syracuse 67 Leland D. Manders, Miami U. 75Sylvan Herman, Syracuse 52 $10,000-14,999Roy E. Mayers, CCNY 65Mel R. Hertz, Wayne State 66 Private Family Foundation Michael J. Mervis, Indiana 88 Michael B. Hirsch, UCLA 93 Private Family Foundation Brian A. Newman, USC 76 Gerald D. Horowitz, Tulane 60 Ronald S. Katch, Illinois 54 Dick Nierenberg, Rutgers 58 James S. Kahan, Purdue 69 Leonard Leventhal, Oklahoma 50 Farhad Nourafshan, USC 79 Steven J. Kirsch, Missouri 73 Marc E. Perlstein, North Texas 74 Melvyn A. Kohn, UCLA 64 $7,500-9,999Harold A. Pollman, Texas 53 Howard M. Kooper, Nebraska 61 L. Mark Newman, Michigan State 62Thomas S. Saldoff, Wisconsin 69 Dr. Jeffrey H. Korotkin, Tulane 69 H. Lewis Rapaport, Syracuse 59 Richard V. Sandler, Berkeley 70 Irving Laker, Michigan 51 Scott A. Strauss, Penn 86Marc P. Schwartz, USC 90Myron Levine, LIU 63 Terry Semel, LIU 64 Matthew C. Marsh, San Diego St. 94 $5,000-7,499Stuart G. Siegel, Penn 85 LT. Timothy R. Mayer, Cincinnati 02 Paul A. Cooper, Penn 82Mitchell D. Simon, USC 73 Michael S. Mills, Purdue 69 Steven M. Franklin, Houston 69 Marvin D. Snyder, Ohio State 54 Ronald N. Mora, Indiana 55 Marshall M. Gelfand, Syracuse 49 Daniel S. Spier, Texas 89 Steven A. Muchnikoff, USC 78 Dennis G. Pae