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Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010 (May 31, 2009-June 1, 2010)

Transcript of 2010 Annual Report

  • 1. 10Annual Report8 Areas of Impact in Fiscal Year 2010AM FoundationSigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report Pictured above are members of the June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 2009 Developing Leaders Initiativep. 1 with the education committee.

2. Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual ReportFiscal Year: June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundations first ever Annual Report provides an overview of the Foundations programs and acknowledges the generous donors who have supported these programs. The report has been published on-line to reduce paper use. The 2010 Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report covers programs and donations received from June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010.Table of Contents Overview p. 2 Programs p. 3 Scholarships p. 4 Donors by Amount p. 5 Donors by Chapterp. 13 Centennial Campaign Honor Roll p. 20Mission Statement It is the mission of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation to support the educational interests and activities of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, to furnish student aid, and to encourage and develop conduct and traits of character consistent with high morals, constructive citizenship, scholarship, leadership and community service.Officers and Executive Committee Foundation Directors President: Hanno D. Mott, Cincinnati 55 Dr. Alvin W. Cohn, Cincinnati 56 Vice President: David H. Phillips, Ohio State 84Robert S. Weiss, Oklahoma 77 Treasurer: Ronald S. Katch, Illinois 54 Terry Semel, LIU 64 Asst. Treasurer: David S. Rice, Wisconsin/Illinois-Chicago 87 Barry S. Arbus, Toronto 62 Secretary: Steven Franklin, Houston 69Dennis G. Paese, Cornell 73 At-Large: Lawrence D. Schaffer, Ohio State 53 Donald J. Stein, Purdue 53 At-Large: Richard H. Williamson, NC State 63Barry M. Epstein, Purdue 61 At-Large: Robert B. Fagenson, Syracuse 70 Marshall M. Gelfand, Syracuse 49Seymour D. Weiss, Case Western Reserve 56Scott A. Stone, USC 77James R. Alexander, SMU/Texas 44Sidney H. Guller, Washington U. 47Howard B. Miller, Maryland 58General Information: The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is a 501c(3) charitable and educational foundation. The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation's financial information, IRS form 990, and policies may be found at www.guidestar.org.For More Information Contact Us At:Foundation Staff 9245 N Meridian St. Suite 105Aaron M. Girson, Executive Vice President Indianapolis, IN 46260 Kaki Garard, Centennial Campaign Coordinator 317.846.0600 [email protected] A Gift: Gifts to support AM Foundation programs and grants are welcomed at all times. Donations are accepted via mail, phone, and on our secure, online donation page at www.sam.org. Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 2 3. Foundation Funded Programs1. Chapter Leaders Day GrantChapter Officers ensure the success of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. The Foundation makes an annual grant to support their leadership development through the Chapter Leaders Day program. These day-long programs occur every fall with programming designed specifically for all chapter priors, vice priors, exchequers, recorders and candidate educators to attend this program. There are also general sessions about Council and Chapter leadership as a team, Strategic Planning, and Goal Setting. Sessions about running successful meetings, how to host campus events, and conflict resolution are also included.We improved our chapters organization. I have a greater determination to lead. Our Council has strengthened the unity and motivation of our brothers.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 2692. GreekLifeEdu GrantAll candidates are required to take GreekLifeEdu prior to their initiation into Sigma Alpha Mu. This program is funded fully by a grant from Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation. It is essential that incoming students are knowledgeable about issues that impact Greek Life and college students as a whole. Similar programs are used on many college campuses for the general student population. GreekLifeEdu teaches our members about how to be safe and address issues regarding alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault. Surveys are taken before and after the 3 hour program and 30 days after completion. Data shows that our members are more knowledgeable of these areas, make healthier decisions long term and are more equipped to help a friend who is dealing with one of these issues.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 7713. Leadership Conference & Convention GrantEach summer Sigma Alpha Mu holds its Leadership Conference & Convention. Two students from each chapter are required to attend. The programs include educational sessions to help develop chapters, prepare individuals for success, scholarship, mens health issues and to provide meaningful networking among chapter members and Fraternity leaders.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 1474. Developing Leaders InitiativeThe Developing Leaders Initiative is an endowed program that enhances the Leadership Conference. Student leaders apply for the program which emphasizes service, Jewish involvement, leadership, facilitation, and nonprofit operations. These students and the education go a mid-year retreat to prepare for the leadership conference. The DLI participants build a portion of the curriculum and facilitate small group sessions. They also prepare and present a strategic proposal for the improvement of Sigma Alpha Mu to the Octagon.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 11 Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 3 4. 5. Chapter GrantsDonor advised-grants were made to USC and Syracuse in support of initiatives on those campuses.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 916. Young ScholarsAn annual gift by Bobbi & Sidney Guller, Washington U. 47, provides each candidate that receives a 3.75/4.0 or better during their candidate semester with a $200 scholarship award.NUMBER OF STUDENTS REACHED: 557. Top Junior & Senior Scholar AwardsStudent academic achievement is recognized by the Hyman I. Jacobson Award for the Top Senior Scholar in Sigma Alpha Mu. This year the $1250 award and plaque was presented to Scott Rog, Cornell 10. The Top Junior Scholar Award of $250 was presented to Max Salk, Illinois 11.8. Scholarships$102,250 Awarded to Deserving Students 116 students were awarded $102,250 this year thanks to scholarship endowments that have been created by alumni, family and friends of Sigma Alpha Mu. The Foundation received a record number of 521 applications for 2010 scholarships, demonstrating a growing need for financial assistance. These scholarships are based on need and merit.A complete scholarship program review can be found at http://www.sam.org/foundation.asp.New Scholarship Commitments in Fiscal Year 2010: Theta (Penn) Scholarship Fund Kappa (Minnesota) Scholarship Fund Mu Eta (Drexel) Educational Fund Mu Theta (USC) Educational Fund Keyser Family Cancer Memorial Scholarship Les Raffel Scholarship (commitment to double the funds endowment) Preston Robert Tisch Scholarship (commitment to increasing funds endowment)It is great to give back to the fraternity that has given to you, and I know I will do the same after graduating. Thanks again for awarding me the Seymour D. Weiss Engineering Scholarship! - Graham Schlanger, Texas A&M 11I am honored, but more than that privileged, to have been a recipient of the Walter Rose Scholarship. Ever since I have become a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, my life has changed for the better. Between having the best friends and brothers that a college student could ask for, and now this help with my familys financial struggles, Sammy has truly been a godsend for me. - Devin Young, Syracuse 12 This scholarship encourages me to continue to succeed academically at Indiana University. - Alexander Kain, Indiana 12Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 4 5. Donor Honor Roll By Giving Level Fiscal Year: June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010Platinum$1,000-2,499 Robert F. Ford, Berkeley 83 $40,000+Michael J. Baucus, Penn 84Ira M. Friedman, Rochester 69 The Tisch Foundation INCMyron Becker, Washington U. 49Kenneth J. Friedman, UCLA 58 Wilbur M. Cohen, Cincinnati 47H Richard Garber, Nebraska 56 $20,000-39,999Anthony Michael Cuomo, NC State 80Howard D. Garoon, Michigan 80 Paul A. Pumpian, Maryland 45 Barry M. Epstein, Purdue 61 David E. Genser, McGill 62 George A. Zimmer, Washington U. 70 Baret C. Fink, Oklahoma/USC 64Dr. Lawrence Gettleman, Rutgers 62 Douglas I. Friedman, Virginia 72Jay S. Ginsburg Esq, Houston 69 $15,000-19,999Douglas R. Goldstein, NC State 81 Louis E. Gitomer, CWRU 72 Robert B. Fagenson, Syracuse 70Sydney H. Handlin, Washington 60Joel A. Goldman, Indiana 85 Sidney H. Guller, Washington U. 47 Irwin M. Jacobs, Cornell 54 Daniel A. Grossberg, Miami U. 87 Howard B. Miller, Maryland 58Steven C. Jarmus, USC 78Paul Greenberg, Syracuse 67 Leland D. Manders, Miami U. 75Sylvan Herman, Syracuse 52 $10,000-14,999Roy E. Mayers, CCNY 65Mel R. Hertz, Wayne State 66 Private Family Foundation Michael J. Mervis, Indiana 88 Michael B. Hirsch, UCLA 93 Private Family Foundation Brian A. Newman, USC 76 Gerald D. Horowitz, Tulane 60 Ronald S. Katch, Illinois 54 Dick Nierenberg, Rutgers 58 James S. Kahan, Purdue 69 Leonard Leventhal, Oklahoma 50 Farhad Nourafshan, USC 79 Steven J. Kirsch, Missouri 73 Marc E. Perlstein, North Texas 74 Melvyn A. Kohn, UCLA 64 $7,500-9,999Harold A. Pollman, Texas 53 Howard M. Kooper, Nebraska 61 L. Mark Newman, Michigan State 62Thomas S. Saldoff, Wisconsin 69 Dr. Jeffrey H. Korotkin, Tulane 69 H. Lewis Rapaport, Syracuse 59 Richard V. Sandler, Berkeley 70 Irving Laker, Michigan 51 Scott A. Strauss, Penn 86Marc P. Schwartz, USC 90Myron Levine, LIU 63 Terry Semel, LIU 64 Matthew C. Marsh, San Diego St. 94 $5,000-7,499Stuart G. Siegel, Penn 85 LT. Timothy R. Mayer, Cincinnati 02 Paul A. Cooper, Penn 82Mitchell D. Simon, USC 73 Michael S. Mills, Purdue 69 Steven M. Franklin, Houston 69 Marvin D. Snyder, Ohio State 54 Ronald N. Mora, Indiana 55 Marshall M. Gelfand, Syracuse 49 Daniel S. Spier, Texas 89 Steven A. Muchnikoff, USC 78 Dennis G. Paese, Cornell 73Donald J. Stein, Purdue 53Nicholas J. Partridge, Miami U. 01 David S. Rice, Wisconsin/UIC 87Robert Traum, LIU 67Steven S. Pluss, Texas A&M 86 William P. Schwartz, Oklahoma 52 Ronn A. Tulman, Minnesota 77Dr. Ronald A. Popper, Michigan St. 76 David S. Shorr, Wisconsin 86 Cecil W. Weintraub, Berkeley 52 Robert F. Reichek, Houston 71 Richard H. Williamson, NC State 63George Rockman, Pittsburgh 63 $2,500-4,999Gilbert A. Yanuck, Alabama 62 Raymond E. Rodemich, UCLA 96 Leonard J. Baxt, Pittsburgh 69Robert A. Rombro, Maryland 65 Jeffrey A. Davis, Illinois 77Gold ($500-999)Bruce H. Rosen, Wayne State 57 Aaron M. Girson, W. Michigan 93David J. Adelman, Ohio State 94 Barry C. Rosenthal, Minnesota 81 Herbert A. Kraft, UCLA 45Andrew M. Ahitow, Iowa 99 Franklin D. Roth, USC 73 Joseph Macnow, CCNY 66 Joel L. Altman, Michigan State 65 Dr. Edward L. Ruch, Miami U. 72 Nathan C. Margolis, North Texas 75 Beta Sigma Alumni Club Steven W. Schaefer, CWRU 58 Lowell J. Milken, Berkeley 71Stephen R. Bloch, Nebraska/Okla 66Michael B. Serling, Michigan State 67 Michael R. Milken, Berkeley 69 Jerry A. Candy, SMU 67Mickey Shapiro, Ferris State 69 Hanno D. Mott, Cincinnati 55 Irving Codron, UCLA 54Andrew E. Shapiro, Berkeley 83 David H. Phillips, Ohio State 84 Dr. Alvin W. Cohn, Cincinnati 56Alvin Silverman, Cornell 45 Ira S. Rubenstein, UC-San Diego 86 Jerry L. Conrey, Cal State-Fullerton 85 Scott A. Silverman, Minnesota 82 Neal A. Schore, Michigan State 92Thomas N. Dallape, USC 91 Howard L. Stone, Illinois 57 Bradley C. Unger, Lehigh 98Cyril S. Dwek, Penn 58Scott A. Stone, USC 77 Robert S. Weiss, Oklahoma 77 Jeffrey A. Feldman, Northeastern 71 Joseph M. Tanenbaum, Toronto 54 Clifford A. White, Lehigh 82 Frederick A. Fink, Cincinnati 59Howard A. Tanenbaum, Toronto 66 Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 5 6. Gary Teitelman, Penn State 94Marc D. Godt, USC 92Norman Morse, Cornell 51 Ellis L. Tudzin, Texas 69Henry P. Goldberg, Lehigh 69Irwin Moskowitz, UCLA 52 Joel D. Warady, Illinois 78Stephen E. Goldberg, Indiana 89 Dr. Seymour B. Musiker, Cornell 56 Kenneth S. Wolf, Cincinnati 65 James L. Golding, Pittsburgh 66 Robert F P Nerz, Drexel 76 David N. Worshil, Ohio State 57Dr. Kenneth T. Goldstein, Ohio St. 73 Jerry M. Nesker, Toronto 69 YourSCSolutions INC.William Goldstein, Syracuse 60Zenon Neumark, Oklahoma 54 Bradley A. Zerman, Wisconsin 88Andrew E. Goodman, Nebraska 67Kenneth S. Olshan, Indiana 54 Bernard S. Greenfield, UCLA 70James W. Olson, Johnson & Wales 04 Silver ($250-499) Kenneth J. Gurian, Oregon/MS St. 49 Robert Packard, CWRU 52 Alan R. Adelman, NYU 64Rabbi Sheldon J. Harr, Cincinnati 68Jim S. Paletz, Minnesota 82 James R. Alexander Esq, SMU/TX 44Jeffrey I. Harrison, Cincinnati 64Robert H. Palistrant, Minnesota 52 Dr. Gary W. Alexander, Brooklyn 61 John C. Harte, Penn 85Lee G. Pesakoff, Cincinnati 63 Barry S. Arbus, Toronto 62 Melvin D. Hecht, Rutgers 61 Joel B. Piassick, Tulane 63 Louis S. Beck, Cincinnati 68 Mervyn W. Hollander, Michigan St. 62Samuel Posner, Bucknell 56 Elliot C. Beinfest, Northwestern 73Alan Jarrick, UCLA 70 Morton B. Prager, Toronto 65 Laurence E. Bergman, Alabama 64Robert A. Jellen, USC 67Albert Praw, Berkeley 69 Philip W. Berk, UCLA 56Michael R. Jushchuk, Rochester 84 Stephen L. Rann, NC State 71 Paul E. Bernstein, Minnesota 87Ernest M. Kalman, Bucknell 57 Ronald W. Rapchik, LIU 70 Richard M. Block, Alabama 59 Robert Kaplan, Missouri 59Joseph M. Ricupero Jr, Nova/OSU 03 Stanton J. Bluestone, Cincinnati 56Arthur H. Kaplansky, Ohio State 53Edwin P. Rosen, Indiana/Illinois 51 David S. Bolts, Penn 76Gary G. Kash, Illinois 75 Lester J. Rosenberg, Illinois 48 David S. Brand, Toronto 69 Gerald I. Katz, Maryland 50 Neil L. Rosenblum, Tulane 87 M Robert Breslauer, Purdue 53Donald L. Kaufman, Ohio State 53Howard R. Rosenthal, NYU 60 Richard S. Brockman, Missouri 52 Gene Lee Kermin, UCLA 51Thomas A. Rubin, Nebraska 69 Robert L. Burg, Alabama/Wash U. 46 Jonathan M. Kitei, Indiana 88 Peter C. Rubin, Miami U. 76 Dr. Kevin A. Chaitoff, Miami U. 79 Bennett Klausner, Rutgers 60Scott A. Rudin, Syracuse 99 Clyde J. Chudnoff, Cincinnati 66 Myron J. Klevens, Washington U. 65M William Sadock, CWRU 59 Dr. David S. Cole, Tulane 89 Jeffrey A. Kolitch, Penn 90 Adam J. Saitman, San Diego State 88 Dr. Mark S. Connolly, Rochester 75 John H. Kollm, Cincinnati 97Allen R. Samuels, Maryland 51 Frank T. Crohn, Purdue 46David L. Korman, Miami U. 80Lawrence D. Schaffer, Ohio State 53 Hyman Dave, NC State 35Mitchell J. Koval, Virginia 87Carl J. Schlanger, Syracuse 59 Rabbi Jerome P. David, Cincinnati 70 Gary L. Krausz, UC-San Diego 94 Dr. Ira F. Selss, Rochester 77 Stephen L. Davidson, Cincinnati 55 Ross G. Landsbaum, USC 84 Aron L. Shapiro, CWRU 58 Robert M. Dolgin, Missouri 63Elliott E. Lapin, Maryland 47 Herbert J. Siegel, Lehigh 50 Philip M. Engel, Texas 58Daniel W. Lease, CWRU 71Joseph B. Silverman, Oklahoma 63 David R. Esau, Minnesota 83Melvyn L. Lefkowitz, Missouri 57Dr. Carl A. Singer, CWRU 68 Barry M. Farber, Ohio State 67 Kenneth W. Leichman, Miami 59 Robert S. Siskin, Penn 45 Donald J. Fine, Michigan 64Dr. R Richard Leinhardt, Brooklyn 68Melvyn Bernard Spira, CWRU 56 Robert J. Footlick, Tulane 61Jared S. Leon, Washington U. 99 Dr. Robert L. Stamper, Cornell 62 Jay H. Fox, LIU 69 Richard J. Lessans, Maryland 69 Moise S. Steeg, Tulane 37 Richard A. Friedland, Indiana 45 Sanford Levine, CWRU 76 Michael S. Taplits, Cincinnati 70 Reid F. Friedman, Texas 84 Howard J. Levine, Michigan 51 Joel D. Tauber, Michigan 57 William L. Frischman, Miami U. 77Dr. Alan B. Levy, Miami U. 75 Gabriel Tavares, Cincinnati 96 Michael I. Fuchs, UPENN 84 Stanley P. Lipp, Colorado 59Mark S. Ungar, Ohio State 85 Robert M. Galumbeck, Virginia 74 Robert J. Lipsig, Indiana 64Bruce M. Wagman, Syracuse 82 Kaki Garard, James D. Lockshin, Ohio State 46Alan W. Weinblatt, Minnesota 65 Arnold P. Garber, Wayne State 57 Son H. Mai, Stephen F. Austin U. 06 Howard M. Weinman, Tulane 64 Martin Gardner, Penn 38Todd A. Marks, Towson Univ 91 Lee C. White, Nebraska 46 Dr. Leland E. Garrett Jr, NC State 72Emile Martin, Virginia 69 Gregory J. Wiviott, USC 80 Terry M. Gernstein, Purdue 64Jared S. Miller, Wisconsin 98 M. Milton Wolff, Oklahoma 59 William D. Gilliam, KWC 78 Lowell R. Moret, Tulane 62Alan L. Yaffe, North Texas 69Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 6 7. Bronze ($150-249) Dr. Richard J. Gimpelson, Wash U. 68Robert A. Lachin, MIT 59 Brian W. Appel, Cincinnati 71Phillip I. Glauben, North Texas 76Maurice G. Lader, Penn 38 Dr. Louis Balkany, Michigan 64 Irving Goldberg, Berkeley 49James K Lawrence, Ohio State 62 Albert H. Belsky, Massachusetts 68 Gerald Goldberg, CCNY 72Monte Lazarus, Purdue 47 Michael J. Berger, Cornell 56Michael Goldberg, Rochester 67Robert M. Leffler, Syracuse 65 Paul A. Biddelman, Lehigh 67 CAPT Morton Golde, Michigan 52Peter Lehrer, NC State 64 William D. Binder, Purdue 49 Dennis B. Goldstein, Washington 78Adam Leitman Bailey, Rutgers 92 Mark S. Blau, Syracuse 64Allen R. Gordon, Washington U. 53 Howard R. Lerman, North Texas 70 Donald J. Blum, Rutgers 60 Philip B. Greenberg, Northeastern 95Ari S. Lewis, Bucknell 94 Howard E. Book, Manitoba/Dr. 63J. Bradley Greenblum, Texas 80Seymour Lichter, Michigan 48 Marvin T. Bornstein, Indiana 61Brent R. Grover, Northwestern 72Nathaniel B. Locklin, Pittsburgh 99 Seymour Brode, Michigan 51 Michael Halbert, Alabama 62 Michael W. Maddin, Michigan 62 Ronald J. Broida, Illinois 65David P. Halper, Miami U. 80Jeffrey G. Mandel, Washington U. 64 Michael W. Brown, Berkeley 96Dr. Maury N. Harris, Texas 69 Dr. Howard W. Marker, Texas 56 Donald R. Cabral, Northeastern 73Burton P. Harris, Illinois 46 Simon I. Markowsky, Oklahoma 69 Dr. Blake Casher, Pittsburgh 70Norman Y. Harris, Nebraska 41 Richard N. Matties, Rochester 64 Dr. Martin P. Charns, CWRU 67Dr. Alan J. Heeger, Nebraska 58 Steven E. McNeff, Buffalo 88 Timothy J. Clancy, CWRU 89 Michael C. Hennenberg, Ohio State 70Mark K. Mekler, Minnesota 79 Dr. Leo L. Cogen, UCLA 43Dr. Gilbert R. Herer, Syracuse 54 Dr. Robert A. Mendelson, CWRU 53 Victor G. Cohen, Ohio State 65 James A. Hirsch, USC 89 Corey A. Metz, Tulane 95 Barry A. Cohen, USC 63 Jeffrey L. Holden, Ohio State 64Dr. Donald E. Milsten, Cornell 60 Leo S. Cohen, Indiana 56 Barry Holt, Rutgers 67Marvin H. Mitchell, Ohio State 59 Kenneth I. Cohen, Penn 70Robert W. Homan, Northern Illinois 92 Donald I. Moritz, Pittsburgh 48 Robert E. Craig Jr, RIT 76 Andrew J. Huston, Minnesota 04Robert E. Morris, Tulane 57 Dr. Paul H. Crane, Minnesota 66Dr. Julius Hyman Jr, MIT 57 Dr. Gerald Nadler, Cinci/Purdue 47 Dr. Michael Denenberg, Nebraska 59 Harold B. Igdaloff, Purdue 47 Stanley B. Nagel, Washington/OR 50 Samuel E. Dennis Esq, Penn 52Dr. Donald R. Janower, Wayne St. 61 Dr. Neil A. Natkow, Indiana 69 Charles I. Dolginer, Berkeley 59 Lawrence A. Joseph, Indiana 63Roy M. Neulicht, NC State 73 Richard D. Dworsky, Minnesota 79 Dr. Stanley R. Kagin, Minnesota 65Robert P. Neuman, Indiana 58 Howard J. Ely, Texas 52Donald M. Kahn, Ohio State 74 Dr. Leonard M. Nevins, Syracuse 49 I Jeffrey Engel, Michigan 62 Abraham Kahn, CCNY 35 Hon. Benjamin Novicoff, Nebraska 42 Steven R. Epstein, Nebraska 72 Sterling Kahn, Missouri 44George S. Novogroder, Buffalo 70 William D. Esensten, Minnesota 69Steven R. Kalt, Michigan 64 Marshall A. Okmin, Miami 58 William J. Feldman, Illinois/Okla 38 Samuel L. Kaplan, Minnesota 59Ronald E. Osur, Alabama/Miami 59 Mark A. Feldman, UCLA 87 Dr. Evan Z. Kapp, Washington U. 76Louis Benson Pearlman, American 99 Robert Fernandez, FIU01Brian S. Katz, Ohio State 80Lawrence R. Pearlman, Michigan 56 Geoffrey Fish, Arizona 94Richmond H. Kauffman, MIT 40Alan L. Pepper, UCLA 63 Stephen D. Forman, UCLA 92 Saul H. Kay, UCLA 54Samuel G. Perlow, NYU 67 Honorable Sam Fox, Wash U. 51Stephen A. Kepniss, Rutgers 73Edward A. Phillips, Ohio State 85 Bruce Z. Frank, Minnesota 62 Edward J. Kessler, Washington U. 65 Bob S. Platt, San Jose State 70 George D. Frankenstein, USC 64 Fred P. Kipperman, Arizona 91 Dr. Marc S. Posner, Bucknell 73 Donald S. Freeberg, CCNY 43Donald A. Kirschner, Minnesota 59 Neal A. Post, Maryland 96 Irving J. Freeman, Indiana/Missouri 48 Bradley S. Klein, Texas 85Harvey Price, Wayne State 56 David A. Freeman, Berkeley 59Mark H. Kleinman, Texas 86James C. Rasbold, CWRU 83 Elden S. Freeman, Toronto 84 Mark C. Kodner, Missouri 82 Ian B. Ratner, Cornell 11 Paul Frieder, Rutgers 68 Ronald B. Koenig, Penn 55 Murray L. Reichenstein, Ohio State 59 Dr. Robert H. Friedman, Michigan 78Ronald L. Kolb, CWRU 66 Arthur S. Robbins, Penn 54 Dr. Frederick Friedman Jr, Penn 81 Leonard H. Kosson, NYU 69 Martin L. Rogowsky, Rochester 70 Dr. David J. Frolich, Indiana 66 Stephen A. Kotzen, Tulane 61Dennis S. Rosen, Michigan State 77 Stanley L. Gendler, Minnesota 44 Stuart S. Kurlander, Indiana 84 David G. Rosenberg, Ohio State 88 Solomon Getz, Drexel 59Michael J. Kurman, Ohio State 73Howard Rosenbloom, LIU 70Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 7 8. Robert A. Rosenthal, Missouri 53 David C. Weiner, Cincinnati 66Dr. Barry L. Berman, CWRU 64 Edward H. Rosenwasser Jr, Texas 87 Lawrence B. Wittels, Wash U. 81 Capt Stanley A. Berman, Cincinnati 41 Gary K. Rosenzweig, Virginia 73Alan H. Wittenberg, USC 68Martin A. Berns, Illinois 58 Dennis E. Ross, Manitoba/Berkeley 56 Cary S. Wolf, Buffalo 64Gerald A. Biales, CWRU 60 Don H. Rotenberg, Oregon 55Harry E. Woodell Jr, CWRU 80Dr. Norton J. Bicoll, Wayne State 61 Dr. Melvyn Rubenfire, Wayne St. 63 Steven J. Woronoff, Michigan St. 85 Scott A. Bigman, Wisconsin 90 Mark E. Sadock, CWRU 83 Ronald L. Bigman, Wayne State 61 Dr. Robert S. Salk, Illinois 48Less than $150 Howard A. Birmiel, CCNY 70 Glenn A. Saltsman, Michigan State 93 Alan M. Aaronson PhD, Queens 61 Irving L. Blackman, Washington U. 52 Sanford H. Salz, Syracuse 61 Jerrold M. Abelson, Ohio State 46 Dr. Allan E. Blair, Ohio State 52 Marc P. Samuelson, Nebraska 63 Phillip D. Abramson, Texas 73 Richard D. Blomberg, Cornell 67 Stephen I. Schier, Bucknell 72 Edwin Adelman, Penn State 61Dr. Gordon R. Bloomberg, Illinois 55 Hubert M. Schlosberg, Syracuse 53H Richard Adelman, Hunter 72H. Jack Bluestein, Missouri 54 Peter S. Schneidkraut, Lehigh 75 Michael B. Africk, UCLA 87Eric K. Blum, Penn State 96 Eugene R. Schnell, Rochester 86Allan Afrow, Northeastern 66Robert L. Blumberg, MIT 64 Dr. Robert M. Schultz, Boston U. 72Romy Alhadef, Penn State 96 Gary M. Blumenthal, Miami U. 72 Bradd A. Schwartz, Texas 77David M. Alloy, Nebraska 73 Ralph Bovitz, Wayne State 63 Dr. Marvin S. Segal, Minnesota 60Stephen M. Alpart, Washington U. 85 David S. Boyer, Illinois 69 James A. Segal, Minnesota 89 Ira R. Alpert, USC 64 Andrew E. Bram, Bucknell 66 Dr. Milton I. Setnar, Buffalo 56 Joseph M. Alpert, Indiana 60Phillip G. Brant, Texas 69 Stephen M. Shall, Ohio State 76Eric M. Altman, Lehigh 84 Neal A. Broidy, Miami 67 Dr. Zef Shanfield, CWRU 69 Larry G. Anmuth, Penn State 62Jeffrey M. Brooks, Miami U. 64 David S. Shaw, Cornell 74Martin A. Arch, Penn 54 Charles Brotchner, MN/Northridge 70 Sidney J. Sheinberg, Columbia 57 Gerald I. Arnson, Ohio State 50 Dr. Martin Brotman, Manitoba 63 Eugene L. Shepp, Penn 51 Stuart B. Aronoff, Berkeley 54Harvey M. Brown, Washington U. 49 Kenneth I. Shevin, Michigan 57 Bernard Aronowitz, Alabama 50 Jack I. Brown, Cincinnati 59 Alexander Shkolnik, Minnesota 03 Jerry Asher, Purdue 49Dr. Paul N. Burstein, Buffalo 56 Dr. Barry L. Shulkin, Texas 74 Oren S. Auslin, Rutgers 13Leon R. Bush, Cornell 53 Harold Shulman, NYU 58 Leonard Axelrod, Indiana 72 Dr. Lawrence H. Caplan, Cornell 56 Roland L. Sigal, Lehigh 46 Dr. Daniel L. Azarnoff, Rutgers 46Milton Carl, Oregon 47 Samuel J. Silber, UCLA 53Gregory I. Azorsky, Texas 84Zachary A. Carroll, Cornell 11 Jeffrey J. Silverman, Lehigh 87David Azvolinsky, Rutgers 13Allen I. Cederbaum, Penn 39 Stuart Sinai, Ferris State 65Ronald P. Baker, Oklahoma 64Dr. Hugh A. Chairnoff, Drexel 61 Adam C. Singer, Texas 90 David L. Balas, Miami U. 74 Norman Chanin, Rutgers 66 Richard Snyder, Ohio State 61Philip E. Balas, Miami U. 74Stuart A. Chazin, Minnesota 83 Peter M. Sommerhauser, Neb 64Lee B. Barewin, Washington U. 58Jason Y. Choe, Rutgers 13 Jay I. Stark, Wayne State 65 Thomas B. Barham, West Florida 07 Danny Chow, Rutgers 13 Herbert B. Stern, Columbia 58Joel R. Baron, Brooklyn 59Dr. Randy M. Chudler, Michigan 83 Robert G. Stern, Washington U. 45Dr. J Martin Barrash, Maryland 62 Louis Citterman, Colorado 60 Morris D. Storck, Cornell 54 Kermit I. Bartlett, UCLA 32 Murray I. Cogan, McGill 62 Richard A. Strauss, MIT 60 Franklin M. Battat, Berkeley 55 Isadore Cogan, Drexel 54 Monroe N. Szporn, Penn 71David A. Beale, Cornell 71Harvey E. Cogen, UCLA 68 Dr. Ian H. Taras, UC-San Diego 88Benjamin D. Bearman, Minnesota 98 Dr. Raymond Cohen, Purdue 45 Steven C. Taub, Michigan 85Herbert Behr, Cincinnati 55 Charles A. Cohen, Indiana 63 M. Ray Taylor, San Jose State 71 Leon Belin, Wayne State 51Ronald S. Cohen, Indiana 59 Dr. Robert M. Turner, Miami U. 73Samuel S. Bellas, Virginia 01 Dr. Jay A. Cohen, Drexel 68 John A. Uster, Toronto 69Leon Benveniste, Oregon 46Arnold H. Cohen, NC State 62 Marc A. Vosen, Ohio State 76 Melvyn G. Berent, Ferris State 65 Bradley H. Cohen, Indiana 88 Fredrick E. Weber, Ohio State 54 Daniel T. Berkley, Wayne State 66 Philip T. Cohen, Cincinnati 43Leon R. Wechsler, Purdue 66 Arthur L. Berkowitz, USC 69 Phillip L. Cohen, Missouri 51 Kevin A. Wechter, Texas 86 Norman M. Berkowitz, Pittsburgh 69Oscar J. Cohen, Penn 76Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 8 9. Lawrence J. Cohn, Drexel 72 Rabbi Gerald H. Fisher, UCLA 60 Marc E. Goldfeder, CWRU 66 Theodore R. Cohn, Michigan 60 Adam J. Fishman, Brandeis 01Sheldon Golding, Alabama 54 Kenneth R. Collins, Indiana 49Lee S. Fleischer, Washington U. 82Stanford C. Goldman, Penn 41 Robert L. Cooper, Cornell 53Bruce M. Fonoroff, CWRU 66Richard D. Goldman, Indiana 59 Dr. Richard J. Coppins, Lehigh 69 Dr. Fred L. Forman, CWRU 65 Merwin Goldsmith, Wayne/UCLA 59 Neil A. Corday, Toledo 67 Melvin R. Forst, Pittsburgh 55Leslie W. Goldstein, CWRU 76 Allan F. Corenblum, Alberta 64Marvin H. Frank, Ohio State 47Donald L. Goldwasser, Tulane 56 Melvin Cosner, Washington U. 50 Irwin M. Frank, Miami U. 71 Richard A. Gole, Indiana 69 Clint W. Cottick, Western Michigan 95 Leland J. Frankman, Minnesota 65Larry E. Golman, Texas 54 Nicolas Courtemanche, Ottawa 02 Lynn M. Freed, San Jose State 63Alvin S. Golman, Wayne State 55 Donald Daneman, Maryland 60 Gerald Freidberg, Oklahoma 63 Ranshan J. Gomez, FIU 13 Dr. Robert B. Daroff, Penn 58 Gerald P. Freidin, Butler 56Dr. Barry H. Goodfriend, Texas 56 Bernard L. Dave, Cincinnati 47Dave H. Friedberg, USC 64 Steven H. Goodman, Cincinnati 65 Robert L. Davidow, Penn 70Dr. Stephen M. Friedman, Indiana 73 Richard N. Goodstadt, Rutgers 66 Dr. Michael L. Dean, Michigan 63Dr. Leslie A. Friedman, Illinois 74 Gerald Gordon, Columbia 62 Andrew S. Dember, Lehigh 77 Philip Friedman, Penn 47Hon. Ronald M. Gould, Penn 69 Ronald J. DePasquale, Rutgers 11Eric J. Friedman, UCLA 87 Glenn S. Graef, Bucknell 86 Michael T. Dick, Oklahoma 65Berwyn L. Friedman, UCLA 55 Dr. Myles A. Greenberg, Cornell 54 Karl E. Doerre, NC State 75 Thomas E. Friedman, Miami U. 69 Harry R. Greenwald, Syracuse 51 Lee S. Dollins, Toledo 65 Michael S. Friedman, Tulane 91Roger J. Griffiths, New Orleans 73 Ronald Donn, Ohio State 64Bruce L. Friedman, CCNY 78Robert C. Gronwaldt, Drexel 83 Alan S. Dorenfeld, Maryland 68Joel R. Friedman, Lehman 70 Richard J. Grossberg, KWC 73 Dr. Peter R. Douglas, Cornell 68Melvyn L. Frieman, Cincinnati 56Arleigh M. Grossman, Colorado 56 Brandon L. Druker, Rutgers 11 Peter G. Fruehman, Purdue 66Howard J. Grossman, Louisville 51 Donald R. Dunner, Purdue 54 Dr. Ira C. Gall, Cincinnati 49Stuart M. Grossman, Indiana 53 Philip W. Dunsker, Cornell 56 Ronald Ganeles, Cornell 56Henry Gruner, Pittsburgh 68 Andrew A. Dunsky, Ohio State 85 Stephen L. Geller, Tulane 66Harold Gurevitz, Indiana/Butler 52 Charles J. Dushman, Indiana 83Marshall J. Gerber, Oklahoma 63 Todd L. Gurstel, Minnesota 86 Milton A. Dzodin, Ferris State 65 M. John Germain, Lehigh 73Richard Halpern, Missouri 69 Dr. David W. Edelstein, MSU 74Barry A. Gersick, Washington U. 68Dr. Harold E. Hamburg, Indiana 60 Donald E. Edwards, Syracuse 51Dr. Ronald S. Gibbs, Drexel 65Calvin I. Hamburger, Maryland 59 Allen L. Ehrlich, Indiana 87H Steven Gilbert, CWRU 70 R. Stephen Hanke, USC 74 Mark Y. Eisenberg, Rutgers 12 Peter M. Gilman, Cornell 72 Dr. Arthur M. Hayes, Alberta 47 Dr. Gerald H. Elkan, NC State 65Marvin J. Gilman, Nebraska 58 Kenneth Heaslip, Rutgers 81 Brett Elkins, USC 87Eric W. Gingold, Michigan State 67Frederick E. Hennick, Syracuse 51 Dr. Paul C. Ellstein, Michigan State 76 Ronald J. Glanzman, Butler 59 Joel A. Herman, Michigan 86 Raphael S. Engle, Alberta 60Michael S. Glickman, C.W. Post 02 Morton L. Herman, Texas 64 Harris I. Estroff, Texas 64 Harry Glickman, Oregon 46 Dr. Bernard Hertzman, Cincinnati 67 Louis M. Exstein, Bucknell 48 Howard Gluck, NC State/Texas 46 Rodney C. Hill, UCLA 59 Leonard J. Farbman, Youngstown 73 Sanford O. Gluck, NC State 51 Arnold Himelstein, Tulane 68 Sharif K. Farghaly, Rutgers 13Elliott S. Gold, Indiana 66 Gary S. Hirschberg, Lehigh 79 Scott A. Feder, UCLA 91 Harley E. Gold, Illinois-Chicago 69 COL Leon S. Hirsh, Oklahoma 55 Joel M. Feinson, Miami 54 Claude Gold, Washington 63Scott A. Hodes, Indiana 86 Michael R. Feldman, Pittsburgh 69 Norman E. Goldberg, CCNY 69 Sheldon Hoffman, UCLA/Berkeley 52 Allen M. Feltman, Texas 76Oscar I. Goldberg, Washington U. 52 Fredric R. Horowitz, Berkeley 71 Dr. Malcolm H. Fine, Indiana 47 Lester A. Goldberg, Syracuse 48 Scott B. Horowitz, Miami U. 88 Robert A. Fink, Michigan State 92 Dr. Howard H. Goldberg, Maryland 52 Gordon M. Hyman, Bucknell 86 Robert J. Finkel Esq, Michigan 66 Bruce A. Golden, Texas 80 Gerald G. Ingber, Michigan 50 Dr. Richard Finkelstein, Oklahoma 51Edwin H. Golden, Texas 51 Charles J. Isaacs, Penn 10 William B. Finkelstein, Texas 71Robert S. Goldfarb, Michigan 79 Dr. Lawrence A. Jacobs, Penn 65 Jeffrey K. Finn, Indiana 64 Barry A. Goldfarb, Cincinnati 81Hon. Marc Jacobson, Michigan 55Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 9 10. Jerry J. Jerome Jr, Michigan 55Daniel M. Kristol, Penn 59 Martin L. London, Monmouth 73 Ivan P. Joseph, Temple 88Boris Krivy, Toronto 57Paul Los, Northeastern 72 Dr. Sheldon N. Kaftan, Wayne St. 58James B. Kruzan, Wayne State 82Michael Louik, Pittsburgh 64 Richard L. Kahn, Purdue 57 Martin A. Kudler, Fullerton 88 G. Lynn Lyen, San Jose State 67 Dr. Simon J. Kalish, Wayne State 51Dr. Harold M. Kushins, San Jose St. 67 Larry H. Lyons, CCNY 71 Dustin L. Kalman, Houston 98 James A. Kutchin, Washington U. 82 Alan N. Maisel, LIU 69 Samuel R. Kalvort, St. Mary's 69 Arthur L. Landesman, Lehigh 44 Dr. Edward A. Major, Rochester 61 Larry R. Kane, Illinois 62 Dr. Malcolm Largmann, Brooklyn 61Kenneth D. Makovsky, Wash U. 65 Ronald Kanfer, Oklahoma 69 Harold P. Laves, Texas 61Seymour L. Mandel, Illinois/MN 56 Carl Kanter, CCNY 49 Ronald H. Lazarus, Missouri 70 Wallace Mann, Oklahoma 56 Dr. Lawrence J. Kanter, Tulane 68Abe E. Leber, Nebraska 69Christopher J. Marasco, RIT 11 Laurence D. Kanter, Northwestern 75Stephen L. Leeds, Louisville/PSU 67Jay R. Marder, San Jose State 71 Scott H. Kaplan, Washington U. 73Stanley M. Lefco, Virginia 68Joel Margolies, Alabama 56 Milton Kaplan, CWRU 58 Paul R. Lehrer, Hartford 71Dr. Jerry A. Margolin, Nebraska 59 Alvin Kaplan, Washington State 54Mark S. Lerman, Minnesota 85 Robert M. Margolin, Michigan 54 Jay A. Kaplan, CWRU 72 Arthur M. Lerner, Rutgers 51 Adam E. Margolis, Tulane 91 Leo Kaplan, UCLA 43Michael I. Less Esq, Missouri 69 Howard D. Marin, Hunter 70 Keith L. Kaplan, Rutgers 93Dr. Mark C. Lester, Cornell 75 Dr. Sheldon F. Markel, Wayne Robert D. Kaplow, Cornell 69 Howard Levin, Purdue/Indiana 42State/Michigan 58 Alfred H. Karchmer, Oklahoma 46Lee S. Levin, Delaware 94Jason R. Markowitz, Pittsburgh 01 Sanford I. Kartzman, Penn 69 Arnold J. Levin, Indiana 57Dr. Leonard I. Mastbaum, MN 61 Mr. Gerald L. Katell, MIT 62 Dr. Marvin E. Levin, Washington U. 47Aaron Matlow, Purdue 74 Dr. Harold H. Katz, Minnesota 83 David E. Levin, Indiana 90 Howard A. Mayers, Cincinnati 67 Brandon S. Katz, Ohio State 90 Stanley W. Levine, Butler 52 1 st LT. Jerrold H. Mayster, Purdue 68 Sherman M. Katz, Purdue 43 Dr. Howard Levinsky, Wisconsin 73Thomas J. McKillip Jr, Rutgers 13 Philip S. Katz, Washington U. 05 Martin H. Levinson, CCNY/Queens 68 Rabbi Daniel B. Medwin, Brandeis 01 G. Alan Katz, Louisville 51Martin A. Levitin, CWRU 51 Andrew J. Merin, Bucknell 70 Louis M. Katz, Syracuse 89 Gerald L. Levitz, McGill 61Keith J. Merrill, Penn 76 Dr. Alan G. Kaye, Tulane 87Phillip R. Levy, Miami 70Andrew C. Meyer, Ohio U. 74 William P. Keleher, Texas Western 67 Joseph W. Levy, USC 55 Max W. Meyer, Indiana 45 Dr. Robert M. Kellman, Cornell 74Ira H. Levy, Washington U. 62Rabbi Joel H. Meyers, Queens 63 Edward Kessel, Penn State 59 Dr. Stephan M. Levy, Tulane 90 Dr. Morris S. Miehl, Oklahoma 54 Dr. Lawrence W. Kessler, Purdue 65 Jerome S. Levy, Washington U. 52 Michael S. Miles, Syracuse 61 Jarred M. Kest, Wisconsin 01 Lawrence A. Levy, Rutgers 13 Marvin E. Miller, Indiana 49 Robert L. Kiesler, Illinois 55 Fred D. Levy, Purdue 60William E. Miller, Washington U. 51 Michael D. Kimber, No Michigan 73Clair A. Lewis, Minnesota 60 Richard W. Miller Jr, Youngstown 68 Bernard W. King, Berkeley 50 Marvin H. Lewis, Berkeley 52 Steven J. Miller, Penn 76 Maurice G. Kitces, CWRU 66 Keith J. Libman, Indiana 69Frederick Miner, Tulane 58 Dr. Gary M. Klauber, CWRU 72 Marc L. Lichtenberg, Penn 86 James M. Moidel, CWRU 66 Adam S. Klein, Arizona 92David A. Lieberman, Illinois Tech 49 Robert N. Moise, Purdue 47 Richard M. Klinsky, Michigan State 74Arthur Z. Lieberman, Purdue 73 Jeffrey J. Mora, Alfred U. 90 Richard J. Koch, Syracuse 49 Michael S. Liedke, Illinois State 01 Joshua R. More, Illinois 96 Gary S. Kohler, Minnesota 79 Dr. Jay D. Lifshen, Miami U. 72Harry G. Morgan, Indiana/Butler 47 Dr. Rene Koppel, Tulane 66 Timothy F. Light, Miami U. 78Robert E. Morris, Syracuse 43 Dr. Franklin E. Koren, Ohio State 55 Simon Lipp, Cincinnati 55Paul S. Morrison, Ohio State 70 Fred W. Korngut, SMU 51Marc D. Lipshaw, Michigan State 82 Dr. Neil L. Moscow, Penn State 70 Dr. Michael L. Kovsky, Ohio State 67 Robert J. Liss, Northeastern 72William S. Moses, Oklahoma 63 James Krause, Cal State-Northridge 70Dr. Stephen F. Litton, Minnesota 65Steven M. Moskowitz, CCNY/MSU 83 Stuart J. Krawll, Missouri 70Michael S. Lodish, American U. 92Neil M. Moss, CWRU 67 Harvey Krevolin, Pittsburgh 52 Rabbi Robert H. Loewy, Cornell 73Edwin G. Mullin, San Jose State 71 Dr. Barry L. Kricsfeld, Nebraska 70Herbert I. London, Columbia 61 Alan H. Nadel, Penn 90Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 10 11. Isaac Nasar, Rutgers 13Howard S. Rosenhoch, Buffalo 72 Michael G. Shelby, NC State 97 Arnold N. Nathanson, Ohio State 49 Martin P. Rosensweig, Rutgers 73Dr. Scott R. Shepard, Penn 86 Bernard W. Nebenzahl, Berkeley 55Jeremy S. Rosenthal, Syracuse 63Dr. Frederic J. Sherman, Cornell 58 Fred Neil, Maryland 56 Mark R. Rosman, Indiana 82Stephen W. Shobin, Pittsburgh 64 Jason A. Nevins, Arizona State 14Seth Rossman, Washington U. 70Herbert N. Shohet, Cincinnati 47 Leonard J. Newman, Purdue 48 Jerome Rossoff, MIssissippi State 50David Shore, Cincinnati 51 Dr. Larry M. Newman, Rutgers 71Robert A. Roth, Lehigh 79 Leonard S. Shutzberg, Ohio State 82 Jefferson E. Newsom III, SFA 00Dr. John A. Rothchild, Wash U. 76 Adam P. Sicheri, Rutgers 13 Craig A. Nochumson, Arizona 93 Kenneth J. Rothman, Wash U. 58Joel E. Siegel, Purdue 65 Dr. Jay Nogi, Rochester 69 Erwin A. Rubenstein, Michigan 57Dr. Robert L. Siegel, Buffalo 66 Matthew R. Norris, Rutgers 11Mahlon Rubin, Washington U. 46Ira M. Siegel, Rutgers 95 Harold S. Novikoff, Cornell 73 Brent L. Rubin, Ohio State 76 Joshua Silber, Brockport 93 Kim R. Onsdorff, Bucknell 69 Dr. L Robert Rubin, Cornell 55Harold Silberberg, Texas 47 Michael L. Orenstein, Cornell 62 Howard S. Rubin, Drexel 53Robert K. Silbert, Indiana 65 Steven A. Orenstein, Ohio State 75 Steven B. Rubin, CWRU 72Dr. Julian Silverblatt, Cincinnati 47 Alvin R. Ostroff, Northeastern 72Scott D. Rubinsky, Texas 07 Morton D. Silverman, Minnesota 60 Raymond V. Packouz, Oregon 43Scott R. Rudin, Minnesota 82Stephen Silverman, Northwestern 71 Steven F. Paul, CWRU 61Joshua H. Rudnick, UCLA 90Craig A. Simon, Michigan State 92 Lawrence D. Perelman, Ohio State 54Robert S. Ruvelson, Minnesota 52Joel S. Simon, LIU 64 Nick A. Philko, Michigan State 96Brett J. Rycus, Michigan State 92 Steven M. Simon, Miami U. 71 Robert F. Pincus, Michigan 67Stephen L. Saltzman, Texas W. 67Allan D. Singer, Minnesota 65 Frederick L. Pollack Esq, Alfred U. 94 Harry Samuels, Washington U. 52 Kenneth S. Sirlin, Penn 65 Richard S. Pollack, Ohio State 80Dr. Gerald A. Sandler, Missouri 74Ralph W. Siskind, CWRU 72 Mark Pollock, USC 77 Donald A. Sands, Wisconsin 73 Dr. Harold B. Sitrin, Rochester 68 Mark A. Porter, Purdue 87Carl A. Saperstein, Penn State 57 Marvin Snyder, Indiana 44 Dr. Steven M. Price, Cornell 70Avi A. Sasson, Rutgers 11 Larry N. Sokol, Penn 69 James H. Primes, UCLA 50 Stanley A. Sax, Nebraska 63 Norman Solomon, MIT/Wash U. 56 Anthony L. Prutting, Tulane 91 Brent A. Schacter, Manitoba 62Hon. Harvey R. Sorkow, Wash U. 51 Dr. Mark F. Pultman, USC 66Paul L. Schapiro, CWRU 78 Stanley Sorongon, LIU 71 Dr. Randy G. Raetz, Rochester 88 Gerald E. Schapiro, Pittsburgh 67 Sigma Delta Tau Sorority Dr. Allan M. Raff, Illinois Tech 46Robert S. Schenkman, UCLA 61Hon. Theodore M. Sosin, Indiana 66 Charles M. Rand, Penn 76 Mark R. Schiff, NC State 59 Gary T. Soule, Missouri 70 Alan M. Rashes, Queens 66David B. Schiff, Cornell 72 Arthur M. Spander, UCLA 60 Philip D. Ratnoff, USC 82Anshel J. Schiff, Purdue 59 Irwin Spetgang, Rutgers 52 Andrew P. Reichman, Lehigh 98Graham N. Schlanger, Texas A&M 11 Robert A. Spielman, Bucknell 74 Allan Rein, Wayne State 61 Jon M. Schneider, Miami 69Dr. Marvin L. Starman, Michigan 58 Edward O. Reiss, CCNY 70 Dr. Richard J. Schoen, San Jose St 67 Richard S. Steele, Ohio State 68 Peter I. Reiter, Brooklyn 67 Laurence Schor, SMU 65Barry L. Stein, Youngstown U. 72 Evan A. Remer, Texas 06Robert L. Schreiber, Oklahoma 51Dr. Ronald B. Stein, Berkeley 57 Jay J. Rice, Rutgers 75Donald C. Schupak, Syracuse 64Jasper G. Stem Jr, NC State 89 David S. Richter, Illinois 84Edward J. Schwartz, Texas Western 69Michael H. Stenger, Brockport 97 Harold F. Ring, Minnesota 44 Dr. Morton Schwartz, Rutgers 46 Lawrence P. Stern, Oklahoma 68 Martin Ring, Minnesota 42Benjamin Schwartz, Nebraska 50George Stewart, Cincinnati 49 Lloyd D. Robinson, USC 67Jay Julius Schwartz, Rutgers 54 Sidney L. Stone, Washington U. 45 Arthur Rock, Syracuse 48 Jeremy F. Segall, Michigan 01 Victor K. Stuhl, Queens 71 Stanford T. Roodman PhD, Purdue 62 Darryl D. Sesler Jr, JWU 10 Stanley M. Stuhlbarg, Cincinnati 47 Michael L. Rosen, Illinois 58Alexander M. Shapero, Cornell 06Hon. Joseph E. Suarez, Lehman 68 Dr. Donald Y. Rosen, SMU 58Randolph Shapiro, Virginia 78 Robert A. Sugarman, GW 69 Dr. Robert Rosenberg, Minnesota 47 Irving H. Share, Rutgers 45 Dr. Neil P. Superfon, Wayne State 62 Dr. Howard M. Rosenberg, CWRU 60 Robert L. Sharenow, Miami U. 66 Alan J. Suvalle, Penn 69 Dr. Les S. Rosenberg, Ohio State 72Harvey Shaynes, Washington U. 50David D. Svidlow, Oklahoma 60Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 11 12. Allan E. Swedelson, Neb/Berkeley 60Peter D. Waldstein, Michigan 80 Joseph Wolkowicz, Minnesota 68 Dr. Larry N. Sweet, Michigan 57Dexter Wang, Cornell 70 Edward Wolkowitz, Northridge 71 Stanley Talesnick, Indiana 49Melvin B. Wasserman, Cincinnati 54Michael V. Wong, Rutgers 13 Kenneth B. Tecler, Wisconsin 70Jeffrey A. Wasserstrom, Cincinnati 81 Patrick I. Woody, NC State 88 Arlan S. Temeles, Penn State 58Bruce I. Waxman, Cornell 65 Jason R. Worth, Miami 02 Alan C. Thomas Esq, Penn 81Bernard Wecht, Rutgers 53 Perry D. Wulfe, Texas 79 Dr. David M. Tobolowsky, SMU 76Michael H. Weinberg, Maryland 68Dr. Bernard A. Yablin, Cornell 50 Irving N. Tons, Texas 72 Alan S. Weinberg, NC State 64 Ben C. Yoder, Virginia 01 Samuel G. Toub, Texas Western 66 Michael J. Weinberger, Michigan 57Murray Yolles, Michigan 54 Robert D. Travis, Cincinnati 46Samuel B. Weiner, Ohio State 65 Seth Zachary, USC 82 Alan L. Travis, Cincinnati 53Dr. Brian K. Weinstein, Albany 89 Michael D. Zaidman, Nebraska 92 Don A. Tullman, Rutgers 74 David C. Weinstein, Syracuse 91 Robert J. Zamen, Missouri 53 Raymond S. Turgel, Manitoba 46 Martin L. Weiss, Syracuse 50Arnold J. Zegart, Purdue 58 David R. Turk, Rochester 78Dr. Albert A. Weiss, Penn State 70Dean B. Zemel, Wisconsin 73 Jeffrey D. Ultee, Bucknell 07Sergio Wernikoff, CWRU 57 Dr. Harold Zenick, North Texas 71 Marvin L. Union, CWRU 66 Bruce E. Wertheim, Syracuse 88Gary E. Zinman, Penn State 58 Gerhard Van Biema, Purdue 42 Scott A. Winer, Minnesota 82Robert D. Zitsman, Ohio State 78 Dr. Mark S. Vangrov, Miami U. 71 Stephen I. Winer, Minnesota 87Morton Zuber, Nebraska 45 Norman Veta, Nebraska 45 Harold Wintner, Pittsburgh 43 Dr. Rahmon Zuckerman, Miami U. 85 Zollie M. Volchok, Oregon 39 Philip Wittenberg, Michigan 48George R. Zuckerman, Michigan 49 Scott A. Vroubel, Ohio State 99Dennis C. Wolf, Washington U. 71Dr. Martin Zweig, CCNY 63 Dr. William Wachsman, CWRU 71Steven W. Wolfe, Cornell 60 Jeremy N. Waldman, Minnesota 64Stanton L. Wolkoff, Minnesota 54 Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 12 13. Donor Honor Roll By Chapter Fiscal Year: June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010Alabama Lowell J. Milken 71 George S. Novogroder 70 Steven F. Paul 61 Bernard Aronowitz 50 Michael R. Milken 69Howard S. Rosenhoch 72James C. Rasbold 83 Laurence E. Bergman 64 Bernard W. Nebenzahl 55 Dr. Milton I. Setnar 56 Dr. Howard M. Rosenberg 60 Richard M. Block 59Albert Praw 69Dr. Robert L. Siegel 66 Steven B. Rubin 72 Robert L. Burg 46Dennis E. Ross 56 Cary S. Wolf 64 M. William Sadock 59 Sheldon Golding 54 Richard V. Sandler 70Mark E. Sadock 83 Michael Halbert 62 Andrew E. Shapiro 83Butler Steven W. Schaefer 58 Joel Margolies 56Dr. Ronald B. Stein 57Gerald P. Freidin 56Paul L. Schapiro 78 Ronald E. Osur 59Allan E. Swedelson 60 Ronald J. Glanzman 59 Dr. Zef Shanfield 69 Gilbert A. Yanuck 62 Cecil W. Weintraub 52 Harold Gurevitz 52Aron L. Shapiro 58Stanley W. Levine 52Dr. Carl A. Singer 68 AlbanyBoston U.Harry G. Morgan 47Ralph W. Siskind 72 Dr. Brian K. Weinstein 89Dr. Robert M. Schultz 72 Melvyn Bernard Spira 56C.W. PostMarvin L. Union 66 Alberta Brandeis Michael S. Glickman 02Dr. William Wachsman 71 Allan F. Corenblum 64Adam J. Fishman 01 Sergio Wernikoff 57 Raphael S. Engle 60Rabbi Daniel B. Medwin 01 Cal State-FullertonHarry E. Woodell 80 Dr. Arthur M. Hayes 47Jerry L. Conrey 85 BrockportMartin A. Kudler 88 CCNY AlfredJoshua Silber 93 Howard A. Birmiel 70 Jeffrey J. Mora 90 Michael H. Stenger 97 Cal State-Northridge Donald S. Freeberg 43 Frederick L. Pollack 94 Charles B. Brotchner 70 Bruce L. Friedman 78 Brooklyn College James Krause 70 Gerald Goldberg 72 AmericanDr. Gary W. Alexander 61Edward M. Wolkowitz 71Norman E. Goldberg 69 Michael S. Lodish 92 Joel R. Baron 59 Abraham Kahn 35 Louis Benson Pearlman 99 Dr. Malcolm G. Largmann 61 Case Western ReserveCarl Kanter 49 Dr. R Richard Leinhardt 68 Dr. Barry L. Berman 64 Martin H. Levinson 68 AmericanPeter I. Reiter 67 Gerald A. Biales 60Larry H. Lyons 71 Geoffrey Fish 94 Dr. Martin P. Charns 67Joseph Macnow 66 Fred P. Kipperman 91 BucknellTimothy J. Clancy 89 Roy E. Mayers 65 Adam S. Klein 92 Andrew E. Bram 66Bruce M. Fonoroff 66 Steven M. Moskowitz 83 Craig A. Nochumson 93Louis M. Exstein 48Dr. Fred L. Forman 65Edward O. Reiss 70 Glenn S. Graef 86H. Steven Gilbert 70 Dr. Martin Zweig 63 Arizona State Gordon M. Hyman 86 Louis E. Gitomer 72 Jason A. Nevins 14 The Tisch Foundation INCMarc E. Goldfeder 66 Cincinnati Ernest M. Kalman 57Leslie W. Goldstein 76 Brian W. Appel 71 BerkeleyAri S. Lewis 94Milton Kaplan 58 Louis S. Beck 68 Stuart B. Aronoff 54 Andrew J. Merin 70 Jay A. Kaplan 72 Herbert Behr 55 Franklin M. Battat 55Kim R. Onsdorff 69 Maurice G. Kitces 66 CAPT Stanley A. Berman 41 Michael W. Brown 96Samuel Posner 56 Dr. Gary M. Klauber 72 Stanton J. Bluestone 56 Charles I. Dolginer 59 Dr. Marc S. Posner 73Ronald L. Kolb 66Jack I. Brown 59 Robert F. Ford 83Stephen I. Schier 72 Daniel W. Lease 71 Clyde J. Chudnoff 66 David A. Freeman 59Robert A. Spielman 74Sanford Levine 76Wilbur M. Cohen 47 Irving Goldberg 49 Jeffrey D. Ultee 07Martin A. Levitin 51 Philip T. Cohen 43 Sheldon Hoffman 52 Dr. Robert A. Mendelson 53 Dr. Alvin W. Cohn 56 Fredric R. Horowitz 71 Buffalo James M. Moidel 66 Bernard L. Dave 47 Bernard W. King 50 Dr. Paul N. Burstein 56Neil M. Moss 67Rabbi Jerome P. David 70 Marvin H. Lewis 52 Steven E. McNeff 88Robert Packard 52Stephen L. Davidson 55Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 13 14. Frederick A. Fink 59 Peter M. Gilman 72 Ranshan J. Gomez 13Indiana Melvyn L. Frieman 56 Dr. Myles A. Greenberg 54Joseph M. Alpert 60 Dr. Ira C. Gall 49 Irwin M. Jacobs 54 George Washington Leonard Axelrod 72 Barry A. Goldfarb 81 Robert D. Kaplow 69Robert A. Sugarman 69Marvin T. Bornstein 61 Steven H. Goodman 65 Dr. Robert M. Kellman 74 Leo S. Cohen 56 Rabbi Sheldon J. Harr 68 Dr. Mark C. Lester 75HartfordCharles A. Cohen 63 Jeffrey I. Harrison 64 Rabbi Robert H. Loewy 73 Paul R. Lehrer 71Ronald S. Cohen 59 Dr. Bernard L. Hertzman 67 Dr. Donald E. Milsten 60 Bradley H. Cohen 88 John H. Kollm 97 Norman Morse 51Houston Kenneth R. Collins 49 Simon Lipp 55Dr. Seymour B. Musiker 56Steven M. Franklin 69Charles J. Dushman 83 LT. Timothy R. Mayer 02Harold S. Novikoff 73Jay S. Ginsburg 69 Allen L. Ehrlich 87 Howard A. Mayers 67Michael L. Orenstein 62Dustin L. Kalman 98Dr. Malcolm H. Fine 47 Hanno D. Mott 55 Dennis G. Paese 73 Robert F. Reichek 71 Jeffrey K. Finn 64 Dr. Gerald Nadler 47 Dr. Steven M. Price 70 Irving J. Freeman 48 Lee G. Pesakoff 63 Ian B. Ratner 11 HunterRichard A. Friedland 45 Herbert N. Shohet 47 Dr. L Robert Rubin 55H. Richard Adelman 72Dr. Stephen M. Friedman 73 David Shore 51 David B. Schiff 72 Howard D. Marin 70 Dr. David J. Frolich 66 Dr. Julian Silverblatt 47Alexander M. Shapero 06Elliott S. Gold 66 George Stewart 49David S. Shaw 74 IllinoisStephen E. Goldberg 89 Stanley M. Stuhlbarg 47Dr. Frederic J. Sherman 58 Martin A. Berns 58 Joel A. Goldman 85 Michael S. Taplits 70Alvin Silverman 45 Dr. Gordon R. Bloomberg 55 Richard D. Goldman 59 Gabriel Tavares 96 Dr. Robert L. Stamper 62 David S. Boyer 69Richard A. Gole 69 Robert D. Travis 46Morris D. Storck 54Ronald J. Broida 65Stuart M. Grossman 53 Alan L. Travis 53Dexter Wang 70 Jeffrey A. Davis 77Harold Gurevitz 52 Melvin B. Wasserman 54 Bruce I. Waxman 65 William J. Feldman 38Dr. Harold E. Hamburg 60 Jeffrey A. Wasserstrom 81Steven W. Wolfe 60 Dr. Leslie A. Friedman 74Scott A. Hodes 86 David C. Weiner 66 Dr. Bernard A. Yablin 50 Burton P. Harris 46Lawrence A. Joseph 63 Kenneth S. Wolf 65 Larry R. Kane 62 Jonathan M. Kitei 88 DelawareGary G. Kash 75Stuart S. Kurlander 84 ColoradoLee S. Levin 94Ronald S. Katch 54 Howard Levin 42 Louis Citterman 60 Robert L. Kiesler 55 Arnold J. Levin 57 Arleigh Marvin Grossman 56 DrexelSeymour L. Mandel 56 David E. Levin 90 Stanley P. Lipp 59 Dr. Hugh A. Chairnoff 61 Joshua R. More 96Keith J. Libman 69 Isadore Cogan 54 David S. Richter 84Robert J. Lipsig 64 ColumbiaDr. Jay A. Cohen 68Edwin P. Rosen 51Michael J. Mervis 88 Gerald Gordon 62 Lawrence J. Cohn 72Michael L. Rosen 58Max W. Meyer 45 Herbert I. London 61 Private Family Foundation Lester J. Rosenberg 48 Marvin E. Miller 49 Sidney J. Sheinberg 57 Solomon Getz 59Dr. Robert S. Salk 48Ronald N. Mora 55 Herbert B. Stern 58Dr. Ronald S. Gibbs 65 Howard L. Stone 57 Harry G. Morgan 47 Robert C. Gronwaldt 83 Joel D. Warady 78Dr. Neil A. Natkow 69 Cornell Robert F. P. Nerz 76 Robert P. Neuman 58 David A. Beale 71Howard S. Rubin 53 Illinois StateKenneth S. Olshan 54 Michael J. Berger 56 Michael S. Liedke 01 Edwin P. Rosen 51 Richard D. Blomberg 67 Ferris StateMark R. Rosman 82 Leon R. Bush 53Melvyn G. Berent 65Illinois Tech Robert K. Silbert 65 Dr. Lawrence H. Caplan 56 Milton A. Dzodin 65 David A. Lieberman 49Marvin Snyder 44 Zachary A. Carroll 11Mickey Shapiro 69Dr. Allan M. Raff 46 Hon. Theodore M. Sosin 66 Robert L. Cooper 53Stuart Sinai 65Stanley Talesnick 49 Dr. Peter R. Douglas 68Illinois-Chicago Philip W. Dunsker 56 Florida International Harley E. Gold 69Iowa Ronald Ganeles 56Robert Fernandez 01David S. Rice 87 Andrew M. Ahitow 99Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 14 15. Dennis E. Ross 56 David L. Korman 80 Murray Yolles 54 Johnson & Wales Brent A. Schacter 62Dr. Alan B. Levy 75George R. Zuckerman 49 James W. Olson 04Raymond S. Turgel 46Dr. Jay D. Lifshen 72 Darryl D. Sesler 10 Timothy F. Light 78 Maryland Leland D. Manders 75 Michigan State Kentucky Wesleyan Dr. J Martin Barrash 62 Nicholas J. Partridge 01 Joel L. Altman 65 William D. Gilliam 78Donald Daneman 60 Dr. Peter C. Rubin 76Dr. David W. Edelstein 74 Richard J. Grossberg 73Alan S. Dorenfeld 68Dr. Edward L. Ruch 72Dr. Paul C. Ellstein 76 Dr. Howard H. Goldberg 52 Robert L. Sharenow 66Robert A. Fink 92 LehighCalvin I. Hamburger 59Steven M. Simon 71 Eric W. Gingold 67 Eric M. Altman 84Gerald I. Katz 50 Dr. Robert M. Turner 73Mervyn W. Hollander 62 Paul A. Biddelman 67 Elliott E. Lapin 47 Dr. Mark S. Vangrov 71 Richard M. Klinsky 74 Dr. Richard J. Coppins 69Richard J. Lessans 69 Dr. Rahmon A. Zuckerman 85 Marc D. Lipshaw 82 Andrew S. Dember 77Howard B. Miller 58 Steven M. Moskowitz 83 M. John Germain 73 Fred Neil 56MichiganL. Mark Newman 62 Henry P. Goldberg 69 Neal A. Post 96 Dr. Louis Balkany 64 Nick A. Philko 96 Gary S. Hirschberg 79Paul A. Pumpian 45Seymour Brode 51 Dr. Ronald A. Popper 76 Arthur L. Landesman 44 Robert A. Rombro 65 Dr. Randy M. Chudler 83Dennis S. Rosen 77 Andrew P. Reichman 98Allen R. Samuels 51 Theodore R. Cohn 60Brett J. Rycus 92 Robert A. Roth 79Michael H. Weinberg 68Dr. Michael L. Dean 63 Glenn A. Saltsman 93 Peter S. Schneidkraut 75I. Jeffrey Engel 62Neal A. Schore 92 Herbert J. Siegel 50 MassachusettsDonald J. Fine 64Michael B. Serling 67 Roland L. Sigal 46 Albert H. Belsky 68 Robert J. Finkel 66Craig A. Simon 92 Jeffrey J. Silverman 87 Dr. Robert H. Friedman 78 Steven J. Woronoff 85 Bradley C. Unger 98McGill Howard D. Garoon 80 Clifford A. White 82 Murray I. Cogan 62CAPT Morton Golde 52 Minnesota David E. Genser 62Robert S. Goldfarb 79Benjamin D. Bearman 98 LehmanGerald L. Levitz 61 Joel A. Herman 86Paul E. Bernstein 87 Joel R. Friedman 70 Gerald G. Ingber 50Charles B. Brotchner 70 Honorable Joseph E. SuarezMiami (FL) Honorable Marc Jacobson 55 Stuart A. Chazin 83 68 Neal A. Broidy 67 Jerry J. Jerome 55 Dr. Paul H. Crane 66 Joel M. Feinson 54Steven R. Kalt 64Richard D. Dworsky 79 Long Island Kenneth W. Leichman 59Irving Laker 51David R. Esau 83 Jay H. Fox 69Phillip R. Levy 70Howard J. Levine 51William D. Esensten 69 Myron Levine 63Marshall A. Okmin 58Seymour Lichter 48 Bruce Z. Frank 62 Alan N. Maisel 69Ronald E. Osur 59 Michael W. Maddin 62 Leland J. Frankman 65 Ronald W. Rapchik 70 Jon M. Schneider 69 Robert M. Margolin 54Stanley L. Gendler 44 Howard Rosenbloom 70 Jason R. Worth 02 Dr. Sheldon F. Markel 58 Todd L. Gurstel 86 Terry Semel 64Lawrence R. Pearlman 56Andrew J. Huston 04 Joel S. Simon 64 Miami (OH) Robert F. Pincus 67Dr. Stanley R. Kagin 65 Stanley Sorongon 71David L. Balas 74 Erwin A. Rubenstein 57 Samuel L. Kaplan 59 Robert Traum 67Philip E. Balas 74Jeremy F. Segall 01Dr. Harold H. Katz 83 Gary M. Blumenthal 72 Kenneth I. Shevin 57 Donald A. Kirschner 59 LouisvilleJeffrey M. Brooks 64Dr. Marvin L. Starman 58 Gary S. Kohler 79 Howard J. Grossman 51Dr. Kevin A. Chaitoff 79Dr. Larry N. Sweet 57Mark S. Lerman 85 G. Alan Katz 51Irwin M. Frank 71 Steven C. Taub 85Clair A. Lewis 60 Stephen L. Leeds 67Thomas E. Friedman 69 Joel D. Tauber 57Dr. Stephen F. Litton 65 William L. Frischman 77 The Tisch Foundation INCSeymour L. Mandel 56 ManitobaDaniel A. Grossberg 87Peter D. Waldstein 80Dr. Leonard I. Mastbaum 61 Dr. Howard E. Book 63David P. Halper 80Michael J. Weinberger 57 Mark K. Mekler 79 Dr. Martin Brotman 63Scott B. Horowitz 88Philip Wittenberg 48Jim S. Paletz 82Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 15 16. Robert H. Palistrant 52Norman Solomon 56 Alan S. Weinberg 64Andrew A. Dunsky 85 Harold F. Ring 44Richard A. Strauss 60 Richard H. Williamson 63 Barry M. Farber 67 Martin Ring 42Patrick I. Woody 88Marvin H. Frank 47 Dr. Robert H. Rosenberg 47 Monmouth Dr. Kenneth T. Goldstein 73 Barry C. Rosenthal 81Martin L. London 73 North Texas Michael C. Hennenberg 70 Scott R. Rudin 82 Beta Sigma Alumni ClubJeffrey L. Holden 64 Robert S. Ruvelson 52Nebraska Phillip I. Glauben 76Donald M. Kahn 74 Dr. Marvin S. Segal 60 David M. Alloy 73 Howard R. Lerman 70Arthur H. Kaplansky 53 James A. Segal 89Stephen R. Bloch 66 Nathan C. Margolis 75Brian S. Katz 80 Alexander Shkolnik 03Dr. Michael Denenberg 59Marc E. Perlstein 74 Brandon S. Katz 90 Scott A. Silverman 82Steven R. Epstein 72Alan L. Yaffe 69 Donald L. Kaufman 53 Morton D. Silverman 60 H Richard Garber 56 Dr. Harold Zenick 71 Dr. Franklin E. Koren 55 Allan D. Singer 65 Marvin J. Gilman 58 Dr. Michael L. Kovsky 67 Ronn A. Tulman 77Andrew E. Goodman 67NortheasternMichael J. Kurman 73 Jeremy N. Waldman 64 Norman Y. Harris 41 Allan Afrow 66 James K Lawrence 62 Alan W. Weinblatt 65 Dr. Alan J. Heeger 58 Donald R. Cabral 73James D. Lockshin 46 Scott A. Winer 82Howard M. Kooper 61 Jeffrey A. Feldman 71Marvin H. Mitchell 59 Stephen I. Winer 87Dr. Barry L. Kricsfeld 70 Philip B. Greenberg 95 Paul S. Morrison 70 Stanton L. Wolkoff 54Abe E. Leber 69 Robert J. Liss 72Arnold N. Nathanson 49 Joseph Wolkowicz 68Dr. Jerry A. Margolin 59Paul Los 72Steven A. Orenstein 75 Hon. Benjamin Novicoff 42 Alvin R. Ostroff 72Lawrence D. Perelman 54 Mississippi State Thomas A. Rubin 69David H. Phillips 84 Kenneth J. Gurian 49 Marc P. Samuelson 63Northern Illinois Edward A. Phillips 85 Jerome Rossoff 50Stanley A. Sax 63 Robert W. Homan 92 Richard S. Pollack 80 Benjamin Schwartz 50Murray L. Reichenstein 59 MissouriPeter M. Sommerhauser 64Northern Michigan Joseph M. Ricupero 03 H. Jack Bluestein 54 Allan E. Swedelson 60 Michael D. Kimber 73 David G. Rosenberg 88 Richard S. Brockman 52 Norman Veta 45Dr. Les S. Rosenberg 72 Phillip L. Cohen 51Lee C. White 46 NorthwesternBrent L. Rubin 76 Robert M. Dolgin 63Michael D. Zaidman 92 Elliot C. Beinfest 73Lawrence D. Schaffer 53 Irving J. Freeman 48 Morton Zuber 45 Brent R. Grover 72 Stephen M. Shall 76 Richard Halpern 69Laurence D. Kanter 75Leonard S. Shutzberg 82 Sterling Kahn 44 New OrleansStephen M. Silverman 71Marvin D. Snyder 54 Robert Kaplan 59 Roger J. Griffiths 73 Richard Snyder 61 Steven J. Kirsch 73 NovaRichard S. Steele 68 Mark C. Kodner 82North Carolina State Joseph M. Ricupero 03Mark S. Ungar 85 Stuart J. Krawll 70Arnold H. Cohen 62Marc A. Vosen 76 Ronald H. Lazarus 70 Anthony Michael Cuomo 80NYU Scott A. Vroubel 99 Melvyn L. Lefkowitz 57 Hyman Dave 35 Alan R. Adelman 64 Fredrick E. Weber 54 Michael I. Less 69 Karl E. Doerre 75 Leonard H. Kosson 69 Samuel B. Weiner 65 Robert A. Rosenthal 53 Dr. Gerald H. Elkan 65Samuel G. Perlow 67David N. Worshil 57 Dr. Gerald A. Sandler 74 Dr. Leland E. Garrett 72Howard R. Rosenthal 60 Robert D. Zitsman 78 Gary T. Soule 70 Howard Gluck 46 Harold Shulman 58 Robert J. Zamen 53 Sanford O. Gluck 51 Ohio U. Douglas R. Goldstein 81 Ohio StateAndrew C. Meyer 74 MIT Peter Lehrer 64 Jerrold M. Abelson 46 Robert L. Blumberg 64Roy M. Neulicht 73David J. Adelman 94Oklahoma Dr. Julius Hyman 57Stephen L. Rann 71Gerald I. Arnson 50Ronald P. Baker 64 Gerald L. Katell 62Mark R. Schiff 59 Dr. Allan E. Blair 52Stephen R. Bloch 66 Richmond H. Kauffman 40Michael G. Shelby 97Victor G. Cohen 65 Michael T. Dick 65 Robert A. Lachin 59Jasper G. Stem 89 Ronald Donn 64 William J. Feldman 38Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 16 17. Baret C. Fink 64 Hon. Ronald M. Gould 69 Jason R. Markowitz 01Michael Goldberg 67 Dr. Richard A. Finkelstein 51John C. Harte 85Donald I. Moritz 48Michael R. Jushchuk 84 Gerald Freidberg 63Charles J. Isaacs 10George Rockman 63Dr. Edward A. Major 61 Marshall J. Gerber 63Dr. Lawrence A. Jacobs 65 Gerald E. Schapiro 67Richard N. Matties 64 COL Leon S. Hirsh 55 Sanford I. Kartzman 69Stephen W. Shobin 64 Dr. Jay Nogi 69 Ronald Kanfer 69 Ronald B. Koenig 55 Harold Wintner 43Dr. Randy G. Raetz 88 Alfred H. Karchmer 46Jeffrey A. Kolitch 90 Martin L. Rogowsky 70 Leonard Leventhal 50 Daniel M. Kristol 59PurdueEugene R. Schnell 86 Wallace Mann 56Maurice G. Lader 38 Jerry Asher 49 Dr. Ira F. Selss 77 Simon I. Markowsky 69Marc L. Lichtenberg 86William D. Binder 49 Dr. Harold B. Sitrin 68 Dr. Morris S. Miehl 54 Keith J. Merrill 76 M Robert Breslauer 53David R. Turk 78 William S. Moses 63Steven J. Miller 76 Dr. Raymond Cohen 45 Zenon Neumark 54 Alan H. Nadel 90Frank T. Crohn 46RIT Robert L. Schreiber 51 Charles M. Rand 76Donald R. Dunner 54Robert E. Craig 76 William P. Schwartz 52 Arthur S. Robbins 54Barry M. Epstein 61Christopher J. Marasco 11 Joseph B. Silverman 63 Dr. Scott R. Shepard 86 Peter G. Fruehman 66 Lawrence P. Stern 68 Eugene L. Shepp 51Terry M. Gernstein 64Rutgers David D. Svidlow 60Stuart G. Siegel 85 Harold B. Igdaloff 47Private Family Foundation 72 Robert S. Weiss 77 Kenneth S. Sirlin 65James S. Kahan 69Oren S. Auslin 13 M. Milton Wolff 59 Robert S. Siskin 45 Richard L. Kahn 57 Dr. Daniel L. Azarnoff 46 Larry N. Sokol 69 Sherman M. Katz 43 David Azvolinsky 13 OregonScott A. Strauss 86 Dr. Lawrence W. Kessler 65 Donald J. Blum 60 Leon Benveniste 46 Alan J. Suvalle 69Monte Lazarus 47 Norman Chanin 66 Milton Carl 47 Monroe N. Szporn 71 Howard Levin 42Jason Y. Choe 13 Harry Glickman 46Alan C. Thomas 81 Fred D. Levy 60Danny Chow 13 Kenneth J. Gurian 49Arthur Z. Lieberman 73 Ronald J. DePasquale 11 Stanley B. Nagel 50Penn State Aaron Matlow 74Brandon L. Druker 11 Raymond V. Packouz 43Edwin Adelman 611 st LT. Jerrold H. Mayster 68 Mark Y. Eisenberg 12 Don H. Rotenberg 55Romy Alhadef 96 Michael S. Mills 69Sharif K. Farghaly 13 Zollie M. Volchok 39 Larry G. Anmuth 62Robert N. Moise 47 Paul Frieder 68 Eric K. Blum 96 Dr. Gerald Nadler 47 Dr. Lawrence Gettleman 62 OttawaEdward Kessel 59Leonard J. Newman 48 Richard N. Goodstadt 66 Nicolas Courtemanche 02Stephen L. Leeds 67 Mark A. Porter 87Kenneth Heaslip 81 Dr. Neil L. Moscow 70 Stanford T. Roodman 62 Melvin D. Hecht 61 PennCarl A. Saperstein 57 Anshel J. Schiff 59Barry Holt 67 Martin A. Arch 54Gary Teitelman 94 Joel E. Siegel 65Keith L. Kaplan 93 Michael J. Baucus 84 Arlan S. Temeles 58 Donald J. Stein 53 Stephen A. Kepniss 73 David S. Bolts 76Dr. Albert A. Weiss 70Gerhard Van Biema 42 Bennett Klausner 60 Allen I. Cederbaum 39Gary E. Zinman 58 Leon R. Wechsler 66Adam Leitman Bailey 92 Kenneth I. Cohen 70 Arnold J. Zegart 58Arthur M. Lerner 51 Oscar J. Cohen 76Pittsburgh Lawrence A. Levy 13 Paul A. Cooper 82Leonard J. Baxt 69QueensThomas J. McKillip 13 Dr. Robert B. Daroff 58Norman M. Berkowitz 69Alan M. Aaronson 61Isaac Nasar 13 Robert L. Davidow 70 Dr. Blake Casher 70 Martin H. Levinson 68Dr. Larry M. Newman 71 Samuel E. Dennis 52Michael R. Feldman 69 Rabbi Joel H. Meyers 63Dick Nierenberg 58 Cyril S. Dwek 58 Melvin R. Forst 55Alan M. Rashes 66Matthew R. Norris 11 Dr. Frederick Friedman 81James L. Golding 66 Victor K. Stuhl 71 Jay J. Rice 75 Philip Friedman 47 Henry Gruner 68 Martin P. Rosensweig 73 Michael I. Fuchs 84Harvey Krevolin 52Rochester Avi A. Sasson 11 Martin Gardner 38Nathaniel B. Locklin 99 Dr. Mark S. Connolly 75Dr. Morton Schwartz 46 Stanford C. Goldman 41 Michael Louik 64Ira M. Friedman 69 Jay Julius Schwartz 54Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 17 18. Irving H. Share 45 Robert M. Leffler 65 Daniel S. Spier 89 Lowell R. Moret 62 Adam P. Sicheri 13 Michael S. Miles 61Irving N. Tons 72Robert E. Morris 57 Ira M. Siegel 95 Robert E. Morris 43Ellis L. Tudzin 69 Joel B. Piassick 63 Irwin Spetgang 52Dr. Leonard M. Nevins 49 Kevin A. Wechter 86Anthony L. Prutting 91 Don A. Tullman 74H. Lewis Rapaport 59 Perry D. Wulfe 79Neil L. Rosenblum 87 Bernard Wecht 53 Arthur Rock 48 Moise S. Steeg 37 Michael V. Wong 13 Jeremy S. Rosenthal 63 Texas A&M Howard M. Weinman 64 Scott A. Rudin 99Steven S. Pluss 86 San Diego State Sanford H. Salz 61 Graham N. Schlanger 11 UCLA Matthew C. Marsh 94Carl J. Schlanger 59 Michael B. Africk 87 Adam J. Saitman 88 Hubert M. Schlosberg 53Texas Western Kermit I. Bartlett 32 Donald C. Schupak 64 William P. Keleher 67Philip W. Berk 56 San Jose StateBruce M. Wagman 82 Stephen L. Saltzman 67 Irving Codron 54 Lynn M. Freed 63 David C. Weinstein 91Edward J. Schwartz 69Dr. Leo L. Cogen 43 Dr. Harold M. Kushins 67 Martin L. Weiss 50 Samuel G. Toub 66Harvey E. Cogen 68 G. Lynn Lyen 67Bruce E. Wertheim 88 Scott A. Feder 91 Jay R. Marder 71 ToledoMark A. Feldman 87 Edwin G. Mullin 71 TempleNeil A. Corday 67Rabbi Gerald H. Fisher 60 Bob S. Platt 70Ivan P. Joseph 88Lee S. Dollins 65Stephen D. Forman 92 Dr. Richard J. Schoen 67 Kenneth J. Friedman 58 M Ray Taylor 71Texas Toronto Eric J. Friedman 87 Phillip D. Abramson 73 Barry S. Arbus 62Berwyn L. Friedman 55 SMU James R. Alexander 44David S. Brand 69Merwin S. Goldsmith 59 James R. Alexander 44Gregory I. Azorsky 84Elden S. Freeman 84Bernard S. Greenfield 70 Jerry A. Candy 67Phillip G. Brant 69Boris Krivy 57 Rodney C. Hill 59 Fred W. Korngut 51 Howard J. Ely 52 Jerry M. Nesker 69 Michael B. Hirsch 93 Dr. Donald Y. Rosen 58 Philip M. Engel 58 Morton B. Prager 65Sheldon Hoffman 52 Laurence Schor 65Harris I. Estroff 64 Joseph M. Tanenbaum 54 Alan Jarrick 70 Dr. David M. Tobolowsky 76 Allen M. Feltman 76Howard A. Tanenbaum 66 Leo Kaplan 43 William B. Finkelstein 71John A. Uster 69 Saul H. Kay 54 St. Mary'sReid F. Friedman 84Gene Lee Kermin 51 Samuel R. Kalvort 69 Howard Gluck 46TowsonMelvyn A. Kohn 64 Bruce A. Golden 80 Todd A. Marks 91 Herbert A. Kraft 45 Stephen F. Austin Edwin H. Golden 51 Irwin Moskowitz 52 Son H. Mai 06Larry E. Golman 54 TulaneAlan L. Pepper 63 Jefferson E. Newsom 00 Dr. Barry H. Goodfriend 56 Dr. David S. Cole 89 James H. Primes 50 J. Bradley Greenblum 80Robert J. Footlick 61Raymond E. Rodemich 96 SyracuseDr. Maury N. Harris 69 Michael S. Friedman 91 Joshua H. Rudnick 90 Mark S. Blau 64Morton L. Herman 64Stephen L. Geller 66 Robert S. Schenkman 61 Donald E. Edwards 51 Bradley S. Klein 85Donald L. Goldwasser 56Samuel J. Silber 53 Robert B. Fagenson 70Mark H. Kleinman 86Arnold Himelstein 68 Arthur M. Spander 60 Marshall M. Gelfand 49 Harold P. Laves 61 Gerald D. Horowitz 60 Lester A. Goldberg 48Dr. Howard W. Marker 56Dr. Lawrence J. Kanter 68UC-San Diego William Goldstein 60 Harold A. Pollman 53 Dr. Alan G. Kaye 87Gary L. Krausz 94 Paul Greenberg 67Evan A. Remer 06 Dr. Rene Koppel 66 Ira S. Rubenstein 86 Harry R. Greenwald 51Edward H. Rosenwasser 87 Dr. Jeffrey H. Korotkin 69 Dr. Ian H. Taras 88 Frederick E. Hennick 51Scott D. Rubinsky 07 Stephen A. Kotzen 61 Dr. Gilbert R. Herer 54Bradd A. Schwartz 77 Dr. Stephan M. Levy 90 USC Sylvan Herman 52 Dr. Barry L. Shulkin 74Adam E. Margolis 91Ira R. Alpert 64 Louis M. Katz 89 Harold Silberberg 47 Corey A. Metz 95 Arthur L. Berkowitz 69 Richard J. Koch 49 Adam C. Singer 90Frederick Miner 58 Barry A. Cohen 63Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010 p. 18 19. Thomas N. Dallape 91 Irving L. Blackman 52 James B. Kruzan 82 Brett Elkins 87Harvey M. Brown 49Dr. Sheldon F. Markel 58 Baret C. Fink 64 Robert L. Burg 46 Harvey Price 56 George D. Frankenstein 64Melvin Cosner 50Allan Rein 61 Dave H. Friedberg 64 Lee S. Fleischer 82 Bruce H. Rosen 57 Marc D. Godt 92Honorable Sam Fox 51Dr. Melvyn Rubenfire 63 R. Stephen Hanke 74Barry A. Gersick 68 Jay I. Stark 65 James A. Hirsch 89 Dr. Richard J. Gimpelson 68 Dr. Neil P. Superfon 62 Steven C. Jarmus 78Oscar I. Goldberg 52 Robert A. Jellen 67Allen R. Gordon 53West Florida Ross G. Landsbaum 84 Sidney H. Guller 47 Thomas B. Barham 07 Joseph W. Levy 55Scott H. Kaplan 73 Steven A. Muchnikoff 78Dr. Evan Z. Kapp 76 Western Michigan Brian A. Newman 76 Philip S. Katz 05 Clint W. Cottick 95 Farhad Nourafshan 79 Edward J. Kessler 65Aaron M. Girson 93 Mark Pollock 77Myron J. Klevens 65 Dr. Mark F. Pultman 66 James A. Kutchin 82 Wisconsin Philip D. Ratnoff 82 Jared S. Leon 99William A. Bigman 90 Lloyd D. Robinson 67 Dr. Marvin E. Levin 47Jarred M. Kest 01 Franklin D. Roth 73Ira H. Levy 62Dr. Howard Levinsky 73 Marc P. Schwartz 90Jerome S. Levy 52 Jared S. Miller 98 Mitchell D. Simon 73 Kenneth D. Makovsky 65David S. Rice 87 Scott A. Stone 77Jeffrey G. Mandel 64Thomas S. Saldoff 69 Alan H. Wittenberg 68William E. Miller 51Donald A. Sands 73 Gregory J. Wiviott 80Seth Rossman 70 David S. Shorr 86 Seth Zachary 82Dr. John A. Rothchild 76Kenneth B. Tecler 70 Kenneth J. Rothman 58 Dean B. Zemel 73 VirginiaMahlon Rubin 46 Bradley A. Zerman 88 Samuel S. Bellas 01Harry Samuels 52 Douglas I. Friedman 72 Harvey Shaynes 50 Youngstown Robert M. Galumbeck 74 Norman Solomon 56 Leonard J. Farbman 73 Mitchell J. Koval 87 Hon. Harvey R. Sorkow 51Richard W. Miller 68 Stanley M. Lefco 68Robert G. Stern 45Barry L. Stein 72 Emile Martin 69Sidney L. Stone 45 Gary K. Rosenzweig 73Lawrence B. Wittels 81Friends of the Foundation Randolph Shapiro 78Dennis C. Wolf 71 Kaki Garard Ben C. Yoder 01George A. Zimmer 70 Sigma Delta Tau SororityYour SC Solutions Inc. WashingtonWayne State Claude Gold 63 Leon Belin 51 Dennis B. Goldstein 78 Daniel T. Berkley 66 Sydney H. Handlin 60 Dr. Norton J. Bicoll 61 Stanley B. Nagel 50Ronald L. Bigman 61 Ralph Bovitz 63 Washington StateArnold P. Garber 57 Alvin Kaplan 54Merwin S. Goldsmith 59 Alvin S. Golman 55 Wash UMel R. Hertz 66 Stephen M. Alpart 85 Dr. Donald R. Janower 61 Lee B. Barewin 58Dr. Sheldon N. Kaftan 58 Myron Becker 49Dr. Simon J. Kalish 51Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 19 20. Centennial Cam Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 20 21. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF SIGMA ALPHA MU!Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation Annual Report June 1, 2009-May 31, 2010p. 21