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  • SABB Signature VisaCredit Card User Guide

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  • Welcome kMe

    Welcome to the world of the Shariah-compliant SABB Signature Visa Credit Card. Its a world that enables you to make purchases easily, without the need to carry cash.

    Tawarruq mechanism

    Since SABB Credit Card is based on the Tawarruq concept, the Bank shall carry out a Tawarruq transaction by selling you certain commodities owned by the Bank on a Fudoly basis for the remaining balance of the total amount due. This is done in one instalment, for one month starting as of the due date to settle the Card dues from the proceeds of selling the said commodities.

    This guide explains how to use the card and describes its various features, while answering most of your queries about the card.

    The guide will also highlight the global recognition and benefits youll receive with your SABB Signature Visa Credit Card at all HSBCbranches worldwide.

    For further information, please call the SABB Hotline on 800 116 0099 or +966 11 440 8999 from outside the Kingdom.

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    .dG M HSBC ha L id fFG Ga S

    800 116 0099 :d G S Jg Y JG Lj ,eG e j

    .G QN e +966 11 440 8999 hCG G NGO e


  • Greater security with the SABB Signature Visa Credit Card

    The SABB Signature Visa Credit Card is more secure than ever withthe embedded microchip that provides a high level of security and convenience since the data stored inside the chip is encrypted, preventing fraudulent use of the card. In addition to this, a credit card PIN code will have to be used along with the card to pay for all purchases and for cash withdrawals. Please be sure to activate your card and get a PIN code as soon as you reveive the card so you can enjoy all the benefits it provides.

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  • How to get a PIN code for your SABB Signature Visa Credit Card

    If this is a new or replacement card, please call the SABB Hotline on 800 116 0099 and follow the instructions of the customer service representative to obtain a PIN code instantly and easily

    If the card is a renewed card, then you can continue to use your current PIN code

    The PIN code can be changed easily at any time through any SABB ATM or by calling the SABB Hotline

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    800 116 0099 S Jg Y JG a ,jH hCG IjL bdG fc GPEG

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  • How to use your SABB Signature Visa Credit Card at retail

    Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals*

    The cashier will insert the card in the chip-card reader of thePOS terminal

    The card must stay inside the POS terminal while the purchase transaction is processed

    Wait until the cashier asks you to enter your PIN Enter your card PIN and wait for the approval response Once the transaction is approved, collect your sales receipt along

    with your SABB Credit Card

    *This method is applicable only when the POS terminal supports chip-card technology. If the POS terminal doesnt support it, then the card should be used by swiping the magnetic stripe.

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    Note: Internet transactions do not require the credit card PIN code. Instead, they can only be performed by entering the 3-digit Customer Verification Value (CVV) found on the back of the card.

  • For your protection

    If you lose your card, you should immediately inform SABB throughone of the following channels*:

    Call SABB Hotline on 800 116 0099 within the Kingdomor +966 11 440 8999 from abroad

    *Transactions that happen before reporting the lost card will be charged tothe customer.


    iMEG jW Y ITe S HEG Y Lj ,bH Ga Y

    :*ddG FSdG

    G NGO e 800 116 0099 Y JG jW Y S Jg

    G QN e +966 11 440 8999 hCG

    .fGa Y HEG jQJ b bdG Y IQOdG dG ac dG j*


  • You can pay in Saudi Riyals using one of the following methods:

    1. Via SABBNET at

    2. By calling the SABB Hotline on 800 116 0099.

    3. Through the SADAD service using biller ID 029.

    4. By wire transfer from any bank to your card number.

    5. By providing us with standing instructions, in writing, to directly debit your SABB account to settle your monthly payment due.

    6. By visiting any of our branches for cash payment over the counteror using the cash deposit machines available at branches.

    7. By writing a cheque* in favour of your card account and handingit in at any of our branches or by mailing the cheque to:

    SABB, Card Products Division, P.O. Box 69718, Riyadh 11557

    *Cheque payments should be received by the Bank 7 days beforethe due date to avoid late payment fees.

    :ddG dG iMEH OdG jdH jdG feEH bG N e f S jW Y .1

    .800 116 0099 S Jg Y JG .2

    ."029" JG bQ GSH OGS eN jW Y .3.bdG bQ EG G `a NBG H id M CG e jdG .4

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    .NCdG SQ aO qd adG SG jQJ e jCG 7 b d dG j CG

    How to make your card payments bdG ahe jJ `c


  • e-statements provide flexibility, convenience and security by enabling you to view your monthly SABB Credit Card statement online. You can view your three latest statements by downloading them inPDF format or printing them from SABBNET.

    To access your e-statement, simply:

    1. Log on to your account on SABBNET and then click onthe statements/advices field located on the left-hand sideof the page.

    2. Click on e-statement on the drop-down menu.

    3. Click on the monthly statement you wish to view.

    If you are not registered with the SABBNET service,please go to for online registration,or call SABB Direct on 800 116 0099.

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    .FdG e "hdEG c" Y VG .2

    .VGSG OJ dG dG G c Y VG .3

    ,f S eN `a J Y M `a

    ,ffEG Y d bG IQjR Lj

    .800 116 0099 Y cjGO S `H JG hCG

    e-statements hdEG G c


  • Cash facilities dG dG

    There will be times when you require cash. This could happen whenyou are in the Kingdom or abroad.

    Your SABB Signature Visa Credit Card will enable you to withdrawcash up to 30% of your credit limit from over 250,000 financial institutions and 1,000,000 ATMs in the Kingdom and worldwide.

    .LQN hCG ``G `NGO AGS j Ggh ,d a bhCG g

    e %30 M dG dG feEG fFG Ga S S bH d J

    ,de SDe 250,000 e cCG N e dPh fFG bd FG G

    .dG Mh G `a BG GU RL 1,000,000 e cCG EG kaVEG


  • SABB Credit Card charges fFG S bH SQ

    Annual fee SAR 1,000

    Supplementary Card Free

    Tawarruq profit margin on the outstanding balance** 28.68%

    Lost Card reissuance SAR 100

    Late payment penalty charge*** SAR 100

    Copy of the sales voucher Free

    Copy of statement Free

    Cash withdrawal charges SAR 75

    S .Q 1,000 dG SdG

    kf HdG bdG

    %28.68 **FdG UdG Y QdG Y HQ eg

    S .Q 100 ba H bH QGUEG

    S .Q 100 ***G G OGS NCJ eGZ

    kf G jEG Y f

    kf bd G c Y f

    S .Q 75 dG dG SQ

    *The annual percentage rate (APR).

    **To be paid to certified Charity Organaisations..(APR) dG HdG eg*

    .d G jG d aJ**


  • Share the SABB Signature Visa Credit Card privileges with your

    family for free

    If you wish to extend the benefits of your account to your family and share the privileges of your SABB Signature Visa Credit Card, you can apply for free supplementary cards.

    Applicant must be over 18 years of age

    Monthly spending limit can be specified for eachsupplementary card

    To apply, please call the SABB Hotline on 800 116 0099.

    kf fFG Ga S S bH Ge FY QT

    eEa ,bdG jY d gaJ dG aG e IOSG SJ `a ZQ GPEG

    jW Y fFG Ga S S bH GReGh FGa cQe FY

    .kf aVEG bH Y G

    keY 18 Y G Y j CG j

    e d dG FG G j

    .800 116 0099 S JH JG Lj ,eG H d

    Additional benefits aVEG Ge


  • ICSABB is a unique loyalty programme that rewards you just forusing your SABB Signature Visa Credit Card. Youll earn one ICSABB point for every SAR 10 you spend on your Card (Cash Advances and Utility Bill Payments are excluded) and whats more, for the first timein the Kingdom SABB pr