Retro-Fitting Atlassian Products into a Code-Cowboy Research Culture

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Monday, June 18, 12
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At Australian research org NICTA, in the lab that produced the words first formally verified operating system kernel, many of the researches are serious hackers, with little experience with cutting-edge development tools. Come learn tactics for migration and adoption from home-grown and ill-used legacy systems and processes: driving Confluence adoption and migration using templates & landing pages, blogs for meeting notes, and how to motivate people to think about content structure; how to get JIRA working for people who never want to leave emacs or their mail client; and our use of the Atlassian product APIs.

Transcript of Retro-Fitting Atlassian Products into a Code-Cowboy Research Culture

  • 1. Monday, June 18, 12

2. Retro-Fitting AtlassianProducts...into a Code-Cowboy Research CultureAnna LyonsResearch Engineer,Monday, June 18, 12 3. Australias Information andCommunications Technology ResearchCentre of ExcellenceMonday, June 18, 12 4. [email protected] Operating Systems Formal Methods Software Engineering Business Process ManagementMonday, June 18, 12 5. Kernel Hackers MathematiciansMonday, June 18, 12 6. Kernel HackersMathematicians Engineers StudentsResearchersMonday, June 18, 12 7. seL4Monday, June 18, 12 8. Regression Tests3 Bug trackers Code review3 WikisMonday, June 18, 12 9. Challenges Adopt the tools Get people to want to use them, and use them well Avoid being the go-to person for these tools for therest of your working lifeMonday, June 18, 12 10. Incite the RebellionMonday, June 18, 12 11. Viva la Revolution!Monday, June 18, 12 12. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec rutrum ligula eget lacus pellentesque ut ultricieslorem commodo. Praesent leo libero, ultricies quis feugiat in, dignissim eget elit. Nunc velit risus, viverra velimperdiet ac, convallis in ante. Donec lobortis pulvinar sem, quis congue nulla cursus vitae. Nulla ut felis in antepharetra vulputate dictum sit amet ante. Cras porttitor egestas elit in bibendum. Cum sociis natoque penatibuset magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Nunc elementum neque sit amet justo vestibulumaccumsan. Vestibulum feugiat elit in turpis elementum eget euismod lectus malesuada. Ut et condimentum nibh.Aenean elementum libero ac libero pretium non faucibus libero interdum. Cras vehicula euismod sodales.MARK: Mauris quis risus ipsum, ut accumsan elit. Praesent id nisl non justo fermentum aliquam. Vestibulumante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Vestibulum ante ipsum primis infaucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubiliaABIGAIL: Curae; Quisque risus nunc, suscipit lacinia ullamcorper non, hendrerit vitae risus. In luctus tincidunterat. Morbi vel neque risus. Sed vel commodo nibh. Phasellus nisi massa, lacinia ut tincidunt tincidunt, lobortis asapien. Cras eleifend viverra ligula, non pharetra eros adipiscing quis.MARKs COMEBACK: Aliquam erat volutpat. Cras pharetra nisi nec lacus vestibulum id bibendum nibh rhoncus.Donec diam neque, aliquet quis tempus a, eleifend eget elit. Ut tincidunt pretium lectus, id pulvinar odio tinciduntnec. Curabitur aliquam molestie felis, vehicula dignissim augue ultrices at. Mauris dignissim viverra faucibus.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin urna est, fringilla eu iaculis vel, congue ut dolor. Aliquam libero tellus, convallis non varius a, pellentesque porta odio. Fusce interdum luctus justo eget lobortis. Phasellus a justo ipsum, sit amet vehicula dolor. Fusce porta urna at turpis cursus feugiat. Fusce convallis, dui eget elementum luctus, lectus ante vulputate arcu, id viverra augue neque vitae mi. Nullam faucibus, arcu non semper luctus, sapien tellus vulputate magna, eget pretium sem augue sed augue. Phasellus pretium tellus id sapien ullamcorper bibendum vestibulum ut nunc. Donec sit amet velit est. Maecenas quis nibh mauris, et condimentum quam. Curabitur sapien diam, hendrerit vel eleifend non, porta non enim. Aenean eleifend dui sitMonday, June 18, 12 13. Monday, June 18, 12 14. Educate and Moderate O(n 2) is never acceptable!Monday, June 18, 12 15. Avoid the Guillotine Setting JIRA up for total email integration. Introduce emacs mode for Conuence. Explain Bamboo as an advanced web-front end to cron that can just run bash scripts for you.Monday, June 18, 12 16. LMGTFYMonday, June 18, 12 17. Looks like Im turning into an Atlassianfanboy ;-) Cant help it, I like it when thingswork..Gerwin KleinResearch Leader, NICTAMonday, June 18, 12 18. Thank you!Monday, June 18, 12 19. Images on slide 8 are by Didier Descouens and are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licenseMonday, June 18, 12