Mechanics of Metal Cutting

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Topics to be coveredInroduction to Machining Technology Cutting Models Turning Forces Merchants Circle Power & Energies

Transcript of Mechanics of Metal Cutting

MECHANICS OF METAL CUTTING Topics to be covered Inroduction to Machining Technoog! Cutting Modes Turning Forces Merchants Circe "o#er $ Energies Ee%ents o& Meta Cutting ToolWorkpieceChipHeat Generation Zones(Dependent on sharpnessof tool)(Dependent on )(Dependent on )'()*()+()

Tool TerminologyTool TerminologySide relief angleSide cutting edge angle(SCEA)Clearance or end relief angleBack Rake(BR),+Side Rake (SR), +End Cuttingedge angle(ECEA)Nose RadiusTurningCutting edgeFacingCutting edge Cutting Geo%etr! Materia ,e%ova ,ateMRR = vfdRoughing(R)f = 0. 4 1. 25mm revd = 2. 5 20mmFinishing(F)f = 0.125 0. 4mm revd = 0.!5 2.0mmvR