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Sales Flow

Pre Selling

Selling DeliveryPost


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Sales Flow

Pre Selling

Selling DeliveryPost


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Research Part

You have your list of accounts Top & Secondary

Research about them on their website, press release, type at Google

«X φοιτητες»

«Χ leadership»

“X ομιλίες, σεμινάρια, workshops”


• You can search for more accounts (hotels, companies) regarding if their target group is students

Pre Selling

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Research Part

You can further categorize them by their field





FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods• Market research is the process of systematically gathering,

recording and analyzing data and information about customers,

competitors and the market.

Pre Selling

Page 6: Sales Training Cost Cutting

“envisioning a sustainable Sources

of revenue.”Diversity of partners – ideally your income should be coming from at least

10 different

• organizations and there should not be one organization which contributes to

your budget more than 20% – that would create unnecessary dependence of

AIESEC on the organization.

Diversity of market segments – is all your revenue coming from one

industry? You

• need to focus on multiple industries/types of organizations. If anything

negative happens in one segment/industry, you need to be able to rely on


Pre Selling

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Phone MeetingPost



Page 8: Sales Training Cost Cutting

The telephone should only be used to get an appointment. It

has to be as short as possible. Around one minute is the averageduration. At the end of that one minute, you should have an appointment that

may last between 30 and 60 minutes.


We would like to meet you in the coming weeks to see how

AIESEC and (company name) can work together.

Would (pick a date) suite you?

Selling Phone

Page 9: Sales Training Cost Cutting

If the Manager asks more about AIESEC, answer

The question directly and truthfully but never lose the fact that you call only to get an appointment.


Selling Phone

Page 10: Sales Training Cost Cutting

If they do not know AIESEC

• Do your preparation before and find out

what will be your key sentence, your key

phrase, that will capture their interest to

book a meeting with you!

• Find via google, linkedin who is the HR

Director / HR Manager

Selling Phone

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• Company

• Company Representatives

• You!

• Ice breakers

• Product Portfolio


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CompanyAlso try to gather information about their recent history that you might find in the

local, national or international newspapers, depending on the scale of activity of the

company. By knowing that history, you may find out how the company wants to apply

its strategy and vision.

Never forget that information is a strategic weapon! The more you have, the best

prepared you are and the bigger the advantage you have on the company is. It often

happens that the company does not know a lot (or anything) about AIESEC and that

it will not try to find out before you meet them. Therefore, you have a huge advantage

by possessing that information.

Beside, try to show the company that you did your homework and looked for that

information by talking about one of their specific and original products or


Page 13: Sales Training Cost Cutting

Company• Before talking about AIESEC, talk about the

company. People like talking about themselves. And this will introduce the company in the discussion. If you start directly to talk about AIESEC, the company representatives will only sit and listen. If you get them involved in the conversation from the start, they will take part in it even when you talk about AIESEC.

• When you do so, pay extremely attention to everything the company is going to say. The best thing about what they are going to say is that you might have the possibility to use it when talking about AIESEC.


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Company• Next to this, even if you are talking about the company, never

forget that you are the one supposed to lead the conversation.

You must direct the company to where you want it to go. You

have to follow your structure and never let the control pass to

the other side.

• Write down all the info you collected before the meeting and

during so as to have selling points presenting your product



Page 15: Sales Training Cost Cutting

Company Representatives

• You should try to know exactly who you are going to meet and the amount

of people you will have to face. It is also important to gather as much

information as possible on the company representatives (personal and

professional backgrounds) that could give you the possibility to use as

icebreakers. (on the way to the meeting room or at the beginning while you

open your laptop)


Page 16: Sales Training Cost Cutting


Have clean, professional appearance!

Sit straight

Talk clearly, politely, with smile, self confidence

Have laptop, notebook, pen, business cards

never forget that in a meeting, the first thing you sell is


• perceive your self as their partner not as a young student that

few of their time! It is for their good to partner with us not only

AIESEC’s good! to lose. This releases you from a

• lot of unnecessary stress. You have to realize that the company

needs you more than you need them


Page 17: Sales Training Cost Cutting


• know your product and believe in it! As I have just said, you are

the perfect example of the AIESEC product achievement. It

means that believing in the product is equal to believing in

yourself and in what AIESEC has brought you since you joined

the association.

• Except from product portfolio, AIESEC is your product as well!

First, discuss about AIESEC, about our impact, vision and

purpose and then about the products! They must know with

what organization are partnering with.

i.e: a company must not partner with AIESEC because they want

to promoted in un. This is something that comes after the


Page 18: Sales Training Cost Cutting


• You are the ambassador of AIESEC in Greece! The way you

will represent AIESEC, Products, the way you will behave this is

the image that they will create for our organization! Try to like


• Learn to say no and protect the brand of AIESEC

i.e: We do not promote job openings to students only to

alumni of AIESEC Greece


Page 19: Sales Training Cost Cutting

Ice breakers

You can refer to the uni that he/she has studies, to the

master etc..


Page 20: Sales Training Cost Cutting

Product Portfolio

• As you presenting the Product Portfolio your voice

and way of speaking must be like you are saying it for

the first time. Use colors in your voice to point out

important things!

• As you present them you should have customized

way of speaking! i.e referring to the benefit of product

you should use info of the company in order for the

partner to understand the uniqueness and not being

another one presentation.

• Refer products’ unique selling proposition

• Speak the language of their needs!


Page 21: Sales Training Cost Cutting

• Before leaving the meeting room set a date

of speaking again !

• Once you go back to the office send the

product portfolio if they are generally interested

or a partnership proposal if they have already

expressed their interest to some of the

products! Do not be late, within 24 hour you

should sent it.

• Call them again at the date you have agreed


Post Meeting


Now it starts the follow up management!

You will have to call many companies again and

again! Put these dates on your calendar with

different color!

Page 22: Sales Training Cost Cutting

General Selling Skills!

• to become expert!!!! :D

Page 23: Sales Training Cost Cutting

10 expert skills

1. Make the right valuable questions that will

help you sell easier“Are you the decision


“What’s your


“What do you know

about our company?”

“Are you interested in

saving money?”

“What are your


What goals are you striving to achieve this


“What challenges are you experiencing

trying to reach those targets?”

“What are those problems costing you in

terms of lost revenue, customers, market

share, etc.?”

“What impact is that having on your

business? On you?”

“How important is this project?

“What could potentially prevent this from

moving forward?”

“What internal challenges do you need to

deal with before this project gets the go-


Page 24: Sales Training Cost Cutting


• You can ask all the questions in the world but if you don’t listen carefully to what the other person tells you, you are wasting your time and losing valuable sales opportunities. Active listening means actually hearing what people tell you. It means asking clarifying questions when the other person says something vague or that requires elaboration.

• Focus your full attention on the other person.

• Listen for underlying clues and respond accordingly.

• One of the most effective ways to show a prospect that you have listened (and heard) what they have told you is to quickly recap the key points they mentioned as being important.

Page 25: Sales Training Cost Cutting



• 80/20

Page 26: Sales Training Cost Cutting

3. Presentation Skills!

• As you are going to give them many info

keep them to the point with clear

communication and a good structure

thinking and way of speaking, in bullet


• Watch out to your gestures, face

expression and body language! Sit straight

with calm face!

Page 27: Sales Training Cost Cutting

5. Be Honest. When you do not have the info they need tell them I will ask and come back to you

6. Have good follow up management. Call the company the date you agreed. DO NOT FORGET. USE GOOGLE CALENDAR

7. When you cannot reach people, send email and leave message to the secretary.

8. Ensure they like you!!! Build personal relationship, just be yourself, do not fake! After the meeting create a space for other discussions as well.

Page 28: Sales Training Cost Cutting

Key Golden Rule of Sales

• Focus on Why

• Customize based on who you have there

• Benefits Ask yourself: what do they

have to gain?

Page 29: Sales Training Cost Cutting

Thank you