LinkedIn Advertising: The Red-Headed Stepchild of PPC | #SLCSEM 4-15-15

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Transcript of LinkedIn Advertising: The Red-Headed Stepchild of PPC | #SLCSEM 4-15-15

1. The Red-headed Stepchild of B2B PPC AJ Wilcox #SLCSEM 2. About AJ Wilcox 8 years of PPC and SEO experience Began heavy B2B focus 3 years ago Stumbled onto LinkedIn Ads and they won me over Saw awesome successes Quit my full-time job to start Live in Lehi, UT with my wife and kids Triathlete, exotic car lover, soulless ginger #SLCSEM 3. B2B Challenges Business-to-Business (B2B) Selling to a business rather than the end user/consumer Business users are still consumers 72% of the Fortune 1000 are B2B B2B is less sexy than B2C, but its where the moneys at #SLCSEM 4. How Do You Reach these Business Users? Paid Search (Google Adwords/Bing Ads) keyword-based targeting Intent-based CEOs type the same keywords as janitors How do you ensure your dollars are spent on someone with BANT? Budget Authority Need Timing #SLCSEM 5. B2B Ad Options Industry Publications Advertise in industry rags (ChiefExecutive magazine) AdTech Vendors Bizo Quantcast DemandBase Paid Social Twitter Weak B2B targeting Facebook Decent B2B targeting, personal focus LinkedIn precise targeting, business focus #SLCSEM 6. LinkedIn Advertising Up to date (self selected) Robust targeting Near-unlimited traffic Business mentality Self-service #SLCSEM 7. #SLCSEM LinkedIn AdWords Account Campaign Ads Campaign Ads Account Ads Campaign Campaign Adgroup Adgroup Adgroup Adgroup Keyword s Ads Keyword s Ads Keyword s Ads Keyword s 8. LinkedIn Ads 101 Go to: Average CPC between $4-$6/click CPM or CPC Bidding Auction based on audience #SLCSEM 9. LinkedIn Ads 101 contd Ad Units Text Ads Right rail 50x50px image .04% CTR is good 25 char headline, 75 char adline #SLCSEM 10. LinkedIn Ads 101 contd Ad Units Sponsored Updates News feed 180x110px image .4% CTR is good Character limits 150 char intro 55 char title 155 char description #SLCSEM 11. LinkedIn Ads 101 contd Targeting (profile completeness dependent) Job Title (Project Manager) Job Function (Marketing) Seniority (Manager) Company Name (Microsoft) Category/Industry (Hi-tech, consumer goods) School Name (Stanford) Skills (nunchuck, MySQL) Group (Project Management R Us) Gender (M/F/Both) Age (55+) Company Size (51-2000) Geography (San Francisco Bay Area) In any combination & Exclusions! #SLCSEM 12. LinkedIn Ads 101 contd 4 Methods of Targeting Titles Job Function + Seniority Skills + Seniority Groups (+ Seniority) #SLCSEM 13. #SLCSEM CMO Groups Job Function Titles Skills 14. Why the Red-Headed Stepchild? #SLCSEM 15. Larry Kim (WordStream CEO) wrote: 8 Reasons I Hate LinkedIn Ads Interface is outdated Lacking functionality Opaque Ignored by LinkedIn Why the Red-Headed Stepchild? #SLCSEM 16. Lets say Youre running 2 ads. A has a CTR of .61% and a CPA of $48 B has a CTR of .40% and a CPA of $41 #SLCSEM Which ad is better? 17. Content Marketing Funnel #SLCSEM Blog Post/Infographic Guide / Whitepaper Ebook Webinar Low Friction High Friction Retargeting Marketing Automation 18. Glorious Retargeting Paid Search retargeting = Building audience around keyword LinkedIn retargeting = Building persona! Deliver content tests to your ideal audience At a fraction of the price of LinkedIn advertising UTM parameter tagging allows for separate audiences #SLCSEM 19. Hit Me Up @WilcoxAJ #SLCSEM 20. Demo! #SLCSEM