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Narrative in Social Media

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  • 1. Digital StorytellingNarrative in Social Media

2. Storytelling as amarketing tool 3. Storyteling forbrands? 4. VS. 5. ThenNow 6. 1st element of storytelling: The MessageVision MissionValues 7. 2nd element of storytelling: Conict 8. Telling stories is the only way we can create meaning in our lives and make sense of the world Paul Auster 9. 3rd element of storytelling: Characters 10. 3rd element of storytelling: CharactersWhat kind of hero Am I? 11. 4rth element of storytelling: Plotbeginning middle end Exposi5on Rising ac5on Climax Falling ac5on Resolu5on 12. Great Example!Red Bull StratosFelix BaumgartnerMessage:Red Bullsadventure value :Gives you wingsConict:Will he be able todo it?Character: Ourhero, FelixPlot: Be the rsthuman to breakthe sound barrieroutside of avehicle. 13. Some nal tips: Keep it simpleUse the right tools to tell your story. (egPhotography, Audio, Video, Text andInteractive Multimedia)Engage your audienceChoose the right protagonistBe Authentic 14. Niki [email protected] you!