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Description of Services offered by Blue Lotus Health and Acupuncture. Providing Acupuncture in Lexington Kentucky. Providing Acupuncture in Berea, Kentucky.

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    Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    8 ModalitiesAcupuncture & Moxabustion*Herbalism & DetoxificationTuina & Tai Chi/Qi GongGuasha & Fire-Cupping*What to Expect

    8 ProgramsWeight Loss & Diabetes ProgramKY Stop Smoking ProgramBlue Lotus Pro-Fertility ProgramChronic Pain Schedule

    Business Stress Reduction PlanAppalachian Outreach & Community StyleAcupuncture PartiesChinese Medicine MentoringFamily Plans & Registration for Services

    Our Unique Services...Luxury StyleLabs & TestsTravel Options AvailableDetoxification & Herbal SupplementationDiet Moderation (step by step how to)A General, Family PracticeHorse HerbalismDemonstrations & Lectures

    Our Services



    $UMPV4WD @ShifuC

    8 ModalitiesAcupuncture & Moxabustion*Herbalism & DetoxificationTuina & Tai Chi/Qi GongGuasha & Fire-Cupping*What to Expect

    8 ProgramsWeight Loss & Diabetes ProgramKY Stop Smoking ProgramBlue Lotus Pro-Fertility ProgramChronic Pain Schedule

    Business Stress Reduction PlanAppalachian Outreach & Community StyleAcupuncture PartiesChinese Medicine MentoringFamily Plans & Registration for Services

    Our Unique Services...Luxury StyleLabs & TestsTravel Options AvailableDetoxification & Herbal SupplementationDiet Moderation (step by step how to)A General, Family PracticeHorse HerbalismDemonstrations & Lectures

    About UsThe OwnersOur TeamHow we CAREPayment OptionsInsurance InformationPrivacy Statements State & Fed Regulations.Customer Service StandardsGeneral InformationPayment PoliciesLegal InformationSales OpportunitiesReferrals and SolicitationsGeneral Q&ATestimonials

    Our ServicesContents

    * We do NOT perform bleeding cupping, moxa on the needle, nor scarring moxa

    How to use this document:Click a section to move to a page quickly; click a page num-ber to move back to this page automatically.Look for links throughout the document whenever you hover over them.

    Call 859.533.0914 or email [email protected] if you have any troubles, ques-tions, or just plain wish to say hi and schedule an appoint-ment.






  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    Traditional Chinese MedicineAcupuncture & Moxa HerbalismWe have 2,600-3,500 years of empiri-cal evidence and human trials, and 50 years of clinical trials, 20 years of Randomly Controlled Trials (placebo tested), and all of it has confirmed that biomedically acupuncture:

    Releases endorphins, which are 4x more powerful than morphine in relieving pain.

    Regulates the sympathetic and parasympa-thetic (stress nervous systems) nerve path-ways to lower blood pressure, reduce head-ache, improve sleep, and calm anxiety or aid depression.

    Increases or balances the hormonal or endocrine system: insuline, melatonin, se-ratonin, all of which have been shown to be directly influenced by CAM, especially acupuncture (but not limited to).

    People often say, needles hurt. The above shows how many of our needles can fit in a hypodermic.

    The bottom line is that acupuncture is a safe, effective, and healthy way to treat both acute and chronic disorders. You name the condition, we can probably treat it.Moxabustion is the application of heat either directly or indirectly through the burning of Artemsia Vulgaris (Mugwort). Although a bit stinky, it is essential in the treatment of:

    Cold Qi (from hypothermic conditions)Chronic injury (related to excessive icing)AnemiaCertian dermatological conditionsCrohns and colitisChronic Fatigue Syndrome and autoim-

    mune conditions

    In the case of direct Moxa, there is a burn creme used preventatively and applied to the skin to buffer the moxa. We rarely use direct moxa, but never use scarring moxa (burning) OR moxa-on-the-needle.

    Various Types of Moxa

    Regardless of whether you prefer Acupunc-ture, acupressure, or moxa, all have profound effects on the body through stimulation of the 365+ acupoints and channels found throughout the body.

  • @ShifuC

    TCMAcupuncture & Moxa HerbalismHerbalism is a great way to enhance your quality of life cheaply. The initial appointment is $30 (does not include other modalities) but all follow-up appointments to check the tongue and pulse are free. Plan on scheduling 30 minutes for consultation, and you will need to bring your forms the same as acupuncture or moxa.

    You can live anywhere in the United States and be an herbal patient. Remember, youre paying for the herbs online so it is very conve-nient!

    Go to our site and watch an embedded video on how to pick up your herbs: here

    There are many methods of delivery:PillPowderRawAlcohol-tinctureExternal LinimentsZheng Gu Shui or customWines

    In China they inject herbs in hospitals; we do not do that here.

    Sometimes a traditional formula uses animal product. We do not (cannot) use any rare, en-dangered animals.

    If you are vegan, Jewish, or Muslim please let us know you may have special requirements.


    Q: What about drug-herb interactions? A: We have the most comprehensive text, Integrated Pharmacology, for use as reference in such cases. It is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate list of all meds and supplements. In only a few cases is there ANY documented evidence of drug-herb inter-actions, such as Warfarin/Coumadin and lithium, and some statins. By an large almost all drugs are actually improved through synergistic use of herbs. We are more than happy and insist that we be able to co-man-age your herbal case with your doctor if you are on several prescriptions.

    Q: Are there any side-effects?A: Normally, no. Commonly, people report a cleans-ing period of 1-2 days; beyond that, call us. If you have any cramping pains, headaches, swelling, rashes, or nausea, call us immediately at 859-533-0914.

    Q: How do they taste? A: Its no secret that most cooked herbs are funky for Americans sweet palate. However, if one cannot stomach the most effective raw form of herbs, we have also tinctures, pills, granules, plasters, wines, and liniments with which to administer herbs. The most important thing is that you take them; if you cannot abide the taste, tell us and well go to a more conve-nient form of herbal infusion.

    Q: Are they expensive? A: Most herbs are very cheap, especially considering long-term benefit. $10 of herbs might prevent up to 3 or 4 common colds and flus and possibly following bronchitis attacks from those diseases. Thats very cost-effective. Long-term tonification (supplementa-tion) will be more of an investment, anywhere from $30-$75 a month depending on the formula and ingre-dients.

  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    Tuina & Therapeutic Tai ChiTCM Guasha & Fire-CuppungThis ancient form of massage is unique and always involves a harmonization, dispersion, and balancing portion of treatment.

    It is performed with clothes REMAINING ON; you will not be asked to disrobe, though if you have already disrobed for acupuncture it may be performed using an oil.It is a very calming massage, but the emphasis is on dispersion of knots and tightness, and in many cases will be intensely sensational.

    Great for:Stress reliefOrtho or neuro conditionsSports injuriesTrauma, sprains, strains, bruisesFracturesInsomniaCommon ColdConstipationAbdominal painGynecological issuesBack & neck pain, whiplashFrozen shoulderArthritisFoot, knee, or hip painAnxiety, mild depressionLongevity and prevention of disease

    Massage is highly recommended as an adjunc-tive in almost every other disease.

    This service is charged by the hour, flat rate for everyone $80 per treatment.

    Tai chi (taijiquan) is a noncompeti-tive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. During the practice of Tai Chi, the focus is on uniting body movements with breath. No spe-cial equipment is required and the forms may be done in any space you have to work with. The many variations of Tai Chi ensure that it may be performed by people of all ages and abilities.

    According to Mayo Clinic, along with reduc-ing stress, anxiety and tension, Tai Chi offers many potential benefits, such as reducing depression, improving balance, flexibility and muscle strength, reducing falls in older adults, improving sleep quality, lowering blood pres-sure, improving cardiovascular fitness in older adults, relieving chronic pain, increasing en-ergy, endurance and agility, improving overall feelings of well-being. In addition, Tai Chi has been shown in clini-cal studies to positively reduce the effects of osteoporosis.

    Sf. Ramon Careaga is a nationally certified acupuncturist, herbalist, and a 3rd degree black belt in the martial arts. He has been practic-ing Tai Chi since 2005 and has had experience teaching since 2007. He teaches his students to move with intention and to breathe with mind-fulness. He enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities.

    ~Sm. Arwen Careaga

  • @ShifuC

    Tuina & Therapeutic Tai Chi TCMGuasha & Fire-Cuppung

    Above: Sha or sandThink it looks bad on the outside?Imagine what its doing to you on the inside!

    Occasionally, actually frequently, we use guasha and cupping to break up stagna-tion associated with emotional upset, back or neck pain, and headaches.

    Both techniques leave a form of mild ecchy-mosis (bruising) that does not hurt and resem-bles red dots on the back. In some severe cases pa-tients have purple or darker stagnation indicating how bad the condition had been.

    Your aftercare will deter-mine how long these pain-less bruises remain: days or weeks. If you have an event that requires back exposure, such as ballroom dancing or beauty contests, it is your responsibility to let us know at treatment time. These techniques do often make you more tired (and relaxed) the first time you get them so we ask patients to avoid partying, swim-ming, or eating fatty, spicy, or oily foods and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours after treat-ment.

    These techniques often need regular repeating,

    perhaps as much as once a month or as little as every four months.

    Flash cupping requires the use of fire; but it does not burn. Guasha is a sand-scraping technique and can best be described as sensa-tional. The thing is you will feel better after-wards, and it is well worthwhile. However it

    requires the use of oils. If you are allergic to any oils please inform us in your chart so that it is known beforehand. We also often employ liniments, which contain herbs from China; if you are averse to this, you must say so explicitly at the time of treatment or in your chart. These include Po Sum On, Zheng Gu Shui, White Flower, and Woodlock oil, as well as any other common western oil like lavender. These oils can stain on occasion; please

    wear appropriate cloth-ing.

    We do NOT use these techniques on children unless parents request them; but since we hope parents will use these technique, we will be glad to teach them. We DO provide notes to teachers and schools explaining the marks.

  • 8 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    TCMWhat to Expect cont d & AftercareOn the first visit...P lease have your Case Managment

    form filled out and be prepared to come 15 minutes early for us to review them (30 min-utes early if you are filling them out in office).

    Case ManagementArbitration & Informed ConsentConsent to Release (for minors)New Patient Checklist (acknowledgement)

    Every patient gets a 10-minute appointment window during which time you are not considered late if occasionally you are a bit behind schedule, and likewise you can expect at times to have to wait a few minutes.

    Please do not make it a habit to be 10 min-utes late each time. All non-herbal appoint-ments are set to one hour unless otherwise requested/notified.

    We will be setting up your account with us, and you will be able to receive any brochures/information that you need.

    Your vitals will be taken, tongue, pulse, and asked a few questions; you will likely receive acupuncture, tuina, or cupping.

    You most likely will not receive herbs or moxa, e-stim, or weight loss advice on your first visit... but you might likely receive some basic homework.

    We view ourselves as your health consultants. You are your best healthcare provider. We are here to teach, augment, and guide the pro-cess. But some work will be required.

    Please do not eat more than 4 hours or less than 1 hour before coming; and do not brush your tongue less than 4 hours before treatment.

    Regarding Moxa

    Moxa smells familiar and iffy, but it is just artemesia vulgaris or mugwort.

    Moxa feels really good; do not hesitate to ask for Moxa - though our location and renters liability insur-ance may limit our ability to apply it in office. We can always provide moxa in more open settings.

    Regarding Tai Chi

    Therapeutic Tai Chi involves the movements and exercises associated with Tai Chi studies.

    It is not a sash or belt system, and martial arts is not emphasized; Therapeutic Qi Gong is included in this modality.

  • @ShifuC

    What to Expect TCMcont d & AftercareRegarding Cupping and Guasha

    Guasha (gwah-shah) is a scraping technique (athletes may be familiar with Grasten); the tool used is beveled and not sharp. The oil applied is usually hypoallergenic massage oil unless therapeutically there is another reason to use a Chinese oil.

    It will leave some marks; some maybe more than others. Occassionally a person may feel tender afterwards and is therefore advised to eat more potassium, drink more water, and possibly take an Epsom salt bath. It is simply lactic acid.

    Guasha as well as cupping leave various types of sha marks depending on the condition. The image to the left may be of interest for people trying to figure out why different spots look different.

    Cupping and guasha both release: toxicity, coldness, myofacial adhesions (scar tissues), and pathogenic Qi (which leads to colds and flus and rashes).

    Regarding Tuina (tway-nah)

    Tuina is an ancient bone-setting and therapeu-tic massage style. Although we cannot perform chiropractic services, occassionally a bone will

    set itself through muscle release. If a person wishes to combine Tuina with their chiropractic we whole-heartedly agree, and encourage the tuina (or cupping, guasha, or acupuncture) to come first so that muscles are relaxed for the bones to remain set longer.

    It is a very powerful style, not commonly per-formed, and it is done face up and down, head to toe (as time permits), and it builds upon itself.

    Regarding Acumoxa Therapy

    Acupuncture and Moxabustion come in a wide variety of styles, lineages, locations, methods, and for many different purposes. If one style or method is not working, we may try another or you may request another style.

    There is no one right style; whatever works is what is right. We highly recommend you read Shifus article, How Acupuncture Works.

    As for comparing acupuncture styles, there are generally two types: structural-functional and energetic. Energetics includes reflexology, maps, auricular and scalp, channels, and more.Structural-functional includes the treatment of joints, muscles, and nerves through use of needles and possibly with electrostimulation.

    E-stim is like TENS but more powerful, yet it does not hurt. Typically a person can expect a

  • 10 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    Our ProgramsBlue Lotus Weight Loss Diabetes & TransformationsB lue Lotus Weight Loss by Sf. Ramon CareagaConsists of 4 parts:

    2x or 3x weekly Acupuncture through our Chronic Pay Schedule:

    $55 a treatment for twice a week$45 a treatment for thrice a week

    *this does not include any cost of herbs, detox supplements, urine screens, or hormonal tests

    Diet Moderation Online food journal using MyFitnessPal. Make it public or share to: [email protected]

    Daily Exercise Beginners: 1 hour of rigorous exercise a week, 30-60 minutes of walking daily, prefer- ably all at once after your largest meal, or divided in half after lunch and dinner.

    * NOTE - Chronic Pay Patients get FREE Tai Chi lessons with Shifu, which nor-mally cost $250 for 11 weeks5 Element Diet(tm) by Shifu Careaga

    *Manual ($25) *Free Diet Detox to start you off *Free 5 Element Diet daily menu *Journal moderation comparison *and more...

    So how do acupuncture, tuina, cupping/gua-sha, and herbs help with weight loss?

    When you have hypoglycemic states, as well as excess fat, there are 4 conditions that tend to make metabolism difficult. * Qi (chi) deficiency, aka low energy, chronic fatigue, malaise or low motivation, perhaps cortisol imbalances or adrenal fatigue * Blood stagnation related to trauma and/or sedentary lifestyle * Painful obstructive disorder, including arthritis and arthritic like autoimmune condi-tions that make it difficult to move freely * Dampness, aka excess water and fat, which block the flow of energy in the body. This can take the form of hormonal imbalanc-es, immuno-deficiency, lethargy, pain (often headaches).

    What TCM enables us to do is use ear acu-puncture (same as for cigarette addiction) to reduce cravings, along with body acupuncture, massage (tuina), and cupping/guasha to re-move the stagnation.

    On top of this, the rest of the program address-es the habits and malnutrition that led to the qi deficiency. Please note we cannot alter your work habits, only you can respect your qi. We are here to teach.

  • 11 @ShifuC

    Blue Lotus Weight Loss ProgramsDiabetes & TransformationsB lue Lotus Transformations(tm) for DiabetesAs of January 1, 2013, Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture has joined a nationwide program (formerly the Partnership 4 Wellness) which is only available through health care provid-ers. This is NOT multi-level-marketing, it is a scientific program designed and proven to correct hypoglycemia, promote weight loss, and reduce insulin or metformin dependence. This is not available to the public for any other reason. Your BMI must be > 35 to participate in this program with us.

    Consists of parts 1-3 of our normal wieght loss program, with the following changes or addi-tions:Initial discount of $5 off per treatment for either pay schedule; $16 off ($80 a treatment) for once weekly visits; * Simple consultation/checkups are free under 30 minutes, $30 for 45min, and $50 for an hour * 1st visit is scheduled for 2 hours, but you will not be charged $50 for the 2nd hour nor are you obligated to stay * 2nd visit is 1.5 hours, and since 1 hour is for your treatment, the half-hour is a free consultation * Patient agrees to a 3 month participa-tion; with understanding that the program may require 6, 9, or 12 months depending on ones initial BMI.

    Instead of the 5 Element Diet, the patient will use the Transformations 360(tm) diet or detox (depending on condition); this kit costs $450, divided into the first 3 months

    twice weekly=$400+$150=$550/mothrice weekly=$500+$150=$650/mo

    This program may be combined in our Family Plans with other individuals, but discount rates do not apply to the $150 portion of the cost, only the $5 discount is carried over.

    Kit comes with: * Initial WICO(tm) Questionnaire (to be completed at home) * Blue Lotus Health Goals questionnaire * Manual with specific menus & meals * Food Scale * Ketone Urine Test * All required or free access to 2nd copies of charts, graphs, etc... * All-natural & Organic non-medical supple-mentation powders for 5 weeks of meal plan

    * Please note you will have to re-order the kit powders for a smaller fee for the 2nd 5 weeks. BLHA suggests a 12 week program.This should be sufficient time to alter food habits and become educated on proper nutrition.

    Patient must bring in proof of membership to a gym or club or written note from a personal trainer about their participation.

    *Please note we work closely with, Chewning Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do (Lexington Athletic Club, Urban Fitness, Baptist HealthWorx & KORT Physical Therapists).Participation in our Tai Chi lessons is not a substitute for vigor-ous excercise.

  • 1 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    ProgramsKy Stop Smoking! Blue Lotus Pro-FertilityT his is a 4-stage process with the support you need to take the edge off of those cravings and adjust your lifestyle. Perfect for those with COPD, Beurgers Disease, Throm-boangitis Obliterans, or other current or future conditions. Dont let smoking drain you slowly, kick the habit today.

    With obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and back pain, who has time for the problems that come with smoking? Plus its expensive! Let Chi-nese Medicine help you to kick the habit...

    Part 1: Acupuncture

    The NADA protocol is a Randomized Controlled Trial-proven method to help reduce addictions and cravings, and make it easier to quit smoking (and other addictions). It involves auricular (ear) acu-puncture; for 45min, 2-3 times a week minimum. In the beginning the treatments will lose effect vs. your cravings after 2-3 days. Treatments build on each other over time.

    Part 2: Nutritional Support

    When it comes to lungs, one bad cell can ruin the bunch because of the potential for mutation. To help your immune system get rid of pre-cancer-ous cells, you must have strong anti-cancerous nutrition. You will be eating a 5 Element diet of only REAL foods, taking herbs, and you will be especially eating foods proven to get rid of exces-sive vein formations (angiogenesis) and get rid of free-radical damage. You may be asked to take the 5 Element Seminar during your protocol.

    Part 3: Lifestyle Change

    Were not judging you. Lifes hard, and you gotta work. BUT... you have probably lost a lot of lung tissue and your cardiovascular health is likely

    pretty weak. You will need Therapeutic Tai Chi or Qi Gong, and you will be asked to provide: 1) a food and exercise journal, 2) proof of regular doctors checks. Dont worry, well help you with this.

    Part 4: Recommended Detoxification

    We will launch you on a detoxification regimen. There are 2 basic routes to choose from: dietary or herbal.Why? The columnar cells in your lung have been inundated with TOXICITY and more than 300 chemical poisons for years, maybe decades... when they are replaced after quitting, there is a chance for mutation. We want the new cells to be as clean and healthy as possible. You will need to clear out: metals, tar, and other chemicals lining the mucous membranes through-out your respiratory and GI system.If youre tired of trying and trying on your own to quit... maybe you need help. Now is the time, Kentucky. Let Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture help you do that.

    CostOne thing people start to worry about here is the cost.

    Although we cannot make you follow the protocol, one thing wed like you to remember is that your health and financial toll from smoking over the next 10, 20, 30 years will be much more catastrophic than the money you spend here and now. Its your money, your health, your time. We only want to use these resources if youre in the right frame of mind to make a change. Please be honest with yourself about your a) your motivations and b) the earnest-ness of your commitment.

    It WILL work if you put the energy and effort in, and take the time to heal and change. All habits take at least 21 days to change, and some addictions never go away. But you CAN stop smoking with this program.

    -Shifu Ramon

  • 1 @ShifuC

    Ky Stop Smoking! ProgramsBlue Lotus Pro-FertilityP r rior to any treatment, patients will receive one free 30 minute consulta-tion to discuss their case and the op-

    tions before them, including risks and possible benefits. Nothing here or in said consultation should be construed as a replacement for West-ern medical care or a guarantee of success. It is the bodys choice whether to accept help or not.

    Infertility for Men & Women

    How: acumoxa, herbs, Tai Chi/Qi gong, and in some cases massageWhat: low sperm count, irregular menstrua-tion, low basal body temperatures, cysts, and muscular-emotional irregularities (anxiety for instance)How much? Usually most patients are placed on the chronic schedule, the exception being if a person is normally able to get pregnant and just wants to enhance the possibility of con-ception.

    *NOTE - BLHA may require hormonal test-ing to set a baseline (for men or women) and get measurable results. Women will

    also be performing BBT charting at home.

    Hormone testing kits are available from our website.

    Suggested Reading:

    Pro-birthing Treatments

    How: acupuncture, herbs and teas, Yoga, mas-sage, and acupuncture during early labor.What: only when a patient is 16 weeks preg-nant or more, up through the birth.

    Please note that we are not doulas, and any treatment during the birth is not covered by the hospital and must be paid for hourly.The cost is $95 every other week, then hourly rates apply.

    Post-Partum Care

    How: moxa and herbs; occasionally motor point acupuncture to release low back painWhat: pro-lactation, helping to expel lochea (placental clots), prevention of Bai He Bing Lily Affliction (of which one symptom can be post-partum depression).

    We do NOT treat infants. All pediatric care must be at 12 months or older. We cannot make recommendations for vaccination or circumcisions, all such questions should be directed to your pediatrician.

    One aspect of our post-partum care program is that BLHA does offer placental encapsula-tion.

    To do this you must instruct your hospital and nurses to give you release forms to be sent to the labs requesting that you keep the placenta for consumption.

    The placenta will come in a container, keep it refrigerated.A time will be arranged within the first 4 days after birth for Shifu to come by and prepare the placenta. You will receive a set of instructions at that time. This is herbal care.

    Helpful for: low energy, lethargy, low immuni-ty, headaches, improving general healing rates and can help prevent post partum depression.

  • 1 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    ProgramsChronic Pain & Anxiety Business Stress Reduction I n China, patients are treated every day or every other day for these types of conditions. To help make this more

    reasonable, we offer Chronic Plans for our programs and chronic pain patients, with a reduced payment scale per treatment

    Chronic pain includes all of the following conditions:

    DJD/DDD/stenosisCervical Stenosis related to whiplashHip painKnee painMigraines and cluster headachesSinus Headaches (allergies)OstearthritisRheumatoid ArthritisLupus/SjogrensFibromyalgiaCushings DiseaseLow thyroid functionRotator Cuff injuriesPCOS/fibroidsFibrocystic breastsPlantar fascitis/heel spursShin splintsCarpal Tunnel and TOS

    *NOTE - You may be interested to know that Zheng Gu Shui or a custom liniment, applied externally to your joints and mus-

    cles will help move blood, relieve pain, and facilitate cell regrowth and healing. Also, the Wu Yang Patches can provide stronger relief than Icy Hot.

    I n certain situations, mental conditions and illnesses may be helped, con-trolled, or at least aided in manage-

    ment (with pharmaceuticals) by acupuncture and other modalities.

    The reason that acupuncture is effective has to do with certain chemicals released by the brain during acupuncture (as proven by western bio-medical research):Endorphins (4x stronger than morphine)Opiod PeptidesAdenosine (an anti-inflammatory)DopamineSeratonin

    These chemicals have a down-regulating ef-fect on the Sympathetic Nervous System, which roughly corresponds with the TCM function of moving stagnant liver qi.

    When the Sympathetic nervous system is engaged (fight or flight), there is a spas-modic reaction in golgi tendon reflexes in skeletal and smooth muscle, raising blood

    pressure and creating shallow breathing. The intestines also spasm. Engaging the Parasym-pathetic NS will reverse this, relax the body, and encourage the release of other control hor-mones and chemicals that help the body heal and the mind to relax.The NIH has noted that among many conid-tions, acupuncture is useful in treating anxiety, chronic, mild, or severe depression, insomnia,nervousness, various neuroses and addictions.

  • 1 @ShifuC

    Chronic Pain & Anxiety ProgramsBusiness Stress Reduction O ffice stressed out? Low team morale? Excessive (ineffective) multi-tasking? Do the employees have cramped up

    necks, shoulders, and backs? Or get tension headaches that send them home for the day or even days? How about the environment they are sitting in - have you made it greener, clean-er, and more conducive to healthier living? These are all issues that affect the productivity of your team and your company or office. It is not uncommon for high stress environments to take a toll on even veteran employees and affect their ability to finish projects, or make deadlines on time.

    On top of that we are more wired in than ever. It seems like the more connected we are, the less connected to reality and each other we become.

    What can Acupuncture do?Studies show that relaxed employees are

    happier and more productive.Acupuncture removes energetic, physical,

    or even mental blocks that hinder the capaci-ties and latent potential of otherwise fantas-tic talent.

    Relaxation, and the ability to put away worry about lifes cares and outside-the-work place issues can increase the FOCUS of an employee.

    Because treatments are community style, the team can be IMPROVED by a chance to relax and talk about social events, office ideas, feel free to brainstorm or allow their consciousness to leave the tunnel vision behind and open up to new, intuitive, and often brilliant solu-tions to complex problems.

    Following the relief of neck tension and head-ache, the individual will be able to sit com-fortably & work their hours without having to abandon the desk as often, and will be less likely to spend time complaining and more

    time focusing on their work.

    The fact is that work requires a certain amount of ENERGY and FOCUS. Distractions such as pain and stress threaten a business ability to provide the right environment.

    Wouldnt you like to be able to give your em-ployees more vacation time? If on average you spent $660 per employee per year in lost time, plus all the productivity lag, suppose that were regained. Could you give your employees better vacation or family time, better hours, or just in general pay them better? What about helping them FEEL healthier? Wouldnt that save on your health costs?

    Imagine what it would do for your teams MORALE if you could give them something back. Sure, you give a lot as an employer, but employees give every day, trading precious moments of life with family and friends.

    YOU do the same thing, so you can under-stand their thinking. What if you could earn those hours back through increased productiv-ity, would you be able to give back MORE?

    Below are two options that you can use to get our acupuncture Stress Relief Program in your office or business workplace.

    Option 1) Buy us out: Your office pays us in two hour increments to set up shop in a spare room or other area; you send us employees, we treat as many as possible. Cost: $720 per two hour time slot per acupuncturist needed Option 2) Per employee: You provide the space, you or the employees pay $50 per per-son, due at time of treatment The business must guarantee up to $600 in sales, or cover the remainder; and agrees to pay for mileage ourside of Lexington. See the Registration Page for details.

  • 1 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    ProgramsAppalachian Outreach Acupuncture PartiesH ello all, Arwen will be following up with each of you personally, but I am writing to inform you of the steps to becoming a man-aged case.

    (1) go to and download/edit and print the links from the top of the home page; you will also need to print and sign the Informed Con-sent portion of the second form. You should read/re-view the Privacy Practic-es; but you need not print it except if you want it.

    (2) Please fill out/draw/comment upon the following form, especial-ly the side with images on it.

    (3) Fill these out with detail, and send them along with a photo-graph/Polaroid in sunlight of your tongue. That is useful diagnostics. You can actually email the photo digitally if you have a digital camera. But do NOT send the other forms digitally. Make sure that your

    phone # is included.

    #4 Mail to:Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    624 Wellington Way, Ste. CLexington, KY 40503

    We will be contacting you individually once we have these materials, and we will also

    email this list again when we know where the next acupuncture session will be held.

    #5 This is an open invitation to anyone and everyone with a chronic condition, especially weight or heart or diabe-tes related. You may forward this email as an invitation to oth-ers to become herbal and acu-puncture patients.Thank you for a

    wonderful day, I enjoyed meeting each of you.~Shifu Careaga

  • 1 @ShifuC

    Appalachian Outreach ProgramsAcupuncture PartiesW hether youre an individual, a business or youre throwing an MLM Wellness meet-ing, it may interest you to know that you can provide a unique, fun AND relaxing event at your gathering.

    Hire Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture to come in the afternoon or after-hours and set up a few Zero-Gravity Chairs and perform Community Style Acupuncture

    Option 1: Paid by Host - $800 per three hour reservation; Minimum party size: 8

    Option 2: Paid by Guests - $100 host minimum plus $20 per guest, for up to two hours; Maxi-mum party size: 12

    Whether its a black tie event, a wedding, or a fun and loose social mixer, acupuncture can give a fun talking point, a unique and memorable experience, and provide the de-stressing required to make a party really reach that smooth as elixir experience.

    All Customers Agree to abide by the terms and conditions in the Registration Form.

  • 18 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    ProgramsT CM Mentoring Family PlansS f. Ramon Careaga is offering a chance to learn the medicine in the traditional way, through following a mentor and witness-ing the system. You will work hard and get hands-on experience in acupuncture, herbol-ogy, tuina and more.This program is for one-on-one training in Tra-ditional Chinese Medicine.

    Please note, at this time NCCAOM only accepts Herbal Apprenticeship Credits, this program will not transfer to Acupuncture School. It also does not accept credits from this until 2017, and requires a minimum num-ber of hours.

    However, in KY there is no regulation or requirement for NCCAOM certification to practice herbal medicine.

    What will I learn?Chinese medicine theory, at an herbal

    level - this will more than cover acupressure and channel theories.

    Tuina, a form of acupressure from China, it is a therapeutic style, and also very relaxing.*

    Cupping and guasha; the proper tech-niques.

    There will be assigned readings and examinations.

    You will be assisting Shifu in the treat-ment of acupuncture and herbal patients part to full time.

    How much does it cost?

    The first quarter is only $500Afterwards $1000 per quarter (unless oth-erwise listed) 11 weeks a quarter.

    This program is great for:

    *Those who are interested in becoming complete, reputable herbalists in one of the worlds oldest, and certainly the largest herbal systems.

    *Individuals looking to decide whether Acupuncture or Massage is for them be-fore they commit to a full college program (a Masters in Acupuncture can run from $40,000 to $65,000 + expenses).

    *Martial Arts students interested in the de-tails of Qi Gong, channel theory, and pres-sure points.

    *NOTE This program is not a massage certification. Please contact Lexington Healing Arts Academy or Spencerian College for KY Massage board certified and licensed programs.

    For more informationRead the NCCAOM Certification Handbook and Application

    Call 859-533-0914 or send an email to [email protected]

  • 1 @ShifuC

    T CM Mentoring ProgramsFamily PlansW e understand that the average family cannot pay full price for everyone in it, though the entire family or a couple may want to come together. In light of this we are offering substantial discounts for families and couples. We also pro-rate for expected missed weeks, holidays, and unexpected emergencies!

    Basic Pay Schedule Patients receive dis-counts off their rate, to the tune of 4 treat-ments a month per person.

    *NOTE: treatments must be used by the end of the month, they do not carry over first month is non-refundable. A 1.5% service fee on credit card or Paypal may be applied. You may upgrade, and Four or more may include 1 friend (or up to six students), or any extended family member!

    Couples Plan - 8 treatments/month or $80/treatment ($640/month) 15.7% off (a savings of $120*)

    Threes Company - 12 treatments/month $75/treatment ($900/month) 21.9% off! (a savings of $252)

    Family of Four - 16 treatments/month or $60/treatment ($960/month) 37.5% off!!(a savings of $576)

    Five or More -20 treatments/month or $55/treatment ($1100/month) 42.7% off!!! (a savings of $820)

    Chronic Pain Family AddonsTwice a week +1 > $440+$80x4=$760/

    month (15+% off or $380 savings*)Thrice a week +1 > $540+$75x4=$840/

    month (21+% off or $696 savings)Twice a week +2 > $440+$70x8=$1000/

    month (27+% off or $536 savings) Thrice a week+2 > $540+$60x8=$1020/

    month (37.5+% off or $900 savings)2x Twice a Week Plans > $440x2 -

    $40=$840/month (48+% off or $696 sav-ings)

    3x Twice a Week Plans > $440x3 - $120=$1200/month (50+% off or $1104 savings)

    2x Thrice a Week Plans > $540x2 - $80=$1000/month (60+% off or $1304 sav-ings)

    3x Thrice a Week Plans > $540x3-$160=$1460/month (60+% off or $1996 savings)

    Stop Smoking Addon > Diet Detox & Diet Monitoring, Lung Detox, 5 Element Diet manual&diet monitoring, Qi Gong les-sons for $100 off = $225 once

    Weight Loss Addon > 5 Element Diet manual & food journal moderation, free ex-ercise advice, 2 Qi Gong lessons, complete herbal detox (includes a diet detox) *does not includes books, or DVDs = $218 once

    Fertility Addon > 5 Element Diet Pro-gram included;4 Hormone Test saliva test;Pro-delivery acupuncture;Blood Detox = $432 once

    *savings calculated vs. normal 30min ~$95 treatment, not included taxes/service fees

  • 0 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    Our Unique Services...Luxury Style Labs & Testing

    L uxury Treatment and Stress Relief ScheduleThe difference in this is more one-on-one face time with the practitioner, treatments that last as long as YOU need them to last, whether they are 45 minutes or two hours. They are also held in a more relaxed environment and there is time for intellectual discussion, and learning more about the medicine, if interested.

    Saturdays only by special appointment - only four patients per Saturday accepted. Scheduling only available starting Wednesdays through Fridays.*

    A flat $100 an hour, calculated from the time the patient arrives or - if a home visit - from the time the practitioner begins driving to location. Home visits only available within Fayette coun-ty.

    *NOTE - emergency calls taken on any evening after 10 pm are charged $120 per hour; the exception being herbal patients with questions about the formula. Most calls take less than 5 minutes or about $20.

  • 1 @ShifuC

    UniquenessLuxury Style Labs & TestingA s of January 15, 2013 Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture is equipped and regis-tered with LabCorp and prepared to help you order blood-work.

    We do this for three reasons only, as a policy. (1) We suspect a condi-tion that has been missed and it is faster and more convenient to order through us than to get an appointment with your GP or a specialist. (2) We see the results of previous lab-work and want more information; in some cases more than others think is neces-sary. We do this to ensure you get the highest quality treatment possible.

    (3) You suspect a condition and have no GP or specialist that you can get to in a reasonable amount of time; have no insurance and wish to pay out of pocket; and you have exhausted these resources previously:

    Urine ScreeningPregnancy TestingSaliva Hormone Testing (if cheaper or

    more convenient)Xrays and other imaging servicesOTC Glucose monitoring devicesPhysical exam/Second Opinion of another

    KY Medical Board certified/licensed practi-tioner.

    Please do not ask for a blood panel simply be-cause you read on WebMD, Dr. Oz, Dr. Sears, or Dr. Mercolas sites somewhere a series of conditions and symptoms that you suspect is something serious.

    Let a qualified professional make that recommendation.

    We are certified under the Kentucky Medical Board and have over 1,000 hours of western training as well as NCCAOM Biomed certifica-tion.

    We also will be able to provide urine screening for UTI/stone/infection starting January 21, 2013

  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    Well come to You! Detoxification & SupplementationUniquenessI f you live within the surrounding counties of Fayette, or in Martin County, Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture will actually come to your location and treat you (or a family member).

    What is required is first to fill out the registration form on the website at

    Please note that we charge for any mileage over 10 miles at a rate of $5 + $1/mile over 10 miles. So 11 miles is $6.You would book a 1.5 hour slot (assuming 30min travel time)... then you get a 30min treatment. That retains the $95 cost (plus travel). If the appointment goes over the 1.5 hour allotment (for to and from travel time), then you simply pay per 15min interval at a rate of $100/hr. So every 15minutes is $25 more.

    Example case: Visit to Winchester ~45min drive, so this requires a 2 hour slot. The mileage to Winchester is 27miles, or $23. So the final estimate is $168.

    Please note that if paperwork is not filled out when we arrive, the time to fill it out counts as treatment time.Please be aware that most concerns require repeat visitations. Such a patient might be interested in our Chronic plans; but for this we must require 2 months advance payment since we will be forced to use 1.5 to 2 hours of time slots, twice a week. However, it could save the patient a lot of money in the end. In the above case, a single visit would only run $118; so 8 visits a month would be $944; while 4 regular vists would still be $672. The patient is getting twice as many visits, but saving $400/month (after totalling 8 treat-ments).

    Moxa, tuina, and acupuncture are available. Our treatments can cover basically anything that is covered in the treatment rooms here at Blue Lotus Health; however we cannot treat/cure Cancer, Alzheimers (treat yes, cure no), AIDS, or Emphysema. The reason for not treating emphysema is simply related to the hyperinflation of the lungs which increases the risk of puncture. Such a case is herbal only.

  • @ShifuC

    Well come to You! Detoxification & SupplementationUniquenessI n the clinic we keep the following herbal supplements in stock:

    Cold Quell - for colds generallyGui Zhi Tang - for cold and flu in the

    first 12 hoursYin Qiao San - for sore throat; the pri-

    mary ingredient of AirborneChuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan - treats 6

    types of headacheBao He Wan - for glomus & abdominal

    distension or food stagnationQing Qi Hua Tan Tang - for phlegm and

    coughZhi Sou San - for rough/dry cough with

    little phlegmAstragalus & Astragalus Tea - for build-

    ing WBC count and immunityLoquat Syrup - tasty and cheap; for sore

    throat/cough Lung Qi Jr. - treatment and prevention

    of childs coldsChest Qi Jr. - for childhood colds and

    asthmaAllerease - for allergies and asthmaVarious pediatric formulas (in tincture)Burn Cream for topical application

    (amazing!)Baxyl - 100% pure hyaluronan (the lu-

    bricant in joints that decreases with age).

    In the future we may also provide various an-tioxidant, vitamin, and supplement products at













    MSRP for patients who do not wish to become members of different distributorships but wish to have access to the same quality products. Currently we have no affiliations with any particular companies. All future products sold as such will be pur-chased from Blue Lotus Health & Wellness, a wellness cooperative.D etoxification is an interesting topic to many patients that come through our doors. We offer all of the following methods for de-toxification:

    Colon cleansing - Through a Cheng Qi TangLung Detox - Through Bai He Gu Jin Tang or other custom formulaDiet Detox - a 28-day detox plan that comes free with your purchase of the 5 Element DietNon-ice-smoothie recipesTransformations 360 - for Diabetes/glycemia patients

    *Additionally, most herbs have a detox effect, which is enhanced by guasha and cupping.If you have a skin eruption disorder, such as psoriasis, cystic acne, or eczema, we highly recommend purchasing three cupping sessions where we will encourage the lymphatic system to forcefully remove toxic buildup fromt he outer layers of the body.

  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    UniquenessDiet & Exercise Moderation A Family Practice....A s a part of our weight loss and dia-betes programs, we highly encourage the pur-chase of the 5 Element Diet manual. It comes with all of the following

    Velo-bound manual describing the main philosophies of the diet

    7 day menu with alternates, snacks, and deserts for weight loss the Dietary Ketosis way (not ketoacidosis or protein only)

    Food Journal moderationExercise moderationCopy of Tao of Nutrition for reference (for

    duration of diet)$25 off the seminar should it become

    available in your area.

    Why the 5 Element Diet?

    Because its not a fad... its a lifestyle.

    Its easy to do; anyone after age 5 can learn it!

    Its effective at diversifying your nutritional intake while minimizing your anxiety.

    You can be omnivorous or vegetarian/vegan.It helps you stay healthy, disease-free, and great looking.

    It is the only simple way to eat for longevity without buying a store-full of supplements.

    How To Setup MyFitnessPal Food Journal Moderation

    Go to or download the app for your phone/tablet.

    Create an account - use a pass-word you will remember in a year!

    Open your settings: Profil Pri-vacy Settings

    Sharing with Shifu Careaga... Option 1: Make viewable for Ev-eryone, copy link and send to [email protected] with Subject line Diary Option 2: Share to ShifuC @ [email protected]

    Now begin logging your calo-ries and be ready to discuss in your session!






  • @ShifuC

    UniquenessDiet & Exercise Moderation A Family Practice....Blue Lotus is a general practice but most importantly it is a Family Practice. We use herbs, acupuncture, moxa, tuina, cupping, and guasha on ourselves and our own children, and have seen amazing results.

    Whether it is removing a wart from our childs finger, or healing a sunburn with herbal burn creams and Aloe, we en-joy providing a holistic life-style for the entire family.

    Our journey didnt start by being alter-native... far from it. We grew up on the same All-American diet and lifestyle as the rest of you. But through trial and error, re-search, reading, and the Medicine, we came to see the value of giving our children their best chances to grow.

    Did you know the the brain doesnt stop fold-ing until near to age five? This is also around the same time that the immune system is fi-nally strong enough to fend for itself.

    Chinese Medicines approach to treating chil-dren is two-fold... support the Qi (and blood) through nutrition; such as breastmilk and whole foods... and expel pathogenic Qi.

    It is our belief that Pathogenic Qi contracted in childhood is responsible for most adult diseases. The invasion of pathogens that are then quelled with cold antibitiocs or damp

    steroids (espe-cially creams) causes heat to become trapped in children.

    This causes changes from behavioral to physical. Most cases of ADHD or ADD are the resulting heat trapped and eventu-ally leading to weakness due to constant

    battling internally latent pathogens.

    With muscle relaxing tuina, and then other in-terventions, children have a good opportunity to heal and grow into their best, active, healthy selves.

  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    UniquenessNationwide & Equine Herbalist Shifu Careagas SpecialtiesH erbalism is both an ancient and con-temporary practice. The entire world has been practicing herbal medicine since at least the 4th century BC. Yet even today pharmaceuti-cal companies take their cues from plant de-rivatives (such as Ephedra Hb. or Ma Huang).

    Meanwhile, herbalism has also become huge business in the supplement industry, which now is equally comprised of vitamins/minerals and plant or organic compounds that supply a rich amount of anti-oxidants and other heal-ings compounds.

    This has led to a resurgence in interest in traditional herbalism; whether it be western or Eastern.

    About Eastern herbalism...

    There are two codified systems that are each over 2000 years old. One is Ayurveda (Science of Life) from India and the other is Traditional Chinese Herbalism, which of the two is prob-ably more well known and more widely used.

    Nevertheless, both systems exemplify the most empirically proven and time-tested approaches to herbal practice: differential diagnosis with a basis on pattern identification.

    Whereas pharmaceuticals and western herb-alism (even Cherokee herbalism) focus on

    symptoms, or leaves; ancient herbalism focuses primarily on the tree itself, which is a constellation of signs and symptoms that go from the karmic and elemental levels right up to specific signs and symptoms.

    Because herbalism requires facial, eye, and tongue diagnosis (along with a thorough in-take), Shifu Careaga is able to prescribe cus-tom, accurate herbal remedies for patients hundreds, even thousands of miles away. This is all due to pattern identification and a highly codified system and approach provided by the Chinese mod-el and ancient texts going right back to 220 AD when the worlds first medi-cal text on colds and flus was collected.

    Additionally, Shifu is working with local Veterinary Equine Acupuncturist Dr. Martha Rodgers to provide herbal pre-scriptions for equine (and other) cases.

    To start with this service, first contact her @ (859) 266-8075

  • Photo by Kim R. Blackburn Photography859-333-8176 @ShifuC

    UniquenessNationwide & Equine Herbalist Shifu Careagas SpecialtiesS hifu has a number of prepared topics and lectures ready to be provided if there is a general interest. Dont hesitate to ask:

    Learning the 5 Element Diet (see previous)

    History of Shaolin & Tai Chi Demostration

    Taoist and Buddhist Philoso-phy; [Alchemy et al...]

    The Bagua Dharma(c) Lecture This lecture has to do with How the Universe Works from a psycho-metaphysical and scientif-ics perspective, looking at Quan-tum-relativity, Taoism, Mathemat-ics, and in general the lessons of the Universes 8 Laws and Three-Planes

    What is Health and what is Complimentary/Alternative Health?

    How to Run a Successful Acupuncture Practice

  • 8 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    About UsThe Owners The EducationS hifu Ramon Careaga @ShifuCRamon Careaga is a native of Lexington, KY. He graduated from Tates Creek High School with a Commonwealth Diploma and 4.0. Af-terwards he attended UK from 2001-2005, and worked with the Department of Defense. He also holds a 3rd degree Black Belt in Shao-lin-Do, most recently testing on May 29th, 2010. He teaches gung fu and nei fa privately; he is accepting students in the Herbal medicine and TCM training privately, contact us to ap-ply.

    At any rate, in an effort to introduce the West to Chinese culture, Shifu endeavors to also represent the medicine as it is: a first rate system of comprehensive health-care (minus surgery). In the West the law limits TCM to the treatment of non-medical emergency, non-surgical, and non-cancer conditions. Even still this leaves a vast area of human health and concerns to draw upon the 5,000+ years of Chinese Medicine and other alternative medi-cine history.

    On top of this Shifu Careaga offers courses in personal growth and development such as Bagua Dharma, 5 Element Theory and Diet, Self-defense for women, and therapeutic Qi Gong.

    M rs. Shima Arwen CareagaArwen is from Beauty, KY, just outside Inez in Martin County. She attended Berea College and majored in Elementary Education. She also holds a 1st degree Black Belt.

    The titular shima refers to the wife of the Shifu, and confers a large token of respect to her. As the business manager and also mother of two, she is the backbone and fabric of the Careaga family.

    In the ancient Confucian societies, though the male is the household leader, typically he de-fers all powers to the wife because in this way male and female energy is respected equally. Shima Careaga had both of her sons while at-tending the Masters program full-time.

    Did You Know The titular shifu in Chinese culture can refer to a teacher or to a doctor, as in ancient times they were invariably the same person in a tribe. In the west, a degree in Chinese medicine does not equate to a doctorate. However it is important, we feel, to give the shifus everywhere the proper formal respect as has been done in olden times and as we still do today with doctors.

    Learn more here:

  • @ShifuC

    The Owners About UsThe EducationT hey enrolled in Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, the nations most prestigious in 2008, and graduated in 2012. They have Masters of Science degrees in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

    Shifu Ramon Careaga, C.Ac., NCCAOM Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, uses all of the modalities, with a particular interest in herbology and tuina acupressure, and teaches Thera-peutic Tai Chi. His interests are acute infections, geron-tology, injuries, shen therapy, and health consultation (diet, weight, etc...) Additionally, Sf. Careaga has a B.S.E.E from the University of Kentucky and is a member of the UK Alumni Association.

    Mrs. Arwen Careaga, C.Ac (Diplo-mate of Acupuncture) also uses all the modalities with major interests in auricular acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha. Her specialties are in family/pediatrics, pregnancy, dermatology and autoimmune dis-orders.

    P acific College of Oriental Medicine was founded in 1986 to provide Oriental medical and body therapy

    education to students from around the world.

    Since its inception, the College has been at the forefront of educating students and working in conjunction with lawmakers and medical pro-

    fessionals to advance the stan-dards of both the profession and the Colleges curriculum.

    Pacific has received awards for its curriculum and clinical training, as well as research grants from the National Insti-tutes of Health. Alumni have gone on to be successful in the field and are currently sought

    after as both teachers and practitioners in the U.S. today.


    >>Consumer Information

    >>MSTOM Entrance Pre-requisites

    >>Accreditation Information

    >>Shifus Case Study @ PCOM

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    About UsThe Team Ways we CAREJ eff Gyula is the Office Administrator:Luke Eldridge is the Bluegrass Areas top Wire-artist, with commissions are Artique and ...Along with studying the ancient chinese medicine and philosophy, Luke Eldridge has enrolled in Taijiquan (Tai Chi), and is interested in pursuing the well-round-ed lifestyle of the Confucian Superior Man.

    Insert text

  • 1

    UK Alumni Association Member

    KY Chinese American Association Member

    LFUCGGreenspace Commis-

    sioner & Trustee

    Member, Spencerian College of Mas-sage Advisory Board @ShifuC

    The Team About UsWays we CARECommunity. Assistance. Revitalization. Energy. Shifu and Mrs. Arwen are involved with all of the following:

  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    About UsPayment Options Insurance InformationW e accept payments through all of the following:Cash & personal or business check, money orders & Travelers Cheques Barter & trade; dollar-for-dollar on services and goods as needed (just ask!) Credit cardsPaypal send to: [email protected] Savings Account Should be as easy to use as your credit cardFlex Spending Account Yes: we will provide receipts & justificationsSuperbills provided for insurance reimbursements remitted directly to you from: Blue Cross Blue Shield & Humana; if you have a request for another company to be added, please provide their contact information wed be glad to let them know our NPI identification # and EIN (IRS ID).

  • @ShifuC

    Payment Options About UsInsurance InformationA t this time, Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture is not a part of any networks.

    Our goal is to be in-network when the Af-fordable Care Act is adopted into KY and the PPO partnerships are available to the public. The biggest problem is that many insurance brokerages in KY do not cover acupuncture.

    Or, if they do, they cover only Medical Acu-puncturists which is strange because they have only about 1/10th the training in Chinese Medicine that we do. Shifu and Arwen Careaga have 3,500 hours each; almost twice the state requirement of 1,800 hours and nearly six times the require-ment of a massage therapist. Medical acupuncturists, by comparison can be certified by taking a single course over a few weekends. We believe they should be able to treat certain biomedical conditions, however, for insurance companies to (over)pay only this certain sub-set of acupuncturists seems unfair to patients and practitioners alike. We do not participate with any insurance com-pany that has such a bias.

    We are glad to provide a Superbill to any pa-tient wishing to attempt to receive 80+% re-imbursement through their HMO or insurance provider.

    One thing to be aware of, is with insurance providers to know how one must file a chronic case.

    If they require a filing for every treatment, they (or you) must pay for the time it takes to re-produce those superbill forms per visit. We dont mind to do it, but an hour of work must be paid for to cover our costs (printing and labor).

    Privacy is another concern many people have about their charts and insurance.

    We own the charts. And unless you provide your permission to your insurance provider, we will refuse to make copies or give your medical information to any person other than yourself or a power of attorney.

    *We do not discuss your case with spous-es, attorneys, other health care providers or insurance carriers without your writ-ten approval. Period.

  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    About UsPrivacy & HIPAAP atients should fully review and read the en-tire Notice of Privacy Practices @

    If you have any questions about this Notice please contact our Pri-vacy Officer who is Mrs. Arwen L Careaga

    The Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we may use and dis-close your personal health information (PHI).

    It also describes your rights to access and control your protected health information.

    Upon your request, we will provide you with any revised Notice of Privacy Practices. You may request a revised version by accessing our website.

    Treatment: We will use and disclose your protected health informa-tion to provide, coordinate, or manage your health care and any related services. This includes the coordination or management of your health care with another provider. We will also disclose protected health information to other physicians who may be treating you. In addition, we may disclose your protected health information from time-to-time to another physi-cian or health care provider (e.g., a specialist or laboratory) who, at the request of your physician, becomes involved in your care by providing assistance with your health care diagnosis or treatment to your physi-cian.

    Health Care Operations: We may use or disclose, as needed, your pro-tected health information in order to support the business activities of your physicians practice. These activities include, but are not limited to, quality assessment activities, employee review activities, training of medical students, licensing, fundraising activities, and conducting or arranging for other business activities. Other Permitted and Required Uses and Disclosures That May Be Made Without Your Authorization or Opportunity to Agree or Object We may use or disclose your protected health information in the fol-lowing situations without your authorization or providing you the opportunity to agree or object. These situations include, but are not limited to:

    Required By Law: We may use or disclose your protected health information to the extent that the use or disclosure is required by law. You will be notified, if required by law, of any such uses or disclosures

    Public Health: We may disclose your protected health information for public health activities and purposes to a public health authority that is permitted by law to collect or receive the information.

    Communicable Diseases: We may disclose your protected health information, if authorized by law, to a person who may have been exposed to a communicable disease or may otherwise be at risk of contracting or spreading the disease or condition.

    Abuse or Neglect: We may disclose your protected health information to a public health authority that is authorized by law to receive reports of child abuse or neglect. In addition, we may disclose your protected health information if we believe that you have been a victim of abuse, neglect or domestic violence to the governmental entity or agency authorized to receive such information. In this case, the disclosure will be made consistent with the requirements of applicable federal and state laws.

    Legal Proceedings: We may disclose protected health information in the course of any judicial or administrative proceeding, in response to an order of a court or administrative tribunal (to the extent such disclo-

    sure is expressly authorized), or in certain conditions in response to a subpoena, discovery request or other lawful process.

    Law Enforcement: We may also disclose protected health informa-tion, so long as applicable legal requirements are met, for law enforce-ment purposes.

    Military Activity and National Security: When the appropriate conditions apply, we may use or disclose protected health information of individuals who are Armed Forces personnel We may also disclose your protected health information to authorized federal officials for conducting national security and intelligence activities, including for the provision of protective services to the President or others legally authorized.

    Workers Compensation: We may disclose your protected health information as authorized to comply with workers compensation laws and other similar legally-established programs.

    Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information Based upon Your Written Authorization Other uses and disclosures of your protected health information will be made only with your written authorization, unless otherwise permitted or required by law as described below. You may revoke this authorization in writing at any time. If you revoke your authorization, we will no longer use or disclose your protected health information for the reasons covered by your written authorization. Please understand that we are unable to take back any disclosures already made with your authorization. Other Permitted and Required Uses and Disclosures That Require Providing You the Opportunity to Agree or Object We may use and disclose your protected health information in the fol-lowing instances. You have the opportunity to agree or object to the use or disclosure of all or part of your protected health information. If you are not present or able to agree or object to the use or disclosure of the protected health information, then your physician may, using profession-al judgement, determine whether the disclosure is in your best interest. Others Involved in Your Health Care or Payment for your Care: Unless you object, we may disclose to a member of your family, a relative, a close friend or any other person you identify, your protected health infor-mation that directly relates to that persons involvement in your health care. If you are unable to agree or object to such a disclosure, we may disclose such information as necessary if we determine that it is in your best interest based on our professional judgment.

    Your Rights Following is a statement of your rights with respect to your protected

    health information and a brief description of how you may exercise these rights. You have the right to inspect and copy your protected health informa-tion.

    You have the right to request a restriction of your protected health information. You may request a restriction by submitting a signed letter stating the restriction prior to date of applied restriction of authoriza-tion, effective immediately upon receipt. You have the right to request to receive confidential communications from us by alternative means or at an alternative location.

    You may have the right to have your physician amend your protected health information.

    You have the right to receive an accounting of certain disclosures we have made, if any, of your protected health information.

    You have the right to obtain a paper copy of this notice from us, upon request

    State & Federal Regulation

  • @ShifuC

    Privacy & HIPAA State & Federal RegulationK y law requires all acupunctursits be certified by the Kentucky Medical Board, effective 2006. Here is a copy of the KRS statues which apply:

    311.671 Applicability of KRS 311.671 to 311.686.In order to protect the life, health, and safety of the public, any person practicing or offering to practice as an acupuncturist shall be certified as provided in KRS 311.671 to 311.686. After July 12, 2006, it shall be un-lawful for any person not certified under KRS 311.671 to 311.686 to practice acupuncture in this state, or to use any title, sign, card, or device to indicate that he or she is an acupuncturist. The provisions of KRS 311.671 to 311.686 are not intended to limit, preclude, or otherwise interfere with the practice of other health-care providers, working in any setting and certified or licensed by appropriate agencies or committees of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, whose practices and training may include elements of the same nature as the practice of a certified acupuncturist.

    311.672 Definitions for 311.671 to 311.686.In KRS 311.671 to 311.686, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:(1) Acupuncturist means an individual certified to practice acupuncture by the board;(2) Board means the State Board of Medical Licen-sure;(3) Committee means the Acupuncture Advisory Committee under the State Board of Medical Licensure;(4) Certification means certification by the board to practice acupuncture; and(5) Practice of acupuncture means the insertion of acupuncture needles, with or without accompanying electrical or thermal stimula-tion, at certain acupuncture points or meridians on the surface of the human body for purposes of changing

    the flow of energy in the body and may include acu-pressure, cupping, moxibustion, or dermal friction. The practice of acupuncture shall not include laser acupuncture, osteopathic manipulative treatment, chi-ropractic adjustments, physical therapy, or surgery.

    Effective: July 12, 2006History: Created 2006 Ky. Acts ch. 249, sec. 2, effec-tive July 12, 2006.

    Legislative Research Commission Note (7/12/2006). 2006 Ky. Acts ch. 249, sec. 2, subsec. (3), read: Council means the Acupuncture Advisory Council under the State Board of Medical Licensure. Howev-er, 2006 Ky. Acts ch. 249, sec. 3, created the Acupunc-ture Advisory Committee, not the Acupuncture Advi-sory Council. The Reviser of Statutes has changed the references to Council to Committee in codifying this statute, under the authority of KRS 7.136(1)(h).

    Members of the KY Medical Board of Acupuncture:

    Dinah Blue, C.Ac., GeorgetownNga T.N. Collard, M.D., ElizabethtownJoseph Fiala, Ph.D., Frankfort Kathleen A. Fluhart, C.Ac., LexingtonRandel C. Gibson, D.O., MayfieldMartha Graziano, C.Ac., Chair, LouisvilleShiela Mathew, M.D., LouisvilleMarie T. Tagher, C.Ac., Walton

    Other Regulating Bodies:HIPAA - Notice of Privacy Practices, Pg. 34OSHA - regulates the safety of our facilityLFUCG Board of HealthNCCAOM - the accredidation body that regu-

    lates our national license and diplomacyFDA - regulates supplements and herbs;

    classified currently as foods which require certain handling, GMP, and other standards of delivery to customers.

    More Information

  • Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    General InformationCustomer Service StandardsW e hope to: Earn your repeat-business and trust

    by helping you achieve your health goals.

    Have great Google and Yelp Re-views from you because youre so happy with our service. We aim to acquire your positive re-views, referrals, and loyalty by:

    Always treating you as a person rather than as a machine or commod-ity.

    Giving office-hours consultations by phone or in-person, but also being available after hours for special needs cases.

    Counseling you through difficult or trying times and making sure you feel supported.

    Using quality service lists to ensure youve been treated equitably and fair-ly, given every chance to avoid falling through the cracks as often happens in modern day healthcare.

    Giving you open, honest, and accu-rate health forecasting, prognosis, and treatment plans.

    Providing easy access to informa-tion, technology, and a complete list of our services and vendors.

    Providing excellent referrals to doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy; so that the people you see by extension of us conduct themselves with the same level of integrity and personal regard as we expect from our-selves.

    Giving you multiple avenues of acquiring our services.

    Reaching out to you in your com-munity as much as we possibly can.

    Maintaining adequate and yet non-invasive contact - because we know life is busy and that makes it hard to manage your health; and we also know you do not like to be forgotten. These standards we do hereby acclaim as our solemn vow to you, the patient, business, or host.

    Shifu Ramon Careaga, President Mrs. Arwen Careaga, Manager

  • @ShifuC

    More InformationGeneral InformationT he following is the complete list of Western Biomedical Conditions considered treat-able by acupuncture alone (to say little of TCM altogether) according to the World Health Organi-zation:

    Adverse reactions to radiotherapy and/or chemo-therapy

    Allergic rhinitis (including hay fever)Biliary colicDepression (including depressive neurosis and

    depression following stroke)Dysentery, acute bacillaryDysmenorrhoea, primaryEpigastralgia, acute (in peptic ulcer, acute and

    chronic gastritis, and gastrospasm)Facial pain (including craniomandibular disor-

    ders)HeadacheHypertension, essentialHypotension, primaryInduction of labourKnee painLeukopeniaLow back painMalposition of fetus, correction ofMorning sicknessNausea and vomitingNeck painPain in dentistry (including dental pain and tem-

    poromandibular dysfunction)Periarthritis of shoulderPostoperative painRenal colicRheumatoid arthritisSciaticaSprainStrokeTennis elbow

    A dditionally it may of interest to note that all of the following persons or enti-ties have used acupuncture for health, heal-ing, or performance enhancement:

    United States and Chinese Olympic TeamsRobert Downey Jr.Oprah WinfreyKatie CouricElle MacphersonGwyneth PaltrowJim CarreyHelen HuntSarah Michelle GellarMadonnaCherJennifer AnnistonCeline DionMariah CareyLucy LiuSandra BullockMatt DamonDwayne WadeNumerous horse owners/farms employ it

    for their prized horsesMany dog and cat owners seek it out for

    difficult chronic conditions and pet anxieties

    If an animal, athlete, or celebrity deserves to be pampered and taken care of... dont you since you work just as hard or harder than they do??

    Customer Service Standards

  • 8 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    LegalPayment Policies Other Regs & PoliciesL ate Payments As all payments are either due at the end of treatment at the latest, late payments are considered rent of time. For the first week, the account will be charged a 5% fee, returnable if payment is received the same week of treatment. Each following day there is an in-creased fee of 2% per day on delinquent accounts. Accounts delinquent by two months will be considered in default and the clinic reserves the right to turn the bill over to a collection agency or to take the patient to court to receive payment, and to close the account and discharge the patient. Exceptions can be made in the event of illness, death, or other adverse conditions, though the patient may be required to provide proof of the situation. Managers are not authorized to curtail fees. C ancellations and Late/No Shows Cancellations, so long as they are within scheduling requirements (see above), will not be charged any fees. Late cancellations in excess of two in a row or three total will be charged $50 (or the highest for their rate) to the account in lieu of lost revenue for unbooked ap-pointments. Another infraction will mean a full charge at their normal rate. Another infraction means pos-sible probation of the account (on top of the fees), and at the discretion of the Practitioner, a discharge from services. Patients arriving late in excess of 20 minutes may be charged $10, and 30 minutes is considered a late can-cellation. They may be allowed one grace period per year; this includes all gift certificates and vouchers. No show patients are treated as late cancellations. If a patient does not make contact, it may be consid-ered malicious meaning that they are more likely than those that make contact to be discharged from

    service or placed on probation of services. Starting 4/13/13 No call/no show patients who do not re-schedule will be sent a bill for a full half of the normal rate of their treatment scheduled in lieu of lost revenue. This policy shall apply retroactively for all returning patients starting 4/15/13. Prior acknowledg-ment of these Practices will apply without notice. D iscounts Patients may receive, upon request, discounts to their accounts in the following three ways:

    Patients that refer a new patient to the clinic will receive a one time 50% discount for themselves or another account (in the form of a gift). There is no limit to this usage. The new patient must receive a full treatment and pay for it. To take advantage one must make a verbal request; the clinic is not responsible for cataloging these referrals.

    For each subsequent month of patronage, a patient can receive 5% off their normal rate (not to exceed 66% their normal rate).*

    For each subsequent year of patronage, patients may receive 2% off (3 months of recent treatment required) from their normal rate (not to exceed 2/3 their rate).*

    * #2 and 3 only apply to Basic Pay Schedule; request for discount must be made by patron at time of payment. Cessation of patronage for 2 months or

    more will return account status to normal rates.

  • @ShifuC

    Payment Policies LegalOther Regs & PoliciesR egarding Informed Consent: KRS 311.678 Required disclosure to pa-tients -- Informed consent.An acupuncturist shall obtain informed con-sent from each patient in a manner consistent with the acceptable and prevailing standards of practice within this Commonwealth and, at a minimum, the acupuncturist shall disclose to the patient the following written information prior to or during the patients initial visit:(1) The acupuncturists qualifications, includ-ing his or her education, certification informa-tion, and the definition and scope of the prac-tice of acupuncture in the Commonwealth; and (2) Possible outcomes of the treatment to be given, including any pain, bruising, infection, needle sickness, or other side effects that may occur.A dditionally, please understand that our malpractice insurance provider, Ameri-can Acupuncture Council requires that every patient sign and date an acknowledgement of Informed Consent and Arbitration Agreement, which they provide. A copy for your review may be found on our website or a paper copy may be provided.

    R egarding Continuing Education: KRS 311.682 Continuing education require-ments.(1) The board shall, by administrative regula-tion, prescribe continuing education require-ments not to exceed thirty (30) hours bienni-ally, as a condition for renewal of a certificate. All education programs that contribute to the advancement, extension, or enhancement of professional skills and knowledge related to the practice of acupuncture, whether con-ducted by a nonprofit or profit-making en-tity, are eligible for approval. The continuing professional education requirements must be in acupuncture or oriental medicine subjects, including but not limited to anatomy, biologi-cal sciences, adjunctive therapies, sanitation and sterilization, emergency protocols, and diseases.(2) The board shall have the authority to set a fee for each continuing education provider.(3) The certified practitioner shall retain in his or her records the certificates of completion of continuing professional education require-ments to prove compliance with this section.(4) All national and state acupuncture and ori-ental medicine organizations and acupuncture and oriental medicine schools are approved to provide continuing professional education in accordance with this section.

    Effective: July 12, 2006

  • 0 Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    Q&ASales & Employment Referrals & SolicitorsBlue Lotus Health & Acupuncture and Blue Lotus Health & Wellness are always active-ly looking for Salesmen/Account Managers:Current Job Offer: Scheduling and Account Managers20+%* of gross for all sales made at location + bo-nuses and free treatment at BLHA**

    Prereq: High School Diploma, Associates Preferred, sales or secretary experience a plus; must own your own phone; must be interested/willing to train in Chi-nese Medicine in order to understand the sale.

    Skills: Must be able to convey an outgoing, friendly personality through phone conversation and quickly gain access to a location for Mr. & Mrs. Careaga; must be capable of learning to use internet applications (site training provided); must be willing to work 10-20 hrs per week minimum depending on how effective you are. Technically speaking you are just setting an ap-pointment, and WE are making the sale on site.

    Job details:This is entry level for a more permanent position. You may work out of your own home, part time. Your job will be: Call/cold call businesses, government and corporate offices, hospitals, clinics, factories, schools, etc...Convince HR/managers to allow representatives ac-cess to a room or open area on location and distribute information about TCM to employees in order to encourage them to seek chronic pain/stress relief.Supply all necessary contact info, materials, and espe-cially forms to HR to distribute; we pay for materials and much of it is on the internet for them to print.Get logistical and parking information and add the appointment to the clinic Calendar via your gmail ac-count with all pertinent details (training provided)In addition, you are able to earn commission for patient referrals and sales ofall of our programs and

    seminars. A person with lots of connections can keep the calendar very busy.

    A call should take no more than a couple minutes to conclude. In ten calls you should be able to get an ap-pointment. Great reps can get 3/10. In this way a rep can make an amazing hourly rate and have lots of time left for other interests. Great for stay at home careers, musicians, artists, or others looking to pursue a second career.

    Please note: You will not be in the employ of the company (yet). *Small businesses and offices earn a 20% commis-sion, middle sized (20-50 employees earn 30%, large businesses earn 40%, very large and repeat businesses can earn 50%! Commissions are paid after BLHA is paid, and it is paid per visit and not one time only.)

    **Other than free acupuncture and other TCM health-care, there are no specific benefits.

    Other Compensation: Job bonuses will be paid out for excellent jobs, Christmas, and as the job progresses the pay will increase due to taking on more advanced/difficult details.

    This is the only position currently open.

    Please continue to check back periodically for updates.

  • 1 @ShifuC

    Sales & Employment Referrals & SolicitorsQ&AO ur official Referral Map (updated 5/10/2013):

    S olictors: We receive a lot of solicitations, and we appreciate these. Here are some tips, however, that may make your job as a salesperson a little easier:

    Know all about our Programs and Services.Read a little about Chinese Medicine, so you understand our concerns, needs, and desires. Do you know who our suppliers are?

    Do you know about Shifus work as an advocate for the medicine and for Green Issues?If you have a marketing, web, or graphics design pitch, show us something. Show us you have thought about the medicine, our

    patients, our needs, and show us your imagination.Read About Us and learn what it is that makes us tick. Know how to spell and pronounce our names, for example.If you are in advertising, we absolutely will not buy unless we have an exact cost per month and estimate of leads (or at least

    reach and then some way of determining leads). We calculate ROI and without these numbers you will find it hard to sell usIf you want us to demo view your software, the best time for that is not during the week when we have patients, but on a Satur-

    day morning or Monday morning. We are interested in your software, but just not at our busy times.Before asking for a meeting, ask yourself, Have I done my homework? We buy from companies and people who show a pas-

    sionate care for our medicine, patients and our business.One of the best ways to help us afford anything new is to refer to us. Loyalty sells.

  • From the Transformations Kit

    Copyright (c) 2013 AAP Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture

    Q&AQuestions?Q: I am taking/considering taking Zija, or Chiro/Naturopathic perscribed supplements, may I take those or what do you suggest?

    A: I would save your money by choosing one or the other. Unless the supplement has been pre-scribed for a medical reason (such as CoQ-10 or Red Yeast Rice or Calcium, for example) by a competent Medical Board certified/licensed practitioner, we will request you cease that supplement while on this program or any of our herbs. Why? Because chances are good you will not need that supplement but should spend that money at the gym.

    Q:How do I know that I am ready for a pro-gram?

    A:We use an interest scale. If you are 6/10 motivated, with 6 leaning to-wards 7 (where 1 is do noth-ing, and 10 is surgery such as Stomach Stapling), then you should try our program.

    Q: Can I use herbs alone or 5 Element Diet alone?

    A: Yes; but please be more patient, and exer-cise more.

    Q: How much weight should I expect to lose?A: With our program alone it is normal for medium and small bone frame types to lose 6-8 (female) or 8-10 (male) pounds in the first month, and 3-6 pounds a month after that; double or triple for medium

    and high level intensity of exercise, respectively. With the Transformations 360 program, we expect 11-15 (female) and 15-20 (male) pounds lost in the first month (most of this is water), and after that about half, again double or triple if your exercise level is medium to high.

    Q: Can I get the Transformations Kit by itself?A: We do not recommend this pathway, and will stringently suggest against it. However, if you agree to also take herbs and come in regularly as well as get tuina, then it is a possibil-ity. But your chances for success depend upon your focus level, and Acupuncture enhances mental focus and clarity of thinking. Many people gain weight through a cluttered psychological state of anxiety, confusion, and indifference (caused by low energy or depression or both); Acupuncture can help these, as well as treat physi-cal ailments.

    Q: Can I combine with another weight loss sys-tem, such as Weight Watch-ers or P90X, etc...?

    A: You can do anything you want. However, we will inform you based upon YOUR condition level if that program will be a poor method to attaining optimal health.


  • @ShifuC

    Questions? TestimonialsFinally...L ow Back PainI went to see Shifu for lower back pain. I felt noticeably better after just the first treatment! He was very patient, knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommended.

    ~Jeremy O.B lood PressureSf. Ramon Careaga is a professional, compassionate and highly knowledgeable TCM provider. Ive had endocrine and high blood pressure issues for the pass 5 years. With the treatment and g