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6th Pan-Hellenic Conference

Transcript of 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference

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Page 4: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



Board of Directors of the E.N.E. (HRBofN)

President: Dimitris SkoutelisGeneral Secretary: Aristides Daglas1st Vice - President: Nikolaos Orfanos2nd Vice - President: Georgios DontsiosDeputy Secretary: Konstantia BelaliTreasurer: Lambros BizasOrg. Secretary: Georgios AvramidesMembers: Dimitrios Pistolas

Georgios ArvanitisNikolaos GiakisDimitrios DimitrellisApostolos KotsisGeorgios PondisidesRizos RizopoulosFotis Spiratos

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Health

With the support of FEPI

Page 5: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have every reason to believe that the “6th Pan-Hellenic and 5th European Scientific

and Professional Nursing Conference” which will take place in the island of Lefkada

from 23 to 26 May at the Ionian Blue Hotel, will provide a new opportunity for a

useful and fruitful scientific meeting which will fulfill our expectations.

The main objective of this conference is to help our participants to form a

comprehensive perspective of all the topics that will be presented, since in the context

of our profession we have to deal with constant challenges. Thus, we invite all of our

members to participate actively in the Conference, in order to highlight the

exceptional educational, research, clinical and social aspect of the work that has been

produced and offered to the Greek people. We owe it to those who have been selflessly

struggling for our Association to fulfill its great mission.

Above all, we are expected to form nurses with high self-esteem and participatory

culture, in order to protect and promote our profession.

The fact that our previous conferences were highly successful is a challenge, thus we

encourage our colleagues to submit their papers on time, in order to carry out an

equally successful conference.

Consequently, we expect that our 6th Conference will be successful as it will highlight

important aspects of interest, as well as for its contribution to the solution of problems

that concern the nursing community as a whole.

Nursing students are also encouraged to attend the conference, since obtaining knowledge

is not enough; active participation in creating new knowledge is essential. During the

conference, many lectures, round tables, workshops, clinical education seminars and

short presentations of poster contributions will take place.

Participants will be credited with 23 Units of Continuing Nursing Education.

Also, the best papers will be given an award.

Page 6: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference


We would like to congratulate the keynote speakers who willfully share their knowledge

with us. We give our warmest ‘thank you’ to the members of the scientific, honorary,

international, and local conference committees. An important point is the overwhelming

interest of our colleagues to participate in this conference.

We invite you to walk together towards substantial and multilateral nursing education

through this scientific and social event, which will emphasize once again the fact that

nurses, despite of the current adverse circumstances, want and can do the best.

Except from the scientific part, the Island of Poets, Lefkada, will provide all participants

with many opportunities for various cultural and recreational activities.

We are confident of your attendance and active participation, and we expect to wel-

come you in Lefkada island for the top event of our Board.

Dimitrios Skoutelis,

President of theHellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses


Page 7: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



Chairperson: Aristidis Daglas

1st Vice - Chairperson: Georgios Kourtis

2nd Vice - Chairperson: Dimitrios Pistolas


Alexopoulou StamatiaArapostathi KanelaArvanitis GeorgiosAvramidis GeorgiosBakelas IoannisBaliozoglou GeorgiosBarkas SymeonBekri EleniBerk AristeaBrachantini KalliopiDontsios GeorgiosGalatou ChrysodimitraGeorgiou EvaggelosGiagkou EftichiaGiannopoulou EvdoxiaKaklamanou EvdokiaKampougeri EfstathiaKaralioliou KalliopiKonstantinidou AnnaKoskinas Panagiotis

Kotsis ApostolosLymperopoulou GeorgiaMantzanas MichalisNianiopoulos KonstantinosOrfanos NikolaosPalitzikas DimitriosPapadimitriou ChristosPapandreou NikolaosPapapaschali EvaggeliaPara PolyxeniPolykandriotis TzannisPontisidis GeorgiosRizos NikolaosSelamanidou MagdaliniStouka ChrysoulaThomatos DimitriosTogias AthanasiosTriantafylloudis IoannisYfantis ArisZiabra Evaggelia


Page 8: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference





President: Ksiromeriti Antonia Akrivopoulou AngelikiAlantassi EssamAlexiou OlgaAntoniadis AlexandrosAravani EkateriniBakela ParaskeviBakelas IoannisBournazos PanagiotisBrachantini KalliopiDrouvi AntigoniExarchos KonstantinosFilippa EleniFlouda VassilikiGiagkou EftichiaGianou SotiriaGkola PanagiotaKalamaraki DespinaKalou KyriakiKavvadia SpyridoulaKekke EleniKokla AngelikiKonsta Sofia

Koukoudis AnastasiosKourtis GeorgiosLambrousis AngelosLappas SerafimLouvrou SofiaMessini KerasoulaMichalis AthanasiosNikolopoulou VassilikiPantazi AgathiPatra MariaPoliti MariaSarakinos ThomasSiati GeorgiaStragalinou MariaTousis EfthymiosTsiantas DimitriosTsinias ChristosTsoroni AristeaTzoumerkiotis StavrosVassiliou AntoniosZavitsanos DimitriosZioga ChristinaZoganas Konstantinos

Chairperson: Skoutelis Dimitrios Vice - Chairperson: Saridi Maria Members:Avramidis GeorgiosAthanasakis KonstantinosAthanasopoulou MariaAlbani HeleniApostolakis IoannisVeneti EkateriniGerali MariaGeorgiadou AnastasiaGiakis NikolaosIntas GeorgiosKalokerinou AthinaKaragkouni AgathiKafkia TheodoraKoukia Evmorfia

Koulouri AgoritsaKourakos MichailKonstantikaki VaiaBaloti VaiaBarouksis DimitriosBelali KonstantiaBelali ThaliaBizas LamprosDaska EleftheriaDafogianni ChrysoulaPalitzika DimitraSarafis PavlosStatharou AngelikiTani SofiaChristodoulou EleniChrysovitsanou Chrysa

Page 9: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference




Akrivopoulou AggelikiApostolopoulou EleniBagiati MariaDioudi PagonaFilippatou VassilikiFragkopoulou EleniKarathana GiannoulaKonstantinidou AnnaKontou PetroulaKotsopoulou-Artinou MariaMouratidou KyriakiNifli EleniPantazi Kyriakoula

Conference Secretariat

FREI S.A. Travel – Congress3, Paparigopoulou St., 105 61, Athens, Greece Τel.: +30 210 3215600, Fax: + 30 210 3219296 www.frei.gr e-mail: [email protected]

Chairperson: Giakoumaki Irini Vice – Chairperson: Rekleiti Maria Members: Bizas LamprosDragica SimunecDrakopoulou Marianna Evaggelidou EftychiaKoutroubas TheodorosMaggoulia PolyxeniMircea Timofte

Myra BroadwayPapastavrou EvridikiRocco GennaroRoka VassilikiSasic DraganSasso LoredanaSilvestro Annalisa

S.A. Travel-Congress


Paschali AnezinaPetroula SofiaPoulopoulou MariaRoka EleniSantamouri EleniSeidopoulou DimitraTelioni MariaTsatopoulou MarthaTseprailidou OlgaTsougia PanagiotaXiromeriti AntoniaZagana Vaia

Page 10: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



Deadline for the Submission of Abstracts: 22/02/2013

General Information

Abstracts may be submitted either by email or through the Conference web page asfollows:

A. By e-mailThe abstract should be sent by email to [email protected] with the following attachments:

i. The abstract’s communication form in the previous page duly completed; andii. The paper’s abstract in a Word file which must include the title, the authors,

their institutions of origin and the text of the abstract.

B. Through the conference web pageAn abstract may be submitted online through the Conference web pagewww.enne2013.gr where all the necessary information for the proper submission ofyour abstract is available.

1. Abstracts submitted after the deadline (22/02/2013) will not be accepted.2. Abstracts sent by fax or post will not be accepted.3. At least one of the authors of the paper must be registered at the Conference

(i.e. registration fee settled).4. The authors of a review must not exceed 3 persons and the authors of a research

paper must not exceed 7 (except for special cases of research activities).5. Upon receipt of the abstract, the Conference Organiser will send an

acknowledgement of receipt to the author in charge of correspondence with the organiser. If such acknowledgement of receipt is not received within three days, please contact the Conference Secretariat at the following number:

+30 210 3215600 or via e-mail at [email protected]. 6. The abstracts' evaluation results shall be sent to the authors in charge of

correspondence no later than the 22ndof February 2013.

7. Abstracts submitted may be withdrawn only until the 22th of February 2013, which is the closing date for the submission of abstracts.

8. The Conference Secretariat is available for any further information at the following number: +30 210 3215600 or via e-mail at [email protected]

Page 11: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference


Preparation - Structure

Given that the abstracts will be included in the Abstracts CD exactly as they aresubmitted, the authors are kindly requested to follow precisely the detailed instructionsgiven below on the preparation of abstract text.

Instructions on the preparation of abstractsThe structure of a research abstract must comprise the following distinct paragraphs:• Introduction• Objective• Methodology• Results• Conclusions

The structure of an abstract literature review must comprise the following distinctparagraphs:• Introduction• Objective• Literature Review• Conclusions

The corresponding title should be typed before each paragraph in bold case characters.E.g. Introduction, Objective, Methodology, Results, Conclusions.1. In case of a poster presentation, the points mentioned above apply to posters as

the case may be, and the relevant literature should also be included.2. The text of the abstract should not exceed 350 words in length.3. The text dimensions should be suitable for transcription to A4 size

(21 cm x 29.7cm), with the top and bottom margins set to 2.54 cm and the left and right margins set to 3.17 cm (which are the standard dimensions of a Word file).

4. Each text must be typed using the Arial 11 pt. font type, formatted in single spaceand fully justified.

5. The title of the paper must be typed in bold title case characters and center justified.6. The title should be followed by the name(s) of the author(s).7. The names of the authors must be in nominal case, written in title case, with the

first name (unabbreviated) preceding the surname (e.g. Antonis Papadopoulos).8. The name of each author is followed by a number in superscript indicating the

position, institution of origin as well as the city of each author.E.g. Costas Papadopoulos1, Irini Nikolaou2, Nikolaos Anagnostou1

1. Nurse BSc, General Hospital “Aghios Andreas”, Patras2. Nurse BSc, University Hospital of Ioannina.

9. The name of the author who will present the paper must be underlined.E.g. Costas Papadopoulos1, Irini Nikolaou2, Nikolaos Anagnostou1

10. The text may contain standard abbreviations, tables and diagrams on the conditionthat they do not exceed the text justification margins, and that the text does notexceed the total number of 350 words.


Page 12: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference


11. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject a paper if it does not comply to the above criteria.

12. The wishes of the authors as well as the organisational requirements of the Conference will be taken into consideration in selecting the method of presentationeither oral or poster, also depending on the available time and space.

13. Final classification in a thematic unit and the final method of presentation of thepapers which will be accepted are determined by the Scientific Committee that will evaluate the paper abstracts.

Oral PresentationThe time limit for oral presentation has been fixed to eight (8) minutes. It is imperativethat this time limit must not be exceeded.

PostersAll poster frames will be numbered and a list of names/numbers will be posted in aprominent place.The authors are responsible for putting up the posters using materials provided by theConference Secretariat as well as for their removal. The recommended dimensionsfor posters are: 120 cm high by 80 cm wide.


Page 13: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference




Vasiliki Roka1, Paraskevi Apostolara2, Marianna Drakopoulou2, Nikoletta Roka3, Dimitris Skafidakis4, Mally Ehrenfeld 5, Athena Kalokerinou6

1. Lieutenant Commander (HN), RN, PhD. Educational department of Armed Forces Officers Nurse School, Athens, Greece.

2. RN, MSc, PhD(c). National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. 3. Chemist. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. 4. Dentist, MSc(c). Hellenic Open University, Greece. 5. RN, PhD, Professor, Head of Nursing department, Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv,

Tel-Aviv, Israel.6. Associate Professor, Community Nursing Laboratory, Faculty of Nursing, National and

Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

Introduction: The institution of Armed Forces has a national, social and historic characterfor Greek Population. Many people are engaged to as cadres, civilian staff or enlisted men whofulfil their military service, which is compulsory for all male Greek citizens. The contributionof the Greek Armed Forces to the Health Status of the population is very important, especiallyfor the lower socio-economic classes, complementing the state’s efforts in the health sector.Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate lifestyle factors associated with health statusand healthy behaviors in male conscripts of the Hellenic Navy. Example and Methodology:A representative sample of 1350 healthy male conscripts of the Hellenic Navy was conductedin two training centres from February through August 2007. Data was collected by means ofself-administered questionnaires. The response rate was 83.8%. Demographic characteristics,smoking habits, alcohol consumption, physical activity and adherence to the Mediterraneandiet were associated to the compliance to health related lifestyle factors. Statistical analysiswas processed by means of the Statistical Package of Social Sciences, SPSS 13.0.Results:Male recruits had a mean age of 24.6 years (SD=3.1 years). 54, 95% of the participantswere smokers and 21, 1% of them stated that because of smoking they couldn’t participate incertain activities which demanded physical effort. 47, 7% admitted that during military servicethey were smoking more comparing with their life before. 70, 7% mentioned that they con-sumed more than 5 drinks in one day, less than 2 times in a month, while 82,2% admittedthat they had consumed more than 5 drinks and after that they had driven a vehicle at leastonce during last month. 46, 1% had a physical activity daily. 32, 7% were at risk for overweight,while 7,1% of them were obese. 65,0% underestimated their weight status. Recruits with highereducational level, non smokers and non alcohol consumers reported healthy nutritional habitsand better oral health status. Conclusions: Demographic characteristics, socio-economic background, educational level andlife-style factors were interrelated and co-related with health status and healthy behaviors.Therefore all these dimensions should be considered as potential targets for future health pro-motion strategies and interventions in the Hellenic Armed Forces.

Page 14: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



• Mental Health Nursing

• Cardiac Nursing

• Medical Nursing

• Surgical Nursing

• Community Nursing

• Paediatric Nursing

• Oncology Nursing

• Infection Control Nursing

• Health Services Administration and Organization

• Public Health & Epidemiology

• Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nursing and Emergency Nursing

• Nursing Education

• Health Law

• Nephrology Nursing

• Professional and Legal Issues

• Health Nursing and Safety

Page 15: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



The Organizing and Scientific Committee of the 6th Pan-Hellenicand 5th European Scientific and Professional Nursing Conferenceinstituted a competition to award four full papers of the Conferenceas follows:

Awarding conditions1. Original papers in which authors have collected researchmaterial or data over the past five years and are highly relevantto the subject of the Conference.2. The structure of the papers should follow the guidelines givento the authors of the Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science.3. Text of the papers should be submitted until March 1st 2013

Submission of papersPapers should be submitted in word document by e-mail [email protected]

Evaluation and selection criteria for the papers’ awardingPapers will be evaluated by the awarding committee. Papers willbe graded with the use of a weighted scale and classified accordingto their order.

The main criteria are:• The degree of topic’s originality.• The innovation and suitability of the methods.• Papers’ potential contribution to the health sector.• The prospect of continuing research.• The presentation of papers at the Conference

Prize awardingPrizes will be awarded during the Closing Ceremony of theConference.During the awarding ceremony, at least one of the authors of theprized papers should be present.

Along with the prize, the four best full papers will be publishedoptionally in the Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science, which isthe official journal of the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses.

1st Prizefor Original Research Paper

2nd Prizefor Original Literature Review Paper

3rd Prizefor Poster Presentation

4th Prizefor Original Student’s Paper

Page 16: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



Proper way of writing and length of the text

Accuracy and simplicity. Ensuring cohesion of the content. Correct use of grammar and syntax. Usage of the 3rd singular or 1st plural.All manuscripts should be written in word.doc format only.12 point Arial Font, Complete Alignment, 1, 5 line Spacing.2,54 Margins up, down, right, left, page numbering.The text should not exceed 5 pages.

Manuscripts should be set out as follows:

1. IntroductionThe introduction of the study will describe the basic parameters clearly and succinctly,which will introduce the reader to the subject. The introduction will include 1 to 3pertinent references, preferably of current reviews concerning the subject.

2. Main BodyThe development of the main part of the study will be based on the following principle:80% of the text will cover basic knowledge, which informs and educates the non-expertand the remaining 20% will introduce the current trends and evolutions in order tosatisfy the demanding reader.

Each part of the Main Body should include a sufficient number of references, all ofwhich should not be more than 20. References should have a clear temporal distribution(if applicable) of the described data.

In this part, references of specific clinical or research interest are of preference, inorder to raise awareness of the forward–looking nurse.

3. ConclusionsThis part of the study will inform the reader of the following:• What is acceptable about the subject today?• What parts are ongoing?• What are the prospects?

4. References• References should not exceed the 20 +_ 5. From these, the basic overviews of the

last 2-3 years will be accompanied by the sign *.• References should be cited using the Harvard convention.

5. Key-WordsFull text will necessarily be accompanied by key words.

Page 17: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference


Time and VenueThe 6th Pan-Hellenic & 5th Pan-European Scientific & Professional NursingConference of the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses, will be held at the IonianBlue Hotel, from May 23rd to May 26th, 2013.

Important DatesConference Dates: May 23-26, 2013Pre-registrations Deadline: February 15, 2013Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 22, 2013Reply on the approval of abstracts submitted: March 15, 2013

Registration Fees

The Conference Registration Fee includes• Attendance of all Conference proceedings• Admission to the exhibition area• Conference Material• Coffee Breaks• Certificate of attendance• Opening Ceremony & Reception • Social Events (Chess night, musical events, dramatic performances)

Participation in the Workshops (which will be announced in the Conference websitewww.enne2013.gr) is FREE but registration is required at the Conference Secretariat.Due to limited availability, registration request for the Workshops will be on firstcome first served basis.

PresentationsPresentations during the Conference will be in two forms:Oral Presentations – Poster Presentations ▪ The duration of each Oral Presentation must not exceed 8 minutes.▪ Each Poster Presentation will be posted at a specified time (morning/afternoon), itsdimensions must not exceed 1,20cm in height by 0,80cm in width and will be postedusing the material provided by the Conference Secretariat.

Up to 15/02/2013 From 16/02/2013 From 30/03/2013to 29/03/2013 and on site

ENE members €35 €80 €120Non ENE members/Other Professionals €90 €130 €180

Unemployed Nurses FREE €20 €50

Students FREE €20 €50


Page 18: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference


Conference SecretariatDuring the Conference, the Secretariat will be open:May 23 08:00 – 20:00May 24 08:00 – 20:00May 25 08:00 – 20:00May 26 08:00 – 15:00

LanguageThe official language of the Conference is Greek. Presentations by foreign delegateswill be made in English with simultaneous translation.

Accreditation23 Postgraduate Credits will be awarded for participation in the Conference.

AudiovisualAll Conference rooms are equipped with:

• Data video projector• Computer• Projection screen• Laser pointer

The audiovisual material to be used by each speaker must be handed to the Conferencetechnical Secretariat at least one hour before the scheduled presentation.

Commercial Exhibition During the Conference, an exhibition area for pharmaceutical companies as well aspublishers of medical books and journals will be open. Interested parties For more information contact the Conference Secretariat throughe-mail at [email protected] or though tel. +30 210 3215600, 211 6005600


Rate per person in a double room: 280 €

• Ionion Star• Lefkas • Sofia • Oscar

Ionion Star Lefkas Sofia Oscar


Page 19: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference


Rate per person in a double room: 310 €• Bel Air • Oasis • Konaki• Porto Ligia

Bel Air Oasis Konaki Porto Ligia

Rate per person in a double room: 360 €• Ionian Blue • Porto Galini• Tesoro

Ionian Blue Porto Galini Tesoro

All the above rates are:• for a total of three nights (23, 24, 25/05/2013)• include breakfast and all applicable taxes• include one meal per day• Sailing around the islands of Scorpios, Madouri, Sparti & Cheloni

Important Information ▪ three overnight stays (23, 24, 25 /05/2013) are mandatory.▪ Reservations are confirmed only after full payment.▪ a copy of the deposit slip must be sent to the conference secretariat by fax (0030 210 3219296) or e-mail ([email protected]) including the participant’s full name as well as a contact telephone number.▪ all reservations are confirmed in writing to the e-mail address or fax numberspecified to the conference secretariat.▪ cancellations for reservations must be made in writing and are subject tocancellation fees, depending on the date when the are made, namely:- up to 08/02/2013, no cancellation fee- up to 01/04/2013, 50% cancellation fee- after 02/04/2013, 100% cancellation fee


Page 20: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference



The island & the town... A short story

The island owes its name to the white cliffs of its southernmost cape, as the word“Lefkada” originates from “Lefkos” (Greek word for “white”).Reaching the island by road, you will see the castle of Aghia Mavra, built in 1300 ADby the Venetians. Back then, the castle actually constituted the town of Lefkada, beforebeing relocated to its current position.

Lefkada, a mountainous island with many green, steep cliffs and beaches, is the onlyGreek island that is connected with the mainland by a pontoon bridge. The island has a rich cultural life whereas several distinguished Greek scholars(Svoronos), writers and poets (Valaoritis, Sikelianos) as well as important artists(Baltsa, Karoussos) are associated with it.

The heart of the main social and financial life of the town is located at the centralstreet, called “Derpeld and I. Mela str.”. There, you will find the main shopping districtand the central square of Aghios Spiridonas (named after the nearby church) whichis the meeting point for both the locals and the visitors.

Then, you can wander around at the narrow streets, the famous “kantounia” whichwere built this way as a means to confuse the pirates. Another interesting sight is thetraditional houses of Lefkada, built so close next to each other. Do note their specialarchitecture: their basement made of stone supports the main house wooden structurewhereas different coloured zinc details adorn their facades.

You will also have the chance to visit different churches with an intricate architectureand remarkable religious iconography, as well as the libraries and the cultural museumsof the town.

Page 21: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference

Οι Γραμμές που ορίζουν τις εξελίξεις

Αντλίες Plum A+® και Plum A+3®Α ί lum A+® κς PίελλττννΑ u lum ® αι P A+® κ +m A+3®

Οι Γ


ς παμμέρΟι Γ Γρ

τ lum A+® κς PίελτννΑ

ουν τις εξζίρου ος π

u lum αι P A+ κ

λλ ι εουν τις εξ

+m A+3


η γΔιεύθυνστούνζεπTρα

φλενίκης: Δολσσαίου Θεραφεη γίσσλ, Μεουρέανδπος 17 & Α. Πατ

Τηλ.: 2310 306790αία 555 35 | ών 17, ΠυλφΤηλ.: 210 6136332 | Fνα | ια 151 27 | Αθήίσσ

Τηλ.: 2310 306790ax: 210 8105298Τηλ.: 210 6136332 | F

Page 22: 6th Pan-Hellenic Conference