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Transcript of REG-D PAN D

a-eberle T013D202A00 Issue 08/2006(REG-D, PAN-D)Voltage Control System* in wall-mounting housing* in panel-mounting housing* as plug-in moduleCharacteristics of the voltageregulation system Large backlit LCD (128 x 128) with all Important information (tap-change position, voltage, etc.) Measuring functions (U, I, P, Q, S, cos , , I sin , f ) Recorder functions (multichannel line recorder) Statistics functions (total number of switching operations, switching operations per tap) Event recorder (log book) Transformer-monitoring functions for recording of the hot-spot temperature and lifetime consumption 14 (16) freely programmable binary inputs 7 freely programmable binary outputs Freely programmable analogue inputs or outputs (mA) PT 100 direct input Input for tap-change potentiometer (200 ... 20 k total resistance) Control of triple-wound transformers Control of phase-shifting transformersREGSysApplicationBoth simple and demanding measurement, control and regu-lation tasks can be carried out using the new RegSys volt-age-control system.The REG-D voltage regulator (basic device), PAN-D and PAN-A1/A2 voltage monitoring units as well as interface mo-dules with binary inputs and outputs and analogue inputs and outputs are used as an optimal solution for these varied tasks.Every REG-D regulator can be used as a regulator and at the same time as a transformer monitor, measurement transducer, recorder, statistical unit and ParaGramer. All important network measurement quantities are displayed in measurement trans-ducer mode. Changes in the regulated voltage and additional selectable measurement quantities are recorded in recorder mode. The statistical unit for the tap-changer position offers a clear display of all switching operations of the tap-changer. The ParaGramer provides a complete busbar simulation.It is particularly useful for the parallel connection of several transformers.The REG-DA regulator features a world innovation as it can be equipped with a high-capacity transformer-monitoring func-tion in accordance with CEI IEC 354 (VDE 0536). This function allows the operator to call up information about the hot-spot temperature and the lifetime consumption of the transformer at any time. If required, the regulator can activate up to six cool-ing levels. The oil temperature can either be recorded directly (PT 100) or via a mA input.The connection of multiple independent voltage control sys-tems in a network via a bus line enables a central monitoring of the transformers and a mutual exchange of data over large distances via various transfer methods. In particular, the parallel connections of several transformers can be very easily imple-mented this way.The PAN-D voltage-monitoring unit is used for redundant volt-age monitoring.Both the tap-changer and the regulator can be monitored with the aid of monitoring units.The PAN-D unit supplies a range of signals which enable secure and concise operation of a transformer.These are output via LEDs and relay contacts and include the following: voltage limits U2, U4, tap-changer in operation lamp and the signals Regulator fault and Tap-Changer fault, etc.Application-specic tasks can also be implemented via freely programmable inputs and outputs.REGSys is able to communicate with a central control unit via all common protocols.The following protocols are available: IEC 60870 - 5 - 101 / 103 / 104 IEC 61850 LON DNP 3.0 Probus DP MODBUS RTU SPABUSThe PAN-D monitoring unit can be usedas an additional safety device.GBA. Eberle GmbH & Co. KGTechnical DataAUTOlocalremoteESC MENUF5F4F3F2F1 Status< U> U> IREG-DCOM1a-eberleDisplayX = 81,15y = 76,95B = 67,818 mmH = 67,818 mmRS232RS232RS485StatusE-LANRS485123456 78910111213COM 1COM 2COM 3PLCDLEDRAMROMCLOCKCasedifferentiationREG-DProgramBoundary conditionsParallel operationon one(several)busbar(s)I sin Identical transformers, identical or differenttap changesI sin (S) Transformers with different performances, different or equaltap changesMasterslaveIdentical transformers, identical tap changesFree infeed cos Any transformers,any tap changesEmergency pro-gram during bus error cos Any transformers,any tap changes for the I sin and I sin (S) programsDescriptionFunctions of the REG-DTM regulator 1 2x current and 2x voltage transformers 2 Analogue mA inputs, Pt 100 3 Binary inputs 4 Input for tap-changer display (tap-change potentiometer) 5 Power supply 6 Display and processing unit 7 Analogue outputs (optional) 8 Binary outputs 9 E-LAN connection (2 x RS485 with repeater function) 10 COM 1, RS232 11 COM 2, RS232 12 COM 3, RS485 (optional) 13 Status signal (life contact)Regulator modeThe actual value and a xed or load-dependent setpoint value are compared in the regulator. The comparison determines the correcting variable for the tap-changer of the transformer, dependent on the regulative deviation. The parameters of the regulator can be optimally adjusted according to the dynamic time behaviour of the network voltage in order to obtain high control performance at a low number of switching operations.Parallel connection of transformersEvery regulator can be used with other regulators from the REGSys family to regulate up to 10 transformers connected in parallel without additional components.Various processes are available to control the transformers and they are listed in Table 1 according to those that operate in parallel on a busbar and those that are simply freely switched in parallel.An essential factor in this context is that no additional com-ponents are required as all function units required for parallel operation are accommodated within the regulators.Table 1 Parallel operation of transformers Limit value monitoring for all measurement quantities 4 freely programmable set-point values Rated values of U and I can be programmed Implementation of control tasks through ability to freely program RS485 peripheral bus (COM3) for additional interface modules (ANA-D, BIN-D) ParaGramer function for the display and automation of any parallel connections with up to ten transformers WinREG parameterisation software for parameterisation, programming and visualisation as well as for a PC-based archiving and evaluation of the recorder data REGSim simulation software for the simulation of any parallel operation, network and load situationsTechnical Data REG-DA. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG 2AUTOlocalremoteESC MENUF5F4F3F2F1 Status< U> U> IREG-DCOM1a-eberleDisplayX = 81,15y = 76,95B = 67,818 mmH = 67,818 mmAUTOlocalremoteESC MENUF5F4F3F2F1 Status< U> U> IREG-DCOM1a-eberleDisplayX = 81,15y = 76,95B = 67,818 mmH = 67,818 mmAUTOlocalremoteESC MENUF5F4F3F2F1 Status< U> U> IREG-DCOM1a-eberleDisplayX = 81,15y = 76,95B = 67,818 mmH = 67,818 mmAUTOlocalremoteESC MENUF5F4F3F2F1 Status< U> U> IREG-DCOM1a-eberleDisplayX = 81,15y = 76,95B = 67,818 mmH = 67,818 mmMeasurement transducer modeThe values of all relevant variables of an equally or arbitrarily loa-ded three-conductor three-phase supply network are calculated and displayed on the basis of the sampling values.In addition, a selection of up to seven measurement values can be output as a DC signal via the analogue outputs.Furthermore, measurement values which are transferred to the regulator as mA signals from external sources can be displayed. displayedRecorder modeThe change in the voltage over time and a second selectable measurement quantity are continuously shown on the display in the form of a line chart. The time grid for the recording is adjustable. The present tap position, time and date are recor-ded in addition to the measurement quantity. Therefore, it is possible to display the present voltage and the time-correlated tap position at any time. The average storage time for voltages and tap changes is approximately six weeks.The stored values can be displayed by using the keyboard or the WinREG operating software.Statistics modeIn the statistics mode, all switching operations of the tap-chan-ger are registered. A differentiation is made between switching operations under load and switching operations without load.Additionally, a record is kept for every single tap in tabular form. How many tap changes have been carried out during which time period and how often each tap has been selected can be checked using these data. This information can be used to optimise the regulator settings.The saved statistics values can be selected using the keyboard or loaded and printed using WinREG.ParaGramer modeThe PARAGRAMER is a support tool for the automatic pre-paration of parallel connections and the online display of the switching statuses.The articial word PARAGRAMER is a combination of the two terms parallel and one-line diagram.The PARAGRAMER shows the switching status of the individual transformers in a one-line diagram.The function is activated by feeding each regulator with a com-plete busbar replica (position of circuit breakers, disconnectors, bus ties and bus couplings).Based on the switching states of all regulators involved in the parallel connection, the system autonomously detects which transformer is to work with which other transformer(s) in parallel connection on a busbar.Busbars that are connected via bus coupling(s) are treated as one single busbar by the system.As shown in the graphic, both transformers T1 and T3 are working on busbar a, whereas transformer T2 is feeding into busbar b.Technical Data REG-D3 A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KGAUTOlocalremoteESC MENUPAN-DCOM1a-eberleBetriebStrung< U1> U2 U 3AuslsungPhasenfallLauflampeLei stungsschalterStrungStufenschal terStrungRegl er U 4NOT-AUSStufenschal terAUTOlocalremoteESC MENUF5F4F3F2F1 Status< U> U> IREG-DCOM1a-eberleDisplayX = 81,15y = 76,95