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Wind Power on Campus. Overview. Started Fall of 2007 with Impact on Society Groups Testing and comparing: “Wind Funneling” Roof top conditions Commercial turbines. The Process. Identify variables (P = 0.5 x ρ x Cp x A x V 3 ) Dependant on cubed wind speed! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wind Power on Campus

OverviewStarted Fall of 2007 with Impact on Society Groups

Testing and comparing:Wind FunnelingRoof top conditionsCommercial turbinesThe ProcessIdentify variables (P = 0.5 x x Cp x A x V3)Dependant on cubed wind speed!Cp = Coefficient of performance(Betz limit is theoretical max)

Identify ResourcesWNY Wind mapGo get the data for the specific locationsWhat we needed wasnt readily available anywhere so...3Two GroupsTurbine DesignData Collection

Results: Design

Sample Data

Some times you get:GoodNot so good

Some times you get really good data, sometimes you get bad data 8Analysis: DataAnalysis: DataResults of Analysis

Where can you find data and more informationEmail