Sofia Petropoulou exhibition catalogue

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Transcript of Sofia Petropoulou exhibition catalogue

  • Sofia Petropoulou

  • Sofia Petropoulou

    20th April - 6th May

    Private ViewTuesday the 26th April

    6.30pm to 9.00pm

    C A D O G A NC O N T E M P O R A R Y

    87 Old Brompton RoadLondon SW7 3LD

    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7581

  • Sofia Petropoulous new collection of paintings drifts between pure abstraction, landscape and still life. The characteristic

    ochre colour of her backgrounds provides a consistency through this collection, allowing the harmonious blocks and scrapes

    of colour to jump out at the viewer.

    Her paintings are directly inspired by the real world, a fact which lends every one of her canvases an element of familiarity.

    Petropoulous work exhibits an evident sensitivity for colour and intense attention to the quality of her brush-strokes.

    Movement, the subtle and intricate play and suggestion of light, these are the products of Petropoulous facility with the

    brush. Sofia is able to pick up on the smallest vital details of the spirit of her subject and from them, to extract a profound

    interpretation that walks the line between abstraction and naturalism.

  • RocksOil on canvas100cm x 120cm

  • Pool in front of a houseOil on canvas

    100cm x 120cm

  • CountrysideOil on canvas160cm x 160cm

  • MilanoOil on canvas

    100cm x 100cm

  • CornwallOil on canvas140cm x 160cm

  • Carribean Blue IIOil on canvas100cm x 100cm

  • Carribean Blue IIOil on canvas

    100cm x 100cm

  • Road leading to a treeOil on canvas120cm x 100cm

  • Blue Vase on the FloorOil on canvas

    100cm x 100cm

  • Hong KongOil on canvas160cm x 140cm

  • Two DoorsOil on canvas60cm x 60cm

  • MentonOil on canvas

    160cm x 160cm

  • LindosOil on canvas100cm x 120cm

  • Purple WindowOil on canvas

    120cm x 100cm

  • Sofia Petropoulou (b. 1964)

    Solo Exhibitions1999 European Commission, Luxembourg2001 European Commission, Luxembourg2003 Masion de la Grece, Paris2003 Espace Orfeu, Brussels2004 En Plo Gallery, Pafos, Cyprus2005 Theorema Gallery, Brussels2005 Hellenic Centre, London2006 Metopi Gallery, Athens2010 Tsichrintzis Foundation of the Visual Arts2013 Cadogan Contemporary, London

    Group Exhibitions2003 Konschthaus Beim Engel Gallery, Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg2004 European Commission, Luxembourg2004 Theorema Gallery, Brussels2004 Cercel Municipale, Luxembourg2007 Art Studio 55 gallery, Limasol, Cyprus2007 Villa Koundouros, Chania2008 Art Space Gallery, Santorini2008 Goudandris Museum, Athens2008 Frieze Art Fair, London2009 War Museum, Athens2009 Technopolis, Athens

    Petropoulou currently lives and works in Athens following a nine year stay in Luxembourg. A member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Petropoulou is internationally collected while maintaining a high presence in her home nation, including the collection and display at The King George Hotel, Athens.

  • C A D O G A NC O N T E M P O R A R Y

    87 Old Brompton RoadLondon SW7 3LD

    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7581