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This presentation is a part of Brand management course at AIT 2013. This Brand management presentation focuses on OMEGA watch.

Transcript of Omega brand audit presentation

  • 1. OMEGA Brand Audit PresentationNattawut Kreangkraileard 112845 Chen Li Han 113969Wangmo Chador 113377

2. Introduction 3. History OMEGA is a Swiss watch company based inBiel/Bienne Switzerland 1848: founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and now owned by SwatchGroup. (): last letter of the Greek alphabet andsymbolizes accomplishment and perfection. Today, Omegas brand recognition all over theworld certified marine watch, world leaderolympic time keeping, choice of NASA and firstwatch on the Moon. 4. Nature & scope of (product/market) for Business Swiss company: associated with country image(highquality and authenticity) Brand Image: well established, recognized brand andleading brand of Swiss watch in the world, (spaceexploration to deep-sea discovery). Design:- total 19 brands in groups and designs basedon lifestyle not the age. Ambassadors 5. Brand Portfolio 6. Constellation Series: 1982, that introduced a radicaland enduring design concept, suitable for customerswho pursue status and style. Seamaster: 1948, achieved worldwide fame forinspired design and outstanding stability- effect forserious underwater adventure. Speedmaster:1969, it claimed its place in history as thefirst watch to be worn on the Moon. De Ville series: focused on Customers who preferluxury (associated with fashion and elegance) Specialties series : special design and limited quantitywatches (watch collection) 7. Brand Attributes Categorized into five different profiles: Connoisseurs/specialists Sport Fashion Lifestyle Jewellery Omega uses different types of celebrities in orderto broaden its message and therefore touchdifferent segment on the market (hedonism victory beauty). 8. Brand Equity 9. Recall and Recognition Advertising Public relation (PR) events Uniqueness Consistent style 10. Brand Positioning 11. Evaluation of the current brand equity ImagePerformanceSports OMEGAPeople Negative 12. Points-of Parity Points-of-DifferenceSwiss watchmakerInnovative products DurableUnique appearanceFine materialsIconic OMEGA logo Quality Craftsmanship Exclusive, prestigious imagery Accurate Enduring premium valueAttractive Uniqueness of the first moon watch 13. Analysis of current Marketing Environment 14. Consumers for the brand Young with very well-educated person Who desire to possess talent, andsophisticated look 15. Competition of the brands 16. Rolex Rolex was found in in London,England high-end market by offeringonly mechanical watch;Oyster Perpetual, OysterProfessional, and Cellini. Rolex limits its productapproximately 2,000 watchesa day 17. TAG Heuer TAG Heuer was founded inSwitzerland. TAG Heuers image and positioningis inextricably connected tochronograph precision uses officially licensed retailers tosell its watches both in stores andonline. These licensed retailers range fromexclusive jewelers to departmentstores 18. Zenith Zenith in Switzerland. Zenith has a long reputationfor the quality and precisionof their watches. Zenith watches do not havethe widest distribution sothat demand is being kepthigh. 19. Channels and collaborators 20. Recommendation 21. Marketing communications 22. Marketing communications Omega advertising domain are :tennis, sailing, golf and motor Sports. OMEGA advertises in different categories ofreputed magazines , shows case brand namesin international sports games. Public relations Direct Marketing 23. Foreign markets: Brand extension andleveraging brands Swatch Group - global supply chain managementsystem (over 200 agents) 10,000 retailers across the globe located indepartment stores, airports, selected boutiquesand thriving cities. The Indian watch market is estimated to beRs.15 Billion in the year 2010-11 and amongmajorly sought after brands include Omega. Omega collection includes gents and ladieswatches, chronographs, complications andjewellery watches available in different sizes,shapes and materials. 24. Global brand strategy recommendations Uses men mostly to express victory and womenused for their attractiveness. Active in 7 different domains for 14 celebrities should focus particularly on one domain in orderto define more precisely their territory. Omega is focusing on being fashionable- shouldmaintain balance to keep brand image andsustainability. Provide personalized and signatory watches toincrease brand extensions. 25. THANK YOU