Product and Brand Monitoring @ the 14th Prod.Active Meetup

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Transcript of Product and Brand Monitoring @ the 14th Prod.Active Meetup

  • Product & Brand Monitoring

    How to gain insights for your Product, Brand and Marketing activities through Web & Social Media Monitoring

  • About me

    BSc Computer Science, MSc Internet and multimedia, Brunel HCI & User Experience (Smart TV)

    () Digital Marketing

    (co-founder) Mentionlytics Ltd, Startup Web & Social Media Monitoring

  • Mentionlytics Ltd Bootstrapping Startup London-based Target Market:


    Startups, .

    , Mentions ,

  • Mentionlytics 2 ,

    Release 2016

    M 1000 brands 70 .

    Hootsuite, plugin, Mentionlytics Hootsuite stream

    Platinum award AVA Digital Awards Marketing, PR, Advertising, Digital Agency.


  • Insights are useful!

    Insights can help me make decisions based on actual Data (Data-Driven) not on Guesswork!

  • !

    , Brand , !

    Google Analytics

    Likes Shares Posts Page Facebook RT Twitter, /posts .

    posts/comments (@name), / .

    , ,

  • Web & Social Media: Whats out there for me ?

    Articles from Experts, Reporters & Bloggers

    Comments, Posts, Tweets, Reviews from Users

    Photos & Videos on websites and Social Media

    Complains from my users

    Praises from my users

    Things about my Brand(company, products, people)

  • Web & Social Media: Whats out there for me ?

    Articles from Experts, Reporters & Bloggers

    Comments, Posts, Tweets, Reviews from Users

    Photos & Videos on websites and Social Media

    Complains from their users

    Praises from their users

    Things about my Competitors(company, products, people)

    + online marketing actions they perform

  • Web & Social Media: Whats out there for me ?

    Things about my Industry (the market, trends & people I am targeting)

    New & Popular Articles/Posts on the topic

    Top Influencers (experts in your field, popular on Twitter)

    Locate New Competitors

    Marketing Leads Potential Customers seeking a solution Their Pain Points What matters most to them

    Research new ideas/features to help you during planning for new products or features


  • Keyword Monitoring

    Public, :)

    , keywords

    4 Keyword Monitoring:

    PR/Marketing Custom

    Manually SaaS

  • Finding the Right Keyword

    Brand (unique) (.. Trello, Pivodo)

    Brand (.. Alpha Bank)

    , :

    "Alpha Bank" (strict) +Alpha +Bank + +Alpha +Alpha + +Alpha +


    search : :)

    + - - -" "

  • How to: Web Mentions for FREE!

    Use Google Search Operators (-, , site: etc) to accurately define your keyword

    Use Google Search Tools to define the time period

    Past 24 hours / week / month (repeated task)

    Hint: Use proper TTLD

    Use Data Scraper Chrome Plugin to export to CSV/Excel

  • Google Alerts

  • Google News

  • How to: Social Mentions forFREE! Search Functionality on Social

    Media (similar to before) and use Data Miner to export results Search engine for Social media Free but limited

    Talkwalker Alerts Google Alerts-style functionality for

    Free Limited results and capabilities Still better than G.A. in most cases

  • SaaS for Brand Monitoring






    Small -mid -enterprise (Scalable) Brand24

    Monitor ( )



  • SaaS Dashboard

    (depends) Mentions

    (depends) Demographics

    (depends) Filtering - Queries (e.g. language,

    country etc) Sentiment Analysis (language

    depends) More Data Sources

    (depends which) E-mail Alerts

    (customizable) Top Influencers

    (mentioners) Export of Data

    (Excel, PDF etc)

    White Label (some support) Different levels of support Historical Results (some features

    available in high-priced subs) Many differences in number of results

  • SaaS Solutions Brand24Mentionlytics

  • Industry Monitoring / Content Discovery Buzzsumo Content Discovery

  • CASE STUDYHow we Use Mentionlytics for Marketing Mentionlytics

  • Join conversations to talk about your Brand and products

    Reply to Tweets from customers and experts, Join in forum discussions, comment on blog posts to Spread the word about your Brand and Products. Timely, before your competitors do!

    Also, prevent Social Media flaming and Crisis by finding and solving the problems on time.

  • Find Marketing and Sales Leads

    Monitor any keyword related to your target Market, to find great Marketing and Sales opportunities to join in on time.

    Research what users actually want

  • Keep your Competitors closer

    Use your Competitors Brand as keyword to keep an eye to what their up to, just as soon as they do it.

    Monitor what they post on their Social Channels

    See their best performing actions and content

  • Find & Talk to Influencers, friends and foes Find out who are the most

    important people talking about your brand, your competitors or your target market.

    You can then reach out to them to let them know about your products and develop new relationships.

    Also find the people who love your brand and talk about it. Dont lose the opportunity to thank them and strengthen your bonds even more.

  • THANK YOU!Lets Talk!