J. Schweiger et al. - arab.· IOÉ ˘˘ ª˘˘ ∏˘˘ d á ˘˘ «˘˘ μ˘˘ «˘˘ fÉ ˘˘ μ

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Transcript of J. Schweiger et al. - arab.· IOÉ ˘˘ ª˘˘ ∏˘˘ d á ˘˘ «˘˘ μ˘˘ «˘˘ fÉ ˘˘ μ

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    More and more patients request fixed pros-

    thetic restorations. They consider the stress

    to be anticipated due to the necessary aug-

    mentation together with the incalculable

    outcome an insurmountable hurdle. In ad-

    dition, they expect to be provided with a

    restoration requring neither time-consum-

    ing healing times nor badly fitting tempo-

    rary restorations. Can patients wishes be

    met by treatment involving an implant-

    borne temporary immediate restoration or

    does placement of this type of restoration

    represent an incalculable risk? Apart from

    the best known All-on-4 system supplied by

    Nobel Biocare, in the meantime many oth-

    ers such as Straumann Pro Arch or Comfour

    from Camlog have gained market accept-

    ance. This article explains the clinical and

    scientific considerations of this type of

    restoration, as well as the potential risks en-

    countered with such treatment.

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