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  • 1. Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) - E Semester

2. Contents The history The Greek Public Broadcasting in 1987 Radio 10 different radio stations Television 6 different channels Sites Closure of ERT Greek Public Television Sites Opening of ERT Articles about ERT Pictures of percentages Bibliography 3. The history November 1935 a law was established and published by the dictatorship of Metaxa in order to create a radio broadcasting service. Greek Radio and Television (ERT, limited company) in Greece and wholly owned by the state. Three television stations and 28 radio stations in Greece. Founding member of European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 1950, first member. 1951 Armed Forces Broadcasting Station (AFBS) so as to be educated. 1982 EIRT merged with AFBS in one body named Greek Radio 2, currently named as NET (1997). 1974 ERT was successor of former EIR, later EIRT with the addition of TV (National Broadcasting Corporation Television) under the law 230 of 1975. 1976 legal status changed as it became a public limited company funding ERT via electricity bills. 4. The history Most services of ERT are housed in the Radiomegaro which is located in Agia Paraskevi. 1982 Richardos Someritis asks for help via a letter in BBC on how to separate the material of ERT. GR1: journalistic piece of information GR2: educational and cultural character GR3: stays as it is having as headquarters Thessaloniki. GRT received the blow of the intervention of Greek state. The forth power instead of controlling the other powers found several times manipulated by political factors. 5. The Greek Public Broadcasting in 1987 1987 GRT is reorganized due to the introduction of private stations. GR1 and GR2 are merged into a single institution GRT which functions as a limited company legal entity under private law. GRT is controlled by the state and is financially independent. 140 private TV stations, national and local, appear upsetting the State monopoly. The deregulation had great importance for the domestic advertising market to whom gave a huge boost. Development of an entire production section of TV programs in Greece as well as the increase of the introduction of TV programs for other countries. 6. Radio 7. Radio ERT broadcast radio programs under the name of ERA since 1988. ERA1 (First Program) 91,6 and 105,8 a news-oriented station. ERA2 (Second Program) 103,7 and 102,9 a music station. ERA3 (Third Program) 90,9 and 95,6 a more classical music-arts and culture station. ERA Sport (ERA4) 101,8 and 100,9 a sports-oriented station, regular news every hour and sports news every half-hour. Two local stations were aired in Central Greece (Athens, Corinth). KOSMOS 93,6 and 107 FM a world music station. FILIA 106,7 FM a multilingual station directed mostly towards immigrants. Regional stations 102 FM (Thessaloniki), 95,8 FM (Thessaloniki), Third Schedule R/S Macedonia (Thessaloniki). 8. Radio The 17 regional radio stations: Corfu, Patras, North Aegean with headquarters in Lesvos. Heraklion, Chania, Komotini, Kavala, Serres, Florina, Ioannina, Volos, Larissa, Tripolis, Kalamata, Pyrgos Orestiadas, Zante and South Aegean based in Rhodes (Dodecanese). ERT broadcast the Voice of Greece (ERA5) for the international audience, using shortwave as the ERT regional station in Macedonia does. September 2004 ERA Sport and ERA5 were added to Dish Networks of Greek channels giving access to two of Greeces public radio stations in North Americas viewers. During the night hours all ERA programs aired common night program. 12 June 12013 all ERT radio stations shut down. 9. Television 10. Television ERT had three nationwide TV stations. ET1 and NET emitted from the main ERT headquarters in Athens. ET3 emitted from Thessaloniki and is a regional channel which caters to North Greece. The official site which now is Under construction http://www.ert.gr/ . Free voice to society http://www.ertopen.com/ . .. Which is also closed. 11. ERT 1 12. ERT 1 The program put forward in recent years has been largely educational, cultural, sports and entertainment facilities. Also displayed a small percentage of church programs. Greek Series: 1977-1978 (9). 1978-1979 (10). 1979-1980 (8). 1980-1981 (10). 1981-1982 (2). 1982-1983 (7). 1983-1984 (7). 1984-1985 (2) 19851986 (4). 1986-1987 (7). 1987-1988 (7). 1988-1989 (7). 1989-1990 (7). 1990-1991 (5). 1991-1992 (4). 1992-1993 (6). 1993-1994 (6). 1994-1995 (2). 1995-1996 (4). 1996-1997 (1). 1997-1998 (4). 1998-1999 (4). 19992000 (11). 2000-2001 (5). 2001-2002 (2). 2002-2003 (1). 2003-2004 (0) This season the Et1 not reported any new series on TV, the same happened on 2005-2007 and 2009-2013. 2004-2005 (1). 2007-2008 (1). 2008-2009 (2). 13. ERT 1 Foreign Series: Rebelde way, Chiquititas, Floricienta, Cebollitas, Lost (3rd and 5th cycle), Ghost Whisperer (1st and 2nd cycle), Criminal Minds (1st and 3rd cycle), Desperate Housewifes (1st and 5th cycle). Youth Program: Hannah Montana, Jonas, Zack and Cody, mischief hotel, Zack and Cody, at sea, Wizards of Goueverly, Disney Channel Original Movies. Childrens Program: 19 Disney series for kids. Some well known are: Alladin, Hercules, House of Mouse, Lilo and Stitsch, The little Mermaid, Pepper Ann, Recess etc. 14. NET 15. NET It had programs of all kinds, including information entertainment (foreign and Greek series, magazine, TV games), sports, films, documentaries, music programs and childrens programs. ERT2 reported very popular series of 1980s and extensive programs for kids. With the entry of private television in 1989 the viewership fell to single digits and that led the channel to its complete reformation of entertainment in mainly informative. 1997 the name ET2 was repealed and replaced by New Greek Television (NET). 16. NET Childrens Program: Every weekend from 10a.m. until 12p.m. childrens series animated Walt Disney were shown. Also, every Friday night and Saturday afternoon at iteration unadvertised original films of Disney Channel and Walt Disney Channel daily from 10 a.m. till 12p.m. 17 Disney series, most well know Aladdin, American Dragon, Hercules, Kim Possible, Quack Pack, Tarzan, Timon and Pumba etc. Youth Program: Hannah Montana, Wizards of Goueverly, Jonas, An Opportunity for Sony etc. 17. ET3 18. ET3 The informative program was rich, while regarding the entertainment had a serious profile, showcasing mainly foreign documentary productions as well as Greek cultural and educational programs. TV show ET3: 17 shows on ET3 channel. Many of which are well producted and well know such as Comfuzio, The sports arena, Dispersion, Sunday in village, Trully scenarios presented by Nick Aslanidis, The place and the song presented by George Melikis and many other big shows. 19. ERT World 20. ERT World The international channel of ERT for the Greeks. The channel plan includes programs from the three channels ERT ET1, NET, ET3. The program was divided into two zones, daily and weekend zone. Everyday zone has news and information programs at specific time. The weekend zone programs has interest and sport. From the ET1: 27 series and shows. Nation females, Rainbow, Escape, Art@Ert, Musical tradition, The salt of the earth, Digital Greece, Mediterraneo, Greek movie and many others. From the NET: It has taste, We stay in Greece, Reportage without frontiers, Sthn ugeia mas, Netweek, Correspondents, Seven, The time machine etc. From the ET3: Cinemania, Weather, Greek film, Sunday in the village, Axion esti etc. Live sports programs: A1 Ethniki, Super League. 21. ERT Digital 22. ERT Digital 20 of March 2006 ERT had used free digital TV program titled ERT Digital. Part of the digital TV had begun broadcasting channels Sports+, Prisma+, Cine+ and Info+. The digital channels broadcast by ERT until March 2012. From September 2010 began broadcasting digitally and nationwide television stations (ET1, NET, ET3). 23. ERT HD 24. ERT HD From April 2011 ERT broadcast the first channel high definition HD ERT. It has no program clock and transmits only when emissions were obtained in high resolution (HD-High Definition). When the channel is off emit the old color bars or logo ERT HD. 25. Closure of ERT 11 June 2013, it was announced that ERT was led to closure. Before midnight on the 12th of June, the signal from the radio antennas across Greece was interrupted. There were some other channels using the same transponders which lost their signal. That movement triggered a wave of protest across Greece. Citizens gathered outside the Radiomegaro of ERT in solidarity, ESHEA (Union of Athens Daily Newspaper), GSEE (General Confederation to Greek Workers), ADEDY fell to 24-hour strike. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in a letter addressed by its president and the general manager of the organization asked Antonis Samaras to reverse that decision noting that profound dismay on behalf of Europes entire public service media. 26. Closure of ERT Despite the announcement, the ERT employees returned to work. After closing the transmitter and the website, ERT emitted satellite equipment with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 12 June 2013 the Greek government announced the replacement of ERT with the New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT). It is expected to launch services by the end of August 2013 as Public Television. Until 24th of October 2013 the employees of the channel were able to offer NETs and ET3s programs and also the radio programs of ERA Athens, ERA Thessaloniki and the Third Program via conventional means. 27. Greek Public Television On July 10th SDR emitted of the television frequencies of ERT and it was declared that SDR broadcasts from a private studio and it was a matter of hours to have again a normal program on TV. The logo was replaced from SDRs to SFs , for unknown reason. There were many reactions on the opening of the new channel bu