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FUN-DERCATS, HO! with Gavin Strange Let Gavin Strange bend your ear to excitedly persuade you to say ‘yes’ to everything, irrelevant of whether you have the skills or not - he did and now has a dream job! A jack of all trades and a master of none, Gavin has stumbled his way through a career in design and wants to share his insights; because if that jerk can do it, imagine what YOU can do. Expect nonsense, silliness, passion and honesty from a designer that’s eager to share. Gavin Strange is a jack of all trades, master of none; Senior Designer for the Digital arm of Bristol's Aardman Animations by day, and a designer going under the alias 'JamFactory' by night. Working in the field of graphic design but dabbling in illustration, toy design, photography and film making, Gavin has created pretty things for the BBC, Diamond Supply Co. and Howies to name but a few and will talk your ears off about design if you give him half the chance. A firm believer in not being able to make fun unless you're having fun, let Gavin bend your ear for an hour to convince you to stop talking about stuff, and just go and do the stuff, regardless of whether you have the skills to do so. If this berk can bumble his way through a career, then imagine what YOU can do! Presented live at FITC Amsterdam 2014 on Feb 24-25, 2014 More details can be found at

Transcript of FUN-DERCATS, HO!

  • 1.FITC Amstdam @JamFacty Hello! My names Gavin Sange!

2. Brist 3. MASSIVE ATTACK 4. BANKSY 5. WALLACE & GROMIT 6. SPACE TO LEARN Disc new styles and techniques that build yr n skill set It gives y 7. JAMFACTORY By night, I go und the name of 8. JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES MASTER OF FLIP ALL 9. POLYMATH A polymath (Greek: , polymaths, "having learned much") is a person whose expertise spans a signicant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specic problems. 10. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Journalist / Politician / Revolutionary / Scientist / Inventor (of money) LEONARDO DA VINCI Painter / Sculptor / Architect / Musician / Mathematician / Engineer / Inventor / Anatomist / Geologist / Cartographer / Botanist / Writer / Ninja Turtle ALBERT CAMUS Existentialist philosopher / Novelist / Playwright / Essayist / Member of the French resistance / International goalkeeper for Algeria TAKESHI KITANO Film director / Comedian / Singer / Actor / Film editor / Presenter / Screenwriter / Author / Poet / Painter / Video game designer 11. WERE ALREADY Dt squand the gifts y already have! SO LUCKY! 12. SAY YES! Y nev kn whe it may lead! 13. WOULDNT IT BE FUNNY IF 14. READ EM AND WEEP Bk ste that sells ly sad bks called PLUSH 1 Fy giant numb 1 that y take to pties as JIHADIMATION New animated technique abt eme fundamentalists called Puing the FUN in Fundamentalist! 15. DONT WAIT TO BE ASKED Yre nev abe bel asking! 16. CHEERS JAMES! @SIGNALNOISE 17. - STEVE FURTICK The reas we suggle with insecity is because we cpe r behind-the-scenes with evye elses highlight reel. 18. TAKE IT FURTHER Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas condimentum est nulla, quis dapibus tellus sodales non. Donec at enim venenatis, laoreet urna at, placerat nibh. Fusce fermentum odio necjusto feugiat placerat. Sed sit amet massa vitae eros aliquet tincidunt. Phasellus eget nibh neque. Morbi at leo metus. Donec eget lobortis leo, commodo bibendum nisi. Pellentesque nulla metus, fermentum et lobortis in, tempus fermentum nulla. Curabitur sit amet tincidunt est, non vestibulum sem. Cras nulla dui, laoreet eget lectus et, dapibus viverrajusto. Cras non ipsum nulla. Morbi et ornare libero, non semper lectus. Nullam lorem velit, malesuada quis tellus at, hendrerit molestie sem. Nam et risus luctus, tincidunt libero sed, ultrices diam. Ut dapibus, metus vitae pretium ornare, massa lorem tempus leo, vel viverra neque augue vel turpis. Cras lobortis nisl nec libero bibendum porta. DREAM BIGSee h f things can go! 19. VIMEO.COM/BOIKZ/WATCH 20. BE NOT CHILDLIKE CHILDISH 21. YOU CANT MAKE FUN UNLESS YOURE HAVING FUN 22. DONT MAKE IT PERFECT MAKE IT NOW 23. IT! BECAUSE THEN YOU GET TO START SOMETHING NEW! 24. C.R.E.A.M. Fuck mey! Use yr skills as cency to make things that have value 25. BE A MENTOR Be a teach to whoev needs y 26. DONT BE A CYNIC 27. SIRKENROBINSON ONNURTURINGCREATIVITY ken robinson ted JOHNCLEESEONCREATIVITY OPENANDCLOSEDTHINKING john cleese creativity MISTERCARTOON ON20YEARSOFHARDWORK cartoon the run up JIROONOONA QUESTFORPERFECTION jiro dreams of sushi YOUR HOMEWORK 28. SPARKFORTHEFIRE BYAKQACREATIVEDIRECTORIANWHARTON YOUR HOMEWORK 29. Lk what lile Drlets of wat can do to sid rock! 30. JAMFACTORY WWW.JAM-FACTORY.COM FACEBOOK.COM/JAMFACTORYDESIGN