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1 EUtoday Õ’¬Ÿ°—∫Õ“‡´’¬π ©≈Õß 25 ªï ·Ààߧ«“¡‡ªìπÀÿâπ à«π EU-ASEAN Celebrating 25 years of partnership NO. 26 MARCH 2006 N e w s f r o m t h e D e l e g a t i o n o f t h e E u r o p e a n C o m m i s s i o n to T h a i l a n d EU trade policy and the WTO π‚¬∫“¬°“√§â“¢Õß  À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª·≈– Õߧ尓√°“√§â“‚≈° ‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’ ‡¢â“√à«¡ß“π EU-Thailand Partenariat SMEs get together at EU-Thailand Partenariat

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    Õ’¬Ÿ°—∫Õ“‡ ’́¬π©≈Õß 25 ªï·Ààߧ«“¡‡ªìπÀÿâπ à«π

    EU-ASEANCelebrating25 yearsof partnership

    NO. 26MARCH2006

    N e w s f r o m t h e D e l e g a t i o n o f t h e E u r o p e a n C o m m i s s i o n to T h a i l a n d

    EU trade policyand the WTOπ‚¬∫“¬°“√§â“¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª·≈–Õߧ尓√°“√§â“‚≈°

    ‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’ ‡¢â“√à«¡ß“πEU-Thailand Partenariat

    SMEs get togetherat EU-ThailandPartenariat

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    Patent policy consultation

    The European Commission has launcheda public consultation on future actionin patent policy in order to improve thepatent system in Europe. The consulta-tion focuses on three major issues:the Community patent, how the currentpatent system in Europe could beimproved and possible areas for harmo-nisation. All interested stakeholders,including industry and individuals areencouraged to reply via the question-naire available on

    Civil protection:Commission proposes tostrengthen the EU CivilProtection Mechanism

    The European Commission has adopteda series of proposals to improve theresponse of the EU’s Civil ProtectionMechanism to natural and manmadedisasters. The measures will allow theCommission to better address any short-age of transport and equipment neededat the site of a disaster. At the sametime, the Commission has launched anon-line disaster monitoring alert servicecalled “MIC Daily”, designed to monitoremerging and ongoing disasters aroundthe globe. It aims at enhancing aware-ness and information sharing betweennational crisis centres to maximise theeffectiveness of response.

    For more see:

    Kyoto assistance

    The European Commission has publisheda Communication setting out guidanceto help member states when they drawup national plans for allocating carbondioxide emission allowances for 2008-2012. The period is significant given thatit coincides with the five-year period inwhich the EU and member states mustmeet their targets for limiting or reducingtheir emissions of greenhouse gasesunder the Kyoto Protocol on climatechange. Under the EU Emission TradingScheme (EU ETS), all EU governments arerequired to draw up national allocationplans (NAPs) for each trading period.The EU ETS is the world’s first and biggestinternational emissions trading system,began operating on 1st January 2005.

    For more see:

    Debating Europe -involving citizens

    The European Commission adopted aWhite Paper 1 February on a EuropeanCommunication Policy. Vice-President ofthe Commission, Margot Wallstrom, said:“The European Union has grown up asa political project but has not found aplace in people’s hearts and minds.The White Paper is the Commission’sproposal to respond to this challengeand to lay the foundation of a EuropeanUnion Communication Policy”.

    For more see:

    Avian influenza pledges

    At the International Ministerial PledgingConference on Avian and Human Pan-demic Influenza in Beijing 17-18 January,the European Commission announced atotal pledge of €100 million to combatthe spread of the virus in developingcountries, particularly in Asia. Takentogether with the €114 million pledgedby the EU Member States, the EU hasin total pledged around €214 million.The Conference was co-sponsored bythe European Commission, the People’sRepublic of China and the World Bank tomobilize financial support to combat avianinfluenza and potential flu pandemic.

    For more see:

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    Õ’¬Ÿª√–°“» Ÿâ ‰¢âÀ«—¥π°„π°“√ª√–™ÿ¡√–¥—∫√—∞¡πµ√’π“π“™“µ‘ ‡æ◊ËÕ„Àâ

    §”¡—Ëπ„π°“√µàÕ Ÿâ°—∫°“√√–∫“¥¢Õ߉¢âÀ«—¥π°·≈–

    ‰¢âÀ«—¥„À≠à„π¡πÿ…¬å ∑’Ë°√ÿßªí°°‘Ëß §≥–°√√¡-

    ∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ªª√–°“»¡Õ∫‡ß‘π®”π«π 100 ≈â“π¬Ÿ‚√

    ‡æ◊ËÕµàÕ Ÿâ°—∫°“√·æ√à°√–®“¬‰«√— „¢âÀ«—¥π°„π

    ª√–‡∑»°”≈—ßæ—≤π“∑—ÈßÀ≈“¬ ‚¥¬‡©æ“–ª√–‡∑»

    „π∑«’ª‡Õ‡™’¬ ‚¥¬‡¡◊ËÕ√«¡°—∫‡ß‘π®”π«π 114 ≈â“π

    ¬Ÿ‚√∑’˪√–‡∑» ¡“™‘°¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ªª√–°“»„Àâ

    ¥â«¬·≈â« §‘¥‡ªìπ‡ß‘π π—∫ πÿπ®“° À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª

    ∑—Èß ‘Èπ®”π«π 214 ≈â“π¬Ÿ‚√ °“√ª√–™ÿ¡§√—Èßπ’È

    ®—¥¢÷Èπ‚¥¬§≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª √—∞∫“≈®’π·≈–

    ∏𓧓√‚≈° ¡’«—µ∂ÿª√– ß§å‡æ◊ËÕ√–¥¡§«“¡™à«¬-

    ‡À≈◊Õ∑“ß°“√‡ß‘π„π°“√µàÕ Ÿâ°—∫‰¢âÀ«—¥π°·≈–



    §≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª ·π–·π«ª√–‡∑» ¡“™‘°„π°“√ªØ‘∫—µ‘µ“¡¢âÕµ°≈ßæ‘∏’ “√‡°’¬«‚µ§≥–°√√¡°“√∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª¡’¡µ‘ ‡ÀÁπ™Õ∫§Ÿà¡◊Õ

    ‡æ◊Ëՙ૬·π–·π«ª√–‡∑» ¡“™‘° À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª„π


    ∫Õπ‰¥ÕÕ°‰´¥å√–À«à“ߪï æ.». 2551 - æ.». 2555

    ´÷Ëß™à«ß‡«≈“¥—ß°≈à“«π’È¡’§«“¡ ”§—≠¬‘Ëß ‡æ√“–‡ªìπ

    ™à«ß‡«≈“‡¥’¬«°—π°—∫∑’˪√–‡∑» ¡“™‘° À¿“æ


    „À≥ⵓ¡‡ªÑ“À¡“¬∑’˵—È߉«â¿“¬„µâæ‘∏’ “√‡°’¬«‚µ

    «à“¥â«¬°“√‡ª≈’ˬπ·ª≈ß ¿“æ¿Ÿ¡‘Õ“°“» ∑—Èßπ’È


    °√–®°¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª (EU Emission Trading

    Scheme : ETS) √—∞∫“≈¢Õߪ√–‡∑» ¡“™‘°


    ª√‘¡“≥°“√ª≈àÕ¬°ä“´ (Nationals Allocation

    Plans: NAPs)  ”À√—∫·µà≈–™à«ß‡«≈“∑’Ë¡’°“√·≈°

    ‡ª≈’Ë¬π ‚¥¬ EU ETS ‡ªìπ√–∫∫°“√·≈°‡ª≈’ˬπ


    „À≠à∑’Ë ÿ¥„π‚≈°∑’ˉ¥â‡√‘Ë¡¥”‡π‘π°“√¡“µ—Èß·µà«—π∑’Ë

    1 ¡°√“§¡ 2548


    §≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª ‡ πÕ„Àâ¡’°“√‡ √‘¡ √â“ߧ«“¡‡¢â¡·¢Áߥâ“π°“√§ÿ⡧√Õߪ√–™“™π§≥–°√√¡∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª¡’¡µ‘‡ÀÁπ™Õ∫¢âÕ‡ πÕ„π



    °“√°√–∑”¢Õß¡πÿ…¬å ¡“µ√“°“√¥—ß°≈à“«®–™à«¬

    „Àâ§≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√ “¡“√∂√—∫¡◊Õ°—∫ªí≠À“°“√

    ¢“¥·§≈π¬“πæ“Àπ–‡æ◊ËÕ°“√¢π àß·≈–Õÿª°√≥å∑’Ë

    ®”‡ªìπ„π ∂“π∑’Ë∑’ˇ°‘¥¿—¬æ‘∫—µ‘ „π¢≥–‡¥’¬«°—π


    ‡µ◊Õπ¿—¬ÕÕπ‰≈πå ‡√’¬°«à“ ç‡ÕÁ¡‰Õ´’√“¬«—πé

    (MIC Daily) ∑’ËÕÕ°·∫∫¡“‡æ◊ËÕµ‘¥µ“¡‡ΩÑ“√–«—ß


    ‡æ◊ËÕ‡ √‘¡ √â“ß°“√√—∫√Ÿâ·≈–°“√·≈°‡ª≈’ˬπ¢âÕ¡Ÿ≈

    ¢à“« “√√–À«à“ß»Ÿπ¬å«‘°ƒµ°“√≥å¿—¬æ‘∫—µ‘·Ààß™“µ‘

    „πª√–‡∑»µà“ßÊ ·≈–‡æ◊ËÕ„Àâ°“√√—∫¡◊Õ°—∫¿—¬æ‘∫—µ‘

    ‡°‘¥ª√– ‘∑∏‘¿“æ Ÿß ÿ¥


    æ≈‡¡◊Õ߬ÿ‚√ª√à«¡Õ¿‘ª√“¬‡°’ˬ«°—∫ À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª§≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª‰¥â¡’¡µ‘ ‡ÀÁπ™Õ∫ ¡ÿ¥

    ª°¢“« (White Paper) ‡√◊ËÕßπ‚¬∫“¬°“√ ◊ËÕ “√

    ¬ÿ‚√ª (European Communication Policy) „π

    «—π∑’Ë 1 °ÿ¡¿“æ—π∏å∑’˺à“π¡“ ‚¥¬√Õߪ√–∏“π

    §≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª ¡“‚°µå «Õ≈ µ√Õ¡

    °≈à“««à“ ç·¡â À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª®–‡µ‘∫‚µ¢÷Èπ·≈â«„π·ßà

    °“√‡¡◊Õß ·µà°Á¬—߉¡à “¡“√∂‡¢â“‰ªÕ¬Ÿà„𧫓¡§‘¥

    ·≈–®‘µ„®¢Õߪ√–™“™π‰¥â  ¡ÿ¥ª°¢“«π’È®÷߇ªìπ


    °—∫§«“¡∑â“∑“¬¥—ß°≈à“« ·≈–‡æ◊ËÕ«“ß√“°∞“π

    π‚¬∫“¬¥â“π°“√ ◊ËÕ “√¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ªé


    °“√À“√◊Õ‡√◊ËÕßπ‚¬∫“¬ ‘∑∏‘∫—µ√‡√‘Ë¡¢÷Èπ·≈⫧≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª‰¥â‡√‘Ë¡‡ªî¥„Àâ¡’°“√· ¥ß

    §«“¡§‘¥‡ÀÁπ®“° “∏“√≥–‡°’ˬ«°—∫°“√¥”‡π‘π

    °“√¥â“ππ‚¬∫“¬ ‘∑∏‘∫—µ√„πÕ𓧵 ‡æ◊ËÕ„Àâ¡’°“√

    ª√—∫ª√ÿß√–∫∫ ‘∑∏‘∫—µ√„π¬ÿ‚√ªµàÕ‰ª °“√À“√◊Õ

    ‡πâπ∑’Ë 3 ª√–‡¥ÁπÀ≈—°§◊Õ ‡√◊ËÕß ‘∑∏‘∫—µ√¢Õß

     À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª °“√ª√—∫ª√ÿß√–∫∫ ‘∑∏‘∫—µ√„π¬ÿ‚√ª

    „πªí®®ÿ∫—π ·≈–§«“¡‡ªìπ‰ª‰¥â„π°“√ª√– “π

    °“√∑”ß“π¥â“π ‘∑∏‘∫—µ√„π°≈ÿࡪ√–‡∑» ¡“™‘°

    ºŸâ∑’Ë¡’ à«π‡°’ˬ«¢âÕß∑—È ßÀ¡¥‰¡à«à “®–‡ªìπ¿“§

    Õÿµ “À°√√¡·≈–¿“§‡Õ°™π  “¡“√∂‡¢â“‰ªµÕ∫

    ·∫∫ Õ∫∂“¡‰¥â∑’Ë



  • 4 • EUtoday

    On 9 December 2005 the EU celebratedthe 25th Anniversary of our Co-operationAgreement signed with Indonesia, Malay-sia, Philip-pines, Singapore, and Thailand.Since 1980, South East Asia has under-gone profound and positive transformation.Poverty has been reduced at an unpre-cedented pace, economies enjoy impressivegrowth rates, and democracy is gainingground. Similarly, the European Union hasalso undergone important changes andwhile ASEAN has expanded to includeBrunei, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Laosand Vietnam, the EU has undertaken itsown Enlargement, growing to 25 countries.We have also adopted the world’s first eversingle currency and emerged as a politicalentity on the world scene.

    It is hardly surprising that the EU and ASEANhave developed such a warm and deeprelationship: we share many common traits- particularly our linguistic and culturaldiversity. Like the EU, ASEAN has economicweight, and is playing an increasinglyimportant role on the international stage.Our two regional organisations share thegoal of ensuring peace and stability.

    The EU is ASEAN’s second largest exportmarket and the third largest trading part-

    ner after the United States and Japan.We want to harness further trading oppor-tunities and build growth and prosperityto the mutual benefit of both regions whichis why my colleague, Trade CommissionerPeter Mandelson, helped establish anEU-ASEAN ‘vision group’ in the spring ofthis year, to explore the potential for a FreeTrade Agreement between the EU andASEAN. Pending this group’s conclusions,we will decide on how to take this veryimportant initiative forward in early 2006.

    However, our relationship is not simply apolitical or economic arrangement: it hasan important human dimension. TheTsunami served to demonstrate an instinc-tive feeling of solidarity between ourpeoples. In the aftermath of this catastro-phe, we co operated effectively to bringhumanitarian aid where it was needed,with the first help already on its wayfrom Europe just hours after the Tsunamistruck. We continue to work together toreconstruct the devastated areas. So farthe EU has promised €1.5 billion for reha-bilitation and reconstruction and the moneyis being made available very rapidly.

    In the conflict torn region of Aceh, theincrease in national solidarity after theTsunami, opened a window of opportunityfor peace. The EU helped provide fundingand support for President Ahtisaari’s me-diation between the Free Aceh Movement(GAM) and the Government of Indonesia.Immediately after the signature of the

    peace agreement, an unprecedented jointmission between EU Member States andASEAN was launched to monitor thepeace. This mission is supported by a num-ber of assistance programmes contributedby the European Commission, includingsupport for the reintegration of GAMcombatants. Altogether, this package isproving to be a remarkable success.

    The joint EU-ASEAN Monitoring Missionhas shown that Europe and South East Asiacan successfully cooperate in buildingpeace even in the most sensitive of circum-stances. It shows how much scope there isto broaden our co operation in the future.

    From human rights to climate change, theenvironment, human trafficking, and thetrade in illegal drugs - there is a great dealmore we can do together.

    Naturally the EU supports ASEAN’s effortstowards greater regional cooperation. TheEuropean case demonstrates that greaterintegration is the best guarantee ofstability and prosperity. We await with

    ASEAN and the EU- 25 years of Partnership forPeace and ProsperityBenita Ferrero-Waldner,European Commissioner forExternal Relations and EuropeanNeighborhood Policy

    keen interest theoutcome of the nextASEAN summit inKuala Lumpur and

    especially the announcement of an ASEANCharter reinforcing its common institutionsand decision making process. We applaudthese steps forward and as always standready to share our own experience withASEAN in the field of integration.

    In today’s globalised world there is untoldvalue in deepening links no matter howfar geographically we may lie apart.What better way to celebrate our 25th

    anniversary than to reflect on how much‘closer’ we have become through workingtogether politically, economically andsocially, and at the same time look forwardto an even stronger partnership in theyears to come.

    EU Commissionerfor ExternalRelations BenitaFerrero-Waldner

    The joint EU-ASEANMonitoring Mission hasshown that Europe and

    South East Asia cansuccessfully cooperate in

    building peace evenin the most sensitive of


  • 5 • EUtoday

    „π«—π∑’Ë 9 ∏—𫓧¡ 2548  À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª‰¥â‡©≈‘¡-

    ©≈Õß«“√–§√∫√Õ∫ 25 ªï¢ÕߢâÕµ°≈ߧ«“¡√à«¡¡◊Õ

    ∑’ˉ¥â≈ßπ“¡√à«¡°—∫Õ‘π‚¥π’‡ ’́¬ ¡“‡≈‡ ’́¬ øî≈‘ªªîπ å

     ‘ߧ‚ª√å ·≈–ª√–‡∑»‰∑¬ µ—Èß·µà æ.». 2523 ‡ªìπ

    µâπ¡“ ‡Õ‡™’¬µ–«—πÕÕ°‡©’¬ß„µâ‡ª≈’ˬπ·ª≈߉ª

    ¡“°„π∑“ß∑’Ë¥’¢÷Èπ ªí≠À“§«“¡¬“°®π≈¥µË”≈ß


    √–¥—∫∑’Ëπà“æÕ„® ·≈–ª√–™“∏‘ª‰µ¬°”≈—߇¢â¡·¢Áß

    ¢÷Èπ  À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ªÀ√◊ÕÕ’¬Ÿ‡Õ߉¥â°â“«ºà“π°“√‡ª≈’ˬπ

    ·ª≈ߧ√—Èß ”§—≠‡™àπ°—π „π¢≥–∑’ËÕ“‡´’¬π¡’°“√

    ¢¬“¬µ—« ‚¥¬‰¥â√«¡∫√Ÿ‰π æ¡à“ °—¡æŸ™“ ≈“« ·≈–

    ‡«’¬¥π“¡‡¢â“‰«â¥â«¬ Õ’¬Ÿ°Á‰¥â‡æ‘Ë¡®”π«π ¡“™‘°¢÷Èπ

    ‡ªìπ 25 ª√–‡∑» Õ’¬Ÿ¬—ß°â“« Ÿà°“√„™â °ÿ≈‡ß‘π‡¥’¬«°—π

    ´÷Ëßπ—∫‡ªìπ§√—Èß·√°∑’ˇ°‘¥¢÷Èπ„π‚≈° ·≈–¬—ß°≈“¬



     —¡æ—π∏åÕ—πÕ∫Õÿàπ·≈–·πàπ·øÑπ ‡√“µà“ß¡’§«“¡

    ‡À¡◊Õπ°—π„πÀ≈“¬¥â“π ‚¥¬‡©æ“–°“√¡’§«“¡

    À≈“°À≈“¬∑“ß¿“…“·≈–«—≤π∏√√¡ πÕ°®“°π—Èπ

    Õ“‡´’¬π¬—ß¡’§«“¡ ”§—≠µàÕ√–∫∫‡»√…∞°‘®·≈–

    ¬—ß¡’∫∑∫“∑ ”§—≠‡æ‘Ë¡¢÷Èπ‡√◊ËÕ¬Ê ∫π‡«∑’√–À«à“ß

    ª√–‡∑»‡™àπ‡¥’¬«°—∫Õ’¬Ÿ ‡√“∑—Èß Õß°≈ÿࡧ«“¡


    °“√ √â“ß —𵑠ÿ¢·≈–§«“¡¡—Ëπ§ß„À⇰‘¥¢÷Èπ

    Õ’¬Ÿ‡ªìπµ≈“¥ àßÕÕ°∑’Ë„À≠à‡ªìπÕ—π¥—∫ ÕߢÕß

    Õ“‡´’¬π·≈–‡ªìπ§Ÿà§â“∑’Ë ”§—≠‡ªìπÕ—π¥—∫∑’Ë “¡µàÕ

    ®“° À√—∞Õ‡¡√‘°“·≈–≠’˪ÿÉπ ‡√“µâÕß°“√º≈—°¥—π‡æ◊ËÕ

    ‡æ‘Ë¡‚Õ°“ ∑“ß°“√§â“ ·≈– √â“ߧ«“¡‡®√‘≠·≈–§«“¡

    ¡—Ëߧ—Ëß„À⇰‘¥¢÷Èπ‡æ◊ËÕª√–‚¬™πå√à«¡°—π¢Õß Õß¿Ÿ¡‘¿“§

    ´÷ËߺŸâ√à«¡ß“π¢Õߢâ“æ‡®â“ π“¬ªï‡µÕ√å ·¡π‡¥≈ —π

    °√√¡“∏‘°“√°“√§â“¬ÿ‚√ª ‰¥â®—¥µ—Èß ç§≥–∑”ß“π

    «‘ —¬∑—»πåé Õ’¬Ÿ-Õ“‡´’¬π¢÷Èπ‡¡◊ËÕƒ¥Ÿ„∫‰¡âº≈‘¢Õߪï

    æ.». 2548 ‡æ◊ËÕæ‘®“√≥“∂÷ߧ«“¡‡ªìπ‰ª‰¥â„π°“√

    ®—¥∑”¢âÕµ°≈߇¢µ°“√§â“‡ √’√–À«à“ßÕ’¬Ÿ°—∫Õ“‡´’¬π

    ¢≥–π’È°”≈—ß√Õ¢âÕ √ÿª¢Õߧ≥–¥—ß°≈à“« ‚¥¬‡√“®–

    µ—¥ ‘π„®„π™à«ßµâπªï æ.». 2549 «à“®–¥”‡π‘π°“√

     “πµàÕ§«“¡§‘¥√‘‡√‘Ë¡§√—Èß ”§—≠π’ÈÕ¬à“߉√µàÕ‰ª

    ª√–∏“π“∏‘∫¥’Õ“∑‘´“√’ (Ahtisaari) „π°“√ª√–π’-


    Õ“‡®– (Free Aceh Movement - GAM) °—∫

    √—∞∫“≈Õ‘π‚¥π’‡´’¬ ¿“¬À≈—ß°“√≈ßπ“¡„π¢âÕ

    µ°≈ß —πµ‘¿“æ

    æ—π∏°‘®√à«¡°—π√–À«à“ߪ√–‡∑» ¡“™‘°Õ’¬Ÿ°—∫


    ‡ΩÑ“µ‘¥µ“¡¥Ÿ ∂“π°“√≥å —πµ‘¿“æ æ—π∏°‘®π’ȉ¥â√—∫

    °“√ π—∫ πÿπ®“°‚§√ß°“√„À⧫“¡™à«¬‡À≈◊Õµà“ßÊ


    ´÷Ëß√«¡∂÷ß°“√ π—∫ πÿπ°“√√«¡°≈ÿà¡°—π¢Õß°≈ÿà¡

    µàÕ Ÿâµà“ßÊ ¢ÕßÕ“‡®– ‚¥¬¿“æ√«¡æ—π∏°‘®π’ȇªìπ

    ‡§√◊ËÕßæ‘ Ÿ®πå∂÷ߧ«“¡ ”‡√Á®§√—Èß ”§—≠


    µ‘¥µ“¡ —πµ‘¿“æ„πÕ“‡®–π’È · ¥ß„Àâ‡ÀÁπ«à“¬ÿ‚√ª

    ·≈–‡Õ‡™’¬µ–«—πÕÕ°‡©’¬ß„µâ “¡“√∂√à«¡¡◊Õ°—π

     √â“ß —πµ‘¿“æ„Àâ∫—߇°‘¥¢÷Èπ‰¥â·¡â„π ¿“«–°“√≥å

    ∑’ËÕàÕπ‰À« ∑—È߬—ß· ¥ß„Àâ‡ÀÁπ¢Õ∫‡¢µ§«“¡√à«¡

    ¡◊Õ∑’Ë∑—Èß ÕßΩÉ“¬®–¢¬“¬„Àâ°«â“ߢ«“ߢ÷Èπ‰¥â„π


    ‡√‘Ë¡®“°ª√–‡¥Áπ ‘∑∏‘¡πÿ…¬™π ®π∂÷ß°“√‡ª≈’ˬπ

    ·ª≈ß ¿“æ¿Ÿ¡‘Õ“°“» ª√–‡¥Áπ‡°’Ë¬«°—∫ ‘Ëß·«¥≈âÕ¡

    ªí≠À“°“√§â“¡πÿ…¬å·≈–°“√§â“¬“º‘¥°ÆÀ¡“¬ ·≈–

    ¬—ß¡’ª√–‡¥Áπµà“ßÊ Õ’°¡“°¡“¬∑’ˇ√“∑—Èß ÕßΩÉ“¬

    ®– “¡“√∂¥”‡π‘π°“√√à«¡°—π‰¥â

    ‚¥¬ª°µ‘·≈â«Õ’¬Ÿ„Àâ°“√ π—∫ πÿ𧫓¡æ¬“¬“¡


    °√≥’¢ÕßÕ’¬Ÿ‡Õ߉¥â· ¥ß„Àâ‡ÀÁπ«à“°“√¢¬“¬°“√

    √«¡°≈ÿࡇªìπ«‘∏’∑’Ë¥’∑’Ë ÿ¥„π°“√ √â“ߧ«“¡¡—Ëπ§ß

    ·≈–¡—Ëߧ—Ëß Õ’¬Ÿ‡ΩÑ“√Õ°“√ª√–™ÿ¡ ÿ¥¬Õ¥ºŸâπ”

    Õ“‡´’¬π§√—ÈßÀπâ“∑’Ë®–¡’¢÷Èπ ≥ °√ÿß°—«≈“≈—¡‡ªÕ√å

    ¥â«¬§«“¡„§√à√Ÿâ ‚¥¬‡©æ“–Õ¬à“߬‘Ëß°“√ª√–°“»

    °Æ∫—µ√Õ“‡´’¬π´÷Ëß®–™à«¬‡ √‘¡§«“¡·¢Áß·°√àß„Àâ

    ·°à ∂“∫—π√à«¡µà“ßÊ ¢ÕßÕ“‡´’¬π√«¡∂÷ß°√–∫«π

    °“√µ—¥ ‘π„®¢ÕßÕ“‡´’¬π¥â«¬

    „π‚≈°¬ÿ§‚≈°“¿‘«—≤π凙àπªí®®ÿ∫—ππ’È §«“¡ —¡æ—π∏å

    ∑’Ë·πàπ·øÑπ¬‘Ëߢ÷Èπ¡’§ÿ≥§à“‡°‘π°«à“®–æ√√≥“ ·¡â«à“

    ®–¡’√–¬–Àà“ß∑“ß¿Ÿ¡‘»“ µ√墫“ß°—ÈπÕ¬Ÿà „π°“√

    ‡©≈‘¡©≈Õߧ√∫√Õ∫ 25 ªï¢Õ߇√“§√—Èßπ’È «‘∏’∑’Ë¥’°«à“

    ∑’Ë®– –∑âÕ𧫓¡ —¡æ—π∏å∑’Ë·πàπ·øÑπ¢ÕßÕ’¬Ÿ°—∫

    Õ“‡´’¬π §◊Õ°“√∑”ß“π√à«¡°—π„π¥â“π°“√‡¡◊Õß

    ‡»√…∞°‘® ·≈– —ߧ¡ ·≈–„π¢≥–‡¥’¬«°—π¬—ß¡Õß

    ‰ª∂÷ß°“√ √â“ߧ«“¡‡ªìπÀÿâπ à«π∑’Ë ‡¢Á¡·¢Áߢ÷Èπ


    The Joint EU-ASEAN Aceh MonitoringMission in action

    Õ“‡´’¬π°—∫Õ’¬Ÿ:25ªï ·Ààߧ«“¡‡ªìπÀÿâπ à«π·Ààß —πµ‘¿“æ·≈–§«“¡¡—Ëߧ—Ëß

    Õ¬à“߉√°Áµ“¡ §«“¡ —¡æ—π∏å¢Õ߇√“¡‘‰¥â®”°—¥Õ¬Ÿà


    ‡∑à“π—Èπ ·µà¬—ß¡’¡‘µ‘ ”§—≠Õ’°§◊Õ‡√◊ËÕߢÕߺŸâ§π

    ‚»°π“Ø°√√¡®“°‡Àµÿ°“√≥å ÷π“¡‘‡¡◊ËÕªï∑’˺à“π¡“

    · ¥ß„Àâ‡ÀÁπ∂÷ß —≠™“µ≠“≥¢Õߧ«“¡‡ªìππÈ”Àπ÷Ëß

    „®‡¥’¬«°—π√–À«à“ߪ√–™“™π¢Õ߇√“ À≈—߇Àµÿ°“√≥å

    ¿—¬æ‘∫—µ‘®“°·ºàπ¥‘π‰À«π’È ‡√“∑—Èß ÕßΩÉ“¬‰¥â√à«¡


    ¡πÿ…¬∏√√¡„π∑ÿ°∑’Ë∑’Ë¡’§«“¡µâÕß°“√ ‚¥¬§«“¡


    ‡æ’¬ß‰¡à°’Ë™—Ë«‚¡ßÀ≈—߇°‘¥‡Àµÿ°“√≥å ‡√“¬—ߧß

    ∑”ß“π√à«¡°—π„π°“√°àÕ √â“ßøóôπøŸ∫√‘‡«≥∑’Ë∂Ÿ°

    ∑”≈“¬ ºà“π¡“®π∂÷ߢ≥–π’È Õ’¬Ÿ‰¥â„À⧔¡—Ëπ„π°“√

    ¡Õ∫‡ß‘π™à«¬‡À≈◊Õ‡æ◊ËÕ°“√øóôπøŸ·≈–°“√°àÕ √â“ß

    „À¡à‡ªìπ®”π«π 1.5 æ—π≈â“π¬Ÿ‚√·≈–°”≈—ߥ”‡π‘π




     ÷π“¡‘‰¥â‡ªî¥ª√–µŸ‚Õ°“ ·Ààß —πµ‘¿“æ Õ’¬Ÿ

    ™à«¬„Àâ°“√ π—∫ πÿπ∑“ß°“√‡ß‘π·≈– π—∫ πÿπ

    ‡∫𑵓 ‡øÕ√å‡√‚√ «—≈¥å‡πÕ√å°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª¥â“ππ‚¬∫“¬§«“¡ —¡æ—π∏å°—∫µà“ߪ√–‡∑»·≈–°—∫ª√–‡∑»‡æ◊ËÕπ∫â“π

    æ—π∏°‘®√à«¡√–À«à“ßÕ’¬Ÿ°—∫Õ“‡ ’́¬π„π°“√‡ΩÑ“µ‘¥µ“¡

     —πµ‘¿“æ„πÕ“‡®–π’È · ¥ß„Àâ‡ÀÁπ«à“¬ÿ‚√ª·≈–‡Õ‡™’¬µ–«—πÕÕ°‡©’¬ß„µâ “¡“√∂√à«¡¡◊Õ°—π

     √â“ß —πµ‘¿“æ„Àâ∫—߇°‘¥¢÷Èπ‰¥â·¡â„π ¿“«–°“√≥å∑’ËÕàÕπ‰À«

  • 6 • EUtoday

    and on a per capita basis. So I havelittle time for lectures from othersabout Europe’s discrimination againstagricultural producers in develop-ing countries.”

    • Europe’s “first loyalty in tradepolicy is to the WTO and the successof the Doha Round”. Europe has“shown again and again - without duerecognition - that we are prepared topay to keep the multilateral systemon track”.

    • Doha is not just about agriculturenor does the success of the Rounddepend on further agricultural conces-sions from Europe. The developmentbenefits of services trade in particularhave been misrepresented by someNGOs and protectionism in the devel-oping world wrongly encouraged as ameans of development.

    • Developing countries are notall alike neither do they have thesame interests. “The G20 and the G90do not have identical interests andcapacities in trade. Some are majoreconomic players and exporters onthe world stage: others need all thehelp we can give them.”

    • Europe is offering significant con-cessions. “No other member of theWTO has made offers or concessionsthat remotely match Europe’s. Takentogether they will have a considerableimpact on people’s jobs and people’slives. European agriculture - cereals,poultry, beef and much besides - willcontract and there will be a significantloss of employment”.

    • Trade negotiations are a two-waystreet. “I am compelled to say againto our WTO negotiating partners:Europe cannot envisage a DohaRound that would be concluded onthe basis of real cuts by Europe andpaper cuts by others.”

    • Other developed countries mustmatch Europe’s ambition Europewill not take “post-dated cheques”from the US and other developedcountries on their own reform to farmsubsidies and export competition.Europe wants clear and concrete reformcommitments that match its own.

    • The blockage in the Doha Round isnot in Brussels... “Europe is readyto give more than others. But it is not

    • European prosperity is tied to a freetrading system that is a “transmissionbelt of change”, reshaping the globaleconomy and European industry andsociety. “The shape of our trade ischanging: our policies must reflect that”.

    • Europe defies the caricatures andhas gone further in agriculturalreform than any other developedeconomy. Europe is “removing artificialproduction incentives...its agricultu-ral base is shrinking, creating tradingspace for others’ exports. The CAPsfocus is shifting to quality foods; toless-polluting production and ruraldevelopment”.

    • Europe is the world’s largestimporter of food from the develop-ing world and the world’s largestprovider of development assistance.“Whatever our critics imply...we takein much more than all the other OECDcountries put together, both in volume

    The 6th WTO MinisterialConference held in Hong Kongin December 2005 came at acrucial point in the DohaDevelopment Round of tradenegotiations. Some progress wasmade in the talks designed toimprove conditions for worldwidetrade and investment. Muchhowever remains to be done.

    EU Trade Commissioner PeterMandelson spoke to an audienceof business and political leadersin Germany recently about EUtrade policy and the state of WTOnegotiations. Following are themain messages of his speech.

    EU Trade Policyand the WTOπ‚¬∫“¬°“√§â“¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª·≈–Õߧ尓√°“√§â“‚≈°

    EU Trade CommissionerPeter Mandelson

    (3rd right) withEU Agriculture Minister

    Mariaan Fischer Boel(2nd right)

  • 7 • EUtoday

    For the full transcript of CommissionerMandelson’s speech and moreinformation on EU trade policy see

     ”À√—∫∫—π∑÷°°“√ª“∞°∂“¢Õßπ“¬ªï‡µÕ√å ·¡π‡¥≈ —π ©∫—∫ ¡∫Ÿ√≥å ·≈–¢âÕ¡Ÿ≈‡æ‘Ë¡‡µ‘¡‡°’ˬ«°—∫π‚¬∫“¬°“√§â“¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª ‚ª√¥¥Ÿ∑’Ë

    • §«“¡‡®√‘≠√ÿà߇√◊ÕߢÕ߬ÿ‚√ª‡°’ˬ«æ—π°—∫√–∫∫°“√§â“‡ √’ ´÷Ë߇ªìπ‡À¡◊Õπ ç “¬æ“π Ÿà°“√

    ‡ª≈’ˬπ·ª≈ßé ∑’Ë®–°”Àπ¥√Ÿª·∫∫‡»√…∞°‘®‚≈°

    µ≈Õ¥®πÕÿµ “À°√√¡·≈– —ߧ¡¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª

    ç√Ÿª·∫∫°“√§â“¢Õ߇√“°”≈—߇ª≈’Ë¬π‰ª π‚¬∫“¬

    ¢Õ߇√“®÷ßµâÕß –∑âÕπ°“√‡ª≈’ˬπ·ª≈ßπ’ȥ⫬é

    • ¬ÿ‚√ª‰¡à¬Õ¡√—∫¢âÕ§√À“·≈–‰¥â¥”‡π‘π°“√

    • ¬ÿ‚√ª„Àâ¢âÕµ°≈߬‘π¬Õ¡∑’Ë ”§—≠¬‘Ëß ç‰¡à¡’ ¡“™‘°Õߧ尓√°“√§â“‚≈°ª√–‡∑»„¥‡≈¬∑’Ë


    ¢âÕµ°≈ßπ—Èπ®– àߺ≈µàÕ°“√®â“ßß“π·≈–™’«‘µ

    ¢Õߪ√–™“™π  ‘π§â“‡°…µ√¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª‰¡à«à“

    ®–‡ªìπ∏—≠æ◊™  —µ«åªï° ‡π◊ÈÕ«—« ·≈–Õ◊ËπÊ Õ’°

    ¡“°¡“¬ ®–√«¡Õ¬Ÿà„π¢âÕµ°≈ß°“√§â“π’È ´÷Ëß®–


    • °“√‡®√®“°“√§â“‡ªìπ∂ππ∑’Ë¡’∑—È߇ âπ∑“߉ª·≈–‡ âπ∑“ß°≈—∫ 纡µâÕß°≈à“«·°à‡æ◊ËÕπ


    §√—Èß«à“ ¬ÿ‚√ª‰¡àÕ“®¬Õ¡√—∫º≈ √ÿª°“√‡®√®“


    °“√Õÿ¥Àπÿπ ‘π§â“‡°…µ√≈ß®√‘ß ·µàª√–‡∑»

     ¡“™‘°Õ◊ËπÊ °√–∑”‡æ’¬ß∫π°√–¥“…é

    • ª√–‡∑»æ—≤π“·≈â«Õ◊ËπÊ µâÕߪؑ∫—µ‘„Àâ‡∑à“‡∑’¬¡°—∫§«“¡¡ÿàß¡—Ëπ¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª ¬ÿ‚√ª®–

    ‰¡à√—∫ 燙Á§≈ß«—π∑’ˬâÕπÀ≈—ßé ®“° À√—∞œ ·≈–

    ª√–‡∑»æ—≤π“·≈â«Õ◊ËπÊ  ”À√—∫°“√ªØ‘√Ÿª


     àßÕÕ° ∑’ˬÿ‚√ªµâÕß°“√§◊Õ¢âÕºŸ°æ—π„π°“√



    • ∑“ßµ—π∑’ˇ°‘¥¢÷Èπ„π°“√‡®√®“√Õ∫‚¥Œ“‰¡à‰¥â‡°‘¥®“° À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª ç¬ÿ‚√ªæ√âÕ¡∑’Ë®–„Àâ

    ¡“°°«à“ª√–‡∑»Õ◊ËπÊ ·µà¬ÿ‚√ª°Á‰¡àª√“√∂π“

    ∑’Ë®–‰¡à‰¥â√—∫ ‘Ëß„¥µÕ∫·∑π°≈—∫¡“‡≈¬é

    • ¢≥–π’ȉ¥â‡«≈“·≈â« ç ”À√—∫°“√µ‘¥µàÕ‡®√®“√–¥—∫∑«‘¿“§’∑’ˇ¢â¡¢âπ®√‘ß®—ß°—∫§Ÿà§â“ ”§—≠Ê

    ‡æ◊ËÕ¥Ÿ«à“‡√“®– “¡“√∂¬°√–¥—∫§«“¡‡™◊ËÕ¡—Ëπ


    „π∑’Ë ÿ¥‰¥âÀ√◊Õ‰¡à ‡√“ “¡“√∂‰ª∂÷ß®ÿ¥π—Èπ‰¥â∂â“

    ‡√“µâÕß°“√ ´÷Ëߺ¡µâÕß°“√®–∑”‡™àππ—Èπ ·µà

    ªí≠À“∑’˺¡‡Õ߉¡à “¡“√∂µÕ∫‰¥â§◊Õ ·≈⫧π



    ·≈â«Õ◊ËπÊ ¬ÿ‚√ª°”≈—ß ç¬°‡≈‘° ‘Ëß®Ÿß„®„π

    °“√º≈‘µ∑’ˉ¡à·∑â®√‘ß ∞“π¿“§‡°…µ√¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª

    °”≈—ß≈¥¢π“¥≈ß ∑”„À⇰‘¥™àÕß«à“ß∑“ß°“√

    §â“¢“¬·°à ‘π§â“ àßÕÕ°®“°ª√–‡∑»Õ◊ËπÊ ‚¥¬

    π‚¬∫“¬√à«¡¥â“π°“√‡°…µ√¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª

    ¡ÿà ß ‡πâπ‰ª∑’˺≈‘µ¿—≥±åÕ“À“√∑’Ë¡’§ÿ≥¿“æ

    °“√º≈‘µ∑’Ë°àÕ„À⇰‘¥¡≈¿“«–πâÕ¬≈ß ·≈–°“√


    • ¬ÿ‚√ª‡ªìπ∑—ÈߺŸâπ”‡¢â“ ‘π§â“Õ“À“√®“°ª√–‡∑»°”≈—ßæ—≤π“¡“°∑’Ë ÿ¥„π‚≈°·≈–ºŸâ„À⧫“¡

    ™à«¬‡À≈◊Õ‡æ◊ËÕ°“√æ—≤π“∑’Ë„À≠à∑’Ë ÿ¥„π‚≈°

    牡à«à“ºŸâ«‘æ“°…å«‘®“√≥å®–«à“Õ¬à“߉√ ¬ÿ‚√ª

    ‰¥â „Àâ° “√ π—∫ πÿπª√– ‡∑»°”≈— ßæ—≤π“

    ¡“°°«à“ª√–‡∑»Õ◊ËπÊ „πÕߧ尓√‡æ◊ËÕ§«“¡

    √à«¡¡◊Õ∑“߇»√…∞°‘®·≈–°“√æ—≤π“ (‚ÕÕ’´’¥’)

    ∑ÿ°ª√–‡∑»√«¡°—π ∑—Èß∑’ˇªìπ¡Ÿ≈§à“√«¡·≈–

    ∑’ˇªìπ¡Ÿ≈§à“µàÕª√–™“°√ ¥—ßπ—Èπº¡®÷߉¡à¡’


    ‡≈◊Õ°ªØ‘∫—µ‘¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ªµàÕºŸâº≈‘µ ‘π§â“‡°…µ√


    • π‚¬∫“¬°“√§â“¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ªπ—Èπ ç¬÷¥¡—Ëπ„πÕߧ尓√°“√§â“‚≈°·≈–º≈ ”‡√Á®¢Õß°“√‡®√®“

    °“√§â“√Õ∫‚¥Œ“é ¬ÿ‚√ª 牥ⷠ¥ß„Àâ‡ÀÁπ

    §√—Èß·≈⫧√—È߇≈à“ ·¡â‚¥¬‰¡à‡ªìπ∑’Ë√—∫√Ÿâ «à“‡√“

    æ√âÕ¡®–∑”∑ÿ°«‘∂’∑“ß ‡æ◊ËÕ„Àâ°“√‡®√®“„π


    • °“√ª√–™ÿ¡√Õ∫‚¥Œ“‰¡à‰¥â¡’·µà ‡æ’¬ß‡√◊ËÕ߇°…µ√ ·≈–º≈ ”‡√Á®¢Õß°“√‡®√®“°Á‰¡à‰¥â


    ‡∑à“π—Èπ ·µàª√–‡¥Áπ∑’ˇªìπª√–‚¬™πåÕ◊ËπÊ ‚¥¬


    ‰ª‚¥¬Õߧå°√‡Õ°™π∫“ß°≈ÿà¡ ·≈–°“√ª°ªÑÕß

    Õÿµ “À°√√¡„πª√–‡∑»°”≈—ßæ—≤π“´÷Ëß∂Ÿ°


    • ª√–‡∑»°”≈—ßæ—≤π“‰¡à‰¥â‡À¡◊Õπ°—π∑ÿ°ª√–‡∑»·≈–‰¡à‰¥â¡’º≈ª√–‚¬™πå‡À¡◊Õπ°—π ç°≈ÿà¡

    ª√–‡∑»°”≈—ßæ—≤π“ G20 ·≈–°≈ÿࡪ√–‡∑»

    ¬“°®π G90 ‰¡à‰¥â¡’º≈ª√–‚¬™πå·≈–§«“¡

     “¡“√∂∑“ß°“√§â“‡∑à“°—π ∫“ߪ√–‡∑»‡ªìπ

    ª√–‡∑»‡»√…∞°‘®·≈–ºŸâ àßÕÕ° ”§—≠∫π‡«∑’

    ‚≈° „π¢≥–∑’Ë∫“ߪ√–‡∑»µâÕß°“√§«“¡™à«¬-

    ‡À≈◊Õ∑ÿ°Õ¬à“߇∑à“∑’ˇ√“®–„À≥â é

    °“√ª√–™ÿ¡√–¥—∫√—∞¡πµ√’°“√§â“‚≈°§√—Èß∑’Ë 6 ∑’Ë¡’¢÷Èπ„π‡¥◊Õπ∏—𫓧¡ªï 2548∑’ËŒàÕß°ß¡’¢÷Èπ„π™à«ß ”§—≠¢Õß°“√‡®√®“°“√§â“‚≈°«“√–√Õ∫·Ààß°“√æ—≤π“‚¥Œ“ ‚¥¬°“√ª√–™ÿ¡‰¥â¡’§«“¡°â“«Àπâ“√–¥—∫Àπ÷Ëß„π°“√À“√◊Õ°—π‡°’Ë¬«°—∫°“√ª√—∫ª√ÿ߇ß◊ËÕπ‰¢∑“ߥâ“π°“√§â“·≈–°“√≈ß∑ÿπ¢Õß‚≈° Õ¬à“߉√°Áµ“¡ ¬—ߧߡ’Õ’°À≈“¬‡√◊ËÕß∑’Ë®–µâÕ߇®√®“°—πµàÕ‰ª

    °√√¡“∏‘°“√°“√§â“¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ªπ“¬ªï‡µÕ√å ·¡π‡¥≈ —π°≈à“« ÿπ∑√æ®π凰’ˬ«°—∫π‚¬∫“¬∑“ß°“√§â“¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ªµàÕºŸâπ”∑“ß°“√‡¡◊Õß·≈–∏ÿ√°‘®„πª√–‡∑»‡¬Õ√¡π’‡¡◊ËÕ‰¡àπ“π¡“π’ȇπ◊ÈÕÀ“¢Õß ÿπ∑√æ®πå¡’¥—ßµàÕ‰ªπ’È

    Most likely destined for the EU

    willing to get nothing in return.”

    • Now is the moment... “for someintense, concentrated bilateral con-tacts to take place between keytrading partners, to see if we canraise the level of confidence betweenus in a way which can bring a finalagreement within reach. We can makeit if we want to. I want to. The questionI cannot answer is: do others?”

  • 8 • EUtoday

    How would you rateEurope’s economy atthis time?I would give it a B+. There is room for seri-ous improvement and a higher standardcan be achieved.

    The Lisbon Agenda setsout to boost Europe’seconomy. Is it working?It’s an ambitious reform agenda at macroand micro economic level yet withoutan explicit emphasis on fair distributionof gains and fair burden sharing ofadjustment costs across all social catego-ries. It seeks to build strong and lasting

    reforms and results. But first you haveto generate trust in people. They musttrust in the balance and scale of reformand in the European institutions as well.This won’t be easy because peoplehaven’t seen the results in terms ofgrowth and jobs of last successfulintegration moves. We should not onlybe aiming at more growth, but at amore equitable and more sustainablegrowth. We need to put equity to thetop of the agenda as a way to get highquality economic growth in Europe.

    The classic ‘European’social and economicmodel; is it sustainable?It is sustainable provided we move fromsocial policy aimed at compensationtowards social policy for people to moveand adjust. The level of solidarity iscritical as are the sort of policies. Forexample, equal opportunities for youngpeople. In poor neighbourhoods inEurope you have future Einstein’s orMozart’s who are doomed to becometax inspectors or work in departmentstores. This is a waste of resources andinequality. It is both unfair and inefficient.

    Issues pertaining to integration andinclusiveness such as jobs, housing and

    schools are fashioned as much by urbanplanning as they are by educationpolicy. It is a matter of reconciling com-petitiveness and fairness. The ‘winners’of globalisation in our countries shouldbe willing to pay their dues for turning‘losers’ into ‘winners’ too.

    Can the gap between socialand market orientatedmodels be bridged?The degree of inequality society is willingto accept is a matter for each country.In Europe we cannot accept a drifttowards the extreme US position. How-ever, we don’t need the same systemeverywhere. That would be wrong.

    Why does Europe seem tohave a perception problemwith its own citizens?I think people tend to judge the tree by itsfruit. They are not interested in the tree,Europe, anymore. They are interested inthe fruits. They take Europe for granted.

    Is a two-speed Europeemerging?With the upcoming entry of Romaniaand Bulgaria and if we grow to includethe Balkans, Turkey and Ukraine we willhave a two-speed Europe unless wedefine Europe as simply an economicspace with a regional security system.This however does not match the needsof the globalised world.

    Thailand’s economicoutlook?If I were Thailand I would not put all myeggs in the regional and Chinese baskets.Look at the multilateral picture ratherthan following bilateral deals, especiallywith dominant economies.

    How can the worldaccommodate China?China probably tests the limit of theadjustment capacity of developed coun-tries. It is time China moves forward toendogenous path towards development,investing and consuming in-countryrather than simply exporting. Chinashould develop domestic demand. Thismore balanced path would ease itsintegration into the world economy.To convince China to move in that direc-tion needs a strong and united Europethat punches its full weight in globaleconomic governance.

    Pierre Defraigne, DirectorGeneral of the French Instituteof International Relations andformer Deputy Director Generalof the European Commission’sDirectorate General for Tradewas in Bangkok recently to takepart in a seminar organised bythe Delegation. Here he talksabout the direction of theEuropean economy and tradeissues concerning the region.

    ‘Quote, Unquote’∫∑ —¡¿“…≥å 𓬪î·Õ√å ‡¥Õ‡ø√¬åπPierre Defraigne

  • 9 • EUtoday

    What will the future hold?

    ·°√àß·≈–¬—Ë߬◊π ·µà°àÕπÕ◊Ëπ‡√“µâÕß √â“ߧ«“¡

    ‡™◊ËÕ¡—Ëπ„πÀ¡Ÿàª√–™“™π ª√–™“™πµâÕ߇™◊ËÕ„π§«“¡

    ‡∑à“‡∑’¬¡·≈–√–¥—∫¢Õß°“√ªØ‘√Ÿª √«¡∂÷ßµâÕ߇™◊ËÕ

    „π ∂“∫—πµà“ßÊ ¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª  ‘Ëßπ’ȉ¡à„™à‡√◊ËÕß∑’Ë∑”‰¥â



    ≈à“ ÿ¥ ‡√“‰¡à§«√‡πâπ∑’Ë°“√‡®√‘≠‡µ‘∫‚µ∑“ß

    ‡»√…∞°‘®·µà‡æ’¬ßÕ¬à“߇¥’¬« ·µà§«√‡πâπ‰ª∑’Ë°“√

    ‡µ‘∫‚µÕ¬à“߇∑à“‡∑’¬¡·≈–¬—Ë߬◊π ‚¥¬„À⧫“¡




    √Ÿª·∫∫‡»√…∞°‘®·≈– —ߧ¡¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª·∫∫¥—È߇¥‘¡π—Èπ¡’§«“¡¬—Ë߬◊πÀ√◊Õ‰¡à?¬—Ë߬◊π∂â“À“°‡√“‡ª≈’Ë¬π®“°π‚¬∫“¬ —ߧ¡∑’Ë¡ÿàßÀ«—ß

    §à“µÕ∫·∑π‰ª Ÿàπ‚¬∫“¬ —ߧ¡∑’ˇπâπ„Àâª√–™“™π

    ‡ª≈’ˬπ·ª≈ß·≈–ª√—∫ª√ÿß √–¥—∫¢Õߧ«“¡√à«¡

    ¡◊Õ°—π¡’§«“¡ ”§—≠æÕÊ °—∫√Ÿª·∫∫π‚¬∫“¬

    µ—«Õ¬à“߇™àπ°“√„Àâ‚Õ°“ ‡¬“«™πÕ¬à“߇∑à“‡∑’¬¡


    ‡ªìπ‰Õ𠉵πåÀ√◊Õ‚¡´“√å∑ ·µà°≈—∫µâÕ߉ª∑”ß“π

    ‡ªìπºŸâµ√«® Õ∫¿“…’À√◊Õ∑”ß“π„πÀâ“ß √√æ ‘π§â“

    ·∑π  ‘Ëßπ’ȇªì𧫓¡‰¡à‡∑à“‡∑’¬¡°—π·≈–‡ªìπ°“√

     Ÿ≠‡ ’¬∑√—欓°√ ´÷Ëß∂◊Õ«à“¢“¥∑—Èߧ«“¡¬ÿµ‘∏√√¡

    ·≈–ª√– ‘∑∏‘¿“æ

    ª√–‡¥Áπ∑’Ë ‡°’ˬ«¢âÕß°—∫°“√∫Ÿ√≥“°“√·≈–°“√

    À≈Õ¡√«¡ ‡™àπ ‡√◊ËÕßß“π ∑’ËÕ¬ŸàÕ“»—¬ ·≈–‚√߇√’¬π


    „ππ‚¬∫“¬¥â“π°“√»÷°…“ ·µà∑’Ë ”§—≠§◊Õ°“√

    ª√– “π°—πÕ¬à“ß≈ßµ—«√–À«à“ߧ«“¡ “¡“√∂„π

    °“√·¢àߢ—π°—∫§«“¡‡∑à“‡∑’¬¡ 纟≥âª√–‚¬™πåé ®“°

    ‚≈°¬ÿ§‚≈°“¿‘«—≤πå„πª√–‡∑»¢Õ߇√“ §«√‡µÁ¡„®

    À¬‘∫¬◊Ëπ ‘Ëß∑’˵π‰¥â√—∫„Àâ·°à 纟⇠’¬ª√–‚¬™πåé ‡æ◊ËÕ


    ®– “¡“√∂≈¥™àÕß«à“ß√–À«à“ß√Ÿª·∫∫∑“ß —ߧ¡°—∫√Ÿª·∫∫∑’ËÕ‘ßµ“¡µ≈“¥‰¥âÀ√◊Õ‰¡à?√–¥—∫§«“¡‰¡à‡∑à“‡∑’¬¡°—π∑’Ë —ߧ¡ “¡“√∂√—∫‰¥â

    π—Èπ·µ°µà“ß°—π‰ª„π·µà≈–ª√–‡∑» „π¬ÿ‚√ª ‡√“

    ‰¡à “¡“√∂¬Õ¡√—∫°√–· ∑à“∑’ ÿ¥‚µàߢÕß À√—∞-

    Õ‡¡√‘°“‰¥â Õ¬à“߉√°Áµ“¡ ‡√“‰¡à®”‡ªìπµâÕß¡’√–∫∫

    ‡¥’¬«°—π„π∑ÿ°∑’Ë ‡æ√“–π—ËπÕ“®‡ªìπ ‘Ëß∑’˺‘¥

    ‡æ√“–‡Àµ„¥¬ÿ‚√ª®÷ß¡’ªí≠À“„π°“√∑”§«“¡‡¢â“„®°—∫ª√–™“™π¢Õßµπ‡Õß?º¡§‘¥«à“ª√–™“™π¡’·π«‚πâ¡∑’Ë®–µ—¥ ‘πµâπ‰¡â®“°

    º≈¢Õß¡—π æ«°‡¢“‰¡à π„®„πµ—«µâπ‰¡â ´÷Ë߇ª√’¬∫

    ‰¥â°—∫¬ÿ‚√ª æ«°‡¢“ π„®·µàº≈∑’ˉ¥â‚¥¬‰¡à‡ÀÁπ

    §«“¡ ”§—≠¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª

    ¬ÿ‚√ª∑’Ë¡’§«“¡ “¡“√∂„π°“√æ—≤π“ Õß√–¥—∫ (Two-speedEurope) °”≈—ß®–‡°‘¥¢÷Èπ„™àÀ√◊Õ‰¡à?®“°°“√∑’Ë‚√¡“‡π’¬·≈–∫—≈·°‡√’¬°”≈—ß®–‡¢â“√à«¡

    ·≈–À“°¡’°“√¢¬“¬ ¡“™‘°√«¡ª√–‡∑»„π·∂∫

    ∫Õ≈¢à“π µÿ√°’ ·≈–¬Ÿ‡§√π ‡√“®–‡ªìπ¬ÿ‚√ª∑’Ë¡’

    §«“¡ “¡“√∂„π°“√æ—≤π“ Õß√–¥—∫ ‡«âπ‡ ’¬·µà



    Õ¬à“߉√°Áµ“¡ ·π«§‘¥Õ¬à“ßÀ≈—ßπ’ȉ¡àµÕ∫ πÕß



    ∑’˺¡¡’‰ª„ à‰«â„πµ√–°√â“¢Õß¿Ÿ¡‘¿“§·≈–¢Õß®’π

    ª√–‡∑»‡¥’¬« º¡®–¡Õ߉ª∑’Ë√–¥—∫æÀÿ¿“§’¡“°



    ‚≈°§«√®–ª√—∫µ—«√—∫¡◊Õ°—∫®’πÕ¬à“߉√?®’πÕ“®°”≈—ß∑¥ Õ∫¢’¥®”°—¥¢Õߧ«“¡ “¡“√∂

    „π°“√ª√—∫‡ª≈’ˬπ¢Õߪ√–‡∑»°”≈—ßæ—≤π“ ‡«≈“π’È

    ‡ªìπ‡«≈“∑’Ë®’π®–°â“«µàÕ‰ª Ÿà°“√æ—≤π“ °“√≈ß∑ÿπ

    ·≈–°“√∫√‘‚¿§¿“¬„πª√–‡∑» ¡“°°«à“·§à°“√

     àßÕÕ° ®’π§«√æ—≤π“„À⇰‘¥§«“¡µâÕß°“√¿“¬„π

    ª√–‡∑» «‘∏’π’È®–‡°‘¥§«“¡ ¡¥ÿ≈°«à“·≈–™à«¬„Àâ

    ®’π‡¢â“°—∫√–∫∫‡»√…∞°‘®‚≈°‰¥â¥’°«à“ °“√®–∑”

    „Àâ®’π¢—∫‡§≈◊ËÕπ‰ª„π∑‘»∑“ß∑’Ë°≈à“«π’È ¬ÿ‚√ªµâÕß


    „Àâ¡’ ‘∑∏‘Ï¡’‡ ’¬ß„π°“√°”°—∫¥Ÿ·≈‡»√…∞°‘®‚≈°

    ‡¡◊ËÕ‡√Á«Ê π’È π“¬ªî·Õ√å ‡¥Õ‡ø√¬åπºŸâÕ”π«¬°“√ ∂“∫—𧫓¡ —¡æ—π∏å√–À«à“ߪ√–‡∑»·ÀàßΩ√—Ë߇» ·≈–Õ¥’µ√ÕߺŸâÕ”π«¬°“√Àπ૬ߓπ¥â“π°“√§â“¢Õߧ≥–°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª(DG Trade) ‰¥â‡¥‘π∑“ß¡“°√ÿ߇∑朇æ◊ËÕ‡¢â“√à«¡ß“π —¡¡π“∑’Ë®—¥¢÷Èπ‚¥¬ ”π—°ß“π§≥–ºŸâ·∑π°√√¡“∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª„πª√–‡∑»‰∑¬ ‚Õ°“ π’È π“¬‡¥Õ‡ø√¬åπ‰¥â „Àâ —¡¿“…≥凰’ˬ«°—∫∑‘»∑“߇»√…∞°‘®¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª·≈–ª√–‡¥Áπ∑“ß°“√§â“„π¿Ÿ¡‘¿“§

    ∑à“π®–®—¥Õ—π¥—∫‡»√…∞°‘®¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ªÕ¬à“߉√?º¡®–®—¥Õ—π¥—∫‰«â∑’Ë B+ ‡æ√“–¬—ß¡’‚Õ°“ ∑’Ë

    ®–æ—≤π“Õ¬à“ß®√‘ß®—߉¥âÕ’° ·≈–§‘¥«à“®– “¡“√∂


    «“√–≈‘ ∫Õπ∑’Ë®—¥∑”¢÷Èπ‡æ◊ËÕ°√–µÿâπ‡»√…∞°‘®π—Èπ‰¥âº≈¥’À√◊Õ‰¡à?«“√–≈‘ ∫Õπ‡ªìπ«“√–°“√ªÆ‘√Ÿª‡»√…∞°‘®„π√–¥—∫

    ®ÿ≈¿“§·≈–¡À¿“§∑’Ë«“߇ªÑ“À¡“¬‰«â Ÿß ‚¥¬‰¡à‰¥â


    ª√—∫‡ª≈’ˬπ∑“߇»√…∞°‘®„Àâ·°à∑ÿ°¿“§„π —ߧ¡

    Õ¬à“߇∑à“‡∑’¬¡°—πÕ¬à“ß™—¥·®âß «“√–≈‘ ∫Õπ


  • 10 • EUtoday

    Getting downto business atthe EU-ThailandPartenariat

    Over 400 Thai and EuropeanSMEs got down to businesswhen a major matchmakingevent, the European Union (EU)— Thailand Partenariat 2005,took place in Bangkok 17-18November 2005. Over thehectic two-day event 1,627business-to-business meetingstook place and nearly 1000people participated in a number ofseminars held on various topicssuch as EU-Thai trade, exportingto the EU and keys to successfulinvesting in EU industries.

    The event was jointly funded by theEuropean Commission - the executivearm of the EU - and the Royal Thai Gov-ernment. The main organiser of the eventwas the Office of the Board of Investmentin Thailand (BOI).

    BOI Secretary General Satit Sirirangkama-nont said that according to a surveyamong Thai SMEs, most entrepreneurswere satisfied with the results of theirbusiness-to-business meetings with visit-ing EU companies. He estimated that“Approximately 60% of meetings willlead to a variety of business deals suchas technology exchange, marketing anddistribution agreements and this busi-ness will lead to Thailand becoming aproduction base for exports, as well asjoint ventures”.

    Ambassador Friedrich Hamburger, Headof the European Commission Delegationin Thailand, hailed the event as a greatsuccess. “The EU-Thailand Partenariat2005 has resulted in a high number ofmatch-making contacts. On average, EUcompanies have had 12 match-makingsessions with Thai SMEs”.

    EU SMEs were particularly interested inhigh value-added services, including tour-ism, health and spa centers, printing,research and development, energy, alter-native energy, and environmental conser-vation; fashion and design industries, andelectronics, ICT and software industries.

    The Board of Investment will follow upthe meeting results and concrete resultswill be made available mid 2006. Prelimi-nary responses received from participantson both sides have already been positive.

    “We have negotiated with 11 EU SMEs

    Ignacio Gil, MD of Mirror S.A. from Spain,a manufacturer of cooking equipmentfor the fast-food industry said, “Ourcompany joined the EU-Thailand Parte-nariat, because we need to import goodsfrom Thailand and we want to sub-contract production to Thai SMEs. Afterthis 2-day event we have agreed to startthree ventures with Thai SMEs - one ofthe ventures will begin this year, theother two next year.”

    ∑”∏ÿ√°‘®∑’Ëß“π EU-ThailandPartenariat

    from four countries, including France,Hungary, Latvia and Estonia,” saidSuwanee Suwanthanasan General Man-ager of Heritage Asia Pacific Ltd. “Themeetings have been very positive withgood potential for closure. For examplewe have met with some Estonian compa-nies that have been very interested inopening Thai traditional spa businesses.

    “In some of our business-to-businessmeetings with French companies wehave discussed the possibility of settingup joint ventures in the spa sector andwith Latvia in creating spa travel pack-ages to our Thai destinations.”

    Another participant, Nuttee Jarulerda-nan, Managing Director of SoftMarts.Com Ltd., a producer and distributor ofbusiness analysis software stated thatthe EU-Thailand Partenariat had exceededher expectations. “We expect to becomethe distributor for at least one foreignsoftware company and we have alsoreceived a lot of interest from other EUSMEs. There is a good possibility thatwe will also become a distributor forsoftware companies from Portugal,Luxemburg, Italy and Sweden. In addi-tion, we have signed a sales contractwith one Thai SME.”

    “Approximately 60%of meetings will

    lead to a variety ofbusiness deals”

    A Thai SME shows its wares

    The EU-Thailand Partenariatwas funded by the EU’s Asia InvestProgramme, an initiative that seeks tofoster business-to-business linksbetween Europe and Asia.

    More information about Asia Investcan be found at: Secretary General

    Satit Sirirangkamanont

  • 11 • EUtoday

    §≥–°√√¡∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª ´÷Ë߇ªìπÀπ૬ߓπ∫√‘À“√¢Õß

     À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª √à«¡°—∫√—∞∫“≈‰∑¬„Àâ°“√ π—∫ πÿπ

    ¥â“π°“√‡ß‘π„π°“√®—¥ß“π§√—Èßπ’È ‚¥¬¡’§≥–°√√¡-

    °“√ à߇ √‘¡°“√≈ß∑ÿπ„πª√–‡∑»‰∑¬ À√◊Õ ∫’‚Õ‰Õ

    (BOI) ‡ªìπÀπ૬ߓπÀ≈—°„π°“√®—¥ß“π

    𓬠“∏‘µ »‘√‘√—ߧ¡“ππ∑å ‡≈¢“∏‘°“√∫’‚Õ‰Õ °≈à“«

    «à“ ®“°°“√ ”√«®„π°≈ÿࡺŸâª√–°Õ∫°“√‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’

    ‰∑¬ æ∫«à“∫√‘…—∑µà“ßÊ π—Èπ¡’§«“¡æÕ„®°—∫º≈

    °“√æ∫ª–À“√◊Õ∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®°—∫∫√‘…—∑„π À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª

    ∑’ˇ¢â“√à«¡ß“π ‡≈¢“∏‘°“√∫’‚Õ‰Õ§“¥«à“ª√–¡“≥

    √âÕ¬≈– 60 ¢Õß°“√æ∫ª–À“√◊Õ®–𔉪 Ÿà°“√∑”¢âÕ

    µ°≈ß∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®∑’ËÀ≈“°À≈“¬ ‡™àπ °“√·≈°‡ª≈’ˬπ

    ‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’ ·≈–°“√∑”¢âÕµ°≈ß∑“ß°“√µ≈“¥·≈–

    °“√®—¥®”Àπà“¬ ‚¥¬§«“¡ ”‡√Á®∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®∑’ˇ°‘¥

    ¢÷Èππ’È ®–∑”„Àâª√–‡∑»‰∑¬°≈“¬‡ªìπ∞“π°“√º≈‘µ

    ‡æ◊ËÕ àßÕÕ°·≈–∞“π°“√√à«¡∑ÿπ

    ‡Õ°Õ—§√√“™∑Ÿµø√’¥¥√‘§ Œ—¡∫«√å°‡°Õ√å À—«Àπâ“


    ™◊Ëπ™¡ß“π¥—ß°≈à“««à“ª√– ∫§«“¡ ”‡√Á®Õ¬à“ß

    ¥’‡¬’ˬ¡ çß“π EU-Thailand Partenariat 2005

    ∑”„À⇰‘¥°“√∑” —≠≠“∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®®”π«π¡“° ‚¥¬

    ‡©≈’ˬ·≈â« ¡’°“√ª√–™ÿ¡¬àÕ¬®—∫§Ÿà∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®√–Àà«“ß

    ∫√‘…—∑µà“ßÊ ¢ÕßÕ’¬Ÿ°—∫∫√‘…—∑‰∑¬®”π«π 12


    ∏ÿ√°‘®‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’¢ÕßÕ’¬Ÿ„À⧫“¡ π„®‡ªìπ摇»…

    „π∏ÿ√°‘®¥â“π∫√‘°“√∑’Ë¡’¡Ÿ≈§à“‡æ‘Ë¡ √«¡∂÷ß∏ÿ√°‘®°“√

    ∑àÕ߇∑’ˬ« »Ÿπ¬å ÿ¢¿“æ·≈– ª“ ∏ÿ√°‘®°“√æ‘¡æå

    °“√«‘®—¬·≈–°“√æ—≤π“ æ≈—ßß“π∑“߇≈◊Õ°·≈–

    °“√Õπÿ√—°…å ¿“æ·«¥≈âÕ¡ Õÿµ “À°√√¡·ø™—Ëπ

    ·≈–°“√ÕÕ°·∫∫ Õ‘‡≈Á°∑√Õπ‘° å ‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’ “√-

     π‡∑» ·≈–Õÿµ “À°√√¡´Õø∑å·«√å

    §≥–°√√¡°“√ à߇ √‘¡°“√≈ß∑ÿπ®–¥”‡π‘π°“√µ‘¥

    µ“¡º≈°“√æ∫ª–À“√◊Õ∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘® ‚¥¬®– “¡“√∂

    ∑√“∫º≈∑’ˇªìπ√Ÿª∏√√¡‰¥â„π°≈“ߪï 2549 ∑—Èßπ’È



    ç‡√“‰¥â‡®√“®“∏ÿ√°‘®°—∫‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’¢ÕßÕ’¬Ÿ 11 ∫√‘…—∑

    ®“° ’˪√–‡∑» §◊Õ Ω√—Ë߇»  Œ—ß°“√’ ≈—µ‡«’¬ ·≈–

    ‡Õ ‚µ‡π’¬é  ÿ«√√≥’  ÿ«√√≥∏π —πµå ºŸâ®—¥°“√

    ∫√‘…—∑ Heritage Asia Pacific Ltd. °≈à“««à“

    ç°“√À“√◊Õ¡’·π«‚πâ¡¥’¡“°·≈–¡’‚Õ°“  Ÿß∑’Ë®–

    ∫√√≈ÿ¢âÕµ°≈ß µ—«Õ¬à“߇™àπ ‡√“‰¥âæ∫ª–À“√◊Õ°—∫

    ∫√‘…—∑®“°‡Õ ‚µ‡π’¬∫“ß∫√‘…—∑∑’Ë π„®¡“°Ê

    ∑’Ë®–‡ªî¥∏ÿ√°‘® ª“‰∑¬·∫∫¥—È߇¥‘¡é

    ç„π°“√查§ÿ¬°—∫∫√‘…—∑®“°Ω√—Ë߇»  ‡√“À“√◊Õ°—π


     ª“  à«π°“√‡®√®“°—∫∫√‘…—∑®“°≈—µ‡«’¬ ‡√“§‘¥∂÷ß

    °“√∑”·æÁ§‡°Á® ª“¡“¬—ß ∂“π∑’Ë∑àÕ߇∑’ˬ«µà“ßÊ


    ºŸâ‡¢â“√à«¡ß“πÕ’°√“¬Àπ÷Ëߧ◊Õ §ÿ≥π—∑∑’ ®“√ÿ‡≈‘»Õπ—πµå

    °√√¡°“√ºŸâ®—¥°“√∫√‘…—∑ SolfMarts .com Ltd.


    ∏ÿ√°‘® °≈à“««à“ ß“π®—∫§Ÿà∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®°—∫∫√‘…—∑Õ’¬Ÿ

     àߺ≈¥’‡°‘π°«à“∑’˧“¥ ç‡√“§“¥«à“®–‰¥â‡ªìπºŸâ®—¥


    πâÕ¬Àπ÷Ëß∫√‘…—∑ ·≈–‡√“¬—߉¥â√—∫§«“¡ π„®Õ¬à“ß

    ¡“°®“°∫√‘…—∑‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’Õ◊ËπÊ ¢ÕßÕ’¬Ÿ ¡’§«“¡

    ‡ªìπ‰ª‰¥â Ÿß∑’‡¥’¬«∑’Ë∫√‘…—∑¢Õ߇√“®–‰¥â‡ªìπºŸâ®—¥


    ≈—°‡´Á¡‡∫‘√å° Õ‘µ“≈’ ·≈– «’‡¥π πÕ°®“°π—Èπ‡√“

    ¬—߉¥â‡´Áπ —≠≠“°—∫∫√‘…—∑‰∑¬·ÀàßÀπ÷Ëߥ⫬é

    Õ‘§π“´‘‚Õ °‘≈ °√√¡°“√ºŸâ®—¥°“√∫√‘…—∑ Mirror

    S.A. ®“°ª√–‡∑» ‡ªπ ºŸâº≈‘µÕÿª°√≥åª√–°Õ∫

    Õ“À“√ ”À√—∫∏ÿ√°‘®Õ“À“√®“π¥à«π °≈à“««à“ ç∫√‘…—∑

    ¢Õ߇√“‡¢â“√à«¡ß“π EU - Thailand Partenariat

    2005 ‡æ√“–‡√“µâÕß°“√π”‡¢â“ ‘π§â“®“°ª√–‡∑»‰∑¬

    ·≈–µâÕß°“√„Àâ∫√‘…—∑‰∑¬√—∫™à«ßµàÕ°“√º≈‘µ À≈—ß

    ®“°°“√ª√–™ÿ¡ Õß«—ππ’È ‡√“µ°≈ß°—∫∫√‘…—∑

    ‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’‰∑¬®—¥µ—Èß∫√‘…—∑√à«¡∑ÿπ “¡·Ààß Àπ÷Ëß„π

    ∫√‘…—∑∑’Ë√à«¡∑ÿπ®–‡√‘Ë¡¥”‡π‘π∏ÿ√°‘®ªïπ’È ·≈–Õ’° Õß


    ∫√‘…—∑¢π“¥°≈“ß·≈–¢π“¥¬àÕ¡À√◊Õ‡Õ ‡ÕÁ¡Õ’¢Õ߉∑¬·≈–¬ÿ‚√ª°«à“400 ∫√‘…—∑ „À⧫“¡ π„®‡¢â“√à«¡„π°“√ª√–™ÿ¡æ∫ª–∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®§√—Èß ”§—≠∑’Ë™◊ËÕ çThe European Union (EU) -Thailand Partenariat 2005é ‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 17- 18 惻®‘°“¬π 2548°“√ª√–™ÿ¡∑—Èß Õß«—ππ—Èπ‡π◊Õß·πàπ‰ª¥â«¬ºŸâ§π ¡’°“√®—∫§ŸàÀ“√◊Õ∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘® 1,627§√—Èß·≈–ºŸâ√à«¡ß“π‡°◊Õ∫ 1,000 §π‡¢â“√à«¡°“√ —¡π“„πÀ—«¢âÕµà“ßÊ∑’Ë®—¥¢÷È𠇙àπ °“√§â“√–À«à“ß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ªÀ√◊ÕÕ’¬Ÿ °—∫ª√–‡∑»‰∑¬ °“√ àßÕÕ°‰ªÕ’¬Ÿ ·≈–°ÿ≠·® Ÿà§«“¡ ”‡√Á®„π°“√≈ß∑ÿπ„πÕÿµ “À°√√¡„πÕ’¬Ÿ

    秓¥«à“ª√–¡“≥√âÕ¬≈– 60¢Õß°“√æ∫ª–À“√◊Õ

    ®–𔉪 Ÿà°“√∑”¢âÕµ°≈ß∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®∑’ËÀ≈“°À≈“¬é

    EU and Thai SMEs get down to business

    ß“π EU -Thailand Partenariat 2005‰¥â√—∫°“√ π—∫ πÿπß∫ª√–¡“≥°“√®—¥ß“π‚¥¬‚§√ß°“√ Asia Invest ¢ÕßÕ’¬Ÿ´÷Ë߇ªì𧫓¡√‘‡√‘Ë¡∑’Ë®– à߇ √‘¡°“√‡™◊ËÕ¡‚¬ß∏ÿ√°‘®√–À«à“߬ÿ‚√ª°—∫‡Õ‡™’¬


    𓬠“∏‘µ »‘√‘√—ߧ¡“ππ∑å‡≈¢“∏‘°“√ ∫’‚Õ‰Õ °≈à“«

  • 12 • EUtoday

    Round up √ÿª¢à“«

    Mozart InteractiveThe Delegation, in collaboration with theAustrian Embassy in its role of EU Presidencysupported ‘Mozart Interactive’ on 27 January;a concert and interactive presentation to markthe 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth.

    ™’«‘µ·≈–º≈ß“π¢Õß‚¡ “√å∑ ”π—°ß“π§≥–ºŸâ·∑πœ √à«¡¡◊Õ°—∫ ∂“π∑ŸµÕÕ ‡µ√’¬„π∞“π–ª√–∏“π¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª „Àâ°“√ π—∫ πÿπß“πMozart Interactive ‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 27 ¡°√“§¡∑’˺à“π¡“„πß“π¡’°“√· ¥ß¥πµ√’·≈–©“¬«‘¥’∑—»π凰’ˬ«°—∫™’«‘µ·≈–º≈ß“π¥πµ√’¢Õß‚¡ “√å∑ ‡æ◊ËÕ‡©≈‘¡©≈Õߧ√∫√Õ∫Õ“¬ÿ 250 ªï

    EU & Thai economies in spotlightA seminar organised by the Delegation and Centre for EuropeanStudies at Chulalongkorn University 17 January provided informationand stimulated discussion about the challenges facing the Europeaneconomy and the potential impact on economic relations with Asia.

     π∑𓇻√…∞°‘® À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª-‰∑¬„π°“√ —¡¡π“∑’Ë®—¥¢÷Èπ‚¥¬ ”π—°ß“π§≥–ºŸâ·∑πœ ·≈–»Ÿπ¬å¬ÿ‚√ª»÷°…“¢Õß®ÿÓ≈ß°√≥å¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬ ‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 17 ¡°√“§¡∑’˺à“π¡“ ‰¥â¡’°“√‡ πÕ¢âÕ¡Ÿ≈·≈–Õ¿‘ª√“¬∑’Ëπà“ π„®‡°’ˬ«°—∫§«“¡∑â“∑⓬∑’ˇ»√…∞°‘®¬ÿ‚√ª°”≈—߇º™‘≠ ·≈–º≈°√–∑∫∑’ËÕ“®‡°‘¥¢÷ÈπµàÕ§«“¡ —¡æ—π∏å∑“߇»√…∞°‘®°—∫∑«’ª‡Õ‡™’¬

    Dr. Charit Tingsabadh, Director, Centre for European Studies at Chulalongkorn University; Ambassador Friedrich Hamburger; Pierre Defraigne,Director of French Institute of International Relations (IFRI); Professor Dr. Chira Hongladarom, Secretary-General of the Foundation forInternational Human Resource Development; Mr. Karl-Heinz Heckhausen, President & CEO Daimler-Chrysler Thailand; Khun Ying ChadaWattanasiritum, President, Executive Director of Siam Commercial Bank; Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee, former Minister of Commerce.

    Prime Minister Thaksin visitsBrusselsThe President of the European Commission, JoseManuel Barroso, welcomed Dr. ThaksinShinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand onWednesday 12 October. Talks focused on thepartnership agreement being negotiated be-tween the EU and Thailand. Prime MinisterThaksin also expressed his appreciation for theEU’s decision to restore GSP privileges for theThai shrimp industry.

    𓬰œ ∑—°…‘≥ ‡¬◊Õπ∫√— ‡´≈ åª√–∏“π§≥–°√√¡∏‘°“√¬ÿ‚√ª 𓬂Œ‡´à ¡“πŸ‡Õ≈ ∫“√å‚√‚´„Àâ°“√µâÕπ√—∫ ¥√.∑—°…‘≥ ™‘π«—µ√ 𓬰√—∞¡πµ√’¢Õ߉∑¬‡¡◊ËÕ«—πæÿ∏∑’Ë 12 µÿ≈“§¡∑’˺à“π¡“ ‚¥¬¡’°“√À“√◊Õ‡°’ˬ«°—∫¢âÕµ°≈ßÀÿâπ à«π∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®√–À«à“ß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª°—∫ª√–‡∑»‰∑¬ ∑’Ë°”≈—ßÕ¬Ÿà„π√–À«à“ß°“√‡®√®“ 𓬰√—∞¡πµ√’¢Õ߉∑¬¬—߉¥â· ¥ß§«“¡™◊Ëπ™¡µàÕ°“√µ—¥ ‘π„®¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª„π°“√§◊π ‘∑∏‘摇»…∑“ß¿“…’»ÿ≈°“°√‡ªìπ°“√∑—Ë«‰ª„Àâ·°àÕÿµ “À°√√¡°ÿâ߉∑¬

    President of the European Commission, JoseManuel Barroso and Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra

    Commissioner Kyprianou inThailandMarkos Kyprianou, Commissioner for Healthand Consumer Protection, made an official visitto Thailand, 9-10 November. High on theCommissioner’s agenda was discussion on AvianInfluenza and the related threat of a flu pan-demic with government officials and represen-tatives of international organisations.

    Commissioner for Health and ConsumerProtection Markos Kyprianou

    °√√¡∏‘°“√°‘ª√‘Õ“πŸ ‡¬◊Õπ‰∑¬¡“√å°Õ  °‘ª√‘Õ“πŸ °√√¡∏‘°“√¥â“π°“√§ÿ⡧√Õß ÿ¢¿“æ·≈–ºŸâ∫√‘‚¿§¡“‡¬◊Õπª√–‡∑»‰∑¬Õ¬à“߇ªìπ∑“ß°“√‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 9-10 惻®‘°“¬π∑’˺à“π¡“ ª√–‡¥Á𠔧—≠„π°“√¡“‡¬◊Õπ§√—Èßπ’ȧ◊Õ°“√À“√◊Õ‡√◊ËÕ߉¢âÀ«—¥π° ·≈–¿—¬§ÿ°§“¡®“°°“√·æ√à√–∫“¥¢Õ߇™◊ÈÕ‰¢âÀ«—¥√à«¡°—∫‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë¢Õß√—∞·≈–µ—«·∑π®“°Õߧå°√√–À«à“ߪ√–‡∑»µà“ßÊ

  • 13 • EUtoday

    Round up √ÿª¢à“«

    Electricity assets handed overA hand over ceremony of the assets of the EU-funded Electricity NetworkUpgrading Programme took place on 20 December.

    The ENUP was a two year programme which set out to demonstrateEuropean know how and the technical, economic and financial feasibilityof European technology in electricity distribution.

    The main achievement of the ENUP was the installation of an electricityDistribution Dispatching Centre in Phuket, using technology suppliedby Siemens AG.

    Speaking at the ceremony Ambassador Hamburger expressed hisconfidence that the project would serve as a showcase for theexcellence of European technology and as a successful model forbusiness cooperation between Thailand and the EU.

    Ambassador Friedrich Hamburger and Mr Pracherd Sook-keaw, Governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority are joined byPEA officials, Delegation staff and executives of Siemens AG at the hand over.

    Fete de la FrancophonieThe Delegation took part in the annual Fete dela Francophonie on 28 January. The EU boothattracted many visitors eager for informationand to win prizes.

    The Delegation’s Jean Francois Cautainspreads the word

    ß“π«—πª√–™“§¡‚≈°¿“…“Ω√—Ë߇»  ”π—°ß“π§≥–ºŸâ·∑πœ ‡¢â“√à«¡„πß“πª√–®”ªï Fete de laFrancophonie ‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 28 ¡°√“§¡∑’˺à“π¡“ ‚¥¬ºŸâ¡“‡∑’ˬ«ß“π®”π«π¡“°„À⧫“¡ π„®‡¬’ˬ¡™¡√â“π¢Õß À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª‡æ◊ËÕ¢Õ¢âÕ¡Ÿ≈·≈–√à«¡™‘ß√“ß«—≈

    Acting Europe!Acting Europe! organised by the Delegation,EU Member State embassies and culturalinstitutions took place at the Saeng Arun ArtsCentre on 27 November. Featuring excerpts ofEuropean plays performed in Thai, the eventhelped expose the local audience to Europeantheatre.

    ≈–§√ Acting Europe! ”π—°ß“π§≥–ºŸâ·∑πœ √à«¡°—∫ ∂“π∑Ÿµ¢Õߪ√–‡∑» ¡“™‘° À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª·≈–»Ÿπ¬å«—≤π∏√√¡µà“ßÊ ®—¥°“√· ¥ß≈–§√Acting Europe! ¢÷Èπ ≥ »Ÿπ¬å»‘≈ª«—≤π∏√√¡· ßÕ√ÿ≥‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 27 惻®‘°“¬π∑’˺à“π¡“ °“√· ¥ß§—¥‡Õ“‡©æ“–∫“ß à«π¢Õß∫∑≈–§√¬ÿ‚√ª¡“· ¥ß„π¿“…“‰∑¬ ´÷Ëߙ૬∑”„À⺟♡™“«‰∑¬‰¥â√Ÿâ®—°°—∫∫∑≈–§√¬ÿ‚√ª

    European drama performed in Thailand in Thai

     àß¡Õ∫Õÿª°√≥å ‰øøÑ“æ‘∏’¡Õ∫ ‘ËߢÕß∑’ˇªìπª√–‚¬™πå„Àâ·°à‚§√ß°“√æ—≤𓇧√◊Õ¢à“¬°“√‰øøÑ“´÷Ë߉¥â√—∫°“√ π—∫ πÿπ∑“ß°“√‡ß‘π®“° À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª ¡’¢÷Èπ ‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 20 ∏—𫓧¡ ∑’˺à“π¡“

    ‚§√ß°“√æ—≤𓇧√◊Õ¢à“¬‰øøÑ“ À√◊Õ Electricity Network Upgrading Programme (ENUP)‡ªìπ‚§√ß°“√√–¬–‡«≈“ 2 ªï ∑’Ë¡’«—µ∂ÿª√– ß§å„π°“√∂à“¬∑Õ¥«‘∑¬“°“√·≈–§«“¡√Ÿâ‡°’ˬ«°—∫°“√·®°®à“¬°√–· ‰øøÑ“¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª √«¡∂÷ߥâ“π‡»√…∞»“ µ√å °“√‡ß‘π ·≈–‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’

    §«“¡ ”‡√Á® ”§—≠∑’ˉ¥â√—∫®“°‚§√ß°“√ ENUP ‰¥â·°à°“√µ‘¥µ—Èß»Ÿπ¬å·®°®à“¬°√–· ‰øøÑ“∑’Ë ®.¿Ÿ‡°Áµ ‚¥¬„™â‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’®“° Siemens AG

    ‡Õ°Õ—§√√“™∑ŸµŒ—¡∫«√å°‡°Õ√剥â°≈à“«„πæ‘∏’œ · ¥ß§«“¡‡™◊ËÕ¡—ËπµàÕ‚§√ß°“√«à“®–‡ªìπº≈ß“π∑“ߥâ“π‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’Õ—π¬Õ¥‡¬’ˬ¡¢Õ߬ÿ‚√ª ·≈–∫√√≈ÿº≈ ”‡√Á®„𧫓¡√à«¡¡◊Õ∑“ß∏ÿ√°‘®√–À«à“ߪ√–‡∑»‰∑¬·≈– À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª

  • 14 • EUtoday

    Under the theme ‘Make sense not war’,the event saw some 40 teams from 18universities take part in three days of fiercedebating. The grand final saw a team fromThammasat University emerge victorious ina close fought verbal joust with a teamfrom Assumption University.

    The teams were cheered on by vocalsupporters as they debated the motion,“This House believes the EU has neglectedits relations with SE Asia”.

    Both sides zeroed in on the issue of Burma/Myanmar as a key factor influencing therelations between the two blocs in livelyand spirited final debate.

    Speaking at the opening of the eventAcharn Piranya Bunnag Director of theBritish American Studies Programme atThammasat University said, “Debate ishelpful to students as the skills learned canbe applied in the workplace, or conferenceroom. Debating enhances critical thinkingand knowledge of current events.”

    “I was very impressed with thenewer debaters. The level ofEnglish and enthusiasm wasvery good. This has been agood size event with lots ofnewer teams.”Rut Charaslertrangsi ofAssumption University

    “I really enjoyed it. I hopethe EU continues to supportsuch student activities. Thisis a great opportunity to listento the views of students.The standard was high andthe event well organised.”Emma Masterson, TVpersonality and debateadjudicator

    Studentstalk up a storm

    University students from aroundthe country locked horns inintellectual combat at the 2nd

    EU-Thailand National IntervarsityDebate Championship 2006from 4-6 February.

    °«à“ 40 ∑’¡®“°¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬ 18 ·Àà߉¥â‡¢â“√à«¡·¢àߢ—π‚µâ«“∑’∑’Ë¥ÿ‡¥◊Õ¥‡¢â¡¢âπµ≈Õ¥∑—Èß “¡«—π„πÀ—«¢âÕ ç∑”‡√◊ËÕ߇¢â“∑’ ¥’°«à“∑” ß§√“¡é (MakeSense Not War) „π∑’Ë ÿ¥°Á‰¥âºŸâ™π–§◊Õ∑’¡¢Õß¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬∏√√¡»“ µ√å ´÷Ë߇©◊Õπ‡Õ“™π–∑’¡®“°¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬Õ—  —¡™—≠‰ª‰¥âÕ¬à“ß Ÿ ’

    ∑—Èß Õß∑’¡‰¥â√—∫‡ ’¬ß π—∫ πÿπ„Àâ°”≈—ß„®®“°ºŸâ™¡Õ¬à“ß≈âπÀ≈“¡‡¡◊ËÕÕ¿‘ª√“¬‚µâ°—π„πª√–‡¥Áπç∑’¡ΩÉ“¬√—∞∫“≈‡™◊ËÕ«à“ À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª‡æ‘°‡©¬µàÕ§«“¡ —¡æ—π∏å°—∫¿Ÿ¡‘¿“§‡Õ‡™’¬µ–«—πÕÕ°‡©’¬ß„µâé


    π—°»÷°…“®“°¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬µà“ßÊ∑—Ë«ª√–‡∑»√à«¡ª√–≈Õߪí≠≠“„π°“√·¢àߢ—π‚µâ«“∑’√–¥—∫™“µ‘√–À«à“ß¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬ „π°“√·¢àߢ—πEU-Thailand Intervarsity DebateChampionship 2006 §√—Èß∑’Ë Õß√–À«à“ß«—π∑’Ë 4-6 °ÿ¡¿“æ—π∏å 2549

    √ÿ®πå ®√— ‡≈‘»√—ß ’ ®“°¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬Õ—  —¡™—≠ °≈à“««à“ çπ—°‚µâ«“∑’√ÿàπ„À¡àπ’È∑”„À⺡√Ÿâ ÷°ª√–∑—∫„®¡“°§«“¡ “¡“√∂„π°“√„™â¿“…“Õ—ß°ƒ…·≈–§«“¡°√–µ◊Õ√◊Õ√âπ¢Õß·µà≈–∑’¡Õ¬Ÿà „π√–¥—∫∑’Ë¥’¡“° §√—Èßπ’ȇªìπ°“√·¢àߢ—π§√—Èß„À≠à∑’Ë¡’∑’¡‚µâ«“∑’„À¡àÊ ‡¢â“√à«¡®”π«π¡“°é

    ‡ÕÁ¡¡à“ ¡“ ‡µÕ√å —π π—°· ¥ß∑“ß‚∑√∑—»πå·≈–Àπ÷Ëß„π°√√¡°“√µ—¥ ‘π°≈à“««à“ ç°“√‚µâ«“∑’§√—Èßπ’È πÿ°¡“°§à–¥‘©—πÀ«—ß«à“ À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª ®–„Àâ°“√ π—∫ πÿπ°‘®°√√¡ ”À√—∫π—°»÷°…“„π≈—°…≥–π’ȵàÕ‰ª‡√◊ËÕ¬Ê ∂◊Õ‡ªìπ‚Õ°“ ¥’∑’Ë ‰¥âøíߧ«“¡§‘¥‡ÀÁπ¢Õßπ—°»÷°…“°“√‚µâ«“∑’§√—Èßπ’Èπ—∫«à“¡’¡“√µ√∞“π Ÿß·≈–ß“π°Á®—¥‰¥â¥’é

    The teams in action

    We are the champions : winning teamThammasat University 1 : From leftPraewta Sorasuchart; PacharaYongjiranon and Aekaraj Guruvanich

    „π√Õ∫ ÿ¥∑⓬ ∑—Èß Õß∑’¡‰¥â¡ÿà߇πâπ‰ª∑’˪√–‡¥Áπ‡°’Ë¬«°—∫æ¡à“ ´÷Ë߇ªìπªí®®—¬ ”§—≠∑’Ë¡’º≈µàÕ§«“¡ —¡æ—π∏å√–À«à“ß Õß°≈ÿà¡

    Õ“®“√¬åªî√—≠≠“ ∫ÿπ𓧠®“°¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬∏√√¡»“ µ√å °≈à“«„πæ‘∏’‡ªî¥°“√·¢àߢ—π«à“ç°“√‚µâ«“∑’‡ªìπª√–‚¬™πåµàÕπ—°»÷°…“ ‡æ√“–π—°»÷°…“ “¡“√∂π”∑—°…–∑’ˉ¥â‡√’¬π√Ÿâπ’ȉªª√—∫„™â„π∑’Ë∑”ß“πÀ√◊Õ„π∑’˪√–™ÿ¡‰¥â °“√‚µâ«“∑’¬—ߙ૬ à߇ √‘¡∑—°…–°“√§‘¥«‘‡§√“–Àå·≈–§«“¡√Ÿâ‡√◊ËÕ߇Àµÿ°“√≥åªí®®ÿ∫—π¥â«¬é

  • 15 • EUtoday

    Funded by the European Union, thePinocchio House has been established aspart of a project bringing together theBangkok Metropolitan Administrationand the Municipality of Cascina from Italy.

    Located at the Pisarnyabutr Boy ScoutCamp in the Don Muang area of Bangkok,the Pinocchio House provides youngpeople with the chance to live and learnin a safe and comfortable environment.

    “The Pinocchio House is open to youngpeople from disadvantaged backgrounds.Here they will gain the skills needed toplay a full and productive adult life,” saidAmbassador Friedrich Hamburger, Head ofthe Delegation of the European Commis-sion at the opening.

    One of the means by which young people

    For more information see


    秓´“ ¥‘ æ‘πÁÕ°§‘‚Õé À√◊Õç∫â“πæ‘πÁÕ°§‘‚Õé ∑’ˇªî¥Õ¬à“߇ªìπ∑“ß°“√‡¡◊ËÕ«—π∑’Ë 24 惻®‘°“¬π 2548®–π”¡“´÷ËßÕ𓧵∑’Ë ¥„ ¡“°¢÷Èπ ”À√—∫‡¥Á°¥âÕ¬‚Õ°“ „π°√ÿ߇∑æ¡À“π§√

    will be trained at Pinocchio House isthrough the performing arts.

    “Through drama, children find an outletfor their creativity and energy. They areexposed to an alternative to street lifeand the dangers that lurk there. By learn-ing to act, youngsters gain the confidenceand self assurance that will serve themso well in later years,” AmbassadorHamburger continued.

    In addition to creative arts the PinocchioHouse works together with social devel-opment institutes in accommodating andproviding mental and physical rehabilita-tion for children in need by specialists.

    The venue also hosts youth activities,exhibits children’s work and symbolizescooperation between the BMA, the Euro-pean Union and Municipality of Cascina.

    PinocchioHouse helpsBangkok youth

    Disadvantaged youth fromBangkok can enjoy a brighterfuture following the openingof the Casa di Pinocchio orPinocchio House on 24November 2005.


    Mayor of Cascina Moreno Franceschini (left) andAmbassador Hamburger open the Pinocchio House

    Children perform at the opening

    ∫â“πæ‘πÁÕ°§‘‚Õ¥—ß°≈à“«‡ªìπ à«πÀπ÷ËߢÕß‚§√ß°“√

    §«“¡√à«¡¡◊Õ√–À«à “ß°√ÿ ß ‡∑æ¡À“π§√·≈–


    ‡ß‘π π—∫ πÿπ®“° À¿“æ¬ÿ‚√ª


    ≈Ÿ°‡ ◊Õæ‘»≈¬∫ÿµ√ ‡¢µ¥Õπ‡¡◊Õßπ’È ®–‡ªî¥‚Õ°“ 

    „Àâ ‡¬“«™π‰¥â„™â™’«‘µ·≈–‡√’¬π√Ÿâ „π¥â“πµà“ßÊ

    „π ¿“æ·«¥≈âÕ¡∑’˪≈Õ¥¿—¬·≈–‡À¡“– ¡

    ‡Õ°Õ—§√√“™∑Ÿµ ¥√.ø√’¥¥√‘§ Œ—¡∫«√凰Õ√å À—«Àπâ“



    ç∫â“πæ‘πÁÕ°§‘‚Õ ÷́Ëß®–‡ªî¥ ”À√—∫‡¥Á°∑’Ë¥âÕ¬‚Õ°“ π’È

    ®–™à«¬æ—≤π“∑—°…–„π¥â“πµà“ßÊ ∑’Ë®”‡ªìπ‡æ◊ËÕ„Àâ



    «‘∏’°“√Àπ÷Ë ß∑’Ë „™â „π°“√Ωñ°∑—°…–¢Õ߇¬“«™π


    »‘≈ª–°“√· ¥ß

    ‡Õ°Õ—§√√“™∑ŸµŒ—¡∫«√å ‡°Õ√剥â°≈à“«‡ √‘¡«à“

    ç°“√· ¥ß‡ªìπ™àÕß∑“ß∑’˙૬„À⇥Á°‰¥â· ¥ßÕÕ°

    ´÷Ëßæ≈—ß·≈–§«“¡§‘¥ √â“ß √√§å¢Õßæ«°‡¢“ Õ—π

    ‡ªìπ°“√‡ πÕÕ’°Àπ÷Ëß∑“߇≈◊Õ°„Àâ·°à‡¬“«™π·∑π∑’Ë

    ®–‰ª„™â™’«‘µ·∫∫‡ ’ˬßÕ—πµ√“¬ °“√‡√’¬π¥â“π°“√

    · ¥ß¬—ß √â“ߧ«“¡¡—Ëπ„®·≈–§«“¡ ‡™◊ËÕ

    ¡—Ëπ„πµπ‡ÕßÕ—π®–‡ªìπª√–‚¬™πå·°àæ«°‡¢“ „π


    πÕ°®“°ß“π √â “ß √√§å∑“ߥ⠓π»‘≈ª–·≈â«


    ∑“ß —ߧ¡µà“ßÊ „π°“√„Àâ∑’Ëæ—°æ‘ß·≈–„Àâ°“√

    øóôπøŸ∑—È ß∑“ߥâ“𰓬¿“æ·≈–®‘µ„®·°à ‡¥Á°∑’Ë