CT Scanning applications in Food and Agriculture

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including development of methods for CT scan with micrometer resolution in manufacturing, methods for achieving the extremely high computational rates as the basis of CT scan in food production and research on new sources and methods for signal conditioning as a basis for detailed analysis in biological tissue.”

Transcript of CT Scanning applications in Food and Agriculture

  • 1. The Hounsfield Facility3D X-ray imaging

2. Imaging plant roots in soil 3. But CTX-rays canprobe the rootstructure in soilCT3D qualitativeandquantitativeNon-invasive/non-destructiveHigh resolution(1m-5mm)No samplepreparation 4. The Hounsfield Facility 3 CT Scanners from 0.5 m to 5 mm resolution Accommodating samples up to 25 cm diameter & 1 m length Automated sampling system enabling 4-D visualisation Automated root imaging via RooTrak 5. Applications of X-ray CT to soil sciencesRevealing the complexity in The impact of soil managementstructureExploring the role of microbesAssessing the fate of contaminants 6. Soil contact influences root developmentMaize in structure-less soil Maize in structured soilIn collaboration with Jose Dinneny (Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford) 7. High resolution scanning:visualisation of wheat root hairs 8. Mairhofer Created using RooTrak by Mairhofer et al. 2012 et al., (2014) under review 9. 3D X-ray imaging of foodEngineeringPorosity Analysis Particle AnalysisMicrostructure AnalysisMaterial Analysis 10. Quantify different aspects:PorosityPore volume:300250Frequency Sphericality 40mm3 040mm30mm3Sphericality20015010050Thickness of different layersShell thickness:15mm 30.3mm 11. SummaryEngineeringExploringfood qualityMicrostructure Analysis Material AnalysisRootstructurePlantsSoilstructureChemicaldistributionFoodDetectingdefectsSamplecomparison Developing a product e.g. fertiliser,seed Improving agricultural processes Developing a food product Detecting foreign bodies in a foodprocess Optimising a manufacturing process