CAR Symposium 2016

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Transcript of CAR Symposium 2016

  • Automobile Innenraum-Materialien und das Kundenerlebnis heute und in der Zukunft.

    CAR Symposium 2016, Stefan Buri, 11.02.2016

  • Page 03 Rinspeed tos

    Page 05 Stahl

    Page 10 The customer experience

    Page 22 Partnerships


  • Enhanced customer experience delivered by official interior development partner Stahl.

    Rinspeed tos concept car

  • Discover our innovative technologies for interior materials used in the Rinspeed tos concept car

  • Who is Stahl?

  • Stahls multiple touchpoints in premium car interior

    Stah: the car interior surfaces expert.

  • Tier 3: Surface Technology / Chemistry

    Tier 2: Materials Manufacturers

    Tier 1: Component / Systems Integrators

    OEM / Assembly

    + Know-How


    Steering wheel Dashboard Sun visor Middle console Glovebox

    Seat covers Headrest

    Gear shift Other applications

    Door trims EPDM profiles







    Why premium OEMs co-operate with Stahl World-market leader in its

    segments Best-in-class surface

    Know-How Off the shelf OEM solutions Technology- & innovation leadership Global footprint Quality consistency &

    interior harmony

    Stahl business model along the supply chain

  • 23 11

    600 38

    > 1.800



    People worldwide

    Application Labs

    Sales technicians


    R&D Centers

    Operational Excellence

  • The essence to succes today and in the future.

    The customer experience

  • Green & clean





    Hearing Smell


    The customer experience engaging with the 5 senses

    The future car interior

  • For an enhanced customer experience.

    Stahl glow in the dark technology

  • Stahl all new glow-in-the-dark technology providing a completely new mobility experience at night-time

    Design dimension: interior lightning

    Night time

  • For an enhanced customer experience.

    Stahl Stay Clean technology

  • Interior Air Quality: Consumer awareness raising, regulations increasing

    NW: not working

    Source: VDS 2014, J.D. Power

    After three year of ownership

  • Source: 2014 US VDS, 2014 Brazil VOSS, 2014 Germany VOSS, 2014 China VDS, 2014 Japan IQS, 2014 India VDS, J.D. Power

    Its a pain for all customers in the world

  • And its easy to See why

  • Stay Clean: the business case

    Design dimension: consumer satisfaction, total cost of ownership, synergies (leather, synthetics)

    Touch & feel Brand


    Stay Clean performance

    Total cost of ownership:

    Field claims Car re-sale value Brand loyalty

  • For an enhanced customer experience.

    Stahl PolyMatte technology

  • Next gen development: bio-based PolyMatte

    Design dimension: natural touch haptics / emissions / sustainability credentials

    Rapeseed plants

    Rapeseed pods

    Rapeseed seeds

    Vegetable oil

    Polyols Bio-based PolyMatte

    Applied coating

    In 2014, the 1st version of bio-based PolyMatte was commercialized which is based on rapeseed oil (20% renewable content)

    Development of other bio-based products like topcoats, basecoats, cross-linkers, uralkyds and matting agents are ongoing Stahls broad sustainable product portfolio defining the industry benchmark

  • Automotive Center of Excellence for OEMs, Tiers and business partners.


  • Stahl Automotive Center of Excellence

    Inaugurated Sept 2015, Waalwijk, The Netherlands

  • Interior Harmony

  • Design Inspiration 2016

  • Stahl Automotive: the car interior surfaces expert root strengths

    Auto & Non-Auto insights

    Business model & partnerships

    Know-how (application formulation, chemistry)

    Global footprint Technology

    Interior Harmony

  • We believe that if it can be Imagined, it can be created.

    [email protected] |

  • We create responsible partnerships that spark innovation and open up endless possibilities