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Кластерные особенности легких ядер в процессах релятивистской фрагментации П.И. Зарубин (ОИЯИ) http://becquerel.lhe.jinr.ru/. Hammer tracks in cosmic ray events: 8 Be produced in β -delayed decay of stopped 8 B and 8 Li. 12 N 11 ms. 9 C 0.13 s. 10 C 19 s. 11 C 20 m. 12 C 99%. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Hammer tracks in cosmic ray events:

    8Be produced in -delayed decay of stopped 8B and 8Li

  • 6Li 7.5%7Li 92.5%9Be 100%10B 19.8%11B 80.2%12C 99%7Be 53 d8B 0.8 s9C 0.13 s10C 19 s11C 20 m12N 11 ms

  • Internal targetExperimental hall 1BExperimental hall 205Experimental hallNUCLOTRON 6 GeV/nSYNCHROPHASOTRONCO2 laser

  • =73 MeV/c =52 MeV/c8B 7Be + p

  • 8B 7Be + p

  • 10

  • 7Be/10/12N exposure

  • 6Li 7.5%7Li 92.5%9Be 100%10B 19.8%11B 80.2%12C 99%7Be 53 d8B 0.8 s9C 0.13 s10C 19 s11C 20 m12N 11 ms

  • Z=4Z=5Z=6Z=7

  • 160A GeV Pb10A GeV Au1A GeV U

  • CONCLUDING REMARKSThe presented observations serve as an illustration of prospects of the Nuclotron for nuclear physics and astrophysics researches. The relativistic energy scale does not impede investigations of nuclear interactions down to energy scale relevant for nuclear astrophysics, but on the contrary gives advantages for investigation of multi-particle systems.

    The results of an exclusive study of the interactions of relativistic 9Be and 8B nuclei lead to the conclusion that the known features of their structure are clearly manifested in very peripheral dissociations.

    Due to a record space resolution the emulsion technique provides unique entirety in studying of light nuclei, especially, neutron-deficient ones. Providing the 3D observation of narrow dissociation vertices this classical technique gives novel possibilities of moving toward more and more complicated nuclear systems. Therefore this technique deserves upgrade, without changes in its detection basics, with the aim to speed up the microscope scanning for rather rare events of peripheral dissociation.

    The investigations with light nuclei provide a basis for challenging studies of increasingly complicated systems He H - n produced via multifragmentation of heavier relativistic nuclei in the energy scale relevant for nuclear astrophysics. In this respect, the motivated prospects are associated with a detailed analysis of the already observed fragment jets in the events of EM & Diffractive dissociation of Au nuclei at 10.6A GeV and Pb nuclei at 160A GeV.

  • Q=(M*-M)/A

  • 3.65A GeV 20Ne 2+2+2+2+2

  • 8 2 + c 1.2 A . . ( ) 2 He ( ).

  • 8B: Total PT (7Be+p)EMD whitestarsnh0

  • 4.5 GeV/c white stars 12C3 1 % of Inelastic Interactions

  • 1.2A GeV 9Be 3.22A GeV 22Ne 10.7A GeV 197Au

  • 22Ne 3.22A GeV4100 Inelastic Interactions

  • 6He 807 ms8He 119 ms12Be 23 ms12B 20 ms10Be 1510000 y 11Be 13.8 s8Li 838 ms9Li 178 ms11Li 8.5 ms0+ 0+