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UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN Faculty Course : Engineering & Science : Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) : Year 1 Unit Code Unit Title Lecturer : UEEA1243 : Circuit Theory :

Year/ Semester Session : 201101 Tutorial 1

1. Determine the voltage vx and power absorbed by 12 resistor for the circuit given in Figure Q1. [Ans:2 V, 1.92 W]

Figure Q 1 2. For the circuit shown in Figure Q2, determine: (a) current I. [Ans:2.77 mA] (b) Voltages Va, Vb and Vab. [Ans:-5.54 V, -1.85 V, -3.69 V]

Figure Q 2 3. For the network in Figure Q3, determine: (a) current IS, I1, I3 and I4. (b) voltage Va and Vb. 4. For the Figure Q 4, calculate RT circuit.

Figure Q 3 [Ans:5 A, 1 A, 4 A, 0.5 A] [Ans:17 V, 20 V] [Ans:4.2 ]

Figure Q4

Figure Q5 [Ans:2.67 A]

5. Calculate the current I for the circuit given in the Figure Q5.

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6. Given the above network in Figure Q6, calculate: (a) current I. (b) current at resistor 3 (c) open circuit voltage V [Ans:6.75 A, 2 A, 32 V]

Figure Q6 7. Given the above circuit in Figure Q 7, find: (a) equivalent resistance, RT (b) current I (specify the direction) (c) voltage V1 and V2 [Ans:1.74 k, 0 A, 11.89 V, 20.11 V]

Figure Q7 8. Use mesh analysis to find io and vab in circuit shown in Figure Q8. [Ans:1.78 A, 53.3 V]

Figure Q8

Figure Q9

9. Use the suitable circuit analysis to find i in circuit given in Figure Q9. [Ans:8.56 A] 10. Find the current gain io/is in circuit shown in Figure Q10. [Ans:-0.3]

Figure Q10

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11. Determine v1, v2 and v3 in circuit given in Figure Q11. [Ans:10 V, 4.93 V, 12.27 V] 12. Use the suitable circuit analysis to determine io and vo in circuit given in Figure Q12. [Ans:10.67 A, 33.78 V]

Figure Q11

Figure Q12

13. Find the voltages across each resistor in the Figure Q13. [Ans: -8 V, 20 V, 12 V] 14. Determine the voltages across each resistive element in the Figure Q14. [Ans:-2.56 V, 4.03 V, -6.59 V]

Figure Q13

Figure Q14

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