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Official publication of Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity. Summer 2012 issue.

Transcript of Themis - 2012 Summer

  • Summer 2012Themisof Zeta Tau Alpha

    Home Sweet HomeZeta Tau Alpha dedicates new chapter houses and recognizes housing volunteers

    Sigma Chapter celebrates centennialMeet the 2012-2013 Traveling Leadership ConsultantsZetas who serve their communities as elected officials

  • By Julia Marthaler Hill, ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation President

    The pillows are fluffed. The flowers are arranged. The lawn is mowed. The turquoise and gray ribbon is in place. The big scissors are ready. Parents, friends and alumnae are here. Its time to have a house dedication.

    Truly one of the great joys of being a part of the ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation is participating in a house dedication. In this issue of Themis, you will read about our latest celebrations for Beta Upsilon Chapter (Kansas State University) and Lambda Zeta Chapter (Lehigh University). But so much more than that list of last-minute preparations goes into making a house dedication possible.

    Whether a chapter moves into a new house, dormitory suite, Panhellenic lodge or some other type of housing, you can be sure that local and national alumnae volunteers have great stories to tell about what went on behind the scenes prior to the celebration. And once the dedication is over, the maintenance and upkeep of the facility keeps on goingand going and going. Those stories can be funny as well, but usually only in hindsight!

    Let me share a few of the most intriguing stories. At one property, we discovered an oil tank buried in the yard just after we began renovation. At another, a car drove through the dining room window; fortunately, no one was hurt. Weve moved two chapters to hotels when renovations required evacuation or circumstances delayed our construction. Harsh winters in some parts of the south have frozen fire sprinkler systems and burst pipes during school breaks. We experienced a flood during our biennial House Directors Seminar. And many, many houses have needed professional exterminators to remove squirrels, bats and raccoons who found their way into attics and walls.

    We can laugh about many of these unfortunate events now, but at the time each happened, we relied on the quick thinking, ingenuity and dedication of the officers and directors of the Fraternity Housing Corporation to find solutions, calm nerves and, most importantly, make sure all our members were safe. To serve as a national or local housing volunteer, you must tackle structural challenges nearly as often as you select beautiful fabrics for new furniture. You must have the tact and professionalism to interact with plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and city zoning and building officials, as well as designers and decorators. You throw on rubber gloves to tackle a last-minute cleaning job, even though youre wearing a party dress.

    That can-do spirit led to the formation of the ZTA Fraternity Housing Corporation in 1977 with Dr. Lanelle Gafford, Agnes Fox Gwin and Nelly Galloway Shearer as incorporators. Zeta Tau Alpha was the first National Panhellenic Conference group to create a national housing corporation and we remain the largest, with 151 member associations, 105 facilities owned or managed, and a net worth of $30 million.

    Over those 35 years, a unique group of women has given their time and talent to strengthen the corporation and further our efforts to provide safe, secure and competitive housing for our ZTA chapters. Five women have served as presidentDr. Gafford, Mrs. Shearer, Joyce D. Patterson, Nora Nell Hardy Jackson and I. In the history of the corporation, six women have served 20 years or more on the board: Joan Parker Hull, Nora Nell Hardy Jackson, Christy Marx Barber, Kay McCoy McKelvey, Christine Stull-Walter and Marty E. Sik. Four others have served 15 years or morePatricia Parnacott Hinman, Martha Gorum Jackson, Dorothy Coates Pataky and Cynthia Byars Courtney. Pat retired in 2002 and Nora Nell and Christy in 2006. At Convention 2012, we celebrated the retirement of Dorothy, Joan and Cynthia, as well as Nancy Floyd Stipp who served 13 years.

    Each of these women and their housing sisters have experienced aggravation when contractors disappear without finishing a job, distress when plumbers call with bad news and frustration when Mother Nature fails to cooperate with a construction schedule. But, they have also experienced the joy of unveiling a beautifully decorated new chapter room to grateful collegians, the excitement of alumnae returning to their campus to see a renovated house, and the contentment of parents who know their daughters are living in a safe home.

    We pledge to continue our standard of excellence for our existing properties as well as those new facilities we establish through extension. It is our honor and privilege to serve the Fraternity and remain true to The Creed by seeing beauty with its enriching influence.

    2 Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha

    From Where I Sit

    Housing volunteers create better homes

    The 2010-2012 Fraternity Housing Corporation Board of Directors

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    9 Collegiate News - Read about the goals, changes and improvements ZTA collegiate chapters have made in the past year to help build strong chapters and members.

    26 ZTA Elected Officials - ZTA alumnae think in terms of all mankind and our service in the world by serving as political lobbyists or elected officials on the state or local level.

    30 Traveling Leadership Consultants - Discover the 100-year history of the Fraternitys chapter consultant program and meet the 20 newest ZTA Traveling Leadership Consultants.

    Providing safe and secure housing is the most important function of the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity Housing Corporation, whether the chapter has an actual house, dormitory suite, Panhellenic lodge or other type of housing. With the help of national and local volunteers, the FHC was able to dedicate two new chapter houses this spring. For more information about the new homes at Kansas State University and Lehigh University, see pages 6-7.

    Summer 2012Themisof Zeta Tau Alpha

    Home Sweet HomeZeta Tau Alpha dedicates new chapter houses and recognizes housing volunteers

    Sigma Chapter celebrates centennialMeet the 2012-2013 Traveling Leadership ConsultantsZetas who serve their communities as elected officials







    From Where I Sit

    Letters to Themis

    Sigma Centennial

    K-State Dedication

    Lehigh Dedication

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    Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha (ISSN 1529-6709; USPS 627-120) is published quarterly by Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, 3450 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268-1334. Subscription: $2.00 per year. Single copies: $.50. Periodical postage paid in Indianapolis, IN, and additional mailing offices. Printed in the United States of America.

    Postmaster: Send address changes to Themis of Zeta Tau Alpha, 3450 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268.

    ThemisSummer 2012 Vol. 110 No. 4(ISSN 1529-6709; USPS 627-120)

    EditorAshley Martin

    Director of CommunicationsChristy Marx Barber,

    Graphic DesignerHaleigh Castino,

    ContributorsJulia Marthaler Hill,

    Susan Beard, Patricia Cords Levitte,

    Member, Fraternity Communications Association and National Panhellenic Editors Conference.

    2012 Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity.

    No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Zeta Tau Alpha.

  • Zeta Tau Alpha,My mother, Anne Frances Eldredge, was born in Pensacola, Fla. She attended the University of Alabama starting in 1936, at the height of the Great Depression. As one of her relatives had been instrumental in founding the ZTA chapter at Alabama, my mother proudly joined the sorority, and it brought her great pleasure for all her life. I can still remember visits to our New Orleans home from sisters of the sorority. Whenever any sorority sisters passed through town, my mother was always there for support and friendship.

    Upon her death, her jewelry and special items were divided among her three sonsI cant tell you how much she had hoped for a daughterand I took special notice and requested only one item, her highly treasured ZTA pin.

    I hope that this pin can be used for good by your sorority. I give it willingly for any use you see fit. I have only one request: that the badge is always remembered for how proudly it was held in esteem by my mothera true Zeta Lady.

    Christopher R. Harris

    Editors note: We appreciate Chris for returning his mothers badge to Zeta Tau Alphas Nu Chapter. Unfortunately, many ZTA badges are discarded or sold upon a members death. If you remember from your new member education, all badges are the property of the Fraternity and should be returned to Zeta Tau Alpha upon the death of a member. We ask that all members complete the Badge Disposition form found on Only/Resources/General Resources to express their wishes regarding their ZTA badge.

    International Office,My name is Rich Rovin. I am the proud father of Lauren, a senior at the University of Michigan and member of ZTA.

    I was in Ann Arbor, Mich. for parents weekend and ran in the chapters 5K Think Pink fundraiser. As a neurosurgeon and the medical director of the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center in Marquette, Mich., I k