The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha; Summer 2012

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Summer 2012; Issue 98 HIGHLIGHTS: Theta Tau Installation Sisters in the sports industry Sister tells weight loss journey

Transcript of The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha; Summer 2012

  • P hoenixSummer 2012 | Volume 98


    page 6

    Theta Tau Chapter installation page 8 Like the phoenix, she arose as a new woman after losing

    200 pounds

  • MeMbers of The TheTa Tau ChapTer aT CapiTaL universiTy, oh. phoTo CrediT: KaTie MaTis sMiTh,



    Cover story, page 8:

    Like the phoenix, she arose as a new woman after losing 200 pounds



    20PHOTO CREDIT: Dallas alumnaE CHaPTER 3

    SUmmER 2012 CONTENTS





    Editors desk

    From the president

    Foundation news

    District news

    News & events

    From the archives

    Theta Tau Chapter installation

    Sisters in the sports industry

    District Day 2012-13: Responsible women











  • Dear readers,i will admit that i have the most difficultly

    balancing the physical aim of Alpha Sigma

    Alpha into my schedule. i am better at taking

    time to focus on my intellectual, social and

    spiritual development. i think, ill go to

    the gym next week, or ill eat a healthier

    breakfast tomorrow, today i just am just too busy.

    in this issue of the Phoenix, we share the story of one alumna who

    realized that she had no more time to make excuses about her physical

    well-being. erin Meyer, ee had to make big changes in her life to

    make her health a priority and lose weight, and she tackled this with

    a positive attitude. i found her story very inspiring and motivating,

    and i think that you will too.

    For many sisters, thinking about the physical aim of the sorority also

    brings to mind memories of playing intramural sports with sisters

    or participating in a fun game of kickball to celebrate dedication days.

    To reflect this aspect of our physical aim, we have also included an

    article in this issue about sorority sisters who have made professional

    sports their career. Did you know that we have two sisters working at

    eSPn headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut?

    i hope that you enjoy this issue and take some time this summer to

    reflect on your own physical well-being. Carve some extra time out

    of your day to take a walk and relax or try a new healthy recipe and

    make your health a priority.

    in Alpha Sigma Alpha,

    erika Ann Butts

    Phoenix editor

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    4 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012

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    PP HOENIXHOENIXP HOENIXPSpring 2012 | Volume 98


    page 16

    ASA 2012-15 strategic plan page 10 National council slate announced

    page 22 Sorority formals of days past

    P hoenixof Volume 98, Number3

  • EdiTOrS DESK 5

    The focus of this edition of the Phoenix is on one of Alpha Sigma

    Alphas four aims our physical aim. it has me thinking about

    healthy living and how it factors into our aim. i am sure many,

    if not all, of us at some point in our lives have been concerned

    about our health, weight, diet or physical appearance. Well at

    least, we thought about it as we declared new Years resolutions

    or perhaps when we saw photos of models, hung out with a group

    of girlfriends or contemplated swimsuit season. in todays world,

    there is an increase in poor health choices that is leading to a huge

    array of physical and mental health issues for females. The words

    healthy living are most certainly on the tongues of many and the

    focus of numerous studies and programs.

    organizations that are female-centric are realizing their role

    in helping members live healthier lifestyles, and this focus

    is starting with girls and young women. With an increase in

    childhood obesity, girl-focused groups such as the Girl Scouts

    and Girls on the Run are trying to do something about it. To help

    gain perspective, the Girl Scouts Research institute has bridged a

    gap that speaks to girls attitudes about health, diet, weight, body

    image and exercise in a research study titled The new normal?

    What Girls Say About healthy Living. Major findings of this study

    show that todays girls define health a little differently. Girls in the

    study felt that even though it is important to eat right and exercise,

    it is equally important to appear normal, feel good about yourself

    and be supported by family and friends.

    Molly Barker, founder of Girls on the Run international, an

    organization that inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident

    through a running and self-esteem program that encourages

    positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical

    development, also addresses the holistic view of healthy living.

    in her book, Girls Lit from Within: A Guide to Life Outside of the Girl Box,

    she outlines some of the thoughts and struggles that girls of all ages

    go through in regards to their physical and mental health.

    it can be tough, nowadays, being a girl. Sometimes we can

    be mean. Sometimes we can really hurt each others feelings.

    Sometimes we feel ugly. Trying to feel beautiful about ourselves

    is a challenge when all we see in magazines are pictures of girls

    and women that have been created on a computer. Sometimes we

    compare ourselves to those pictures and feel like we dont measure

    up. Sometimes we feel dumb. not every girl in the world can make

    straight As, and when we dont, its hard to find the smarts inside

    of us. Sometimes we feel unpopular. We might feel like we dont

    fit in or we dont look right in our clothes. We might look in the

    mirror and wish that we could look like someone else. i know you

    feel all of these things sometimes. Because, you know what? i do

    too. im just an older girl inside an older body. But my friends and

    i all struggle with the same kind of feelings. even 40 year-olds want

    to be popular sometimes.

    As Alpha Sigma Alpha focuses on the physical aim, i hope you too

    will consider how this aim takes hold in your own lives. As you

    read above, it doesnt have to be just about exercise and physical

    fitness. it should encompass the whole, inside and out, beautifully-

    packaged individual that you are.

    heres to a happy, healthy summer!



    A focus on the physical aim of Alpha Sigma Alpha


  • 6 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012


    Theta Tau Chapter installed on March 31, 2012

    BY LiNdSaY KiNG, E | 2011-12 lEaDERsHIP COnsulTanT

    Lindsey Hutton

    Christine Angiuoli

    Chelsea Annis

    Jordan Ayers

    Kayla Barnett

    Sarah Bear

    Hayley Brooks

    Audrey Chrisman

    Paige Ciccarone

    Allison Clem

    Kelly Covert

    Anaya El-Naggar

    Molly Gill

    Andrea Green

    Morgan Grismer

    Shayna Hague

    Sydney Hammond

    Jessica Heck

    Sally Johnston

    Megan Kaunert

    Brandi Keeton

    Lauren Klein

    Mackenzie Kyes

    Kelly Lehrer

    Jamie Liess

    Lynndsay Little

    Samantha Malone

    Kathryn Mason

    Natalie McCullough

    Rachel McDonald

    Katie Metzinger

    Madison Mikhail

    Erika Miller

    Amanda Molaskey

    Kristen Moore

    Shannon OMalley

    Danielle Parisey

    Carly Poling

    Shelby Rohr

    Sarah Rowe

    Kala Schiff

    Jenna Schmerge

    Dayna Scott

    Celia Sheets

    Alyson Smith

    Heather Speaks

    Megan Sweet

    Ashley Taylor

    Ashley Wales

    Charter alumna initiate Emily Williams

    Charter new memberSara Mackay

    Character initiates

    installation team for the Theta Tau ChapterNational President Cindy Kelley, BPLeadership Consultant Lindsay King, EMembership Growth Coordinator

    Katie Matis Smith, District 3 District Facilitator

    Sue Zbikowski Barone, Installation Chairman Ashley Taylor, Q

    Chapters attending installation weekend:Zeta Omicron Chapter

    Muskingum University, OH

    Central Ohio Alumnae Chapter

    Theta Tau Chapter installation weekend agenda friday, March 30, 2012

    We Are Crusaders reception with friends, student

    organization leaders, campus faculty and staff.

    We Are Alpha Sigma Alpha reception with Alpha

    Sigma Alpha alumnae and collegiate members.

    saturday, March 31, 2012

    Sanctuary Degree Service, Service for Installation of

    a New Chapter, Service for Installation of Col-

    legiate Chapter Officers.

    White Luncheon celebrating the in-

    stallation of the chapter with Alpha

    Sigma Alpha alumnae and collegiate


    The Installation Banquet at The Co-

    lumbus Crew Stadium in downtown

    Columbus with more than 150 family,

    friends, Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae

    and collegiate members in attendance.

    Pictured above top: Theta Tau Chapter President Lindsey Hutton displaying an engraved silver platter from the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Council at the white luncheon.

    Pictured above bottom: The women of Theta Tau immediately following installation services.

  • donations to the alpha Sigma alpha Foundation on behalf of the Theta Tau Chapter installationCindy Kelley, BP, national presidentZeta Eta Chapter, Rockhurst

    University, MO

    Eta Eta Chapter, Pittsburg State

    University, KS 7

    Fun facts about Theta Tau Chapter: Zeta Pi Lambda, the local sorority,

    was founded and chartered in 1962 for

    strong independent women who believe

    in the four core values of scholarship,

    leadership, friendship and Christianity.

    The chapter continues to embrace

    their local mascot, the zebra.

    Half of the women in the Theta Tau

    Chapter are nursing majors.

    The executive board of the Theta Tau Chapter.

    Founding members of Theta Tau Chapter showing off their membership certificates.

    National Presiden

    t Cindy Kelley cele

    brating with

    members of Thet

    a Tau Chapter an

    d the installation

    team at the insta

    llation banquet.

    Gifts/donations to the chapter sponsored byOhio Alumnae

    Cincinnati, OH, Alumnae Chapter

    Dayton, OH, Alumnae Chapter

    Washington, D.C. Alumnae Chapter

    Greater Kansas City, MO, Alumnae Chapter

    Buffalo, NY, Alumnae Chapter

    Alpha Chapter, Longwood University, VA

    Zeta Zeta Chapter, University of

    Central Missouri

    Eta Eta Chapter, Pittsburg State University, KS

    Delta Sigma Chapter, Saginaw Valley

    State University, MI

    Zeta Mu Chapter, Missouri Western University

    Zeta Psi Chapter, Loras College, IA

    Theta Rho Chapter, West Texas

    A&M University

    Sue Zbikowski Barone, , District 3 District Facilitator


    8 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012

  • 9

    Like the phoenix, she arose as a new

    woman after losing 200 pounds

    Erin meyer, EE, admits that her weight was always an issue while growing up. She was an overweight child and keenly remembers hitting 300 pounds while on the scale at the doctors office during her freshman year of high school.

    By the time she started college, Erin had already tried almost every diet in the books in an attempt to lose weight. She tried the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, Weight Watchers plans, weight loss pills andeverything in between to no avail.

    BY diNa LibEraTOrE, ZN | PHOEnIx COnTRIBuTOR

  • 10 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012

    fried chicken, walking versus driving,

    ordering her salad dressing on the side and,

    most importantly, understanding what a true

    portion size actually is.

    While watching her points and exercising

    regularly, the weight slowly began to come

    off, and erins knee also started getting

    stronger. She walked first with a walker,

    then with crutches and a cane until she

    was well enough to walk on her own.

    Since 2006, erin has lost an amazing 230

    pounds and is now at a healthy weight. While

    making the decision to eat healthier and to

    exercise is a personal decision, erin admits

    that she could not have done it alone and was

    supported through the whole experience by

    her epsilon epsilon Chapter sisters.

    While i was recovering from knee surgery,

    my sorority sisters... would call every day,

    write letters, send care packages and visit

    on the weekend, said erin. And when

    she was well enough to visit the chapter at

    Christmastime, the sorority house mom

    added some of erins favorite Weight

    Watchers recipes to the dinner menu

    for the chapter women.

    The accidentin 2006, erin was a junior at emporia State

    University, KS, majoring in elementary

    education. She was elected vice president of

    alumnae & heritage for her chapter, involved

    in many other clubs and honor societies

    and had just started the student teaching

    practicum for her major. She was also at her

    heaviest weight, 445 pounds. it was not until

    a terrible accident that year that erin gained

    the courage and commitment to change

    her lifestyle, take control of her weight and

    improve her health for good.

    While driving home from work on Memorial

    Day, erin was involved in a car accident so

    serious that rescue workers were forced to

    use the Jaws of Life to remove her from the

    vehicle. erin suffered from ribcage bruising,

    trauma to the head and chest and a stress

    fracture in her right knee. her injuries were

    treated immediately.

    however, one month later, that same knee,

    weakened by the strain of the accident,

    snapped in half as erin got out of bed one

    morning. Reconstructive surgery on her

    leg and the months of physical therapy that

    followed forced erin to drop out of college

    for a semester. She was told by her doctors

    that if she did not lose weight, she would

    never be able to walk again.

    The plan erin was told she needed to lose 150-200

    pounds. She joined Weight Watchers in

    order to reach her goal. Weight Watchers is

    not a diet, but is instead a program designed

    to encourage people to lose weight through

    eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. it is

    a community of people who provide support

    and accountability for each other while they

    work to achieve weight loss goals and make

    better choices about diet and exercise.

    i chose Weight Watchers... because i

    really got a lot out of the collaboration and

    relationships with other members and the

    team leaders. We would work on goal setting,

    share ideas and recipes and encourage each

    other to make better choices, said erin.

    Losing the weight was a slow process, but

    erin understood this and began to make

    small decisions everyday that began to add

    up, such as choosing grilled chicken over


    Photo on left; Erin with her Epsilon Epsilon sisters; photo in middle; Crossing the finish line of the Rock the Parkway Half-Marathon/5K 2012 in Kansas City, MO; photo on right, Erin posing with a couple of her students after finishing a race

  • 11

    [restaurant] menu ahead of time to be able

    to make good decisions, learn to vocalize

    what you need when ordering and ask how

    items are prepared, erin said.

    Consider hiring a personal trainer or

    consultant: health is an investment and, if

    you can afford it, putting some money into

    it can be beneficial. Trainers and coaches are

    people who care about helping you achieve

    your health goals and will make you feel

    more accountable. erin hired a personal

    trainer in the past and now consults with a

    wellness coach whom she meets with weekly.

    She discusses successes and challenges

    from the past week, and her coach outlines

    workouts that will fit into her varied and

    often hectic schedule.

    Dont quit when you reach your goal:

    Maintaining your goal weight can be

    just as difficult as losing the weight.

    erin said, Some of my biggest struggles

    [since deciding to lose weight] have to do

    with maintenance. now that im at my

    goal weight im not as structured as i was

    before, and i give myself more freedom.

    erin realized that she needed more

    accountability in order to keep the weight

    off, which is one of the ways that her wellness

    coach helps her.

    its oK to treat yourself sometimes! erin

    claims to have an Achilles heel for ice cream

    and carrot cake, which she occasionally does

    indulge in. When i go somewhere for ice

    cream, i need to taste every flavor because

    if i am going to use [my Weight Watchers]

    points, i want to be sure its exactly what i

    want, erin said.

    years. She stays busy teaching fifth grade

    and has started dating again, currently in a

    relationship with a man introduced to her by

    a sorority sister.

    She has become an inspiration for women

    all over the country who want to maintain

    a healthy lifestyle and recently spoke as

    the keynote speaker at a Weight Watchers

    national celebration in Kansas City. erin

    also was named the first runner up for the

    Weight Watchers Most inspiring Weight

    Loss Story Competition in november

    and was recommended to appear in People

    magazine for its half her Size issue.

    The advice Because erin understands the daily struggles

    associated with weight loss and has personally

    experienced many challenges and successes

    in her own journey toward a healthier

    lifestyle, she offers advice to sisters who

    might need the motivation and inspiration

    to begin their own weight loss journeys.

    Weight loss wont happen overnight: erin

    imagines weight loss as a mutual fund. A

    mutual fund has daily gains and losses, and

    while there may be times when you do not

    see improvement, your investment will

    gradually show continued progress over time

    if you keep working at it.

    Managing different environments: Birthday

    parties, vacations and eating out with

    friends are always difficult times to make

    good decisions regarding food. however,

    while it can be easy to justify transgressions

    during special occasions, learning to manage

    different environments was an important

    part of erins weight loss plan.

    Dont be embarrassed to make your own

    snacks and take them in your purse. View the

    Success and Triumpherin also experienced many milestones

    along the way that gave her strength and

    inspiration to continue to her goal. She

    completed her first 5k, Susan G. Komen

    Race for the Cure, in February 2011, and

    describes running across the finish line as

    one of her proudest accomplishments.

    it was a pretty big moment after being told

    that i would never walk again, she said.

    Since that time, she has also finished the

    heart and Sole 10k in olathe, KS, with

    some of her fifth grade students and recently

    walked the Kansas City Rock the Parkway

    half marathon.

    erin likes to compare her body transformation

    to the legend of the phoenix. She said that

    in some ways she felt that she had a life with

    nothing to look forward to when she was

    carrying an additional 200 pounds on her

    frame. After all of her hard work, she feels

    like she was born again as a healthy woman

    able to enjoy life to the fullest.

    To complete her body transformation, erin

    needed surgery to remove almost 20 pounds

    of extra skin that hung on her body after

    she had reached her goal weight. The extra

    skin made running and exercise painful

    and caused erin to feel self-conscious

    and embarrassed to date. After her health

    insurance company rejected her claim to

    receive the $25,000-$50,000 surgery,

    a local news station heard about erins

    amazing story and referred her to a plastic

    surgeon who agreed to do the surgery at no

    cost last summer.

    Since her surgery, erin has been joyously

    living each day to its ultimate good. She

    continues to eat healthy and exercise and

    has kept the weight off for more than five

  • 12 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012


    Growing up, she went to Bulls games and

    enjoyed watching Michael Jordan and Scottie

    Pippen. every Sunday was scheduled around

    the Bears game and the family attended

    numerous White Sox games every summer.

    Working in sports was not exactly the career

    path Claudia originally had in mind. After

    graduating from DePaul University in

    Chicago in 2008 with a major in psychology

    and minor in communications, she initially

    planned to take a year to explore career

    options and pursue a Ph.D. A career in

    sports never crossed her mind, but when she

    Claudia Beltran, Delta Eta, Coordinator of Client Services and

    Database Administration, Chicago

    White Sox

    if you are doing anything less then your

    best than it is a waste of your time. Who

    would have thought that i would be working

    for a professional baseball team for my

    career? i definitely didnt, but i worked hard

    and made it a goal to be the best i could be.

    Claudia is a huge Chicago sports fan. Both

    of her parents were born in Mexico where

    soccer is very popular, so her family is

    very sports-oriented. Claudia said that the

    concept of sports being a part of her life

    was ingrained in her at a young age, and

    she played soccer and tennis in high school.

    Our physical aim is one of the key components of ensuring that we, as Alpha Sigma Alphas, are living well-rounded, balanced lives. Whether its making time to center your mind in conjunction with your

    body in that yoga class, taking a walk outside on your lunch break, going for a bike ride with the kids on a

    Saturday morning or getting up an hour earlier to sneak in that extra workout, most of us try to incorporate

    our physical aim into our busy lives one way or another. many of us also translate our love of a certain sport

    or team into an expression of the physical aim. What could be better than spending a beautiful afternoon

    outside at your favorite ballpark or stadium cheering on your favorite team?

    These sisters are doing more than just fitting it in; they have found ways to incorporate the physical aim,

    whether it is their love of sports or physical fitness, or sports/entertainment into their careers.

    SISTERS IN THEsp rts

    BY TraCey h. Kiefer, BK | Phoenix Contributor


  • 13

    team into her career, as she is working for

    the new York Mets this summer.

    Daniela has always been interested in film

    and television, and she has played sports

    her whole life for fun and competitively on

    the softball team in high school. She felt

    that working in the entertainment industry

    focusing on sports was the perfect job for

    her. her current job at RiT SportsZone

    combines Danielas love for sports and

    major in film perfectly; and she hopes to

    translate the combination into a full time job

    when she graduates. i love what i do. As

    a film student, this is what i want to do for

    the rest of my life. in terms of sports, i love

    watching and playing sports its the perfect

    combination, said Daniela.

    Daniela currently makes the most of her

    job and incorporates the physical aim by

    promoting sports, being active and having

    school spirit. The work that she and her

    coworkers do paid off when RiT SportsZone

    and work my way up. i did everything i could

    to work hard and make connections with my

    fellow interns and coworkers.

    Do not be afraid to reach out, take chances

    outside of your comfort zone and make

    connections. We live in a very competitive

    world, but you are the only you in this world

    and that makes you unique, said Claudia.

    How Claudia relates her career to our

    physical aim

    Baseball is Americas favorite pastime and

    we not only encourage the tradition to live

    on, but also to create the experience. At the

    White Sox, the motto is, Passion. Pride.

    Tradition. This should be words to live by

    in all aspects in ones life. in a world where

    technology is taking over and children are

    infatuated by television, video games and

    computers... we challenge them to come

    to the outdoor ballpark and create a new

    experience, said Claudia.

    Daniela Guitelman, Gamma Iota,

    Segments Editor, RIT SportsZone, the

    collegiate sports television network

    Danielas love of sports played a large part

    in planning her college concentrations

    and ultimately will shape her future career

    decisions. Daniela has been a new York

    Mets fan since she was very young - due

    to her Moms life-long love of the Mets.

    Daniela goes to as many Mets games as she

    can, and is translating her passion for the

    came across an internship opportunity with

    the White Sox she figured she had nothing

    to lose. After applying and going through

    the interview process, Claudia was offered a

    seasonal position that incorporated sales and

    multicultural marketing.

    Claudia currently maintains client

    relationships and communications, oversees

    all database functionality, plans season ticket

    events and is the liaison between ticket sales

    and other front office departments.

    What makes Claudia love her job?

    i remember attending baseball games with

    my family when i was younger, everything

    about the experience from the foul balls, hot

    dogs, foam fingers and in-game contests is

    still instilled in my mind, and it is an honor

    to now play a small part of that in our

    fans lives.

    Working in sports requires a lot of time

    and asks that you leave the fan in you at the

    door. however, this different perspective

    allows you to listen to fans and really make

    their experience memorable. We do not sell

    just game tickets, we sell an experience and

    lifetime memory. it is such a compliment

    having fans call to thank us and let us know

    how much fun they had at the game/event

    they attended, said Claudia.

    Claudias advice for sisters interested in a

    similar career

    Working in sports and the entertainment

    industry in general is all about who you

    know and the impression you make. The

    last thing i wanted to do as a recent college

    graduate was take an internship; i felt i had

    every qualification to be hired somewhere

    full time. i had to come to terms with the

    fact that i needed to start from the bottom

    sp rtsDo not be afraid to reach out, take chances outside of your comfort zone and make connections. We live in a very competitive world, but you are the only you in this world and that makes you unique. - Claudia Beltran, Delta Eta

  • 14 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012


    Jani is the manager of programming content

    screening. She relates the teamwork involved

    in her work to the lessons she learned as

    a collegiate sister about having mutual

    respect and working as part of a team to

    get a job done.

    What makes Jani love her job?

    i work in television, which was always a

    dream, and i get to watch sports for a living

    so who wouldnt love that? My team is able

    to serve sports fans around the world

    everyday. its so fun to have everyday be

    different as sports are never the same from

    day to day. The MLB game tonight will be

    different than the MLB game tomorrow

    night. its also fun to see the unexpected at

    work, i remember walking down the hallway

    one day and coming towards me was Darth

    Vader and his storm troopers i stopped

    in my tracks in disbelief! eSPn, inc is also

    a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company,

    which is another reason why i love my job,

    said Jani.

    was recognized with an emmy at the 2012

    College Television Awards.

    i love working at SportsZone because its

    super fun, and i love being part of the school

    spirit that we have and being proud of our

    sports teams. our Rochester institute of

    Technology womens hockey team just won

    the national championship for Division 3

    and moved to nCAA Division 1. our mens

    hockey team has gone to the semifinals

    multiple years in a row, said Daniela.

    Jani Burke, Delta Epsilon, Manager,

    Programming Content Screening, and

    Christina Draper, Delta Epsilon,

    Lead Network Coordinator, ESPN, Inc.

    i love sports and entertainment so what

    better way to combine the two than work

    at eSPn, said Jani Burke.

    Both Jani Burke and Christina Draper were

    actively involved in sports in high school and

    college. Jani was a basketball and football

    cheerleader in college. Christina was on

    track, softball and basketball in high school

    and was the sports director for Mansfield

    Universitys radio station.

    Christina works at eSPn in production

    operations, integrating live events with

    studio and ensuring all programs on the

    17 eSPn networks air properly.

    What makes Christina love her job?

    i get to watch sports for a living. Sports

    has always been my passion; it has always

    driven me to be involved and stay involved

    with a team. i love getting up each day and

    looking at how the day is lined up with either

    event meetings or conference calls and then

    relaying your knowledge back to your

    staff, said Christina.

  • 15

    Christine Pleban, Delta Eta,

    Manager, Event Marketing and Sales, for

    Feld Entertainment

    i love my job and what i do. i am

    surrounded by dynamic individuals that

    push me to be my best every day.

    Christine grew up in a sports family

    playing and watching sports from the time

    she was small. She played varsity soccer,

    basketball and tennis in high school and

    played soccer at Loyola University, new

    orleans before transferring to DePaul

    University in Chicago. Christines family

    are huge hockey fans and love the Colorado


    The Avs came to Colorado when i was just

    a wee one. We had a huge rivalry with the

    Detroit Red Wings and theres nothing like

    a sell-out game with the energy of a rivalry

    of that nature. Plus i love hockey jerseys,

    theyre comfy, said Christine.

    Christine works for Feld entertainment, the

    company that owns and operates Ringling

    Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Disney on

    ice, Disney Live!, Monster Jam, Supercross

    and FMx. She is the local promoter for all

    of the shows that come to St. Louis and the

    area properties - the edward Jones Dome

    (home of the St. Louis Rams), Scottrade

    Christinas career advice for sisters

    Follow your heart and dont give up.

    This business, particularly television, is

    predominantly a male business but, women

    are slowly coming up the ranks with senior

    management and making a statement in my

    career. Always take time to get to know the

    people around you as you never know how

    they could help your dream come true,

    said Christina.

    eSPns corporate campus is actually bigger

    than some colleges, and eSPn encourages

    employees to take time out of their busy days

    and utilize the campus grounds and fitness

    centers to stay active and fit. Jani says that

    because of the size of the campus, she is

    able to do a lot of walking, which helps her

    stay healthy.

    Christina and Jani both feel very lucky

    that they had the belief system and bonds

    of Alpha Sigma Alpha to help them

    transition from collegians to alumnae.

    Jani started at eSPn a few months before

    Christina and the chapter sisters were able

    to form a new friendship when they started

    working together right after graduating

    and moving to a new town. Both women

    also find time to volunteer for Alpha

    Sigma Alpha as advisors to the Theta Sigma

    Chapter at Southern Connecticut State

    University. Christina is the recruitment

    advisor and Jani is the standards advisor.

    The bonds you make as a sister can and

    will last a lifetime if you cultivate them.

    its amazing how when you meet another

    alumna, you can instantly connect because

    you have the same belief structure. i am so

    thankful for the 15 years of sisterhood i have

    under my wings and look forward to many

    more to come, said Jani.

    Jani took a chance during her last semester

    in college and contacted a Mansfield

    University alumna to ask about a tour of

    eSPn. The alumnus was able to arrange

    the tour as well as passing along her resume

    which resulted in an interview during the

    tour. Jani was lucky enough to start working

    for eSPn one week after receiving her

    college degree.

    i find myself very, very lucky to have such

    good fortune. i actually never applied to

    any company before falling into my career

    at eSPn. i will be celebrating my 12th

    anniversary in May 2012, said Jani.

    Christina wanted to work at eSPn since

    she was in junior high school. She watched

    and played every type of sport and wanted to

    be a sportscaster at the network. in college,

    she realized that her passion was more

    focused on the behind the scenes planning

    and execution, so she followed a more

    technical class schedule instead. Christina

    then utilized contacts she made through her

    advisor to get her resume directly to a hiring

    manager at eSPn.

    eSPn was the only place i wanted to work

    and that was the first place i interviewed and

    received a job offer, said Christina.

    Janis advice for sisters interested in a

    similar career

    Be willing to get your feet wet in a position

    that might not be your dream job. if you are

    proactive, reliable and work hard, the job

    you really want to do will become available.

    i am not saying that someone should settle for

    a job they dont want,but you dont want to be

    close minded. Also, opportunities and jobs

    will not fall into your lap, and you have to

    work hard before being rewarded, said Jani.

  • 16 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012


    others and wanted to be able to share with

    others what massage therapy did for me as

    well as what it could do for others, said


    Jamey suggests that any sisters interested

    in becoming a massage therapist should

    narrow down their search to eliminate

    non-accredited institutions. She also said

    that massage therapy can be physically

    demanding. You must already be in

    reasonably good health, free from illness or

    pain that may inhibit your performance or

    cause self-injury.

    in her free time, Jamey competes in

    national Physique Committee Figure

    Competitions for fun.

    Christine relates the physical aim of

    ASA to the stamina and health required for her career.

    Sports and entertainment require long

    non-traditional hours. i will go weeks

    without a day off and work long hours,

    sometimes not leaving stadiums and arenas

    until midnight. its so important to maintain

    a healthy lifestyle in our line of business

    and find ways to keep yourself active, eating

    right and getting enough sleep. There is a

    tremendous balance that comes with a career

    in this field,

    Jamey Nalezinek, Beta Beta,

    Denver Alumnae Chapter, registered

    massage therapist

    i get to have an immediate, positive impact

    on peoples lives.

    Jamey is a sport massage therapist for the

    Colorado Mammoth (pro indoor lacrosse)

    and the Denver outlaws (pro outdoor


    Jamey loves sports and was a competitive

    gymnast for six years (from age 2-12). Jamey

    sustained an injury to her right hip at age 12

    and has since had four hip surgeries, two of

    them being replacements on the same side.

    Jamey credits massage therapy with helping

    her overcome her injuries.

    Massage therapy has played a key role in

    my recovery. i have always enjoyed helping

    Center (home of the St. Louis Blues) and

    Chaifetz Arena (home of the SLU Billikins).

    Christine is currently responsible for all

    aspects of the shows, including ticketing,

    negotiations, media buys, group sales, public

    relations, grassroots, large partnerships and

    sponsorship tie ins. Christines goal is to

    one day be part of the Field entertainment

    international team.

    What makes Christine love her job?

    For someone who loves sports and

    entertainment, i have been able to see all

    the inner workings for major international

    tours; everything from sports, to concerts

    to family events. i have also met high profile

    executives that have influenced my decision-

    making and approach to the job. Plus i get

    to hang out with athletes from ice skaters to

    motocross riders said Christine.

    She credits knowing what she was passionate

    about and hard work with getting her to

    where she is now on her career path:

    i always had a passion for the industry

    and went to games all the time with my

    family. i put myself out on a limb to get my

    first interview and job as an intern with

    the Chicago Blackhawks. i submitted my

    resume blindly with no connections and

    over prepared for my interview. When i was

    hired, it was less than a week of working

    there that i knew i was in the right industry.

    i have been so fortunate with the path i am

    on but it has not come without long hours,

    hard work and consistent motivation. With

    there being stiff competition in the sports/

    entertainment industry, i have to continue

    to strive for my own personal best results

    daily as i have huge expectations to fill, both

    personally and professionally,

    For someone who loves sports and entertainment, I have been able to see all the inner workings for major international tours; everything from sports, to concerts to family events. - Christine Pleban, Delta Eta

  • 17

    here are a few chapter challenge highlights:

    u The Zeta Beta Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls raised $272

    selling feather hair extensions to women

    on campus and to other District 8 sisters

    the Friday evening before District Day.

    They won the prize for most creative

    fundraiser in District 8.

    u The Beta nu Chapter at Murray State University, KY, held a hot cider sale to

    raise money for the Foundation, and

    they won the prize for most creative

    fundraiser in District 6.

    u The Mid-Michigan Crown Alumnae Chapter sold Christmas ornaments from

    the famous Christmas store, Bonners, in

    Frankenmuth, Mi, and raised $536.95.

    They won the prize for the most money

    raised in District 5.

    The Foundation chapter challenge is a

    fundraising initiative, designed to inspire

    collegiate and alumnae chapters to be

    creative and raise money for the Alpha

    Sigma Alpha Foundation. Throughout

    the year, collegiate and alumnae chapters

    are encouraged to hold fundraisers for

    the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. At

    each District Day event, chapters share

    their fundraising ideas during a brief

    presentation to District Day attendees.

    Prizes are given at each event for most

    creative fundraiser and most money raised.

    This year 45 collegiate and alumnae

    chapters raised $12,934 for the Foundation

    through the chapter challenge initiative.

    This money will go towards funding

    sorority grants like programming at the

    2012-13 District Day events.

    u The Southwest indiana Alumnae chapter held a Lia Sofia jewelry party and raised

    $150 for the Foundation.

    each chapter that participated found

    ways, big and small, to donate to the

    Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. We

    are looking forward to next year with a

    goal of 100 percent participation from

    our collegiate chapters and increased

    participation from alumnae chapters.

    Thank you for fundraising for the future

    of Alpha Sigma Alpha. A complete list of

    winners from each district, along with ideas

    for your chapter fundraising, can be found


    Rachael Dismukes, BN, presents Bonita Marince Maurer, A, Foundation trustee, with the check the Beta Nu Chapter raised during the chapter challenge.

    Chapter challenge raises money for



    18 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012

    be triggers for many bad behaviors and

    situations. College students are constantly

    faced with issues such as drinking, substance

    abuse, discrimination, sexual assault and

    hazing. All of these topics will be addressed

    at District Day, and you will gain resources

    to combat these issues personally or lend

    a helping hand to someone else dealing

    with them.

    Alumnae members: Alumnae might not see

    an immediate connection in this program

    to their personal lives, but as adults with

    children and careers, these topics can appear

    right before your eyes. Maybe you have a

    child in school who deals with bullying on a

    daily basis. Maybe you are experiencing or

    witnessing discrimination or sexual assault

    at work, or maybe you have a close friend

    or family member with a substance abuse

    As members of Alpha Sigma Alpha,

    living our eight core values each day is

    an important part of who we are as an

    organization. At District Day 2012-13,

    Alpha Sigma Alpha will unveil a new District

    Day schedule and program in partnership

    with the Response-Ability Project and

    CAMPUSSPeAK to focus on our core

    value of responsibility.

    Mike Dilbeck, of the


    Project and creator

    of the every|Day hero Campaign, will

    be joining Alpha Sigma Alpha to provide

    programming geared toward overcoming

    bystander behavior and negative situations.

    The programming will focus on preventing

    situations such as:

    u hazing

    u Alcohol & substance abuse

    u Bullying

    u Discrimination

    not only will these topics be useful to

    attendees in their sorority experience,

    they can be applicable to any area of

    life, including family. Whether you feel

    comfortable intervening during these

    situations or not, attending District Day

    will provide you with the tools and resources

    to become a hero for someone else.

    Whats in it for me?Collegiate members: Collegians can be exposed

    to many negative situations during their

    collegiate years. The stress of making ends

    meet, pleasing everyone, staying on top of

    schoolwork and balancing a schedule can

    district day 2012-13:

    responsibLe WoMen




    DAY 2012-2013




  • 19

    District Day schedule at a glance8-8:45 a.m. Registration

    9-9:30 a.m. Welcome session

    9:30-10:30 a.m. Response-Ability Project Keynote

    10:45 a.m. noon Advisor certification

    10:45 12:00 p.m. Response-Ability Project

    breakout sessions

    12:15-1:15 p.m. District Day luncheon

    1:30 5 p.m. Advisor certification

    1:30-4:30 p.m. Career track for graduating seniors

    and young alumnae

    1:30-3 p.m. Educational workshops part 1

    3:15-4:30 p.m. Educational workshops part 2

    4:45-5:30 p.m. Closing activities

    Registration information Registration for District Day 2012-13 will be

    available in August. Registration fees are $45

    per person. Collegiate chapters may register

    by filling out the District Day registration

    form on the officer Portal. Alumnae

    registration forms will be available on the

    Alpha Sigma Alpha website.

    Dates and locationsDistrict Day 211213: Responsible women

    District 2 nov. 10, 2012 Breinigsville, PA

    District 3 nov. 3, 2012 Pittsburgh

    District 4 Feb. 23, 2012 Richmond, VA

    District 5 March 23, 2013 Fort Wayne, in

    District 6 Jan. 26, 2013 Memphis, Tn

    District 7 March 2, 2012 Dallas

    District 8 oct. 27, 2012 Milwaukee

    District 9 Feb. 13, 2013 Kansas City, Mo

    Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation Programming from Mike Dilbeck, of the

    Response-Ability Project and creator of

    the every|Day hero Campaign is provided

    in part by a grant from the Alpha Sigma

    Alpha Foundation. All District Day events

    will feature opportunities to participate in

    the Foundation Red Ticket Raffle and the

    Foundation chapter challenge.

    Day. ASA members will leave District Day with tools and resources to be responsible

    women who seek to combat bystander

    behavior and positively influence others

    in their lives.

    Also at District Day Career track

    Another exciting addition to District Day

    2012-13 is the addition of a career track

    specifically for graduating seniors and young

    alumnae. Alpha Sigma Alpha is partnering

    with JobBound Training Solutions to

    offer the program. Translating the sorority

    experience: The insiders guide to landing

    your first job

    This program is designed to assist sorority

    members in making their experiences

    as a sorority member relevant in any job

    opportunity. The program covers topics such

    as rsum writing and tips on networking

    and interviewing, while featuring the skills

    and experience gained from being a member

    of Alpha Sigma Alpha. The career track will

    be a three-hour course during the afternoon

    portion of District Day and will be open to

    juniors, graduating seniors and alumnae

    who have graduated in the past three years.

    The goal of this career track is to provide

    Alpha Sigma Alpha members the

    opportunity to utilize the tools and skills

    they have gained as a sorority woman to help

    begin a successful career. Young alumnae

    who are not able to attend the entire District

    Day are encouraged and welcome to attend

    the career track from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at

    District Day for free.

    problem. The Response-Ability Project is

    designed to help anyone at any

    age deal with these topics and become a

    hero for someone.

    What will the District Day schedule look like?District Day attendees will experience a new

    schedule for the event. All of the educational

    programming during the event will focus on

    being a responsible person.

    During the first half of District Day,

    attendees will spend the morning in a large

    group, participating in the Response-

    Ability Project led by Mike Dilbeck. Then

    participants will move to smaller breakout

    sessions facilitated by Alpha Sigma Alpha

    volunteers. These sessions will serve as

    debriefing time to process and continue

    the conversations that began during Mike

    Dilbecks keynote. Attendees will share and

    hear personal stories and come up with their

    own plans to combat bystander behavior.

    After the morning events, everyone will

    gather together for an interactive working

    lunch and hear special messages from the

    national organization.

    Following lunch, District Day attendees will

    chose different educational workshops to

    attend. These workshops will continue the

    theme of responsibility with an infusion of

    chapter operations, alumnae programming

    and personal development. District Day will

    end with an all-group closing session.

    District Day 2012-13 will be an exciting

    and life-changing event for all attendees.

    Alpha Sigma Alpha is excited to continue

    sponsorship of the every|Day hero

    Campaign by providing the Response-

    Ability Project programming at District

  • 20 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012

    3. The seniors of the Zeta omicron Chapter

    at Muskingum University, oh, pose

    together before their final homecoming

    parade. Front row from left: Crystal

    Clawson and Steph Myers. Middle row

    from left: Sara Penn, Alyssa Lowstetter,

    erica Cazzell, Betsy Free, Ashley Fox and

    Katie Borkoski. Back row from left: Jess

    Durant, Cassie Marsh, Jayme Workinger,

    Jenny Marshall, Paige Williams, hayley

    Sutphen and Leigh Ann Amspaugh.

    4. Members from the Zeta Tau Chapter at

    Grand Valley State University, Mi and the

    Beta Theta Chapter at Central Michigan

    University pose for a picture at a Special

    olympics event.

    1. The Theta Alpha Chapter at Coe College,

    iA, prepared a meal for their local Cedar

    Rapids police force at their Dinner for

    heroes event.

    2. Members of the epsilon Gamma

    Chapter made the drive from Virginia

    Commonwealth University in Richmond

    to visit the S. June Smith Center in

    Lancaster, PA.


    3 4



  • 21

    Members watched a slideshow of the

    chapters history as they ate and chatted.

    in addition, executive board members

    of nearby nu nu Chapter at Drexel

    University, PA, joined the celebration.

    7. Charter members and chapter advisor

    of the epsilon Tau Chapter at University

    of Maryland Baltimore County recently

    met for a reunion with their husbands.

    Front row from left: Katy Mulroe Stango,

    Christy Wood Conklin, Rachel Sochol

    Solomon, Cristina Rouiller, Christine

    Strapac Thomas, A, former E Chapter advisor and Andrea Schumacher. Second

    row: Rhonda Martin.

    8. The Dallas Alumnae Chapter hosted

    their annual easter basket stuffing event

    in April. They stuffed 20 baskets full of

    goodies to give to the men and women

    at the Arlington Adult Day Center.

    From left: Adrienne Zimmerman, B, Adriennes daughter, olivia Zimmerman,

    Ginny Lloyd, , nancy Demerath Young, B, Kathy Messina, , Bonita Marince Maurer, A, Tammy Ziegler Woodman, , and Wendy Partain Gerstenkorn, B.

    5. Members of the Boston Alumnae

    Chapter at the Making Strides for Breast

    Cancer walk in october 2011. From left:

    Dawn eades, E, Gina nagy McKinnon, E, Amy Fritz, E, Janet Crook-Conroy, BP, Jennifer Richard oBeirne, E, and Julie Lords, Z.

    6. The Philadelphia Metro Alumnae

    Chapter celebrated its 20th anniversary

    with its annual brunch in February.

    Current chapter president Stefanie

    Ainge hahn, EK, and past presidents Stefanie Spatola, I, and Kathy Gaughan Gallagher, KK, conducted the ritual for the anniversary of alumnae chapters.

    5 6

    7 8


    Leah Dooley eickhoff, AB, joined the national headquarters staff on June 6, 2012. Leah

    earned her bachelors degree from Truman

    State University, Mo, and earned her masters

    degree in college student personnel from Western

    illinois University. She previously worked for Alpha Sigma Alpha as a

    leadership consultant from 2000-01 and has held numerous Alpha

    Sigma Alpha volunteer positions. Leah was the director of Greek life

    and leadership programs at the illinois institute of Technology and

    most recently, Leah held the position of associate director of student

    activities at Christopher newport University in Virginia.

    As the program development coordinator, Leah will manage all

    aspects of the sororitys educational and training initiatives and

    programs. Working closely with members of the volunteer curriculum

    development & programming task force and national headquarters

    staff, she will ensure that the sorority is providing relevant, appropriate

    support, education and training to its members. Leah will also oversee

    the ASA Advantage initiative and will manage the relationships with Alpha Sigma Alphas national philanthropic partners.

    Katie Matis Smith, , previous membership growth coordinator, transitioned into the

    communications & marketing coordinator position

    on June 1, 2012. Katie earned her bachelors

    degree in communications and digital cinema

    from DePaul University in Chicago in 2008. She previously worked at

    Lehigh University in Pennsylvania as the assistant director of broadcast

    and multimedia and has been the Alpha Sigma Alpha membership

    growth coordinator since 2010.

    As the communications & marketing coordinator, Katie is responsible

    for overseeing all sorority communications including social media,

    the Phoenix magazine, website, e-newsletters and press releases. She also

    directs the sororitys marketing plan and manages promotional material

    for the sorority.

    22 Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha | Summer 2012

    Colony & extension updateAlpha Sigma Alpha has been invited to colonize at Western illinois University, Macomb, iL, in fall 2013. Western illinois

    University is the home to Alpha Sigma Alphas Beta Kappa Chapter. if you are interested in getting involved with this

    colony, email us at [email protected]

    if you are interested in getting involved with our fall 2012 colonies at indiana University

    (epsilon Phi Chapter reestablishment) or Boise State University, contact us at

    [email protected]

    Program development and communications & marketing coordinators hired

  • 23

    Alma Thraves Caperton, A, served as chairman of the first Alpha Sigma Alpha national convention at the hotel Richmond in

    Richmond, VA, in 1905. Alma presided in the absence of Grand

    President edna elcan Jones, A.

    from the archives

  • i support the Arista Alumnae

    Association because i want to give

    back to the organization that has

    provided me the opportunity to

    develop leadership skills and

    friendships with women all over

    the country. Also, i believe in

    supporting an organization that

    promotes lifelong learning. My

    contribution to Alpha Sigma Alphas

    Arista Alumnae Association will

    help give our future sisters the same

    opportunities that i have been given.

    Patti Latin, ClioDistrict 2 education Coaching Team Leader

    new York City-Big Apple Alumnae Chapter

    To learn more about the Arista Alumnae

    Association or to register for membership,


    or call (317) 871-2920.

    9002 Vincennes Circle | Indianapolis, IN 46268-3018