The Cyclist Conspiracy - A Night at Café -Constantinople- (Feat. Kyria Katerina) - The Cyclist...

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Transcript of The Cyclist Conspiracy - A Night at Café -Constantinople- (Feat. Kyria Katerina) - The Cyclist...

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  • Oi manges den yparxoun pia / Manges dont exist anymore ( ) Music by Nikos Xydakis ( ) Lyrics by Manolis Rasoulis ( )Giauto foumaro kokaini / Why I smoke cocaine (' ) Music and lyrics by Panos Toundas ( )Aidiniko () Music by Dimitris Semsis ( )Ti se melei esenane / Why do you care ( ) Traditional, Asia Minor All songs arranged by The Cylist ConspiracyProduProduced by Milo Miljkovi & Nikola Uroevi

    Personnel:Katarina Brarevi, vocalsNikola Uroevi, guitarDamjan Beli Brki, guitarStefan Stepi, bassMilo Miljkovi, keyboardsSStefan Kositra Maleevi, darbukaDragan Mirkovi, drums





    The Cyclist Conspiracyfeaturing Kyria Katerina A Night at Caf Constantinople

  • Last summer, after a wondrous experience on Mount Athos, we were cycling back to mother Serbia but, as soon as we reached Thessaloniki, we realized that we were completely broke. We had never been good at nancing our adventures, but this particular time the situation seemed disastrous. Luckily, providence sent our old friend Stefan Kositra Maleevi (also known as the manager of the famous Serbo-Lithuanian band BICIKL) to save the day; after nishing his latest movie project on Ohrid Lake, he happened to be in the city and we accidentally ran into him on Tsimiski street. Few hours later, while celebrating this happy occasion, mr. Maleevi introduced usus to wonderful Kyria Katerina (with whom he had already collaborated during her Serbian tour); few drinks later, couple of gigs were booked and we were saved from certain death by starvation.

    We always had a feeling that manges of the old knew the secret of Great Dionysian Paradox how to love the life and hate the world at the same time. Behind all those rituals of desire and madness, behind all those noisy tavern nights lled with earthly pleasures and carnival passions, there lied a secret place of undisturbed calmness; quiet ocean of tears, safe place of sacrice. Of course, this place didnt produce any music, only a paradox and as we know it, paradoxes often result in tragedy.

    But the birth of tragedy is always the birth of a song.

    TThanx to: Randall A. Major, Stefan Kositra Maleevi, Simon Mari, Andrej Vojkovi, Marina Uzelac, Tijana Lonar, Dejan Lazarevi, Tatjana Obradovi, Dejan & Marija & Veljko Trajkovi, Jovana Vukovi, Milo Romac, Ignace De Bruyn, Mileta Orioki Okiljevi, Kostas BK & John Drake (Dirty Fuse), George Georgiadis, Ik Sarhan (Hayvanlar Alemi), Sra Vuo, Milo Stefanovi, Marko Dabeti, BICIKL, Mangulica FM, Lenhart Tapes, Temple Of The Smoke, NOVO DOBA festival, Pop depresija, Ispod povrine, Disco 3000.

    Band phoBand photo by Marina Uzelac / Poster by Andrej Vojkovi & Marija Lonar / Artwork by Marija Lonar

    A Night at Caf Constantinople

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