The California Alpha-Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

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Transcript of The California Alpha-Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
On-Campus Advisor – Kevin Colaner Off-Campus Advisors – Matthew Jones, Chris Delfs,
David Handler, Rodney Culwell, Javier Aguiniga
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (ΣΑΕ, also SAE) is a North American Greek-letter social
college fraternity founded in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the University of Alabama on
March 9, 1856. Out of all existing national social fraternities today, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
is the only one that was founded in the Antebellum South. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the
largest college fraternity by total initiates, with more than 336,000 initiated members and
more than 13,500 undergraduates at a total of 215 chapters and 15 colonies, all spread
across 49 states and provinces.
The Founders and Chapter History
Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama in
Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Its founders were Noble Leslie Devotie, Nathan Elams Cockrell,
John Barrett Rudolph, John Webb Kerr, Samuel Marion Dennis, Wade Hampton Foster,
Abner Edwin Patton, and Thomas Chappell Cook. Their leader was Noble Leslie
DeVotie, who wrote the ritual, created the grip, the SAE handshake, and chose the
name of the fraternity, while John B. Rudolph was the individual who created the first
Locally, the California Alpha-Beta Chapter was chartered on February 27, 1993. The
founders of our chapter, John Collura and Mike Kislig, began their efforts in 1990 with
the founding of a local fraternity called Iota Gamma Nu. The founders were
disappointed with the other Greek letter fraternities on campus and decided to begin a
colony of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, despite a failed attempt to start a chapter in the early
1980’s, since the interest group did not meet national standards. The brothers then
petitioned the Sigma Alpha Epsilon director of expansion for the opportunity to start a
colony, the first step toward getting a charter. The brothers eventually went on to
receive that charter becoming the 254th Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter in the realm.
The True Gentleman, Our Creed
The creed of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the True Gentleman, composed by John Walter
Wayland in 1899 for an essay contest sponsored by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper.
Alumnus Judge Walter B. Jones found the True Gentleman and published it in his
Alabama Baptist Quarterly and then forwarded the writing to John O. Moseley, founder
of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Leadership School. At the time the author was thought to be
anonymous, however after a lengthy period of research by fraternity historian Dr. Joe
Walt, the author’s identity was discovered. Wayland was posthumously initiated into the
fraternity as part of the Virginia Omicron Chapter at the University of Virginia, where
Wayland received his master’s degree in 1901. In 2001 at the National Convention in
Orlando, Florida the fraternity officially made the True Gentleman the official creed of
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
acute sense of propriety, and whose
self-control is equal to all emergencies;
who does not make the poor man
conscious of his poverty, the obscure man
of his obscurity, or any man of his
inferiority or deformity; who is himself
humbled if necessity compels him to
humble another; who does not flatter
wealth, cringe before power, or boast of
his own possessions or achievements;
who speaks with frankness but always
with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed
follows his word; who thinks of the rights
and feelings of others, rather than his
own; and who appears well in any
company, a man with whom honor is
sacred and virtue safe.”
- John Walter Wayland, 1899
Sigma Alpha Epsilon selected Children’s Miracle Network as its National Philanthropy.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon joined Children’s Miracle Network as a national fundraising partner
in 2001, and have raised over $800,000 in the last 16 years, to provide support to their
local hospitals.
Locally, the California Alpha-Beta Chapter is proud to support our Children’s Miracle
Network Hospital, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In addition to supporting Children’s
Miracle Network, the chapter locally supports Toys for Tots during the holidays, the
American Red Cross during times of wildfires, and disasters and our largest local
philanthropy is Five Acres Home for Boys & Girls. Each year the gentlemen in our
chapter as well as the gentlemen from surrounding chapters meet out for our True
Gentleman Day of Service to volunteer and make repairs at 5 Acres home in Altadena.
To Whom It May Concern:
As the California, Alpha Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at California State
Polytechnic University Pomona we are respectfully submitting this Poly Gold application
to show our dedication to being the best chapter that we can be. Within the past year
we have gone through a lot of up and downs and has really tested the strength and
longevity of our chapter. After putting on a membership review we turned our chapter
around by becoming a better chapter within. We took that time to strengthen our
brotherhood, improve our philanthropy, and give back to the community.
In the past year, our brotherhood has been through some tough times that have tested
us. This past winter our brother, Tommy Gutierrez lost his life in a tragic accident. Not
only did his loss affect every single brother in the fraternity, but many students, faculty,
and family members in the Cal Poly Pomona Community. With the Tommy in our
hearts, we have dedicated our efforts in the spring quarter all to him and his family. We
will be hosting our annual spirit week, Paddy Murphy Week, in the first week of May with
the intent to raise $20,000 towards our national philanthropy, Children’s Miracle
This is Sigma Alpha Epsilons seventh year completing this Poly Gold application and
we plan to continue to improve it every year. We completed to our fullest capabilities
philanthropic, education, personal development, spiritual, and a number of other events
to allow current and future members of the California Alpha Beta Chapter to have an
increased chance of ultimately winning the prestigious Poly Gold award. We are happy
to be submitting this application for Poly Gold because we would love to show that no
matter what comes our way, we are here to make a difference and continue to strive for
excellence. We believe that we have risen above our previous lows and have turned
ourselves around for the better. We will be happy to show the judges of Poly Gold what
we have done to improve ourselves, and the school.
Respectfully Submitted,
Chapter management without a doubt is the lifeblood of a chapter. A system of checks
and balances is encouraged within the chapter to go above and beyond the past
brothers and pave way for future members. Many of our brothers enjoy watching the
growth of the chapter as they leave their legacy behind.
Up til’ Dawn: 30 of 59 brothers attended this event
Total money raised: $51,164.50
Financial Management:
Expected Money
Goals and Action Plans:
Goals we set out for ourselves this quarter were to distance ourselves from other
chapters and make ourselves look unique in aspects such as exchanges, on-campus
relations, and chapter house upkeep. All these goals were met, as we had successful
social exchanges with Zeta Tau Alpha and Chi Omega this quarter and received
heart-warming feedback. On-campus relations were strengthened, as we were very
open with each other about the status of our chapter and the amount of work we could
do for the school. Chapter house upkeep was at an all-time high, with the New Year
brought innovative ideas and ways to maintain the house and even make additions to
the chapter house. The side yard of the house in prior years had just been dirt with no
real value or importance to this section of the house. Over the past year, brothers took it
upon themselves to invest into the side yard and making it a very well presentable and
pleasing area. Active members began by first laying down tile though the entire side
yard, and afterwards they began to build a mural and a chalkboard next to the tiled floor,
right up against the fence. The mural contains our chapter’s crest as decoration,
alongside a chalk wall that is often decorated based on various events that may be
happening in the week. Not only that, but respect and show our love and appreciation
for our recently deceased brother, Tommy Gutierrez, one active member, Luke
Spencer, took it upon himself to build a wooden memorial for our lost brother, which
spelled TG’s DANCE FLOOR. Anyone that knew Tommy would all agree that the one
thing he loved doing the most was dancing, which he was the best at. It is currently
hung up in the chapter house living room, as a display of how dearly everyone feels
towards our very beloved brother. We are all about making ourselves better men for the
future and we believe that being more involved on campus helps us do that. We
currently have brothers Nick Belgau, Nick Verity, and Erik Jensen are currently working
on setting up a TedX event here at Cal Poly Pomona, which we believe will not only
help us, but the school as well. We are also trying to make this year's Greek Week the
best Week we have participated in. We know that making ourselves more invested in
Greek Week, we will be able to make the school a better place to be in because it
provides more Greek unity and a better environment for everyone to be surrounded by.
Executive Board Training and Transition: Executive board retreat took place over the
course of three days in a cabin located in Big Bear. The past executive board trained
and explained the roles of respective members that would be taken up by the new
executive board. This included going over the new budget for the upcoming school year,
plans and goals for the chapter, schedule and planning for the year, including
brotherhoods, multiple philanthropies, social events and exchanges with multiple
sororities, fundraising events, had guest speakers to educate our eboard on effective
strategies and leadership development, philanthropy events, and individual
self-reflection as well as a board on how they felt was the most appropriate way to
manage the chapter.
Emmanuel Jiron has attended all Greek council meetings for Fall 2016, Winter 2017.
Our chapter considers its member’s development to be a key factor in the growth
of the chapter as a whole. Undeniably the individuals that make up a chapter are the
key roles in maintaining the chapter for years to come. Likewise, the chapter gives its
members guidelines to strive for excellence and well-roundedness. We teach our new
initiates the ideals and moral guidelines that are aligned with our sacred motto, “The
True Gentleman”. We hold workshops for all brothers, new and old, that wish to learn
and take note of older members of the fraternity and their experiences. Not only do we
have professional and membership development, but we also highly encourage and
assist our brothers on academic improvements. As a chapter, the GPA boosted from a
2.86 in the beginning of fall quarter, to our current GPA at 2.91.
Membership Orientation:
Location: Library
Usama Muallem, our New Member Educator would have our new rushes come to the
house to every brotherhood event our chapter would host. This would give the current
members of the fraternity the opportunity to get to know these members on a better
level. This brotherhood events would consist widely of playing sports at the park,
watching sporting events at the house, etc. Rushees are always welcomed to our house
at any time to hang out with members or with each other. If there is any help needed
with our chapter, whether it is for a philanthropy event or a fundraising event, these
gentlemen are always welcomed to lend a hand and learn about the good Sigma Alpha
Epsilon does towards the community. This gives them the opportunity to understand at
first hand what we do as an organization. In general, we give them the opportunity to
want to get to know what this organization is about and if they’re commitment is shown
to the chapter as a group, then we discuss the idea of initiating them.
Leadership Development:
Date: November 5, 2016
Location: University of La Verne
Province X is an event where brothers from all around both the X and XA provinces,
consisting of eleven chapters, come together and have alumni coach professional
development workshops to help guide their respective chapter, their university, and
community. This event is used to develop the highest standard of leadership,
scholarship, and service for our members. This year we had twenty-one brothers of our
chapter attend.
Date: February 24, 2017
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Western States Leadership School is an event that develops leadership skills in
undergraduates for use in their chapters, their universities, and their community,
bringing together brothers from all around the country. The leadership school strives to
promote the highest standards of leadership, scholarship, and service for all Sigma
Alpha Epsilon members, these guiding principles are based on our creed. As a chapter,
we participated in many of the workshops during the leadership school throughout the
weekend long event. We had fourteen of sixty-two brothers attend this event.
Personal Development:
Location: 351 North Main Street, Pomona, CA
This was a workshop on how a brother could improve upon his resume, including
keywords and specific items to include, and disregard, when making a resume to apply
to internships. It was also a workshop to give brothers pointer on how to make a great
first impression and stand out from the crowd. Skills which will be significant to their
future professional careers. Nick Belgau, whom has held multiple jobs and internships,
headed the workshop by creating a PowerPoint presentation which broke down, detail
by detail, things that companies specifically look for in resumes and how to properly
prepare yourself for a first impression, whether it is at an interview, job fair, or other
scenarios. This aided a lot of our younger individuals in chapter who have never had an
internship, and it helped them develop some professional skills, as well as
Location: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
This was an occasion in which our Scholarship Chair, Joseph Garardini,
had active members visit the on-campus Career Center and have professionals look
and critique their resumes, to assist and improve everyone’s resume. This was done a
week prior to the campus’ yearly “Spring Job Fair”, in which multiple companies come to
the campus and offer internship opportunities to hundreds of undergraduate students.
Spark of Love Toy Drive
This past fall quarter our whole chapter had the opportunity to volunteer for the Spark of Love
Toy Drive, a collaboration between Channel 7 News and the Los Angeles Fire Department. Our
members assisted in sorting toys that came into distribution facility, packaging them for the
non-profit organizations and on some occasions hand delivering them. Over the course of
several weeks leading up to Christmas, groups of our members went on their free time to go
volunteer and show Los Angeles some of the values of our organization, such as brotherhood
and philanthropy. In the end an estimated 170k toys were distributed throughout Los Angeles to
many non-profit organizations such as churches, boys and girl’s clubs etc. This was the second
year in a row we have participated in this and we plan to keep volunteering in the future.
Event: Up Til’ Dawn
Members of our chapter love this event every year. We go to campus and write
letters to alumni and other organizations to gain support and awareness for a cause.
This event was all night long, from midnight to early peak of dawn.
The California Alpha Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has also participated
in numerous philanthropic events including the Walk Now for Autism Speaks, Paddy
Murphy Philanthropy Week, Relay for Life, Zeta Tau Alpha Casino Night, The True
Gentleman Day of Service to name a few. Unfortunately, the chapter was unable to
receive poly gold letters from these organizations in a timely manner. In addition the
chapter participates in all Greek run philanthropies such as Zeta Tau Alpha, Chi
Omega, Sigma Kappa and Kappa Delta spirit weeks and Greek Week. The chapter
continued a long standing Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tradition this school year, Paddy
Murphy Philanthropy Week. This week focuses on fundraising for our national
philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network.
Volunteer hours broken down by quarter:
Spring 2016: Average number of hours per member: 20 hours
Fall 2016: Average number of hours per member: 10 hours
Winter 2017: Average number of hours per member: 10 hours
Section IV: Policy Compliance
Rules are meant to be followed, and as a chapter we understand as such. We
have obligations to our chapters as well as our school. Safety is key and above all, as
college are the years that we experience life more individually and gain more
perspective on what it means to be an adult, as well as gain a greater sense of
self-identity. Safety is above all necessary to have a successful college year, and risk
management and reduction is necessary to keep our chapter alive and healthy, as well
as fellow brethren.
Attendance at IFC meetings: John Jiron
Attendance at Greek Quarterly (Fall 2016): Yes
Attendance at Bronco Summit (Winter 2017): Yes
Attendance at Up Til’ Dawn: Yes
Greek Week:
Our chapter participated in most of the Greek Week events, including: Can Structure,
Blood Drive, Clothes Drive, Talent Show, Food Fair, Greek Olympics, and Lip Sync. As
a result of Greek Week, the chapter received first place in the talent show, lip sync, and
raised the most money at the food fair.
Risk Management:
Our chapter risk management complies with all regulations and policies of Minerva’s
Shield, the national fraternity’s risk management policy guide.
Yes, it aligns and complies with campus rules and regulations.
No, our chapter is currently not on social probation.
Section V: National & Regional Events
Event: Province Chi/Chi Alpha Leadership School.
The Province Chi/Chi Alpha Leadership School is a one day school that contains
workshops focusing on professional development. Along with the sessions, everyone is
split up into small groups with a leader who facilitates discussions on how individual
chapters can improve themselves. This school has brothers attending from all of the
Southern California area. Our chapter had the highest attendance with 23 brothers.
Event: Western States Leadership School.
Western States Leadership School is a two-day program packed with personal growth
and development, leadership training and brotherhood. The event includes
general-session speakers, seminars, and chapter meetings. The event takes place in
Las Vegas, Nevada. One of our brothers, Kevin Andrews, was awarded the national
scholarship, making this learning experience free of cost for him. Overall, California
Alpha-Beta had a total of fourteen active brothers attend. With over 20 chapters in
attendance, our chapter had the highest attendance.
Section Vl: Letters of Recommendation
Dear Poly Gold Selection Committee Members:
It is my pleasure to recommend the gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon to you as
the deserving recipients of this year's Poly Gold Award. I understand that this award is
given to the most outstanding Fraternity and Sorority on our campus each year, and can
confidentially say that these young men are deserving of such recognition.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon's hard work and dedication to community involvement have
had a positive impact on our campus environment. Their numerous hours spent
volunteering in the campus community have made a significant impact throughout the
University and have truly made Cal Poly Pomona a stronger…