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    Copenhagen, Denmark - TATW Monthly 2014 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk

  • The Municipal i ty and the Cathedral , Maputo .

    MOZAMBIQUE, FOCUSING ON TOURISM by Dimitri Laspas - publisher & founder

    With many African nations working hard to put themselves on the international tourism map, Mozambique is doing a great job with its government keen to focus more on tourism as a key pillar of its economy and for social development. It is open to tourists, business and investment.

    Tourism in Mozambique already plays a major role across many sectors in the country. With a mix of tropical beaches and cosmopolitan cities sitting along the coastline, the unique and rich diversity of wildlife and rain forest combined with a unique cultural mix offer a sustainable tourist destination with great potential.

    Mozambique was a Portuguese colony but took its independence in 1975, which has made is a very unique destination in Africa. With such activities as snorkelling, sunset cruises, horse-riding, dolphin tours and scuba diving, Mozambique is a luxury tourist destination.

    Some of the places to visit include the capital Maputo, a cultural hub, with shops and restaurants in abundance; Ponta de Ouro is the place for swimming with dolphins; while Gaza offers sailing, canoeing, paragliding, kite-gliding and windsurfing as here the Xai-Xai and Limpopo River meet in Bilene. Inhambane has some spectacular tropical reef areas; Vilanculos is the gateway to the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago consisting of 6 Islands where here surfing is great in the temperate climate but with strong winds and wild waters. Benguerra Island is home to many animal, bird and plant life, due to its lush forests and magical landscape. It offers unspoiled beaches, excellent fishing and scuba diving sites. In such a haven, whales and dolphins often swim here and island guided tours are a must

    Tourism in Mozambique already plays a major role across many


    as well as a sunset beach walk. Bazaruto Island has turquoise water, idyllic beaches, and spectacular coral reefs. Magaruque Island is the place for relaxation, seclusion and natural beauty with ocean safaris and sunset cruises on offer. Sofala is home to the beautiful Beira Cathedral and the Gorongosa National Park, with great game drives and walks to the pristine waterfalls. Nampula is a historic town dating back to the early 17th century. It is known for its unique culture as well as the volcanic rock formation that sits on Nampulas horizon. The Quirimbas Arquipelago is total natural beauty and tranquillity, located in an untouched corner of Mozambique Islands. The Niassa reserve is home to the Lugenda Wilderness Camp; Africas largest conservation area. It offers luxury tented accommodation that leads out onto a private veranda overlooking breath-taking scenery.


    It is clear that the entire country offers huge touristic potential; with a coastline of 2500kms with several tourist resorts along it, there are also luxury resorts too.

    2 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk

    Letter from the Editor

    Dear Friends,

    The eauty of ourism is our Planet

    With spring marking the start of the 2014 holiday season, there is plenty on offer in the wonderful world of travel and tourism.

    It is always special to go somewhere new and interesting and to experience a different language, a tasty cuisine and meet locals and discover traditions and culture.

    For many of us this happens by going to some of the worlds better known destinations like Greece, New Zealand or Brazil, but there are little pockets of complete spectacular beauty which take the breath away from even the most well-travelled among us. One such place is the Faroe Islands, located in the Artic Ocean, islands that will make you say Oh! My God!

    The pure air, open wildness and natural beauty are a sight to behold. The Danish islands are exposed to the elements, the Scandinavian culture is strongly felt and the welcome is as warm as you can expect from islanders!

    With tourism being a massive global industry, where new destinations and adventures are popping up all the time, it is amazing and delightful to still be able to find such treasures and sometimes in places we thought we knew!

    It is still the simple pleasures of great natural beauty that drives us to want to share it with others, while also wanting to preserve the planet so we can all admire its never-ending cycle of elements and geography and flora and fauna.

    Happy travels, holidays and discoveries!

    Enjoy the May edition of TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY.

    Caroline-Artemis Laspas editor & co-founder

  • Bazaruto Island

    The nations task now is to further develop its tourism and include the local communities in the running of them which will support them economically and socially. In order to expand the sector further, the main investment areas are the Priority Areas for Tourism Investment (PATIs), and the Resorts Integrated Tourism (ITR) and Transboundary Conservation Areas (TFCA's) that offer attractions and excellent leisure activities to visitors. Some key projects include the Northern Arc Project focusing on ecotourism, joint ventures, and the Kapulana Hotel & Resort project. However, investment is much needed in the development of community based integrated tourism resorts; support of basic infrastructure; the development of a highly skilled and professional labour force; and a competitive aviation sector.

    Accommodation is another key area for development as there is currently a shortage of rooms and foreign investment is greatly desired. At present there are just 10,000 beds on offer.

    Each year

    approximately 2 million

    tourists visit Mozambique.

    The government is also keen to educate the Mozambicans on the huge resources they have to offer in order that they become involved in protecting it and harnessing it into a sustainable tourism product. Education of staff in the tourism area, across all levels, from restaurants, hotels, planners, etc. is vital too and the country is working with the World Tourism Organisation and other nations that can help develop a solid base of education in tourism.

    Air connectively is also improving the attraction of Mozambique as a business and leisure destination. Currently the airlines flying to the nation are Qatar, Kenyan, South African and Ethiopian and negotiations in hand with Emirates and British Airways. With limited flights and a lack of accommodation it makes Mozambique a more expensive destination, but with more investment prices will come down.

    Airport renovations are taking place across the country including those at Maputo and Beira. Pemba airport has also been renovated as has Vilankulo Airport (one of the best airports in the country), and the construction of the new Tete Airport is underway as the existing one sits on a coal reserve. In the northern region of Palma and Mocmboa da Praia, where most small airplanes land, a new airport is under construction to meet growing demand. Other infrastructure works are also taking place like the major highways like the EN6 which runs to the border with Zimbabwe and will be one of the best roads. It will link Zambia, Zimbabwe and Congo with Beira which will be the entry point for the countries of the SADC. In colonial times, people would leave Zimbabwe and Malawi for Beira, because those countries do not have sea and now Beira is hot spot for tourism for a weekend for locals and so it is an area highlight for tourism development and growth. Each year approximately 2 million tourists visit Mozambique. The aim is to increase both the number of arrivals and the quality of tourists. However the issue of accommodation prevents the country from increasing hugely its tourist arrivals at present. There is good tourism business from Russia and Germany already.

    Erego Hi l l

    Mozambique exhibits at many international travel exhibitions in order to highlight the huge opportunities on offer for tourism development and investment. So keen is she to put herself on the international tourism map that last year saw the 1st International Tourism Fair-Discover Mozambique, which was organised in partnership with the Mozambique Tourism Authority and Focus Media, a Mozambican enterprise with experience in the communication and events sector. The objective of the event was to contribute to the development of tourism, economy and consequently reduce the 3 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk

    poverty in the country, through the promotion and empowerment of the sector, its potential and opportunity. It was the most prestigious business meeting point for tourism companies from Mozambique and its counterparts in the region and the world. The 1st edition of Discover Mozambique allowed for the building of commercial relations and partnerships as well as networking among tour operators, consumers and the general public from Mozambique and from abroad, while promoting Mozambique and its potential to locals and foreigners alike. The 2nd edition of Discover Mozambique will take place from 12-15 June 2014. Mozambique is a jewel of tourism in Africa and one which has great potential that will help support it people in many ways with the right education and investment.












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    tourism, m.i.c.e. and exhibitions

    We BML International-UK

    brings growth to your doorstep!

  • TOURISM News

    Piazza Di Trevi , Rome, I ta ly.

    PRIVATE INVESTOR TO HELP RESTORE ITALYS MONUMENTS The famous luxury jeweller Bulgari is to help fund the renovation of Rome's famous Spanish Steps; the 18th century Baroque style stairway with 136 steps. It will invest UK1.2, (EU1.5) million in the project to begin in 2015 and which will take 2 years to complete. Many of the countries ancient ruins are in poor disrepair and are desperate for restoration, especially following the collapse of walls at the ancient site of Pompeii recently. The Italian culture sector has seen huge budget cuts as the country continues to be in a deep recession and the country is appealing for international investors to come and help restore the unique cultural heritage of its ruins. Many sites are now closed as seen as too dangerous to go into. So far several international companies are funding restoration projects at the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. The Spanish Steps refurbishment will be the special gift from Bulgari to its city to mark the jeweller's 130th anniversary.

    DANISH - UK FERRY ROUTE ENDS The ferry operator, DFDS will stop its passenger

    service from the UKs Harwich port to Esbjerg in Denmark at the end of September. The route has been in operation since the port of Esbjerg opened in 1875. This will meant there are no passenger ferry services between the UK and Denmark. The decision is a combination of greater competition from low cost airlines, losses in tax-free sales and a general decline in passenger numbers which saw at its peak 300,000 passengers annually drop to just 80,000.

    Vagator Beach, Goa, India


    development corporation (GTDC) has leased 53,000sq.m of shoreline at Vagator to 2 Delhi-based hospitality companies who will run 'model tourism-entertainment zone' for the next 22 years. No part of the beach itself will be privatized; locals and tourists can freely use the beach, which is government property. Vagator is presently a 'dead beach, shady and unsafe for tourists after sundown. One stretch of around 22,500sq.m is leased to Apra Motels who is to set up a large beach wedding venue, 2 restaurants and other entertainment infrastructure. The other company, will develop 30,000sq.m of land will set up a few beach shacks and residential huts. Both companies were chosen through open tenders and the agreement lists a number of conditions. No permanent structure will be built in the area, which will also be a no-plastic zone. The facilities will make use of solar energy, plant fruit-bearing trees, provide lights, seating, changing rooms and sustainable toilets for the visiting public. A pathway and steps for tourists to access the beach area and also to support the local fishermen community will be created by GTDC.

    4 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk

  • TOURISM News

    Walt-Disney-Concert -Hal l , Los Angeles, Cal i fornia

    LOS ANGELES THE PLACE TO GO It may not be top of the list of places to

    go, but downtown Los Angeles is reinventing itself to become a top tourist hotspot with its famous densely packed high-rises. The area is now offering some wonderful cuisine offerings, and a number of trendy new businesses have moved into the area utilising well the converted commercial buildings. Once a place to be avoided at all costs, in its prime in the early 1900s downtown Los Angeles was a railway hub and a thriving civic and commercial centre. Still visible today from that period are the Spanish Colonial and Streamline Modern style Union Station and an impressive collection of Art Deco office buildings, hotels, department stores and theatres.

    INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM DAY 2014 The International Council of Museums

    (ICOM) established International Museum Day in 1977 to encourage public awareness of the role of museums in the development of society. Each year, International Museum Day gathers more museums from all around the world. In 2013, 35,000 museums from 143 countries on 5 continents participated in International Museum Day. Traditionally, International Museum Day is organised around 18 May.

    The Acropol is Museum, Athens, Greece

    Activities can last a day, a weekend or a whole week! The 2014 theme is Museum collections make connections! Since 2011, ICOM has been sponsoring the European Night of Museums, which is held every year on the Saturday closest to the International Museum Day. In 2014, both events will coincide since the European night of Museums will take place during the night of the 17th to the 18th of May. The European Night of Museums was created in 2005 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The closing time of museums is postponed to around 01:00am, allowing the public to visit the participating museums by night, for free. 2014 will be the 10th edition of the event. In 2013, two million visitors took part in the European Night of Museums in France alone.

    NATIVE HOTELS Native Hotels is a NGO focused on universal accessibility for

    hotels, from the website - www.nativehotels.eu (accessible for every kind of disabilities and in 6 languages) like having signage in braille, etc). Set up by a group of journalists from various European countries, specialised in tourism and hotels with character and deeply committed to their work and willing to ensure that everyone has equal access to the enjoyment of their favourite hotels. The website is accessible to millions of people, who because of physical or sensorial reasons do not have the possibility of accessing conventional web sites. Native Hotels is a winner at the International Morocco Awards for Responsible Tourism, during the 5th Symposium for Sustainable Tourism. 5 www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co.uk


    predicted that Londons hotels will out perform their European rivals as increases in room rates and increased visitor numbers are being recorded. With a more positive global financial picture and more people travelling, all of Europes top 15 cities (except Madrid) are expected to see growth in 2014 and even more in 2015. This year, London and Paris are expected to see greatest growth, and by 2015 London will see occupancy levels rise to 83%.

    St. Paul Cathedral , London, UK

    UK POSITIVE PREDICTIONS FOR 2017 It is predicted that with increased

    visitor number to rise, foreign tourists to Britain will spend over UK28, (EU34) billion, an increase of 34% by the year 2017. The tourists spending the most by then are those from the emerging markets of China, Russia and the UAE. Britains top spenders will continue to be the USA, France and Germany. The news is a great boost to the UK economy and helped by reducing visa restrictions from certain nations to enter Britain. Chinese tourists spending will increase by 84% on 2013 figures to over 1 billion pounds. By 2017, spending by tourists will generate UK9.3, (EU11) billion, an increase of 36% from 2013, while spending on hotels, eating out and attractions will increase to UK14.7, (EU18) billion.

    Antarct ica


    representatives met recently at the 57th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe. Running alongside the meeting a seminar on Developing Effective Tourism Clusters was held and laid the ground for innovative collaborative approaches for sustainable tourism development in Europe. The meeting was held in Azerbaijan. International tourism in Europe continues to grow above expectations and despite the region's on-going economic constrains. In 2013, international tourist arrivals grew by 5%, an additional 29 million as compared to 2012, raising the total to 563 million, more than half of the world's total. Future development of international tourism products, the worldwide promotion of open skies policies, the facilitation of international investments in tourism and the harmonisation of tourism standards and legislation around the globe are just some examples of the vast tourism agenda requiring attention at all levels, particularly at national governments levels. The main short-term challenges and priorities for European Tourism identified by UNWTO Member States include travel facilitation, connectivity, taxation, clustering and private-public partnerships, and the creation of favourable business environments to stimulate investment and innovation. The meeting concluded with lots to do especially as global tourism is becoming increasingly competitive, and therefore Europe must take the lead on key issues such as innovation, accessible and inclusive tourism, and new models of cooperation that effectively bring together the diverse stakeholders involved in delivering tourism experiences.


    Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), estimate that 36,545 tourists will travel with IAATO members to Antarctica next season; 2014-2015. The figures were announced at the recent 37th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) in Brasilia, which IAATO attend as Invited Experts. The predicted visitor number is slightly higher than the previous season. The figures represent a small decrease in deep field and cruise only tourism and slight increases in combined air/cruise and traditional ship based tourism, which involved participants to go ashore. In 2009-2010 total visitor numbers have been between 34,000-37,000 except in 2011-12, when numbers dropped to 26,500 mainly due to the ban on the carriage of heavy fuel oil by ships in Antarctic waters. 71% of tourists will continue to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula onboard vessels carrying fewer than 500 passengers that offer landings ashore. Cruise only voyages, using ships with more than 500 passengers, do not make landings and are expected to account for 27% of visitors. Tourism involving flights to the Antarctic interior is predicted to be around 1% of the total number. The vast majority of tourism voyages operate in the Antarctic Peninsula region during the 5-month austral summer season (November-March), departing from Ushuaia or, to a lesser extent, from other ports north of the Antarctic Treaty Area.

    NEW HOTELS IN MINSK The new 5* hotel complex Peking has finished in time for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship being held in Minsk, Belarus this month. The hotel offers 200 rooms which can accommodate up to 340 people. The hotel has 2 restaurants (Chinese and Russian cuisine), multi-functional halls for conferences and banquets, and a fitness centre among other facilities. The hotel is equipped with the automated management system designed to provide quick and convenient guest services involving minimal hotel personnel. The Minsk hotel network has doubled over 2012 to include 43 hotels which can accommodate more than 9,200 people.

    6 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk

  • 7 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk


    proposal has been revealed for the worlds 1st vertical trains that will climb up skyscrapers! The futuristic project calls for vertical giant skyscrapers to replace todays train stations to reduce that amount of land needed for traditional train stations. The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub would see skyscrapers have super powerful magnets on its side to allow the trains to go up the building. Train stations take up a lot of rooms in a city, but if you flip them into a vertical position, the land you gain on the ground is huge.

    The vertical trains would resolve the inevitable challenges that many big cities will face by 2017, as the worlds population increases, the demand for goods, natural resources, foods, fuel and land will also be in greater need. The majority of the future population will move towards living in mega cities requiring them to find more innovative forms of public transport. The principle would be that as the train travels and transitions from its horizontal formation, and ascends up the faade of the skyscraper; the carriages will pivot, like the carriages on a fairground Big Wheel, and allow passengers to remain in an upright position and facing out towards the city.

    Bogande Vi l lage, Burkina Faso

    UNIQUE TOURISM IN AFRICA At the recent congress of the Africa Travel

    Association (ATA), 500 delegates from around the world saw just what Zimbabwe had to offer. A full programme of amazing experiences proving that showing Zimbabwe speaks louder than any words can. This kind of promotion has encouraged tourism ministers from Ghana, Namibia, Uganda and other African countries to become more optimistic about the continents potential. In 2004 the New Partnership for Africas Development (NEPAD) agreed an action plan to make Africa the 21st century destination. Since then Africa has been one of the fastest-growing tourism regions of the last decade. The sector employs about 7.7 million people in Africa and tourist arrivals have risen from 37 million in 2003 to 58 million in 2009. Tourism revenues have become the lifeline of many economies; about 50% of the Seychelles GDP comes from tourism; 30% in Cape Verde, 25% in Mauritius and 16% in Gambia. Tourism accounts for 8.9% of East Africas GDP, 7.2% of North Africas, 5.6% West Africas and 3.9% of Southern Africas. In Central Africa, tourism contributes just 1%. However the share of global tourist arrivals is still small. In 2011 there were 980 million international tourist arrivals, only 50 million of those travelled to Africa. The continents top earners are Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritius. The East African Community (EAC), was developed to attract tourists from all over the world (not just the West) and to explore not only Kenya and Tanzania; they promote themselves offering collectively as East Africa. Generally across the region, challenges being faced to improve tourism need to focus on airports, infrastructure, safety and security as air connectivity. Africa has much to offer and some very unique tourism opportunities, like gorilla tracking. Over 700 mountain gorillas live in the Virunga Mountains that span Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In 2011 the 3 countries saw a total of UK133, (EU163) million from gorilla tourism. Through the websitewww.friendagorilla.org, tourists pay to track gorillas using webcams. One can even friend a gorilla via social networks. Raising awareness of gorilla tourism through social media may attract more tourists from different parts of the world resulting in more tourists and more money spent on hotels, restaurants, tour guides and souvenirs. Culture tourism is also a huge potential, just like in Mexico and Jamaica. African nations can develop dedicated festivals to draw in visitors. Already there are Film festivals in Zanzibar and Burkina Faso.


    Astoria Hotels & Resorts, owned by Hilton is to open the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. Located within a uniquely preserved ottoman faade, a detailed restoration and ambitious construction have created an exceptional new luxury hotel at a crossroads between the charms of the walled Old City and the modern bustle of Jerusalem. Located on the site of the former Palace Hotel, which had been one of Jerusalem's most famous properties, saw the hotel close in 1935. The hotel is the only internationally-branded

    luxury hotel in the city. Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is also ideal for meetings and events with 9 state-of-the-art meeting rooms and an 800-person capacity pillar-free ballroom.

    8 www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co.uk


    Skyscanner predicts that our travel habits will rely increasingly on new technologies, and that planning and booking a holiday will soon be as easy and speedy as buying a book from Amazon. And this will happen in the next ten years according to a new report, The Future of Travel 2024 launched in London recently in association with The Future Laboratory and fifty-six trend experts and futurologists in the travel and tech industries.

    In the first of the 3-part future-gazing report, which reveals whats in store for holidaymakers in the 2020s, the focus is on planning and booking. Skyscanner has identified three key emerging trends which will make the process seamless, immersive and stress-free: Digital Travel Buddies & Wearable Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Semantic Search

    Just ten years ago who would have dreamed of using Skype or booking a holiday on a cell phone? Now its absolutely natural; Because its so simple. The next step will be using intuitive digital solutions offered by services like Skyscanner. In 10 years time we will know exactly what travellers want and guide them towards where they need or want to travel, said Filip FIlipov, Skyscanners B2B Director.

    Mr. Fi l ip FIl ipov

    In the 2020s each one of us will have an individual e-agent, our Travel Buddy that will go everywhere with us, inside a watch or a small piece of jewellery, explained Nils Mller, Travel Trends Analyst. Travel brands will be able to rent out these personalised e-agents to their clients as part of a holiday package and clients will be able to continually interact with their travel company to fine-tune their trips in real time, trouble shooting any problems as they arise. Also on the horizon, according to Skyscanner, is wearable technology evolving from tools like Google Glass and Oculus Rift to mobile devices so small they will fit onto a contact lens and be able to provide immediate translations, breaking down language barriers and the need to learn the holiday lingo.

    These Travel Buddies will also be able to process our question and supply appropriate verbal answers in a split second thanks to the development of Semantic Search, using a data bank that has drawn on the huge amounts of personal information we leave on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our Travel Buddy will suggest how and where we should travel and will know exactly what we like, from our favourite foods to the kind of holiday we have been dreaming of.

    Other advances will use micro vibrations to offer holidaymakers the opportunity to try-before-they-buy, taking advantage of a users touch to provide tactile feedback thus adding a further layer of sensation to the virtual reality experience through haptic technologies. So before you decide if you want to go to the Maldives or to Borneo you will be able to feel the quality of the sand, of the foliage and feel the heat of the sun.

    Of course virtual reality will never take the place of a trip or a holiday. It will become a new form of showrooming, an incredible 3D taste of a destination that will make travellers long to experience to real thing, underlines Daniel Burrus, author and global futurologist. 9 www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co.uk












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    countries will attend the forthcoming MITM Euromed. They will be coming from: Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, UK and Ukraine.

    The exhibitors will have the opportunity of having up to 50 appointments with the VIP M.I.C.E buyers. Cadiz Provincial Council will demonstrate its hospitality with an excellent networking programme consisting of: welcome reception at the San Marcos Castle in Puerto de Santa Maria, working lunch at Cadiz Congress Center and closing dinner at Osborne Wine Cellars, in addition to coffee breaks during the working sessions.


    M.I.C.E this year is expected to draw around 700 exhibitors, 85% of which from abroad and include some 100 tourism boards at national to municipal levels from various destinations. Exhibitors come from some 50 countries and regions, of which around 40% from Asia, 40% from Europe, the Americas and Oceania, and 20% from Middle East and Africa. In fact, the international part of the Expo is among the largest in Asias travel fairs. The Expo, which will next be held from 12-15 June 2014 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.



    3rd edition of Goa International Travel Mart (GITM) was held from 2-4 April, 2014 at the Dr. Shyam Prasad Mukherjee Stadium at Taleigaon, Goa, India. The prestigious B2B event brought together travel companies, hoteliers, State Tourism Boards and other leisure enterprises under one roof to showcase the tourism investment potential in the state. There was also a knowledge session held on 5 April, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel in Goa with speakers from the industry discussing on various topics like; Reinventing Goa as a premier investment and tourist destination in an ecologically aware world and Image building through out-of-the-box marketing concepts for private & Government sector. GITM is the most important gathering of the travel trade in the region and is supported by all major Tour Operator Associations such as IATO - 'Indian Association of Tour Operators', ADTOI - Assoc. of Domestic Tour Operators Association of India, ATOAI - Adventure Tour Operators Association of India, Travel & Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) etc. Over 275 Hosted Buyers and media from over 30 countries attended and over 5,800 schedule B2B appointments were conducted.

    In total 100 exhibitors from India from over 15 diverse tourism segments took part. 25 International travel trade

    media from over 20 countries and 35 domestic travel trade media from all over India were present at GITM including Tourism around the World Monthly. Hosted buyers also had the chance to take part in FAM trips to present the best Goa can offer. There were also several networking dinners and functions for all to attend.

    www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co.uk

  • 11 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk


    POSIDONIA 2014 CONFERENCE AND SEMINAR PROGRAMME Some of the hottest and most challenging

    issues pertaining to the global shipping industry will be tabled and debated during a series of conferences, panel discussions and seminars at this years Posidonia Exhibition, the worlds most prestigious maritime event. Government officials, industry analysts, financiers, ship owners and exhibitors attending the Posidonia Conferences & Seminars Programme, will be discussing the future trends and projected developments in various shipping sectors as exhibitors and visitors will be mingling on the exhibition floor of the 50,000sq.m Athens Metropolitan Expo in search of new business and partnership opportunities. While networking and deal-making is a key Posidonia feature, the exchange of knowledge and ideas about the future of our industry is an important pillar of our event, providing a significant added value to some 1,870 exhibitors from an all time record 93 countries, and some 18,000 expected visitors, said Theodore Vokos, Executive Director, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A. The conferences programme kicks off on June 3rd, a day after the official opening of Posidonia 2014, with the Business Briefing of the TradeWinds Ship owners Forum. Future trends in vessel design and technology will be in the spotlight. There has already been much discussion over the value of todays so-called eco ships. Panelists will offer their opinions on whether and when the eco ships of today might become truly high-tech; what the future role of composites and the next leap in bridge technology may be; And no discussion on vessel design would be complete without a fuel/emissions debate and an attempt to identify the main stumbling block to LNG as a fuel. Of vital importance to many of the companies exhibiting at Posidonia is the market appetite for new buildings and the conference programme will explore various issues pertaining to the sector. The 2nd session of the Tradewinds Ship owners Forum and will debate the impact of Chinese financing to support Greek new buildings, protection against unreliable charterers, investment risks of dual fuel and of course the big question of tonnage overcapacity. Other highlights of the Posidonia Conferences and Seminars programme during the Posidonia week include press conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions and seminars on issues ranging from maritime risk management to injury and illness at sea and from energy savings and eco-ship technologies to maritime communication. Future developments in vessel design, composite materials, fuel emissions and technological breakthroughs will also be some of the main topics to be discussed at Posidonia 2014.

    MTEC.KIEV MEDICAL TRAVEL EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE, is the 1st event in the CIS countries to be

    approved by the Global Healthcare Travel Council. The event offers a strong platform for medical and healthcare travel development that brings together experts and specialists across all sectors of the industry to meet, exchange ideas, and seek improvements; and all under one roof due to the joining of two important events; Public Health and International Ukraine Travel Market. The events offers 2 VIP Hosted Buyers programmes;


    VIP Hosted Buyer Ukraine and VIP Hosted Buyer CIS. They will schedule B2B meetings with sector specialists from over 50 delegates from more than 15 Russian-speaking countries and also more than 100 delegates from Ukraine only! The Exhibit Profile for the show includes; International medical travel operators and companies; Medical Travel Suppliers: International General and Specialized governmental hospitals, Private clinics and Medical centers, Sanatoriums and Thermal resorts in Ukraine and abroad; SPA and Wellness tourism, Mineral Spring Waters and Medical SPA; MD`s trainings and professional skills improvement; Medical Insurance Companies; Travel business segment connected to Medical Tourism; International airlines. Visitors attending the show will be: Governmental Representatives and Ministries; Healthcare providers: Private and Governmental Hospitals` representatives; Medical doctors and Experts; Representatives of professional niche Organisations and Associations; Travel companies representatives who cover Medical Travel Segment; SPA and Wellness industry professionals; Insurance industry professionals; Medical Travel Operators and Agents; VIP-guests, General buyers and consumers; Delegates of VIP Hosted Buyers Programme. The 2013 event saw over 50 exhibitors from 12 nations (Austria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, India, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Switzerland and Ukraine, with national pavilions from Turkey and Switzerland. 22,458 visitors attend the show (18,560 from Public Health 2013 exhibition and 3,898 from UITM 2013).Tourism around the World Monthly is a proud media partner for MTEC.Kiev 2014.

    SHOWCASE.TRAVEL ALSACE A new travel trade event

    created by the European tourism association ETOA and Tourism Alsace has sold out just 2 weeks after it was launched. Capitalising on new flight connections to Strasbourg, Showcase.travel Alsace will bring tour operators to the region for a B2B workshop with tourism suppliers from throughout Alsace and will provide an opportunity for tour operator buyers to experience the tourism offer first-hand during a 3 day familiarisation tour. Frances smallest region has much to offer visitors; from feudal castles to Romanesque churches, its famous wood framed houses and romantic ruins sitting on top of the mountain peaks of the Vosges, regional gastronomy and a wide variety of cultural events. The M.I.C.E industry benefits from a selection of 8,000 bedrooms across 135 hotels and from 2016 the redeveloped convention centre will offer 3 auditoriums, 25 committee rooms, a 2,000m catering space, and a 10,000m adaptable space for exhibitions, catering and conferences. In addition to Tourism Alsace and ETOA, the event is being supported by Strasbourg International Airport, the Strasbourg Convention Bureau, the Strasbourg - Grande le UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Strasbourg Tourist Office. Showcase.travel Alsace is part of a series of promotional destination events taking place in established and emerging destinations throughout Europe, organised by ETOA in partnership with Tourist Boards. Other destinations where Showcase.travel events have already been hosted include Athens and Paris, with more in the pipeline for the future.


    The 1st Africa Travel Week took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre with ILTM Africa (International Luxury Travel Market), IBTM Africa (Incentives, Business Travel & Meetings) and WTM Africa (World Travel Market). The week saw Africa receive over 6,500 one-to-one meetings providing an impressive economic impact on the continents leisure travel, luxury tourism, and the MICE/business travel sector. Exhibitors and buyers strongly felt that Africa Travel Week is a vital component to the continents travel industry. Dates for Africa Travel Week 2015 are: ILTM Africa: 13-15 April, IBTM Africa: 13 15 April and WTM Africa: 15 17 April.

    www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co.uk

  • EXHIBITION News 4TH CRUISE SHIPPING ASIA-PACIFIC: 20-21 NOVEMBER 2014 UBM plc, organisers of the annual Cruise Shipping Miami

    event, is preparing for the 4th annual Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific conference and trade show from 20-21 November at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. The Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific conference, organised in partnership with Seatrade Communications, provides an opportunity to assess the pace and direction of growth in the worlds newest and growing cruise sector. The conference is led by a panel of regional and international industry experts covering essential topics and providing valuable insights into the growing Asia cruise market. The conference program features cruise line executives, tourism officials, port operators, maritime suppliers, tourism organisations and cruise industry consultants discussing the opportunities and potential of the entire Australasia region for the cruise business. In addition, the trade show will feature the fastest emerging sectors in the Asian cruise industry including information technology, entertainment, food and beverage, ship design and refurbishment, and destinations. Returning to the event will be the 2

    nd annual Rama Rebbapragada Award for Outstanding

    Contribution to the Cruise Industry in Asia. The award was established in memory of Rama Rebbapragada, formerly of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. who was instrumental in helping bring recognition of the potential of the Asia-Pacific cruise market to Western cruise companies. The Cruise Events Portfolio organized by UBM Live includes Cruise Shipping Miami, Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific and Seatrade Med.

    42ND ABAV EXPO The 42nd ABAV - International Tourism

    Expo, will be held from 24-28 September at the Anhembi Pavillion, in Sao Paulo (Brazil). With 6 months to go until the event, over 60% of the space has been sold. The exhibition area has been expanded, from 58,000sq.m. to 76,300sq.m. It is expected that 65 countries will participation. Indeed the positive business from the 2013 event has seen many destinations book larger stands at the 2014 event. ABAV Expo is now the leading international business show of the industry in the Americas and the Southern Hemisphere. A study by the Tourism Observatory, of the University of So Paulo, found that 74% of the exhibitors at ABAV 2013 resulted in new business opportunities. This years edition of the show will offer a morning Business Lounge, for 15 minute pre-scheduled meetings with hosted buyers. In the afternoon, the same area may be used for meetings pre-scheduled by exhibitors. ABAV Nacional and the Brazilian Association of Business Travel Agencies (Abracorp) have renewed their alliance to have the Abracorp Corporate Island, whose mission is to meet the increasing demand of the business, event and incentives sector. Abracorp will continue to support the Hosted Buyers Programme, the largest of the continent along with support from Embratur and airlines GOL, TAM, and TAP, among other international airlines to host 1,200 corporate buyers, mostly from South and North America to attend the event. The Knowledge Village (Vila do Saber) will also feature again at the show as it disseminates information for the development of the tourism and travel entrepreneurship, attracting existing and future professionals. Also present will be a Wellness Station, for well-being items, with a food court and areas dedicated to treetop canopy, canoeing, surf, and ice skating. The space will also have a test drive track for trekking and adventure sports activities.


    Workshops and spa treatments will also be on offer. For the 1st

    time, a special sale, on 27 and 28 September will see the show open its doors to consumers in order to offer travel package only available at the event at special prices. Only travel agencies associated to the ABAV will be allowed to sell products during the Feiro. The aim is to show to the public the advantages of using the expertise of a travel agency, but also strengthens the events relationship with consumers. The ABAV Agent VIP Room has over doubled in size to 570sq.m. to allow for greater networking among tourism professionals, and provide a meeting spot for agents that come in groups. ABAV has also changed the layout of the event to maximise visitors time by also making it easier to identify themed sectors at the show.












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  • The Presidential Palace, Vi lnius, Li thuania

    The Beautiful Baltics by Caroline-Artemis Laspas, editor

    The Baltic countries are located in the north-eastern region of Europe and comprise of the nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. All 3 countries are bounded on the west and north by the Baltic Sea. Originally part of Russia, the 3 nations gained independence in 1991 and have since flourished and become popular tourist destinations as well as professional business venues. In this edition of Tourism around the World Monthly we take a closer look at these unique yet very different countries. The Baltic States are the new hot tourist destination in Europe! The Baltic States or New Europe is fast emerging as a sought after M.I.C.E destination. With advanced facilities, personalised services set in a clean and natural environment with a rich cultural heritage, the Baltic States offer an exciting and enjoyable region full of surprises for all to discover.

    The Baltic States,

    offers the ideal

    place for any event.

    With green forests, sparkling lakes and rivers and cosmopolitan capitals and towns, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are ideal for all aspects of tourism and M.I.C.E.

    LITHUANIA: Located in the southern of the Baltic States. Lithuania has always been an important economic and cultural crossroad between the East and the West. It has developed a top class professional business infrastructure and has become a high ranking M.I.C.E destination. Full of history and culture which combined with modern 1st class hotels and conference venues as well as some more unusual venue options, has positioned Lithuania to be a place to hold any meeting or event. Lithuania offers great value for money as well as widespread advanced information technologies. Events take place across the country in Kaunas, the 2nd largest town and the white sand beach resorts of Neringa and Palanga or in the famous spa towns of Druskininkai and Birtonas, as well as in the capital of Vilnius. Lithuania has a diverse cultural heritage and several UNESCO World Heritage sites, magical ancient towns, unspoilt nature and a wonderful cuisine. Vilnius is the host venue for the annual and highly successful M.I.C.E event, Convene, which showcases the Baltic region. In 2013, 2.2 million of tourists visited Lithuania, an increase of 10.5% on 2012 figures. Tourism growth was seen across the country with an 11% increase in Vilnius, 14% in Kaunas and 13% in Klaipda.

    Riga, the old ci ty and Daugava river , Latvia

    LATVIA: An easily accessible destination, Riga offers a wide range of conference facilities, high quality hotels and venues, many within walking distance of the city centre and Old Town. The complete service package is available for meetings of any size and venue. Riga hosts over 50 different business exhibitions every year, bringing approximately 7,000 participants and nearly 1 million attendees. It has also been the host of many international events of considerable note.

    15 www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co.uk

    Spring 2014 will see the 1st hotel open under the Accor Hotel group brand of Mercure. The 4* Mercure Riga Centre Hotel, has seen an investment of over UK8.60, (EU10.5) million. In 2013, tourism grew in Latvia with the industry accounting for 8.1% of GDP. In 2013 the investment (within the tourism industry) was UK193, (EU236.4) million, (4.6% of total investment). It is expected to increase by 9.1% in 2014.

    Harju Square and the Town Hal l Tower, Tal l inn, Estonia

    ESTONIA: A boutique meeting destination, Estonia aims to impresses delegates with its combination of old charm and amazingly modern, high-quality facilities. This combined with a mix of culture, nature and traditions offers the ideal place for any event. The capital, Tallinn, is best known for its medieval old town, with cobblestone streets, gabled houses, picturesque lanes and Gothic churches. The countrys 2nd biggest town is Tartu a favoured destination for many scientific and medical conferences. Estonia is also a very green nation with 50% of its territory being forest, making for an interesting environment for an incentive programme or meeting. It is a compact destination with many venues ranging from modern conference hotels, conference centres and unique historical venues with over 7,500 hotel rooms on offer. In 2013 Tallinn airport welcomed 1.96 million passengers and services 13 aviation companies.

    Tourism is flourishing in the Baltic States. Their geographical proximity gives them some common historical background, but they have different languages and cultures and much to offer for business and leisure so discover the beauty of the Baltics!

  • M.I.C.E News CCB-IC TARGETS INDONESIAN INCENTIVE TRAVEL To expand its international

    competitiveness the Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center (CCB-IC) is to target not only conventions, but incentive travel as well. As part of a new strategy, the CCB-IC will attend more business meetings and trade shows like the Astindo Fair 2014, held by the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) and Japan National Travel Organisation (JNTO). Visitors from Indonesia to Japan reached over 100,000 in 2013 and Indonesia is seen as a growing market. To help raise awareness of the Chiba brand, the CCB-IC will hold seminars for large companies dealing with incentive travel, entitles Welcome to Chiba Seminar. With numbers across the whole of the Southeast Asia region on the increase helped by a waiver of visa requirements, visitors to Japan are expected to increase greatly. Within the Chiba Prefecture, the number of hotels and other facilities that are beginning to serve halal food is also increasing as more clients prefer it. Indeed, the 1st halal food processing plant in Japan was opened in Chiba City this year, adding to the focus on the Southeast Asia market.


    located 4* Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is a new addition to the business hotel scene of Paris. May sees the relaunch on the Hotel as Pullmans flagship hotel after a complete renovation. It is also now a leading venue for meetings and events. The hotel offers 430

    rooms, a ballroom, 23 meeting rooms that can be configured for any function. There is also a unique private 280sq.m function room on the 10th floor with a glass roof and stunning panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower and Paris. Pullman has also reinvented meetings with the Business Playground boardroom

    with unique furniture created especially for Pullman, like the meeting table designed like a poker table, a private area for informal conversations or breaks and a cabinet of curiosities. All these features are designed to stimulate and inspire creativity.


    will see its largest annual international industry event, ExploreGB, open in February 2015. The event will replace Hosted Buyers Marketplace (HBM) which VisitBritain held in partnership for the last 3 years. ExploreGB will provide British tourism suppliers and destinations with the opportunity to meet and do business with up to 250 international travel buyers from over 31 countries. UKinbound, the tourism trade association, will be exclusively partnering with VisitBritain to promote the event. This year HBM welcomed 220 travel trade buyers from 31 countries, with over 8,500 pre-scheduled business appointments. VisitBritains aim is to increase delegate attendance year on year to reach over 500 buyers - and an equal number of Great British product suppliers - by 2020. A key change implemented to achieve this growth will be making the event financially accessible for smaller tourism businesses and offering fully hosted buyers. ExploreGB will showcase Britain to the largest possible audience of international buyers, with the ultimate goal of welcoming 40 million international visitors a year by 2020. The event will also offer large-scale familiarisation trips around Britain for international delegates. ExploreGB will take place in London for the 1st year and will then alternate annually between London and other regions within Britain.

    VIENNA METINGS ON TOP FORM The Austrian capital, Vienna is reporting record

    breaking results for 2013. Over 3,000 congresses and corporate events and for the 1st time ever, over half a million delegates represent - a new record! In 2013, 501,337 delegates (+1% on 2012) attended 3,389 congresses and corporate events in Vienna, 13 more than the previous year. The resulted in 1,401,888 bed-nights, slightly less than in 2012 (-8%). The national value-added generated by the Vienna conference industry contributed UK679, (EU832) million to Austria's GDP, providing 16,000 jobs. In total, Vienna recorded around 12.7 million visitor overnights in 2013. Congress tourism accounted for 11% of this amount. Statistics from ICCA in 2013 confirmed Vienna as the world's No.1 destination for international congresses in 2012 for the 8th time in succession. The city continues to develop with new hotel projects in the up-market segment as well as the redevelopment of the Main Station area are generating positive results for the city. SYDNEY IS 1ST CLASS INCENTIVE DESTINATION FOR CHINESE VISITORS Sydney

    continues to be a top destination for incentives for the Chinese with a record 85 events over the past 3 years that have come from Asia and been secured by Business Events Sydney. These 85 business events have contributed an estimated UK105, (EU129) million to the economy and Business Events Sydney has welcomed over 41,000 incentive delegates during that period. 16 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk

    4TH INDIA ASSOCIATION CONGRESS 2014 Taking place from

    22-23 August, the 4th India Association Congress (IAC) 2014 will take place at the historical & stunning Fairmont Jaipur, the Pink City of India. After 3 successful editions the benchmark has been set for high expectations. The event will bring forth, many intriguing topics and interactive discussions which have been benefited the association members who have attended the previous conferences as well as for those who will participate the 1st time. It is the largest congregation of Association leaders/professionals in India and probably the only platform for associations to learn from each other, get some international perspective and best practices. With the International and World Professional and Industry associations now looking at Indian Associations for collaboration, knowledge share, strategic tie ups, the Indian Associations Congress is the must-attend event for association leaders, thinkers, professionals, service providers. The 4th edition expects to attract over 300 association professionals from India and the region. This conference has created the most important platform for top industry leaders, policy makers from various associations/ Organisations and hospitality/MICE industry to come together to discuss agendas, network and work out future collaborations. IAC has organised Exclusive Roundtables on Research & Development on specific subject like Agriculture, IEEE, Industry, CVB, Transport and Medical. The agenda was to bring association members of respective sectors together and discuss research development & challenges in their field and to achieve a method to manage the same with collective thought process. IAC has been greatly supported by various hospitality brands like ITC, Fairmont, HICC, Taj Hotels, Leela Palace, Hyatt, Westin, Oberoi, Dubai Convention Bureau, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau and ICCA.

    CANADAMEETING INDUSTRY The Meeting Professionals International Foundation Canada's (MPIFC) says that Canada's meetings industry contributed UK16, (EU19) billion in direct spending to the country's economy in 2012. During the year over 502,000 meetings took place, which supported over 200,000 full-year jobs directly, and contributed UK4.20, (EU5.70) billion in taxes and services fees to all levels of government.



    other authorities from South American and Arab countries met at the 3rd ministerial South America-Arab Countries Summit in Riyadh recently to further increase cooperation in the fields of arts, theatre, museums and publications. They agreed for the creation of a sustainable cultural bridge between both sides. The South America-Arab Countries mechanism was created in Brazil in 2005, as an initiative of then Brazilian president and the heads of State from 22 Arab League country members and twelve members of the Union of South American Nations. They have since met in Qatar and Peru. At both meetings, participants promote political coordination and improved cooperation in areas of economy, culture, education, science and technology, environmental conservation, tourism and others.


    Argentina increased by 3.8% in March compared to March 2013 figures, a positive sign on the low figures for January and February. 206,448 tourists arrived in Argentina this March, coming mostly from Brazil (38.3%) and Chile (8.6%). The length of stay was on average 15 days and they spent almost UK146, (EU179) million. During March, 222,917 Argentine tourists travelled abroad and spent almost UK178, (EU218) million.


    submitted to build and operate a new international airport in Perus southern Andean region of Cusco for a period of 40 years. The initial cost of the project is estimated to be around UK320, (EU392) million. The 3 consortia are Aeropuerto Chinchero - made up of construction company Grana y Montero SA, and the French-based Vinci Airports SAS and Vinci Concessions SAS (Vinci Airports is also bidding for the Santiago de Chile airport). The consortium Kuntur Wasi includes the Argentine firm Corporacion America SA and Andino Investment Holding SA of Peru, who operates and maintains 6 airports in southern Peru. The 3rd consortium is Aeroportuario Imperial and is made up of Grupo Odinsa SA of Colombia and Mota Engil Peru SA of Portugal. The airport will be built in the district of Chinchero, home to about 12,000 people, including Quechua-speaking farmers with rich, world-recognised traditions in textile weaving. The airport will replace Cuscos current airport, located about 35kms away.

    Is la Del Maiz, Nicaragua

    NICARAGUA CORN ISLANDS BECOME NATIONAL TOURISM PATRIMONY Nicaraguas Corn Islands have been designated as National Tourism Patrimony meaning that national and regional government institutions will coordinate together to promote sustainable tourism and improve the infrastructure on the twin islands. The government aims to add another 150 hotel rooms across Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island, bringing the total number of rooms to 650. The new status will also coordinate efforts by the National Port Authority, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the local authorities to improve the airport and seaport infrastructure on the Caribbean islands.

    FALKLAND ISLANDS' TOURISM AWARDS At the recent annual 3rd Falklands Islands

    Tourism Awards, the Agency of the Year was won by Sulivan Shipping. The Managing Director award went to Roddy Napier. Tourism is the 2nd largest industry in the Falklands in terms of economic output and employment. Mr Napier has been working in the cruise tourism industry for 45 years and along with his wife they have been hosting cruise ships at West Point Island, providing access to the albatross and penguin colonies as well as serving tea and cakes to visitors since 1968. In February of 1968, Lars Lindblad a Swedish-American entrepreneur and explorer, who pioneered tourism to many remote and exotic parts of the world, led the 1st tourist expedition to Antarctica in 1966 and visited West Point and Carcass Island. For many years Mr. Linblad sailed his own ship, the MS Lindblad Explorer, in the region and the vessels 1969 expeditionary cruise to Antarctica is thought of as the first of todays sea based tourism in the area. In 1970 the 1st cruise ship to visit the Falklands was the Linblad Explorer when it docked at New Island for 2 days. Winner of the Tour Guide of the Year award was Tony Smith. His philosophy as a tour guide is to try to answer every question tourists put to him, and having been involved for 20 plus years, he has learnt a lot! He takes private bookings rather than getting involved in the big convoys, so sees fewer tourists than other tour operators and so this recognition is all the more special. Sulivan Shipping works with many excursion operators, transport providers and landowners, without whom they could not achieve what they do so well and so all involved were thanked. The Falkland Islands is investing heavily in tourism and with very positive results. The islands, located in the South Atlantic Ocean are a wilderness of beautiful nature, warm spirit and wonderful wildlife.

    HONDURAS TOURISM A PRIORITY Honduras is a country of immense beauty with a rich

    cultural and historical heritage. It has the best coral reefs in the whole Mesoamerican reef system; largest reef in the Americas and 2nd largest in the world. On top of that it is the place chocolate was invented and is home to the most artistic city of Mayan civilization. It has the 2nd largest rainforest in the Americas after the Amazon, and grows some of the finest coffees and tobaccos on earth. Its clear waters and most celebrated diving resort make it a destination of huge tourism potential. These many among other wonderful characteristics as well as the country's geographical location at the midpoint of the Americas, has helped position tourism as a major priority for the Honduran government. Honduras also boasts 2 wharves for Caribbean cruise ships and is about to open a 3rd. In addition, there are 4 international airports close to strategic tourism points to facilitate the arrival of tourists by air travel. The countrys progression in tourism is important and has the goal of becoming an area for sustainable tourism. The national tourism plan is ambitious but achievable and will also help many more families and local communities develop with the creation of jobs and better infrastructure. Honduras aims to transform its tourism industry to become a pillar of its economy and promote it internationally as they place on earth to visit. 17 www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co. uk


    At Vichayi to, Peru


    luxurious resort The Londoner. It offers 20 units and is on the same property as the 184-unit Morritts Resort. The accommodations are in Caribbean Chic decor and include extra-large private balconies overlooking the beach and Caribbean ocean. The luxury units all offer spacious interiors, fully-appointed kitchens. The Cayman Islands is famous for incredible outdoor water experiences. The Londoner offers numerous on-site leisure activities such as sailing, jet skiing, kayaking, wind surfing, scuba diving, banana boat rides, plus full and half day boat excursions as well as snorkelling trips. There are 2 fine dining choices; Davids Deep Blue Restaurant & Bar and Mimis Dock Bar & Restaurant. This luxury resort in the Cayman Islands includes its very own shopping centre. You can also experience the ultimate in pampering and relaxation at the La Mer Spa.

    EXPERIENCE LATIN AMERICA BY LATA For the 1st time, this new event, Experience

    Latin America is a brand new exciting B2B travel event bringing together key suppliers from Latin America with buyers from the UK and Europe in London from 16-18 June 2014 at the CCT Venues Plus - Bank Street, Canary Wharf; a truly impressive venue, with incredible panoramic views across London. By invitation only and organised by Latin Americas largest travel trade association, LATA this vibrant 3 day show will bring together carefully-selected companies wishing to increase business to Latin America. Pre-scheduled meetings, inspiring seminars and lots of networking opportunities will ensure a cross-section of Latin American suppliers and overseas buyers and media get ample opportunity to meet, learn about new products and strengthen existing relationships. The Seminar Programme is a fundamental part of the experience for buyer and supplier delegates to engage interact and learn. The event incorporates a range of Discover and Uncover seminars; Discover Seminars will be destination themed offering delegates the chance to learn about each region and specific product highlighting the incredible variety of experiences in Latin America. Uncover Seminars look at the more topical issues facing tourism to Latin America in general. Speakers and panellists have been specially selected for each topic based on their passion, knowledge and expertise. Experts will inform us on current trends, perceptions and opportunities in Latin America, and highlight its enormous potential for increased business.

    THAILAND TARGETS OPPORTUNITIES IN PERU A delegation of 27 businessmen

    from Thailand is visiting Lima this month to discuss and explore trade and investment opportunities in Peru including in the field of Tourism. The visit includes a business networking session with Lima Chamber of Commerce. Thailand and Peru have recently signed a Free Trade Agreement. Trade between both countries in 2013 total UK156 (EU191) million.

    HUMPBACK WHALE WATCHING ALONG PERUS NORTH COAST Vichayito in Peru is a beautiful destination for seeing wildlife from dolphins, ocean turtles, sea lions, and if you time your trip right the seasonal migration of humpback whales. Located on the north coast of Peru, the perfect place to stay is the Vichayito Bungalows & Tents By Aranwa Hotels. The luxury resort offers a variety of Bedouin-style tents and stilted bungalows with wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean. The luxury resort offers the perfect place to witness close-up, the migrating humpback whales and annually offers its special Peru Country of Whales package in partnership with The Blue Whale Foundation and their non-profits campaign. The accommodation package includes a morning whale watching tour guided by FBA marine biologists with round-trip transportation from the hotel to Organos port, drinks and snacks on board, and access to FBA whale specialists while on land.

    18 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk

    global e-news for tourism, travel, m.i.c.e, exhibitions &


    TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY is a global e-journal for the travel and tourism, M.I.C.E, exhibitions and aviation industries.

    It provides accurate, detailed, information and is produced in English.

    Started in 1997 it has an ever-growing circulation. It is the official global media support for several key exhibitions within the industry.


  • AVIATION News KLIA2 OPEN DAY ATTRACTS 78,000 VISITORS Kuala Lumpur International

    Airport2 (KLIA2) invited the public to visit the complex to experience the world's largest purpose-built low cost carrier terminal. 78,000 visitors attended the open day! Visitors had bus tours to the new Runway 3, visited the domestic and international terminals and experienced the actual departure and arrival processes at the new terminal with mock boarding passes issued to visitors during registration as a souvenir. It was expected that 20,000 visitors would attend but following the huge response, the open day hours were extended to allow the public more time for the tours. KLIA2 made history by becoming the 1st airport in Asia and 3rd in the world to have a sky bridge and the 1st in the region to have a 3rd runway.


    Emirates Airlines is to run a 2nd daily flight from Dubai to Athens from 1 August to 25 October. It additional flight will allow for increased capacity of 76% and on cargo by 74%. Emirates first launched a Dubai-Athens flight in 1996 and it has proved very beneficial for leisure, business and trade between the two nations. The temporary addition will boost the Greek economy by bringing in more tourists during the summer months.

    Sydney, Austral ia


    Sydney, Australia, is to get a 2nd airport, which will help achieve an even greater boost to Australia's economy. The new airport will be at Badgerys Creek, a site about 50km west of the city centre. The project will ease the load on Kingsford Smith Airport, which faces growing capacity pressures but is surrounded by residential suburbs and has no expansion options. Building will start in 2015 and is expected to be complete by the mid 2020s! The cost of the project is UK1.40, (EU1.70) billion and will require additional roads and train lines to be built. It will eventually create 35,000 jobs 2035. By 2060, the new airport could boost the national economy by UK13, (EU16) billion.

    KLIA2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    2ND ROUTE FOR JETBLUE TO TRINIDAD & TOBAGO JetBlue has introduced a 2nd

    route from the United States to Trinidad and Tobago after only recently starting its 1st flight to Piarco International Airport from New York. The service will be a non-stop flight. The New York route has been very positive since its launch early this year and now with a considerable diaspora in South Florida, the new connection between the US and the islands should be equally popular. Since the JetBlue flight started in February 2014, an additional 1,500 visitors have been counted into the islands with this new route expected to increase visitor numbers by 73% by the summer. JetBlue now offers non-stop service to 25 destinations in the region with up to 200 daily flights to, from and within the Caribbean.

    SEABORNE AIRLINES FLIES TO SANTO DOMINGO The Caribbeans rapidly growing airline, Seaborne Airlines, has started a direct daily flight from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan to Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo is Seaborne's 4th destination in the Dominican Republic. The new route reinforces the importance of the US market and of Puerto Rico as a connecting point in the Caribbean. With routes to 18 airports across the Caribbean the new Saab 340 aircraft offers outstanding dependability giving Seabourne a name for great value in air services in the Caribbean.

    OLD US AIRLINES STILL FAVOURED When flying with a US airline it usually means it is

    an older aircraft, compared to a flight from a Middle Eastern airline which have a much newer fleet, but the older aircraft, are still safe and comfortable, just older. In attempts to bring them into the modern age, services are key to making the journey more comfortable, like offering portable entertainment devices. However, as the years go on less and less old aircraft will be flying the skies due to no longer being fuel efficient and if the airlines want to keep up with their competitors, new aircraft is the only road ahead. So enjoy your next flight and remember it, if it is on a more ancient aircraft!

    IBERIA - NON-STOP FLIGHTS TO URUGUAY From September; Iberia is to resume its

    flights to Montevideo. The airline has 4 weekly scheduled flights between Uruguay and Madrid, and will offer more than 2,300 weekly seats between the 2 cities. From Europe to Uruguay, Iberia wants to connect Montevideo and Europe, as 52% of the passengers on these flights are travelling onward to other European cities. Iberia is the leading airline between Europe and Latin America, and in 2013, Iberia was the 4th most punctual airline in the world. From Madrid, the Spanish airline offers more than 1,400 weekly frequencies to destinations in Spain, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with which the Montevideo flights will also connect.

    SILKAIR FLIES TO HANGZHOU From June, SilkAir will start flying to Hangzhou, its 8th

    Chinese destination. The regional wing of Singapore Airlines will fly 4 times a week to the capital of Zhejiang province.

    BA NEW VICE-PRESIDENT FOR CHINA British Airways has announced the appointment

    of Richard Tams, currently head of UK & Ireland sales and marketing, as executive vice president China and the Philippines for the airline. The new role will include representing British Airways and parent company, International Airlines Group, in China. Tams will work closely with colleagues in the region, as well as with the local authorities and key influencers in the Chinese market.


    invest UK193, (EU236) million to upgrade 19 Boeing 777-300ERs with the latest generation of cabin products, featuring new seats in all classes of travel and the worlds most advanced in-flight entertainment system.

    19 www.tour ismaroundtheworld.co. uk

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