Symbols of Europe

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Transcript of Symbols of Europe

Symbols of Europe

Symbols of Europe

Europe and the bull In the eighth century, the name of the Greek mythological character was ecclesiastically used for Charlemagns Empire.

The emblem displayed on all EU residence permits.

Europa reginaEuropa regina, namely theQueen Europe, is thecartographic depiction of the European continent as a queen.

Flag The flag of Europe is used to represent both the European Union and the Council of Europe. a circle of 12 golden (yellow) stars on a blue backgroundthe blue represents the westthe stars represent all the peoples of Europetheir position in a circle represents unity.

AnthemThe European anthem is based on the prelude to "The Ode to Joy", 4th movement of Ludvig van Beethovens Symphony No. 9.It was announced on 19th January 1972 by the Council of Europe.It does not replace national anthems, but is intended to celebrate the shared values of the European nations.

A piece from the original manuscript.