Portugus - download.p4c. ±¸±¹ƒ¼Œ‚ (µ¹....

Portugus - download.p4c. ±¸±¹ƒ¼Œ‚ (µ¹. 7) •» ±¸¬¹ƒ¼± „·‚
Portugus - download.p4c. ±¸±¹ƒ¼Œ‚ (µ¹. 7) •» ±¸¬¹ƒ¼± „·‚
download Portugus - download.p4c. ±¸±¹ƒ¼Œ‚ (µ¹. 7) •» ±¸¬¹ƒ¼± „·‚

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Transcript of Portugus - download.p4c. ±¸±¹ƒ¼Œ‚ (µ¹....



HR2162, HR2163HR2165, HR2166
























10 x P - 12 x P6 x

8 x P - 10 x PP300 g

25 sec.MAX1000 ml

60 - 90 sec.MAX1500 ml

30 - 60 sec.MAX1500 ml

60 - 90 sec.MAX1500 ml

60 - 120 sec.MAX1000 ml


300 g 10 sec.MAX

30 sec.200 g MAX

30 sec.200 g MAX

45 sec.150 g MAX

30 sec.70 g MAX

30 sec.70 g MAX

30 sec.80 g MAX

20 sec.100 g MAX

10 sec.

60 sec.

60 sec.

20-40 g MAX



+225g + 625ml

150g + 625ml+SesameSesame



5 7

HR2165, HR2166

HR2163, HR2165, HR2166


Specifications are subject to change without notice 2014 Koninklijke Philips N.V.All rights reserved. 4240 002 01041

IT Manuale utente NL Gebruiksaanwijzing NO BrukerhndbokPT Manual do utilizadorSV AnvndarhandbokTR Kullanmklavuzu

EN UsermanualDA Brugervejledning DE Benutzerhandbuch EL ES Manual del usuario FI Kyttopas FR Modedemploi


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Englisha Motor unit with control knobb Pulse settingc Speed settingsd Control knobPlastic blender (HR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166 only)e Plastic blender blade unitf Sealing ringg Plastic blender jarh Level indicationi Lid of plastic blender jarj Opening in lidk Small covering lidl Filter (HR2165/HR2166 only) Chopper (HR2166 only)m Coupling unitn Chopper bowlo Chopper blade unitp Chopper lidMill (HR2163/HR2165/HR2166 only)q Metal mill with blade unitr Mill cover

Danska Motorenhed med kontrolknapb Pulse-indstillingc Hastighedsindstillingerd Kontrolknap

Plastikblender (kun HR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166) e Knivenhed til plastikblenderf Ttningsringg Blenderglas af plastikh Indholdsindikatori Lg til blenderglas i plastikj bning i lgk Lille overdkningslgl Filter (kun HR2165/HR2166)

Hakker (kun HR2166)

m Koblingsenhedn Hakkesklo Knivenhed til hakkerp Hakkerens lg

Mllekvrn (kun HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Mllekvrn af metal med knivenhedr Dksel til mllekvrn

Deutscha Motoreinheit mit Drehschalterb Impulsfunktionc Geschwindigkeitseinstellungend Drehschalter

Kunststoffmixer(nurHR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Plastik-Mixermessereinheitf Dichtungsringg Kunststoffmixbecherh Fllstandsanzeigei Deckel des Kunststoffmixbechersj ffnung im Deckelk Kleiner Deckell Filter (nur HR2165/HR2166)

Zerkleinerer (nur HR2166)m Verbindungseinheitn Zerkleinerer-Behltero Messereinheit des Zerkleinerersp Deckel des Zerkleinerers

Mhle (nur HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Metallmhle mit Messereinheitr Deckel fr Mhle

a b c d

(HR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e f g h i j k l (HR2165/HR2166)

(HR2166)m n o p

(HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q r

Espaola Unidad motora con rueda de controlb Posicin Pulsec Selector de velocidadd Rueda de control

Batidoradeplstico(soloenmodelosHR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Unidad de cuchillas de la batidora de

plsticof Juntag Jarra de plstico de la batidorah Indicacin de niveli Tapa de la jarra de plstico de la batidoraj Abertura de la tapak Tapa pequeal Filtro(soloenmodelosHR2165/


Picadora(soloenelmodeloHR2166)m Unidad de acoplamienton Recipiente de la picadorao Unidad de cuchillas de la picadorap Tapa de la picadora

Molinillo(soloenmodelosHR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Molinillo de metal con unidad de

cuchillasr Cubierta del molinillo

Suomia Runko ja ohjauspainikeb Pulssiasetusc Nopeusasetuksetd Valitsin

Muovinentehosekoitin(vainmallitHR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Muovisen tehosekoittimen teryksikkf Tiivisteg Tehosekoittimen muovikannuh Mrn ilmaisini Muovisen kannun kansij Kannen aukkok Pieni kansil Siivil(vainmallitHR2165/HR2166)

Teholeikkuri(vainmalliHR2166)m Liitinkappale

d Bedieningsknop

Kunststof blender (alleen HR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166 )e Mesunit van kunststof blenderf Afdichtringg Plastic blenderkanh Niveauaanduidingi Deksel van plastic blenderkanj Opening in dekselk Klein dekseltjel Filter (alleen HR2165/HR2166)

Hakmolen(alleenHR2166)m Koppelunitn Hakmolenkomo Mesunit hakmolenp Hakmolendeksel

Maalmolen(alleenHR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Metalen maalmolen met mesunitr Deksel van maalmolen

Norska Motorenhet med bryterb Pulsinnstillingc Hastighetsinnstillingerd Kontrollbryter

Hurtigmikseriplast(kunHR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Plastknivenhet for hurtigmikserf Gummipakningg Mikserkanne i plasth Nivindikatori Lokk til mikserkanne i plastj pning i lokketk Lokk til pningen i hovedlokketl Filter (kun HR2165/HR2166)

Hakker (kun HR2166)m Koblingsenhetn Bolleo Knivenhet for hakkerp Lokk til hakker

Kvern (kun HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Metallkvern med knivenhetr Kverndeksel

Portugusa Motor com boto de controlob Funo Pulsec Nveis de velocidaded Boto de controlo

Liquidificadoraemplstico(apenasHR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Lminas da liquidificadora em plsticof Anel vedanteg Copo misturador plsticoh Indicao de nveli Tampa do copo misturador plsticoj Abertura na tampak Tampa pequenal Filtro (apenas HR2165/HR2166)

Picadora (apenas HR2166)m Encaixen Taa para picar

n Leikkuukulhoo Hienonnusosap Teholeikkurin kansi

Mausteleikkuri(vainmallitHR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Metallinen mausteleikkuri ja teryksikkr Mausteleikkurin suojus

Franaisa Bloc moteur avec bouton de commandeb Position Pulsec Rglages de vitessed Bouton de commande

Bolmlangeurenplastique(HR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166uniquement)e Ensemble lames du bol mlangeur en

plastiquef Bague dtanchitg Blender en plastiqueh Indication du niveaui Couvercle du blender en plastiquej Ouverture couverclek Petit couverclel Filtre(HR2165/HR2166uniquement)

Hachoir(HR2166uniquement)m Unit dassemblagen Bol du hachoiro Ensemble lames du hachoirp Couvercle du hachoir

Moulin (HR2163/HR2165/HR2166 uniquement)q Moulin mtallique avec ensemble lamesr Couvercle du moulin

Italianoa Blocco motore con manopola di

controllob Impostazione ad intermittenzac Impostazioni velocitd Manopola di comando

Frullatore in plastica (solo HR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Gruppo lame frullatore in plasticaf Anello di guarnizioneg Vaso frullatore in plasticah Indicazioni del livelloi Coperchio del vaso frullatore in plasticaj Apertura del coperchiok Coperchio piccolol Filtro (solo HR2165/HR2166)

Tritatutto (solo HR2166)m Unit di aggancion Recipiente del tritatuttoo Gruppo lame del tritatuttop Coperchio del tritatutto

Accessoriopermacinare(soloHR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Accessorio per macinare in metallo con

gruppo lamer Coperchio accessorio per macinare

Nederlandsa Motorunit met bedieningsknopb Pulsstandc Snelheidsstanden

o Lminas picadorasp Tampa da picadora

Moinho (apenas HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Moinho em metal com lminasr Tampa do moinho

Svenskaa Motorenhet med kontrollvredb Pulsinstllningc Hastighetsinstllningard Kontrollvred

Mixeriplast(endastHR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Knivenhet till mixerbehllare i plastf Ttningsringg Mixerbehllare i plasth Nivindikeringi Lock till plastbehllarej ppning i lockk Litet tcklockl Filter (endast HR2165/HR2166)

Hackare (endast HR2166)m Kopplingsenhetn Skl fr hackareo Knivenhet fr hackarep Lock fr hackare

Kvarn (endast HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Metallkvarn med knivenhetr Lock till kvarn

Trkea Kontrol dmeli motor nitesib Darbe ayarc Hz ayarlard Kontrol dmesi

Plastik blender (sadece HR2162/HR2163/HR2165/HR2166)e Plastik blender bak nitesif Halka contag Plastik blender haznesih Seviye gstergesii Plastik blender haznesi kapaj Kapaktaki azk Kk st kapakl Filtre (sadece HR2165/HR2166)

Dorayc(sadeceHR2166)m Balant nitesin Dorayc haznesio Dorayc bak nitesip Dorayc kapa

tc(sadeceHR2163/HR2165/HR2166)q Bak nitesi olan metal tcr tc kapa



Thoroughly clean the parts that will come in contact with food before you use the appliance for the first time (see chapter Cleaning).Note Do not exceed the maximum quantities and processing times indicated in Fig.6 Do not operate the appliance for more than 60 seconds at a time when processing heavy

loads and let it cool down to room temperature for next operation.

Blender (Fig 2)The blender is intended for : Blending fluids, e.g. dairy products, sauces, fruit juices, soups, mixed drinks, shakes. Mixing soft ingredients, e.g. pancake batter or mayonnaise. Pureeing cooked ingredients, e.g. for making baby food.Note Never overfill the blender jar above the maximum level indication (1.5litres) to avoid spillage.Tip To process ingredients very briefly, turn the control knob to the pulse setting (PULSE) several

times. Never use the pulse setting longer than a few seconds at a time.

Filter (HR2165/HR2166 only) (Fig 3)You can use the filter to obtain extra fine blended soymilk, fresh fruit juices, sauces or cocktails. Seeds/pulp/skin are retained in the filter.Note Do not exceed the maximum level indicated on the filter. Do not use the filter to process hot ingredients.Tip Soak the soybean for 4 hours or more to get optimum results.

Chopper (HR2166 only) (Fig 4)You can use the chopper to chop ingredients such as onions, meat, herbs, vegetables, fruit, chocolate, firm cheese, baby food and nuts.Note: Do not use the chopper to mix liquids. Use the blender for this purpose. Do not exceed the maximum level indicated on the chopper. Ne