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Page 1: My country

My country,


By Irini Vitorou

and Giorgos


Page 2: My country

Name “Greece”

Although the Greeks call the

country Hellas {Ellada} and its

official name is the Hellenic

Republic, in English it is referred

to as Greece, which comes from

the Latin term Graecia as used

by the Romans, which literally

means 'the land of the Greeks',

and derives from the Greek

name ’’Γραικός’’.

Page 3: My country

My flag

My flag consists of 5 blue and 4 white lines. The

blue ones symbolize freedom {e-leu-the-ri-a} and

the white ones death {i-tha-na-tos}. This means

the pleasure of Greek people to be free, during

their revolution against Turkey. It is like a motto

which says: Freedom Or Death.

Page 4: My country

National anthem

Greek«Σε γνωρίζω από την

κόψη του σπαθιού την

τρομερή, σε γνωρίζω από

την όψη που με βία

μετράει τη γη. Απ' τα

κόκαλα βγαλμένη των

Ελλήνων τα ιερά, και σαν

πρώτα ανδρειωμένη,

χαίρε, ω χαίρε,

Ελευθεριά! »


I shall always recognize

you by the dreadful

sword you hold as the

Earth with searching

vision you survey with

spirit bold

From the Greeks of old

whose dying brought to

life and spirit free now

with ancient valour

rising let us hail you, oh


Page 5: My country


1-4 West Attica

1-3 Piraeus

1-2 East Attica

1-1 Athens Prefecture

2 Euboea

3 Evrytania

4 Phocis

5 Phthiotis

6 Boeotia

7 Chalkidiki

8 Imathia

9 Kilkis

10 Pella

11 Pieria

12 Serres

13 Thessaloniki

14 Chania

15 Heraklion

16 Lasithi

17 Rethymno

18 Drama

19 Evros

20 Kavala

21 Rhodope

22 Xanthi

23 Arta

24 Ioannina

25 Preveza

26 Thesprotia

27 Corfu (Kerkyra)

28 Kefalonia

29 Lefkada

30 Zakynthos

31 Chios

32 Lesbos

33 Samos

34 Arcadia

35 Argolis

36 Corinthia

37 Laconia

38 Messenia

39 Mount Athos

40 Cyclades

41 Dodecanese

42 Karditsa

43 Larissa

44 Magnesia

45 Trikala

46 Achaea

47 Aetolia-Acarnania

48 Elis

49 Florina

50 Grevena

51 Kastoria

52 Kozani

Page 6: My country

The government

The president of democracy is Karolos Papoulias

{left} and the Prime Minister is Antonis Samaras


Page 7: My country


Greece has a very

special place in the

world. It is like a

natural bridge

between Europe, Asia

and Africa.

It is in the southern

Europe and shares

borders with Turkey,

Bulgaria, Albania and


Page 8: My country

Greece in Europe

Page 9: My country


The Greek economy is classified as advanced and high-income.Greece was a founding member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). In 1979 the accession of the country in the European Communities and the single market was signed, and the process was completed in 1982. In January 2001 Greece adopted the Euro as its currency, replacing the Greek drachma at an exchange rate of 340.75 drachma to the Euro. Greece is also a member of the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization, and is ranked 24th on the KOF Globalization Index for 2013.

Page 10: My country


Greece was accepted into the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union by the European Council on 19 June 2000, based on a number of criteria (inflation rate, budget deficit, public debt, long-term interest rates, exchange rate) using 1999 as the reference year. After an audit commissioned by the incoming New Democracy government in 2004, Eurostat revealed that the statistics for the budget deficit had been under-reported.

Page 11: My country

Mountains, lakes and rivers1st: River Aliakmonas

The longest river in Greece

{Macedonia 297km}

2nd: Mount Olympos

The highest altitude in my country {Macedonia,Thessaly2918m}

3rd: Lake Trihonida

The biggest lake all over the nation

{Central Greece 96513km2}

Page 12: My country


Greece has some of

the most beautiful

islands in the world.

The biggest are:

• Crete

• Euboea

• Lesbos

• Rhodes

• Chios

Page 13: My country


Greece is worldwide

famous for the beaches.

They are really beautiful,

but the best ones are:

•Navagio, Zakynthos

•Elafonisi, Crete

•Sarakiniko, Mylos

•Mytros Beach, Kefalonia

•Paradise Beach,Mykonos

•St Paul’s Bay, Rhodes

On the other

page there are

the photos of

the beaches

Page 14: My country
Page 15: My country

Tourist attractions

In Greece there are

many attractions to

visit. They are the

main purpose of the

tourists to visit my


Up: Akropolis

Down: Knossos

Page 16: My country


The Greek Constitution recognizes

Eastern Orthodoxy as the official faith of

the country. There are some churches:

Page 17: My country

Olympic games

Greece is the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, first recorded in 776 BC in Olympia, and hosted the modern Olympic Games twice, the inaugural 1896 Summer Olympics and the 2004 Summer Olympics. During the parade of nations Greece is always called first, as the founding nation of the ancient precursor of modern Olympics.

Page 18: My country

The end

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