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Transcript of MicroService...Don't repeat SOA

  • What makes you to think that you will succeed this time ?

    Service..Dont repeat SOA.

  • SOA design principles

    Source : wikipedia.org

    We knew this since 2005. Still we build

    monolithic systems.


  • Like any other architecture..

    SOA was never about tools or technology...It's about the principles.

    Get your direction right, before deciding the mode of transportation.

  • Service ArchitectureIt's not

    a Silver Bullet

    a technology or tool

  • Service Architecture

    Service means latency.

  • Service Architecture

    Service means more failure points.

  • Many Components + Latency

    We have a long history in goofing up, while building distributed systems.

    Recall COM, DCOM, CORBA, EJB and WebSERVICES (depending on whom you ask).

    = distributed system.

  • Fallacies of Distributed Computing

    Most likely it will be true even @ 2026.

    -My Opinion.

  • Still there is HOPE.

    Under the hood Service is

    about dividing and solving.

  • Observable paradigm shift

  • OS managing processes


    DataCenter/cloud OS managing applications.

    Management Plane : SHIFT 1

  • portability



    Management Plane : SHIFT 2

  • But, the two most important things in application design plane are ?

  • Loose coupling


    Tight cohesion

  • Before embarking on Service journey, study your application behaviour closely.

  • Learn how to build a better monolithic

    systems, before building Service based systems.

    At least know the true interaction pattern within your monolithic application.

  • You dont have to know everything. A few really big ideas carry most of the freight.

    - Charlie Munger.