Let’s practice sound [ei] Let’s practice sound [ei] lake gate cake table.

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Transcript of Let’s practice sound [ei] Let’s practice sound [ei] lake gate cake table.

  • Lets practice sound [ei]

    lake gate cake table

  • Lets practice sound [a:] parkfarm palmcard

  • Lets practice sound [] chair square hare pear

  • Lets practice sound [ ] land pan van man

  • Think a little and answer the questions:Can you tell the fortune?Do you want to know about your future?Can you meet a fortune-teller in the street?Will she tell the truth?

  • Match and say:StrongShort linesImaginaryTo breakTo crossTo walkTo seeTo believeGood and badA mirrorUnder the ladderHands lineIn palm readingLuckOn his (her) palmA black catYour fingerthings

  • Check your answers:Strong hands lineShort lines on his (her) palmImaginary thingsTo break a mirrorTo cross your fingerTo walk under the ladderTo see a black catTo believe in palm readingGood and bad luck

  • Palm-reading.

  • TESTA palmist looks mans hand and studies it.A person with many short lines on his palm will not have many talents and hobbies.You can see four main lines.A person with strong head line will not be very clever and will have a good job. A person with clear and long steering line will be very lucky.A person with long life line will live a long life.

  • Do it nowWhen you have a job thats not much funAnd you wonder when youll get it done,Dont wait till later-time may not allow!dont wait till later-do it now!When you have some works thats not much fun,A job to do before the day is done,Dont wait till tomorrow-better not delay!Dont wait till tomorrow-to do it today!

  • Fortune-Teller Write on a sheet of paper one sentence about what will happen to your classmates in the future. You can write real or imaginary things. Fold the paper and pass it to each other. Then read your fortune.

  • Read the text.In the English-speaking countries, people believe that some things bring good luck and some things bring bad luck. For example:-you break a mirror-youll have bad luck;-cross your fingers-youll be lucky;-dont walk under the ladder-youll be unlucky;-you see a black cat-youll be very lucky;-say white rabbit-it will bring you good luck.

  • Answer the questions:What will bring you good luck?

    What will bring you bad luck?

  • Venn diagram

  • Homework.Venn diagram: bad luck in our country and bad luck in the English-speaking countries;Ex. 1 p. 54(WB).