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Presentation of private educational organization Hellenic College of Thessaloniki. Region of Central Macedonia North Greece.

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    Hellenic College of Thessaloniki

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    A history of 58 years in education...~ When the past and the present met the future of education ~

    The Hellenic College of Thessaloniki was founded 58 years ago by Petros and Ioanna Founta in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. Today it is the largest educational organization of N. Greece and one of the largest in Greece. With an innovative philosophy based on the application of standard educational methods, such as the Montessori and Decroly, the Hellenic College was a real revolution in the educa-tional sector in Greece.

    Today, our new modern facilities house the following departments: preschool education cen-ter, kindergarten, primary school, high school and lyceum. Here, our total respect for chil-dren, our 58 years of valuable experience and our free and innovative spirit come together in a unique way to create well mannered and complete people. People who love knowledge, develop their personality, discover and cultivate their talents. To that end, we have recruited the finest child educators, selected using very strict criteria.

    In small groups, modern education rooms and a pleasant environment, the teacher at-tends to each child with great care to introduce it to a substantial way of thinking

    instead of simply providing barren information.

    Our well organized facilities include fully equipped laboratories, com-puter rooms, sport facilities and event halls to ensure a high level of studies.

    All that combined with the excellent teaching of three foreign languag-es, English, French and German, result in a fully educated student. Our

    students have the greatest success rates in the finest universities in Greece and abroad. this is a result of a well organized and methodical

    effort from all of us.

    However, the Panhellenic Examinations are only a destination. We have learned to benefit from the entire journey. To that end, we organize and participate in competitions,

    festivals and cultural, educational and sports events. The awards, accolades and distinctions received by our students prove that talent and proper preparation make winning a necessity.

    Every start is ... beautiful

    In an environment rich with stimuli, exciting children's imagination, the kindergarten of the Hel-lenic College of Thessaloniki aims to help children already from their early education to develop their judgment, discover their inclinations, grow properly physically, emotionally, intellectually and

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    socially. The equal integration of preschool edu-cation in the unified educational planning is of utmost importance for us. After all, that is when the foundations are laid for a smooth educational process.

    Our kindergarten curriculum has been based on an experiential approach to knowledge with the goal of developing positive self-perception, au-tonomy, critical and creative thinking and an un-derstanding of social values. Under the constant care of our experienced teachers, all of who have an English language degree, and by ap-plying model educational methods, the children learn to speak properly and to become sociable, take initiatives and familiarize themselves with the English language.

    Through educational games in the College's specially configured outdoor playgrounds, they come in contact and learn to love Nature, while they also get prepared for their entry in primary school.

    Our Kindergarten curriculum includes, among others:













    It is not an exaggeration to say that I like kinder-garten more than any other school institution!


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    Our philosophy is: Say yes to multifaceted education. Say no to providing barren knowledge. We

    want children to develop their critical skills and use the knowledge they acquire in a productive way to become active citizens in

    the future. This is achieved through their participation in a wide range of educational programs which aim to bring out their intellectual inclination. Our high success rates in Panhellenic competitions such as those by the Hellenic Mathematical Society and the Hellenic Physics Society, in poetry and painting competitions and chess and swim-

    ming championships are evidence to that. With an excellent teaching staff our students not only receive the knowledge

    expected from primary education but also the greatest possible development of their psychological, intellectual and physical skills.

    In modern and well equipped facilities, with modern computer labs and through the use of standard teaching methods, we approach each child individually, be-cause each child is SPECIAL!

    Supremacy suits us.

    we are not afraid of comparisons,

    we seek them out!

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    Success inside the ... classroom~ It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question ~

    Children still symbolize the eternal coexistence of love and dutyGeorge Eliot

    In the Hellenic College of Thessaloniki, all students can take advantage of the modern supervisory means of teaching, evaluate their skills, self-act, examine knowledge in depth and assimilate it. The HellenicCollegeofThessaloniki is to-day the largestEducationalOrganizationinNorthernGreece. Education starts while children are still infants and goes all the way to the last class of Lyceum, in well orga-nized facilities which meet the highest standards. With experienced teachers, holding postgraduatedegrees,PhDsand who have published many articles and can com-municate knowledge. These combined with the use of standard educational methods contribute to the high admission rates our students achieve in Universities in Greece and abroad. The Hellenic College of Thessaloniki is asponsoroftheFulbrightFoundationandhasadedicatedprogramwithspecializedteachersforstudentswhowanttostudyintheU.S.A. As a result of the above, our students enjoy a perfect success rate in the examinations for receiving scholarships for foreign universities (YALE, HARVARD, CERN, ESSEX etc.). That way, we offer the chance of a modern and rounded education.

    Our many years of participation in European and International programs in which we received distinctions, awards and success, offer our students the necessary knowl-edge and qualifications for a successful professional path.

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    A critical time for all people. Adolescence. The time when the path the student will follow professionally is defined, after Lyceum is over. Here at the Hellenic College we treat this difficult time in our students' lives with the utmost care and understanding. We reach out to the teenagers and impart them with the neces-sary knowledge, through codes and methods that touch them. We make them love knowledge. Love school. In a safe environment with an excellent teaching staff who are always close to them through individual teaching, customized for each teenager's specific needs. Our goal is not for them to simply be admitted into a university; we also aim to raise the bar and make them dream of becoming the best they can be. And we make this happen! Evidence to that is the large number of our students who are admit-ted in the best university schools in Greece and abroad.

    Educating people

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    100%success rate for our stu-dents in the examinations for receiving scholarships for foreign universities

    In the Hellenic College we teach foreign lan-guages in ways that students will learn the language easily, quickly and will never forget it, without any need to attend foreign lan-guage classes outside school. Our philosophy does not allow us to simply have our stu-dents learn grammar rules and vocabulary by heart and to automatically repeat exercises. Our goal is for each student to both receive the degree they want and to also grow to love the foreign language and reach the point of using it as fluently as their mother tongue.

    Through our foreign language teaching pro-gram, students participate in European and International programs such as Comenius, e-twinning & AEC net, which aim to support and highlight and value of the European culture to young people, as well as to help them acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary for their personal development, their future profession and their active participation in the commons, as European citizens.

    At the same time, they promote the attribute of being a citizen and intercultural education. At the same time, through the educational use of Information and Communication Technologies, they form bonds between the world's educa-tional institutions and they develop environ-

    men-t a l e d u c a -tion, by pro-moting the attribute of citizenhood and intercultural education.


    English language degrees:

    French language degrees: DELF A1.A2, B1,B2

    German language degrees: ZERTIFIKAT B1.B2.C1

    You see things; and you say why? But I dream of things that never were, and I say Why not?Wayne W.Dyer

    I communicate with the world!


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    Teaching facilities~ Art is I. Science is Us ~

    Today all our teaching rooms are fully equipped with interactive and regular whiteboards and the students can be taught using E-Books.The students of the Hellenic College of Thessaloniki enjoy:

    Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs to assimilate what is taught in the Natural Sciences classes. Regular foreign language teaching: English, German, French. Computer rooms with modern comput-ers. Modern teaching rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors and multimedia systems. Nurse's office with on-site doctor. Musical pre-education Primary school, high school-lyceum choirs, Symphonic orchestra, byzantine choir, Greek art-singing band Music, Guitar, Synthesizer Dance learning. Traditional and Modern Calisthenics and Ballet in indoor rooms. Artistic Gymnastics. Theater teaching. Ancient and modern in the indoor air conditioned event room sitting 600 people or the outdoor amphitheater. Art and Formative arts, drawing, copper

    and pottery making, etc, in specially configured rooms.

    SportsFor the best preparation of athletes attending the Hellenic College of Thessa-loniki, the following sports facilities are available:

    Indoor air conditioned gym. Indoor air conditioned swim center with a heated Olympic-size swimming pool. Tartan tennis court Tartan volleyball court Football lawn fields. Tartan basketball courts with side baskets. Indoor artistic gymnastics, dancing and ballet rooms.

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    Science may be described as the art of systematic

    over-simplificationKarl Popper

    The Vellum Cambridge certificate is the top Microsoft applications certificate globally and is accepted by the Greek State.

    The Vellum Cambridge & Microsoft User Specialist certificate pro-vides students with the computer application skills required today in a modern work environment and also certifies they can be efficient and productive. By attending a scheduled computer application class at the school which is also a Cambridge and Microsoft examina-tion center, our students take examinations to acquire an established computer degree and, therefore, to certify their knowledge.

    The Hellenic College of Thessaloniki has an extended curriculum with the use of new technologies. More specifically, for high school stu-dents it offers:

    - A projector installation in all rooms, connected with a computer, so classes can take place through the use of Microsoft Office ap-

    Computer Learning Certificates

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    plications such as PowerPoint, Word and others. Therefore, every teach-ing room has been converted to a projection room and we can avoid the needless movements of students in other rooms for the respective classes, thereby facilitating the educational process.

    - Rooms with interactive whiteboards which are connected to comput-ers.

    - Two computer laboratories, fully equipped with modern PCs, an Inter-net connection and a projector installation.

    Our world is changing School must not simply keep up with the developments but also define them.

    It must embrace new technologies and take advantage of all they have to offer.

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    Participation in Innovative Programs1. HMUN-HARVARD MODEL UNITED NATIONS

    EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMA conference of the Model United Nations which is orga-nized by the HARVARD University.


    An educational conference - simulation of the bodies and works of the United Nations Organization.


    This program offers young Europe-ans the chance to meet, exchange views on their experiences and on the problems they are facing and to get to know each other.

    4. SAT - PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONSAT is an evaluation of the performance in critical reading, mathematics and writing which students much pass to be admitted in universi-ties.

    5. EUROPEAN YOUTH PARLIAMENTIts purpose is to offer Lyceum students the chance to get valuable educational experience through training pro-grams which enforce the skills of future European Citi-zens and contribute to understanding the way the Euro-pean Parliament works.6. COMENIUS EUROPEAN COMMISIONComenius offers young people a wide range of opportu-nities to develop on a professional and personal level

    and to meet peers throughout Europe and establish lasting cooperations, while it also helps them work together for common goals and in common fields and to promote each other's understanding on civilization and other people's values.


    The main goal of Debate Competitions is to culti-vate thinking and to get students in con-

    tact with subjects which, although not taught in any specific school class,

    are present throughout the curricu-lum and are widely known from the press and the media. Students practice logical thinking to be able to accurately define the main is-

    sues of the given subject, present their views with convincing argu-

    ments and be ready to answer questions.

    8. RHETORIC COMPETITIONS These competitions improve our students' communica-tion skills and help them practice writing convincing texts, i.e. proof texts. The goal is for students to practice correct reasoning, so they do not twist the truth or make it relative, but illuminate it and bring it out. To achieve these goals, students practice in acquiring a wide range of infor-mation, an adequate knowledge of the language code and composite thinking, in order for them to be able to negoti-ate each subject in an approved and original way.


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    The goal is to familiarize students, through the analytical reading of classical philosophy texts, with the way philo-sophical thinking is formed and formulated.

    10. POETRY COMPETITIONThe main goal of poetry is the reader's enjoyment and emo-tional response of aesthetic quality. Therefore, through the competition, students let their imagination and cre-ativity free.

    11. YOUTH PARLIAMENTThe "Youth Parliament" is an educational program of the Hellenic Parliament which started in 1995. Its main goal is to boost young people's interest in the commons, help-ing them become responsible citizens and to introduce them to the practices and difficulties of Democracy. The program's goals are realized through the formulation of a personal proposal by each student participating in the pro-gram.

    12. COMPUTER COMPETITIONSThe main aim of the Panhellenic Computer Competition for Students is to cultivate the students' Computer education.

    13. ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMSThe main goal of Environmental Education is: "the recog-nition of the environment as an eco-social system which is organized by biophysical and social processes and to mold responsible citizens who perceive it and evaluate it before acting". It give teachers the opportunity to offer their students new appealing methodical approaches of active participation and experiential learning, characteristics which are displayed during the selected activities, inside

    and mainly outside of school. 14. MATHEMATIC SOCIETYIts purpose is to promote and propagate the various branches of the Mathematical Science. This purpose is achieved through a series of set goals which can, in gen-eral, be summed into the development of the Mathemati-cal Science.

    15. CHEMISTRY-BIOLOGY-PHYSICS OLYMPIADSThe purpose of these competitions is to cultivate the stu-dents' special talents and skills through classes with a special aptitude.

    16. ASTRONOMY COMPETITIONThe purpose of the competition is the students' further pur-suit and detailed examination of the science of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space, their familiarization with the won-drous discoveries of artificial satellites and other obser-vatories and to reward this inward and exploratory effort.

  • Northpark College 2012 ~ p17The gold goes to the Hellenic College~ Because health is an integrated matter ~

    - 4th place in the world BOYS VOLLEYBALL Italy 2008- 4th place in the world BOYS VOLLEYBALL France 2011- 4th place in the world GIRLS VOLLEYBALL France 2011- 8th place in the world BOYS VOLLEYBALL China 2009-1st place in Greece BOYS VOLLEYBALL 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012-1st place in Greece GIRLS VOLLEYBALL 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012

    -1st place in the Prefecture championship BOYS HANDBALL 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012-3rd place in Greece in the international BADMINTON championship-2nd place in Greece in the school FOOTBALL championship-2nd place in the school Prefectural BOYS BASKETBALL championship of 2012-2013-2nd place in the school Prefectural GIRLS BASKETBALL championship in 2012-2013-1st place in 400m. BOYS RUNNING-1st place in school SWIMMING GAMES-1st place in Greek school CHILDRENS GRECO-ROMAN WRESTLING-1st place in Greek school CHILDRENS FENCING-1st place in the Greek school TENNIS cham-pionship

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    We founded the International Baby College out of love for children.

    the road from family to school is at times hard and demanding. Our goal is to make it as easy, pleasant and creative as possible. We want your child to feel safe in a environment full of love and care, which offers every-thing it needs in its first steps. After all, its entry in the preschool environment introduces a new period in the child's life and its normal development depends on the success of this period. International Baby College is the Center of Preschool Education of the Hellenic College of Thessaloniki for infants aged 6 months to 5 years old.

    Our goal is the child's harmonious development, the cultivation of its mental and psychological skills and its evolution into a healthy person, ready for a smooth entry in the stages of education. To this end, we have manned our nursery with excellently trained and experienced nursery school teachers, pedagogy teachers, Physical Education, English Literature, French Literature, German Literature, Chinese Literature, Art, Theater, Music and Movement Education and Computer graduates, while there is also daily monitoring by a paediatrician and a child psychologist.

    The scientific approach by our teachers and experts, combined with our love, care and substantial support guar-antee the successful entry of the young student in a large world!

    When you consciously choose to become a teacher, you must only have one thing in mind, which is the most important thing of all: LOVE. And I do not mean love for your profession... I mean an endless Love for each child you teach.

    Center of Preschool EducationInternational Baby College

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    Publisher: Ioanna Founta

    Editor: Viktoria Karanasiou, graphics designerText editor: Emmanouil Koskinas, philologist

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    Postal addressDrosia Thermis - P.O. Box 60034 - ZIP Code 57001 Thermi - Thessaloniki -


    Kindergarten-Primary SchoolTelephones: +30 2310.473.112 - +30 2310.473.134 - +30 2310.473.156 -

    +30 2310.473.178Fax: +30 2310.475.727

    Email [email protected]

    High School-LyceumTelephones: +30 2310.473.830 - +30 2310.473.885 -

    +30 2310.475.723 - +30 2310.475.724Fax: +30 2310.475.724

    Email [email protected]: http://www.hellenic-college.gr

    International Baby CollegeTelephones: +30 2310.476.572 - +30 2310.476.573 - +30 2310.476.574

    Fax: +30 2310.476.560Email [email protected]

    Url: http://www.ibabyc.grhttp://www.internationalbabycollege.gr