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Transcript of Haoyuan Outdoor Furniture Hot Sell Products Catalog

  • HY-2533A Single sofa W85 D83 H77,HY-2533B Two seat sofa W150 D83 H77,HY-2533Z Round table 70 X H45,

    HY-2713A Single sofa W85 D78 H95,HY-2713C Three seat sofa W85 D200 H95,HY-2713Z Table W85 D50 H40,

    HY-2006A Arm chair W79 D97 H96,HY-2119Z-1 Long table W160 D90 H73,

    HY-2700A Single sofa W84 D89 H75,HY-2700B Two seat sofa W88 D164 H75.5,HY-2700C Three seat sofa W88 D227 H75.5HY-2700D Footstool W88 D73 H 44HY-2700Z Long table W106 D60 H47HY-2700Z-1 Side table 70 x H47

  • HY-2756A Single sofa W95 D105 H78,HY-2756B Two seat sofa W160 D105 H78,HY-2756Z Round table 90 X H33,

    HY-2701A Single sofa W80 D80 H70,HY-2701B Two seat sofa W140 D80 H70,HY-2701Z Long table W110 D60 H35,HY-2701Z-1 Side table W45 D45 H45

    HY-2753A Single sofa W92 D110 H70.5,HY-2753B Two seat sofa W92 D138 H70.5,HY-2753Z Long table W91 D 110 H41.5,HY-2753D Footstool W110 D 90 H40

    HY-2825A Single sofa W98 D93 H83,HY-2825B Two seat sofa W165 D93 H83,HY-2825C Three seat sofa W233 D93 H83HY-2825Z Square table W128 D128 H38,HY-2825Z-1 Side table W68 D68 H45

  • HY-2834A Single sofa W84 D83 H93,HY-2834B Two seat sofa W147 D83 H93,HY-2834Z Long table W 100 D 50 H32,HY-2834Z-1 Side table W50 D 50 H55

    HY-2836A Single sofa W90 D82 H67,HY-2836R Two seat sofa W190 D8 H67,HY-2836Z Long table W100 D55 H29,

    HY-2837A Single sofa W87 D79 H82,HY-2837B Two seat sofa W151 D79 H82,HY-2837C Three seat sofa W 216 D79 H82HY-2837Z Square table W100 D 100 H43

    HY-2826A Single sofa W92 D93 H81,HY-2826B Two seat sofa W156 D93 H81,HY-2826C Three seat sofa W220 D 93 D81HY-2826Z Long table W135 D 90 H38,

  • HY-2922A Single sofa W85 D89 H125,HY-2922B Two seat sofa W169 D89 H125,HY-2922Z Long table W110 D 55 H35,HY-2922Z-1 Side table W50 D50 H35

    HY-2921A Single sofa 103 H68,HY-2921B Two seat sofa W194.5 D103 H68,HY-2921Z Round table 88 H33,

    HY-2070A Single sofa W90 D84 H64,HY-2070C Two seat sofa W217 D84 H64,HY-2070Z Long table W121 D61 H43,HY-2070Z-1 Side table W60 D60 H55

    HY-2416F-1 Single sofa W80 D77 H93,HY-2416B Two seat sofa W167 D82 H84,HY-2416Z-1 Long table W107 D69 H41HY-2416Z-2 Side table W39 D39 H57

  • HY-2063A Single sofa W114 D116 H69,HY-2063B Two seat sofa W189 D116 H69,HY-2063Z Long table W90 D140 H42,

    HY-2602A Single sofa W110 D106 H72,HY-2602D Footstool W69 D69 H26,HY-2602Z Table W60 D60 H50,

    HY-2430A Single sofa W75 D80 H75,HY-2430B Two seat sofa W152 D80 H75,HY-2430Z Long table W110 D60 H40,

    HY-2919A-1 Left arm sofa W141 D94 H70,HY-2919A-2 Right arm sofa W141 D94 H70,HY-2919R Middle sofa W66 D94 H70,HY-2919A-3 Corner sofa W186 D106 H70HY-2919Z Long table W127 D67 H32

  • HY-2600A-1 Single sofa W106 D106 H72,HY-2600R Two seat sofa W65 D106 H72,HY-2600Z Round table W90 D90 H40,

    HY-2633A Single sofa W84 D86 H96,HY-2633Z Round table 92 H44,HY-2633Z-1 Table W64 D64 H43,

    HY-2087A Single sofa W80 D92 H94,HY-2087A1 Left arm sofa W80 D92 H94,HY-2087A2 Right arm sofa W80 D92 H94,HY-2087A2-1 Corner sofa W86 D92 H94HY-2087B Middle sofa W80 D92 H94HY-2087Z Table W80 D80 H40

    HY-2608A Single sofa W94 D82 H81,HY-2608C-1 Left arm sofa W90 D81 H81,HY-2608C-2 Middle sofa W80 D81 H81,HY-2608C-3 Right arm sofa W90 D81 H81HY-2608Z Table W122 D68 H45

  • HY-2905A-1 Corner sofa W81 D81 H67,HY-2905BR Two seat middle sofa W148 D81 H67,HY-2905R One seat middle sofa W74 D81 H67,HY-2905Z Table W148 D74 H39

    HY-2437A Single sofa W80 D80 H78,HY-2437B Two seat sofa W150 D80H78,HY-2437D Footstool W71 D60 H42 HY-2753Z Round table 7 H42,

    HY-2787A Single sofa W90 D102 H64,HY-2787C Two seat sofa W195 D95 H64,HY-2787Z Round table 46 H55,HY-2787Z-1 Side table W140 D90 H35

    HY-2755A Single sofa W80 D80 H64,HY-2755Z Round table 80 X H44,

  • HY-2763C Two seat sofa W236 D90 H75,HY-2531A Single sofa W100.5 D90 H87,HY-2531B Two seat sofa W120 D85 H75,HY-2531Z Round table 90 X H42,

    HY-A Single sofa W75 D73 H68,HY-B Two seat sofa W75 D135 H68,HY-Z Long table W100 D49 H42,

    HY-2936A Single sofa W80 D80 H70,HY-2936R Two seat sofa W61 D80 H70,HY-2936Z Long table W 111 D60 H43,

  • HY-2201A Single sofa W86 D83 H86,HY-2201C Two seat sofa W234 D83 H86,HY-2201Z Round table W 120 D60 H40,HY-2201Z-1 Side table W50 D50 H50

    HY-3452L Round lounge W190 D140 H81,HY-3452D Footstool W140 D60 H25,

    HY-2823A Single sofa W85 D83 H77,HY-2823B Two seat sofa W150 D83 H77,HY-2823Z Round table 70 X H45,HY-2823Z-1 Side table

    HY-2832A Single sofa W68 D72 H75,HY-2832C Two seat sofa W190 D72 H75,HY-2832Z Round table W120 D60 H43,HY-2832Z-1 Side table W45 D45 H55

  • HY-2829B Two seat sofa W168 D82 H81HY-2829Z Long table W100D50 H40 HY-2767A Single sofa W110 D80 H63,

    HY-2767Z Footstool W110 D56 H26,

    HY-2792A Single sofa W104 D84 H66,HY-2792B Two seat sofa W164 D84 H66,HY-2792C Three seat sofa W224D84 H66HY-2823Z Long table W121D93 H42,

    HY-2906A-1 Left arm sofa W102 D110 H70,HY-2906R Two seat sofa W80 D78 H70,HY-2906A-2 Round table W163 D86 H70,HY-2906Z Side table W115 D62 H32

  • HY-2866A Single sofa W105 D92.5 H79,HY-2866A-1 Left arm sofa W92.5D92.5 H79,HY-2866A-2 Left arm sofa W92.5 D92.5H79,HY-2866R Middle sofa W67 D92 H79HY-2866Z Long table W130 D73 H30HY-2866Z-1 Side table W64 D64 H49

    HY-2839F-1 Left arm sofa W120 D95 H82,HY-2839F-2 Right arm sofa W120 D95 H82,HY-2839R Middle sofa W110 D95 H82 HY-2839Z Long table W150 D84 H40

    HY-2754A Single sofa W103 D103 H69,HY-2754Z Round table 68 H48,

    HY-2838A Single sofa W59D63 H79,HY-2838D Two seat sofa W51.5 D50 H40,HY-2838Z Round table W61.5 D50 H46,

  • HY-2901A Single sofa W82 D83 H79,HY-2901B Two seat sofa W143 D83 H79,HY-2901Z Long table W 105 D55 H40,HY-2901Z-1 Side table W54 D44 H35

    HY-2050A Single sofa W75 D74 H87,HY-2050B Two seat sofa W138 D74 H87,HY-2050C Three seat sofa W200 D74 H87HY-2050Z Long table W80 D80 H37HY-2050Z-1 Side table W55 D55 H45

    HY-2086A Single sofa W250 D125 H76,

    HY-2241A Single sofa W82 D80 H90,HY-2241B Two seat sofa W136 D80 H90,HY-2241Z Long table W100D55 H47,HY-2241Z-1 Side table W45 D45 H55

  • HY-2201A Single sofa W86 D83 H86,HY-2201C Two seat sofa W234 D83 H86,HY-2201Z Round table W 120 D60 H40,HY-2201Z-1 Side table W50 D50 H50

    HY-2854A Chair W83 D51 H85,HY-2854B Two seat chair W144.5 D73.5 H86,HY-2854Z Table W60 D60 H38

    HY-2945A Single sofa W70 D75 H88,HY-2945B Two seat sofa W129 D75 H88,HY-2945Z Long table W110 D55 H44,

    HY-2797B Two seat sofa W143 D77 H106,HY-2797Z Round table 65 H42,

  • HY-2760A Chair 67*70*94 HY-2760Z Table 120*74

    Osmanthus Chair 72*58*88Osmanthus Table 90*90*72

    HY-2421A Chair 64*63*80HY-2421Z Table 70*75

    HY-2227A Chair 72*61*80HY-2202Z Table 90*73

  • HY-2084A Chair 63*64*90HY-2084Z Table 100*73

    HY-2422F Chair 57*64*91HY-2422Z Table 90*74

    HY-2072A Chair 60.5*64*78.5HY-2072Z Table 90*73

    HY-2416A Chair 52*65.5*88HY-2416Z Table 100*73

  • HY-2744A Chair 62*68*82HY-2744Z Table 137*74

    HY-2424A Chair 53*60*88HY-2415Z Table 130*74

    HY-2810A Chair 48*61*83HY-2810Z Table 85*73

    HY-2803A Chair 53*64*77HY-2803Z Table 90*73

  • HY-2812F Chair 60*63*87HY-2807Z Table 90*73

    HY-2813A Chair 50*60*85HY-2807Z Table 90*73

    HY-5072A Chair 62*62*81HY-5072Z Table 70*75

    HY-2819F chair 61*63*87HY2819Z square table 90*90*73HY-2819-1Z rectangle table 160*90*73

  • HY-2821A chair 48*64*86HY-2821Z table 90*90*73

    HY-2828F chair 61*62*79HY-2828Z table 80*80*73

    HY-2830A chair 49*60*87HY-2830F armchair 60*60*87HY-2830Z-160L table 160*90*73

    HY-2822F chair 61*65*86HY-2822Z table 180*90*73

  • HY-2006F Chair 79*97*96HY-2119Z-1 Table 180*100*73

    HY-2424F armchair 56*60*88HY-2424A chair 53*60*88HY-2095Z table 80*80*73

    HY-2232A Chair 56*61*80HY-2232Z-1 Table 100*100*74

    HY-2232A Chair 56*61*80HY-2232F Chair 63*63*78HY-2232Z Table 180*100*74

  • HY-2833A chair 68*65*92 HY-1204-1Z table 100*100*74