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Every building is a living being. In its manifestation can be in harmony or can be harmful. When we make conscious architecture, heal the site, the project heal, heal the building.



2. Human intervention in a physical site to fill a need, generates that known as architecture. This intervention is executed under the guidance of a wise called architect, referred so because of its Greek etymology " (arch), which means" chief "," who is in charge "and (tekton)," constructor "or "carpenter". "(1) Not anyone can" be in charge but only the wise, the one who had acquired conscious. Consciousness to build. (1) (1) THE ARCHITECT ... 3. The academic formation directs in his/her approach to the architect. The continuous material intervention train them. The development of his/her soul enabled them. The grim understanding of their actions make them conscious. Conscience that is channeled into benefits for the creditors of his/her work. 4. For an conscientious architect his work is not just an idea. It is not just a project. It is not only a material manifestation. For a conscientious architect his work has life. Life that recreates multiple materialities. Materialities that can be molded, enhanced, blocked, recreated, healed. In health exists consciousness. 5. THE WORK... Abuilding has a life in conscious architecture. It is another individual of the nature, of the infinite cosmos. Its materiality also had the same energetic process of crystallization that all the living beings. Born of an idea. Was enhanced by an emotion. It came up with a project or germination. It became block by block in to the physical. There is no rivalry at it. There is fully conscious of itself. Consciousness that may or may not be captured by its creator, by its maker. If you are fortunate to have a conscious maker, then he/she will look at your and yours family future as abundant, virtuous, beneficial. If it does not, then its very structure shall be broken without reason under the reproach of injustice and misfortune. 6. In that consciousness nothing has to do formal thinking and artistic trends. Nothing has to do circulatory and functional arrangements. By no means the technology used. It is about energetic quality assimilated by your body of life. It is about its position and energetic orientation at birth . It has to do its natural predisposition to harmful or beneficial. A building can be designed and built beautifully but if its energetic quality has not been attended, then you could not talk of a work in conscience of CONSCIOUS ARCHITECTURE. For a user, for his/her energy, for life itself, it is not as important in the long run if the building in which he/she develops is a formal masterpiece , but the condition of satisfaction, well-being, prosperity and abundance that can be reached living in it 7. Some call conscience in architecture to the fact of creating a sustainable work, an energy-saving work. Others call conscience in architecture to design sustainable and bioclimatic patterns. In both cases the consideration is purely physical, economic. There is no analysis of the components of life energy in the building, even knowing that nature is full of energy that manifests itself in everything and everyone. We strongly call CONSCIOUS ARCHITECTURE to the intervention that energetically harmonized since its conception to its palpable materiality. The one that benefits its users by virtue, healing, wholeness and to itself in stability, reliability, durability, becoming a true temple for the soul . CONSCIOUS ARCHITECTURE ... 8. There is conscious in architecture when we approach energetic quality in a work. There is conscious when we detect the apparent disharmony. There is awareness when we understand that every element is a built living being, that every planned element is in essence a potency living being. And that in both cases, life manifestation corresponds in all its vortices as a human being. 9. Conscious architecture is achieved by applying in any process of design, construction or in any building already executed , Christ or Pranic harmonization through Feng Shui. Nothing has to do this operation with traditional methods of Feng Shui, bagua, compass, orientation, zoomorphic forces, that involves expensive materials changes and adaptations that are in many cases utopian. Such actions by the fact of been physical have the same unconscious effect of dressing with "new clothes" to a patient with the intention of healing him. INTERVENTIONS WITH CONSCIOUS ARCHITECTURE 10. Pranic interventions and/or Christed are fully energetic, measurable with appropriate instruments. To perform Pranic and Christian Feng Shui, are not require physical modifications. The maximum indicates that for "ENERGETIC DISEASES, THE HEALING MUST BE ENERGETIC All energetic deficiency must be compensated energetically ... 11. A skin wound is healed with stitches. An emotional wound with therapy. An energetic disease with energy... is inevitable. An inharmonious design turns into beneficial when is healed in its inner bodies, in its orientation of manifestation, in its blocking. A construction in process can be supported with energetic resources to improve its stability, elaboration, maintenance and service. An standing building, although has large energetic defects that can be molded to become a true temple of healing. 12. WHAT TO DO ... Diagnostic of the site, plan and/or construction. Identification of disharmony and benefits. Healing with Pranic or Christed energy. Prevention of crisis and discomfort situations. Immediate and mediate evaluation. New interventions if are required. Identification and repairing of energetic leaks. 13. In this kind of healing, there is no material expenses, there is no remodeling, there is no coatings; actions so cumbersome, expensive and many times inadequate. Materiality is directly benefited when energetic healing is used and in many cases the results are amazing. 14. IN A NUTSHELL For Conscious Architecture every building is an energetic being ...! THE HOUSE THAT IS SHOWN IN THE IMAGES BELOW HAS BEEN FULLY INTERVENED SINCE ITS DESIGN PROCESS WITH CONSCIOUS ARCHITECTURE.. 15. SOLUTIONS IMPLEMENTED Pranic Feng Shui design. (PFS) Procedures harmonized with Christ Healing. (CH) Study of soils and improvement of the site structure with CH. Waterproofing of tanks, pipes, concrete, siding with PH and CH. Increase in compressive strengths and stretch in concrete and irons used, with PH. Increase in mortars adhesion with PH. Improvement in the quality of the wood used with CH. Waterproofing of drains and sanitary downspouts with CH. Systematic purification of the water in the cistern with PH. Antioxidant treatment of metals with PH. Harmonization overall of the aura of the site, of the housing with PH and CH. Energetic blocks with CH to sources and entries of harmful energies. 16. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ERICK BOJORQUE PAZMIO 2013