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Six projects from University, architecture & urban design.

Transcript of Architecture & Urban Design Portfolio

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    PORTFOLIO 2006-2012stuart eaves


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    eco houseFacilita ng social and environmental design, passive technologies are employed for an enjoyable energy e cient home.

    peninsula gallerySet at the confl uence of two rivers on the rural-urban fringe, the gallery uses materiality and rhythm to provide a pla orm of convergence and explora on.

    container livingIn an urban heart subject of change, the towers create a highly adaptable structure, focused on change whilst s ll providing a pla orm for community.

    form of the theatreThe centre piece of a towns cultural explora on, both symbolically and physically, the theatre o ers a place of expression for all to see.

    colchester cultural quarterEntwining old and new allowing ease of discovery and explora on of both Vinolys visual arts facility and the town itself, a mixture of sugges on and simple expression facilitates freedom of movement.

    chelmsford regenerationBringing new life to three sites around the town centre that stand as part of the towns history, and now its future. Using scale and local infl uences to reintegrate the sites, new opportuni es emerge out of interest and enjoyment.

    Curriculum Vitae

  • eco house

    01Set as a compe on by the Concrete Centre, the Eco House is to be located in south-east England. The design should look to use concrete as a primary material, while crea ng the most sustainable form possible, encouraging both environmental and social well being. The design should house a family of four.

  • tle Eco Houseloca on South East Englandorigin BSc (hons) Architectureyear 2007focus technological explora ontools used autocad, photoshop

    north face south face

    fl oor plans 1:200 | north

    kitchen hall

    dining area






    en suitewardrobe

    hempcrete wall

    concrete frame



    recycling storage

    bike storage

    Open communal areas, individual bedrooms with large deep set windows and the thought out use of space provides a compact home capable of housing an average family providing space for both privacy

    and family life. Using hempcrete as a primary building material along with a central light cowl the building takes advantage of

    passive techniques, minimising human and energy inputs facilita ng a sustainable home. The simplicity of design allows for quick

    construc on and low costs.

  • shared open greenspace, allows natural light to house front

    shared hard surface, pedestrian dominated


    Eco House


    Vehicular access


    While the house provides technological aides to sustainability, the environment it sits within provides for a desirable and sustainable place, both socially and environmentally. Open shared spaces allow freedom of ac vity whether it is simply children playing from day to day or a communal bbq. The use of space also allows light and air to fl ow in freely to the houses, their simple form being easily repeated to build communi es. The aim is to facilitate and provide the pla orm for a sustainable life, avoiding dicta on and control.

    sustainable communities

  • Light & Ven la on cowl; southern

    orienta on increases heat and light intake.

    Large rear roof surface for rain collec on, with smaller south

    roof for solar thermal collec on.

    Wooden insulated fl oor panels for

    quick and simple construc on.

    Concrete frame: preformed sec ons placed together on


    Hempcrete wall panels allow

    quick and simple construc on while

    bringing thermal mass to the centre of the house with a carbon nega ve


    Brick work where hard wearing

    contact surfaces occur, reducing the need for long term


    South facing window: double glazing

    Hempcrete wall panel

    North facing window: treble glazing

    Render fi nish o ering protec on to both frame and panel

    In order for a home to be sustainable it must fi rst be a ordable, and so one way to facilitate low cost is by pre-manufactured components requiring simple assembly on site. This means that the house becomes easily adaptable during its life me as components can be removed and replaced as desired. This adaptability furthers the ambi on of sustainability by allowing inhabitants to customise and care for their homes over a longer life cycle.

    Con nuous central column housing the stairwell, allowing light down into the house, and heat (and ven la on) up through the house passively and bring thermal mass to the centre.

  • concrete frame


    wooden post

    hempcrete 300mmvapour barrier

    lime plasterboard

    wooden fi nishscreed

    underfl oor hea ngvapour barrier

    insula onconcrete slab

    The use of a concrete frame and hempcrete walls allows a high thermal mass through out the building stablising internal temperatures. With hempcrete as a carbon nega ve material the environmental impact of the whole building construc on is minimised. Under fl oor hea ng creates an equal gentle warmth to be absorbed into the building fabric.

    Predominant winds move over the cowl crea ng a nega ve pressure on its northern side aiding passive stack ven la on.

    At the height of the tower a heat exchanger captures any escaping warmth to be redistributed into the house.

    Rain water is captured and stored for use in a grey water system.

    Increased fl oor to ceiling heights allow light deeper into the fl oor plan.

    High level balcony facilitates indirect security by over looking the space in front.

    A small storage shelter at the rear door provides a place for recycling bins and securing bicycles.

    With kitchen to the north side and the bathroom centrally placed rooms are placed to make the most of natural light and warmth.

  • peninsula gallery

    02Design a new public gallery o ering a range of exhibi on spaces both internal and external. Understanding of the local surroundings is essen al, taking account of the loca on on the rural-urban fringe and confl uence of the rivers Cam and Chelmer.

  • tle Peninsula Galleryloca on Chelmsford, Essexorigin BSc (hons) Architectureyear 2009focus contextual explora ontools used sketchup, photoshop

    tle Peninsula Galleryloca on Chelmsford, Essexooro igin BSc (hons) Architectureyeyeyeyyear 2009fofofofofocus contextual explora ontototools used sketchup, photoshop




    peninsula site

    Set a few minutes walk from the busy town centre, the gallery looks out into the countryside at the confl uence of the rivers Cam and Chelmer, as a green corridor creeps into the urban mass.

    Full access to the roof terrace provides not just an exhibi on area, but a public space, reaching over the water and raised above the day to day rush. At the front of the gallery two previously separated river crossings are brought together to create simple clear movement across the river.

    The fi rst fl oor entry point, along the new bridge, elevated and surrounded by water alludes to a sense of privacy and intrigue within the building, further experienced as visitors move into the galleries and then down to each lower level.

    Each gallery o ers a di erent atmosphere. From the waterside pla orm, accessible from only the water and within the building, its seclusion and surroundings as part of the exhibi ons themselves. In contrast, the third gallery, buried in the ground, is almost excluded from the very sur