Best Practices for Video Translation

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Translations Service Webinar April 2, 2013 Moderator: Josh Miller Speakers: Adam Emsley David Zylber

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Is your business going global? Over 70% of Internet users speak a language other than English, but how do you reach them in a cost-effective way? This webinar covers tips and best practices for translating your video, engaging with an international audience, and SEO strategies for a new source of inbound traffic. Watch this webinar to learn about: - Preparing your video content for translation - Translation technology and process - Quality vs price – choosing the right level - Creating multilingual subtitles - Editing completed translations yourself - Working with video players and platforms - Publishing translations with an interactive transcript - Leveraging translation for SEO Presenters: David Zylber Manager of Customer Happiness | 3Play Media Adam Emsley Head of Technical Integrations | Gengo Josh Miller Co-Founder | 3Play Media Shannon Murphy Content Marketing Manager | 3Play Media

Transcript of Best Practices for Video Translation

  • 1. Translations Service Webinar April 2, 2013 Moderator: Josh Miller Speakers: Adam Emsley David Zylber

2. Agenda 3Play Media and Gengo Overview Translation Workflow Overview Translation ProfileTranslation Submitting translation requests Download, edit, and preview Interactive Plugins and tips SEO Benefits Q&A 3. 3Play Media Overview Transcription and Captioning Accessible, Searchable, SEO-friendly Interactive Video Plugins Integrations with Video Platforms 4. Gengo Overview Translation Service 33 Languages offered 3 Translation Service Levels Pre-tested Translator Workforce 5. Translation Workflow Overview Transcribe or Align Media Files using 3Play Media Preview your English Transcript Configure Translation Profile Submit English Transcripts for Translation Preview and Download Translations Publish Interactive Video Plugins with Translations 6. Translation Profile The Translation Profile is key to the success of your translation! Information on the Translation Profile will be seen by translators. It asks for information regarding Vendor Preference Business and Audience Description Branding, Overall Tone, and Consistency Samples, Links, and Terms/Phrases 7. Submit a Translation Request Transcription or Alignment Complete? Satisfied with the English Transcript? Filled out the Translation Profile? If so, submit it for 8. DEMO 9. Preview the Translations Once your translations are complete you can Preview the Translations as a Transcript Preview the Translations with the video 10. Edit the Translations If necessary, you can make edits to your translations. 11. Download Translations Once complete, you can download your translations in a variety of captions and transcript file formatsthen upload them to your media content. 12. Publish a Multi-lingual Interactive Plugin Once your translations are complete you can also Create and Publish an Interactive Transcript or Captions Plugin that includes translations! 13. Tips for DFXP Supported Platforms Good news for Brightcove, Ooyala, and Limelight account holders! Links to DFXP captions can be modified to include translationsthen downloaded and added to your DFXP supported platform. 14. SEO Benefits of Video Translation Importance of text Increased traffic Greater authority Less competition Better user experience 15. Goals and Website Considerations Objectives: viewership or monetization? Duration of videos How are the videos published? Separate web pages for each language? Which search engines? Keyword strategy 16. Implementation Best Practices Separate video landing pages for each language One language per web page One video sitemap for each language On-page / off-page tactics Transcript placement YouTube multilingual subtitles / other platforms Video schema HTML5 subtitles track 17. NEED HELP? RESOURCES Knowledge Base Contact 3Play Media Support [email protected]