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Thank you for your interest in formal recruitment. Please take some time to read the PNM booklet. Should you have any questions, contact information has been provided at the end of the booklet.

Transcript of 2015 UConn Panhellenic Formal Recruitment Booklet

  • University of Connecticut

    Panhellenic Formal Recruitment 2015

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    Every Adventure Requires A First Step

  • Table of Contents2 A Letter from the Panhellenic President3 Why Join Greek Life?4 What is Formal Recruitment?5-6 The Four Pillars of Greek Life7-10 Meet the Panhellenic Chapters11 Associate Chapter12-13 Recruitment Vocab14 Pre-Recruitment Events

    15-16 The Four Days of Recruitment17-18 What to Wear19 Panhellenic Philosophy at UConn20 PNM Bill of Rights 21-22 Frequently Asked Questions23 The National Panhellenic Conference24 The Panhellenic Council at UConn25-26 The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life27 Contact Information

  • A Letter From The Panhellenic PresidentWelcome home! Joining Greek life at the University of Connecticut was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Greek life has given me the opportunity to create

    lifelong friendships, while looking for and finding a place to call my home.

    What is a Panhellenic woman on the University of Connecticuts campus? A Panhellenic woman is involved: she is actively involved within her chapter and outside her chapter. She might hold a position on the Executive Board, serve on a committee, or be an active voice in

    important matters. She may be the Vice President or Social Chair of a respective club on campus. She is a tour guide, selling the amazing and unique qualities of the University of Connecticut. She is philanthropic. She holds true the values of her sorority. She puts forth

    efforts to raise awareness. She stands on her feet for eighteen hours at HuskyTHON, dancing for those children of Connecticut Childrens Medical Center who cant. She is intelligent. She is a double major, a 4.0 student, a tutor, a UConn scholar, and an active participant in classroom discussions. She holds a GPA over the All-Womens GPA. She is resourceful and relentless in

    the pursuit of academic success. She always strives for excellence. She is beautiful. Inside and out, a Panhellenic woman exhibits beauty and grace, holding attention while she speaks.

    As Panhellenic women, we hold each other to high standards and expect the best of each other. Success is our only option. We have a voice within our Panhellenic council; we can make

    a change as leaders in our community because we are given countless resources and opportunities. We are encouraged to break barriers and exceed the expected. The best women

    go Greek. The involved, philanthropic, intelligent, beautiful women I have made connections with, within my Greek community, always amaze, but never surprise me. I am so honored to call

    the Panhellenic community my home.

    Jaimie FarkasPresident, Panhellenic Council


  • Why Join Greek Life? To meet new friends To gain a sisterhood To be a part of an amazing community To join something thats bigger than you To better yourself To strengthen your academics To network To have fun To enhance your college experience To go outside of your comfort zone To find ways to get involved in various opportunities on campus

  • What is Formal Recruitment?Formal Recruitment is a process we use to gain new members in our community. It is a four day process that occurs over Labor Day weekend. During this process, you will travel to different chapters and meet members of the Panhellenic community. Each day, through mutual selection, PNMs and chapters will narrow their search to ultimately welcome women as the Fall 2015 new member class. Women are sometimes unsure if this process is right for them. We encourage you to try it out and find your home! You will meet women who could one day be your sisters for life. Our advice: Be yourself! Experience this process with an open mind, and you will see where you are meant to be!

    Every adventure begins with a first step.

  • The Four Pillars of Greek LifeScholarship

    Holding one another to the highest standards of scholarship, acknowledging that we are students first. Panhellenic women support one another through mentor and study initiatives in their chapters. In Fall 2014, the All-Panhellenic GPA was a 3.247!

    Service & Philanthropy

    Giving back through donations of money, items, and time with philanthropic efforts and causes. Each chapter holds an event for their philanthropy, and women are involved in HuskyTHON, service clubs, Alternative Breaks, and other initiatives all around campus.

  • The Four Pillars of Greek LifeLeadership

    Actively involved in leadership roles around campus to develop skills like communication, time management, event planning and implementation of new programs.


    Experiences in the community being enriched by themes of acceptance, friendship, and support of women in your pledge class, chapter, and in other Panhellenic sororities as well. These experiences will define your time in the community and will kindle lifelong friendships.

  • Meet The Panhellenic ChaptersAlpha Chi Omega

    Nickname: Alpha ChiColors: Scarlet Red & Olive GreenSymbol: Golden LyreMotto: Together Let Us Seek The HeightsPhilanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness

    Social Media: Twitter/Instagram: @uconn_axo Website: alphachiuconn.org

    Alpha Epsilon PhiNickname: AEPhiColors: White & GreenSymbol: ColumnsMotto: Many Hearts, One PurposePhilanthropy: The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Sharsharet

    Social Media: Twitter/Instagram: @aephiuconn Website: aephiuconn.com

  • Alpha PhiNickname: Alpha PhiColors: Silver & BordeauxSymbol: Ivy LeafMotto: Union Hand in HandPhilanthropy: The Alpha Phi Foundation, Cardiac Care & Research

    Social Media: Twitter/Instagram: @alphaphiuconn Website: alphaphiuconn.com Tumblr: uconnalphaphi.tumblr.com

    Meet The Panhellenic ChaptersDelta Gamma

    Nickname: DGColors: Bronze, Blue & PinkSymbol: AnchorMotto: Do GoodPhilanthropy: Service For Sight

    Social Media: Twitter/Instagram: @uconndeltagamma

    Website: uconn.deltagamma.org

  • Kappa Alpha ThetaNickname: Theta Colors: Black & GoldSymbol: KiteMotto: Leading WomenPhilanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

    Social Media:Twitter/Instagram: @uconnthetaWebsite: uconntheta.comTumblr:uconn-theta.tumblr.com

    Meet The Panhellenic ChaptersGamma Phi Beta

    Nickname: Gamma PhiColors: Brown & ModeSymbol: Crescent MoonMotto: Founded Upon A RockPhilanthropy: Building Strong Girls

    Social Media: Twitter/Instagram: @gammaphiuconn Website: uconngammaphibeta.com

  • Phi Sigma RhoNickname: Phi RhoColors: Wine Red & SilverSymbol: Pyramid & StarMotto: Together We Build the FuturePhilanthropy: The American Cancer Society, Girl Scouts of America

    Social Media:Twitter/Instagram: @uconnphirhoWebsite: uconnpirho.weebly.com

    Pi Beta PhiNickname: Pi PhiColors: Wine & Silver BlueSymbol: ArrowMotto: Friends and Leaders for LifePhilanthropy: Literacy, Read Across America, Champions Are Readers

    Social Media: Twitter/Instagram: @uconnpiphi Website: pibetaphi.org/uconn Tumblr: uconnpibetaphi.tumblr.com

    Meet The Panhellenic Chapters

  • Associate Chapter What is an associate chapter? Inter/national organizations that are not member groups of the National Panhellenic Conference may have established chapters within Collegiate Panhellenic Councils. At UConn, Phi Sigma Rho is an associate chapter.

    A Message From the Phi Sigma Rho President, Connie Bowman:Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology. Through Phi Sigma Rho, our sisters develop the highest standard of personal integrity, strive for academic excellence, and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Although we do not participate in formal recruitment, we are still an associate chapter of Panhellenic. Our recruitment process includes three events focused on our ideals of friendship, scholarship and encouragement. Visit our website if you would like to be added to our email list for more recruitment information: http://uconnphirho.weebly.com/recruitment.html

    Recruitment for Phi Sigma Rho will begin after Panhellenic Formal Recruitment on September 8th, 2015.

    For more information, please contact Connor.Bowman@uconn.edu

  • Recruitment Vocab: Its All Greek to Me Recruitment Counselor: a sorority member who is temporarily disassociated from her sorority to serve as an unbiased recruitment guide.

    Potential New Member (PNM): a woman who is not a member or new member of an NPC organization; a woman who is eligible to participate in recruitment.

    Chapter: a chartered undergraduate unit of an inter/national sorority.

    Round(s): a day or days during recruitment when a potential new member visits a specific number of chapters. These typically have themed names or may be referred to by how many chapters are visited, i.e. Scholarship, Philanthropy, Movie, & Preference.

    College Panhellenic Council: an association for all of the National Panhellenic Conference chapters on a campus. This association serves as the governing body for all NPC chapters on campus and organizes the recruitment process.

    Continuous Open Bidding (COB): an opportunity for chapters to recruit to quota or total following primary recruitment. This allows women who did not participate in the Formal Recruitment process to be able to join the sororities who are looking to intake more