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  2. 2. 2 LENR - mainstream , , , - : " " & + . 2013. LENR 2016, 100 . & , LENR: 1- , 2- , (- ), 3- / HHO - , , 4- , / , 5- , , , 6- 20 % 2 / / / , . ( / / ), , , , , , - - . mainstream , / : & / / / , , , . , : , , , 1000+ - - , , . ' , , - - . - - , , , , / .
  3. 3. 3 LENR-Cold fusion idea has been virtually accepted by mainstream science, & currently in gradual transition stage of spreading to industrial, fringe, & non-western media: Energy produced with basically free fuel & equipment + operation cost. Also thermonuclear fusions experimental success for unlimited energy in 2013. LENR is forecasted to be commercialized by 2016, but note electric car took 100 years to return. This could also trigger first full science review of currently ignored & ridiculed recurring private micro scale use inventor free energy & small commercialized installations, some in relation to LENR: 1-Extracting ambient-radiant energy as electricity, 2-Harvesting reverse voltage power instead of using extra force to cancel it(Back EMF motor), 3-Oscillation/geometry catalyzed rapid HHO gas, or as hydrocarbon enhancer/ emission cutter, 4-Plasma/electromagnetic pulse/vortex creation in confined water/gas, 5-Compressed air, heat exchanging, & its power amplifying mechanism, 6-Water Emulsifying processes that incorporates far beyond 20% H2O, 7-Underwater air buoyancy force + gravity combined harvest, 8-Cavitation heater, etc They seem to run on mechanics & accompanied by side effects current physics cannot explain(explainable by Russian Torsion/Scalar/Terahertz physics or Pre-Heaviside Maxwell equations), low cost, & furthermore, are convertible to superior effect new techs that can replace majority of propulsion, weather, medical, nuclear remediation, & some mining-industrial-farming processes -IF fully peer reviewed in science Still interlocked main Western media censored, but increasing documents/testimony on various open-end pseudo science R&D at Govt/Aerospace/Military/Intel agency with covert private contractors, protected under national security i.e. black budget program, which above-stated organization executives themselves often have no access to. This is totally isolated from dead-end public consumption science which is monitored & restricted by science law: e.g. At an advanced nation, even official record indicates, 1000+ inventions in Enviro-Energy-Propulsion-Medical field, many patented, are classified by national security law which is applicable to its allies. Despite all this, there are subtle but collectively unambiguous signs from majority of establishment to gradually introduce new unlimited Open System paradigm. Though both gas-oil-coal based industrial process & alternative energy can remain by innovation, free energy full commercialization itself is inevitable & it still risks social disruption, hence public participation is beneficial to discuss if, or at what rate & how all related tech/info to be officially released & endorsed. ONE PAGE SUMMARY
  4. 4. linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada QUALIFICATION OF INFORMATION GIVEN IN THIS PRESENTATION This presentation might not reect the view of Western mainstream media & science; hence attendants/readers are recommended to re- assess the data from own independent perspective Free energy in this report is dened as seeming: Draw of more energy than exerted to generate Continuous motion without energy input Use of free material generally not considered as fuel High likelihood about quoted inventors-scientists: 1- Statistical error chance for false effect claims, plus undetected intentional fraud, some organized-coordinated, is possibility 2- Even greater probability of quality & reliability misrepresentations 3- Signicant quality gap between inventions, yet - 4- At least collective majority repeatedly produce claimed effects Most effects quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from unrelated era & source, but mechanics listed are hypothetical 4
  5. 5. 5 Main academia/media in mid-late 1800s forecasted commercialized free energy by early 1900s(Anthony+), 1- Free Ground Earth Battery regularly demonstrated self charging or inducing electricity capacity but need minimum moisture, also power generation efciently of two-points-voltage gap depends on location(Snow, Lockwood, Wilkins, Dieckmann, Strong, Bain, Edard, Haworth, Bear, Mellon,Hicks, Cerpaux, Garratt, Lamont +); invention rush for telegraph use, Along strong claims of pre-dated telephony & wireless(Meucci, Stubbleeld, Tesla+ ), 2- Very low cost Vaccumized Air/ Compressed Air engine/residential-industrial system, Trompe/Water Pumps also widely used(Rix, Mekarski, Hardie, Hoadley, C Hodges+) Non earth battery free energy claims mixed: Data lack/Fraud, some can be valid, Involved mainstream scientists till early 1900s, yet no commercialization(p19,20 Science legal 1&2 disappeared from schooling/research while other types of free energy(p11-18) & repeated side effects in combination didnt t with science package then & now; gradually became irrelevant/pseudo science, which matched major business-nancial lobby interest then QUEST FOR FREE ENERGY: 1 CLAIMS STARTED WELL BEFORE 1800S
  6. 6. linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada Same mechanics with side effects repeated by unrelated inventors, but linear development mostly limited to recent mainstream academia(LENR, Cavitation Boiled down to 10 or so base mechanics(p9,p11-18) with similar tendency: Often energy is triggered in by rapid vortex-pressure-voltage-spin, pulse- resonance, plasma-magnetic eld, ionization, cavitation, nuclear type reaction, They show up as anomalous or violent cooling/heating, vibration, knocking, spike, surge, implosion as defect & avoided by extra energy/design change Performance seemingly affected by geophysical/cosmo-physical elements, Their side effects are often non-linear & contradict existing basic science laws i.e. not closed system?; some techs(p11-18) efciency uctuates, by time- location, altitude, humidity, position direction etc; similar to ground-earth battery(p5), Rare cases emotion(Carr,Keely, Ring, Davidson,Vogel, Seelhofer+ Occasional rift:1- Mainstream Western scientist vs 2- Inventor, sidelined & Non- Western scientist(Russia, China+), Some scholars in West as exception(Austria+) QUEST FOR FREE ENERGY: 2 TOWARDS MODERN ERA 6
  7. 7. 7 SCIENCE-LEGAL INACTIVE FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY FREE ENERGY TYPES; non-utilized, or stopped, but emerging exceptions Nitinol engine; Negative metal fatigue temperature shapeshift metal, US Navy backing(Banks, Sandoval, Ginell, McNichols, Hochstein, A Johnson) Ground/plants Electricity harvester(Karavas, Barbosa,Bryan,Helder+, p6,18) ElectroMagnetic(EM) & sound wave electricity converter, Infrared Rectenna (Cummer, Vanke, Briscoe, R Phillips, P Cutler+), & Neg resistance/self entrain- ing ampliers-oscillators in high frequency range; microwave, mm-wave+ Permanent Tourmaline electrode electrolysis(stop only at 950C, Kubo effect Bacteria battery/generator; Magnetotactic Bacteria based, Self-Charge Electrochemical Bio-capacitor(Pankratov+), Atomic/Nanogenerators +, Nano overunity solar(Klimov: US Govt CASP), Particulates(Yurth+), Atomic Hydrogen Welding (Langmuir), Negative electro-resistance-carbon(Chung+), Atmos clock+, use of self oscillating Torsion pendulum - Electro-mechanical transducer, ambience change, can combine with Foucalt pendulum element, Water-Oil/Coal emulsifying, Science legal till 30% H2O mix(illegal version p17), discreet fair sized use, cuts emission, carefully ignored by major enviro- nmental NGOs & Western mainstream entities Levitrontype, or Drinking Bird generator, Self running Hydrodynamic heater(G Ivanenko, Bespalko+)
  8. 8. 8 SCIENCE-LEGAL INACTIVE SUPER LOW COST TECHNOLOGY SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES free energy treatment(p19, 20); stopped, stay microscale, large internal only corporate use etc: But again now emerging exceptions Coal based Gas/Oil: Natural gas like CENfuel (Lloyd & Turner) & Low Temperature Coal Carbonization: LTC, Rexco (Karrick), Kept improving then dropped before yr2000 (Bergius+), Micro active at Sasol+(Lurgi+), EM wave/Ultrasonic use(M Kawabata+) Orimulsion: bitumen-water mix Thorium: US in 70s, Uranium took over, nuclear plant use, far less radiation, re-starting(India, Russia, China, US+), portable(Dratch +), Betavoltaics: Tritium Light or Battery, Zinc sulde or Radium Paint + Solar Cell, 50-200%+ increased efciency engines by timing, vaporization, carburetor+(Myers, Ogle, Covey, Pogue, Castellini, Brandt, Hatton, La Force, Caggiano, Belland, Holland, Ch Brown, J Richardson, D Novak, Fish, Wordsworth+); e.g. In1920s mainstream predicted 80mpg car by 40s, After 60s some test cars 200mpg+(B Wine, A Wallace+) Water + carbon rod electric arc gas(W Richardson, Santilli+) Exotic conguration green energy Pilot success, if any extended only to submarine/ space/military use, Tidal(B Davis+), High Heat Recovery (Sterling)(Qnergy)/Thermo- electric (Bellezza, L Johnson+)/Pyroelectric