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Η παρουσίαση του StageDiving, όπως έγινε στο Συνέδριο του Best Practices Forum, στον Πολυχώρο the HUB events, στις 19 Ιουλίου 2012.

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2. MISSIONSTATEMENT HELP MUSICIANS TOUCH THEIR AUDIENCE SD 2 3. THEPROBLEMYou can not easily SELL what you canREPRODUCE and DISTRIBUTE at NO COST SD3 4. THESOLUTION CONCERTS remain the best way for MUSIANS to market their work and make a LIVING out of it. SD4 5. OURAPPROACH a WEB APP for TARGETED promotion of CONCERTS using POSTERS SD 5 6. SD6 7. AUGMENTED POSTERS SD 7 8. COMINGSOONjoin us SD 8 9. STAGEDIVING@iLovStageDiving THETEAM @enykou @nancast @santoskoniordos 9