Plant like protist

Plant like Protist (algae) and Advantages of Protista


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Page 1: Plant like protist

Plant like Protist (algae)

and Advantages of Protista

Page 2: Plant like protist

Characteristic of Alga ● Sizes

- Microscopic (25μm), Ex: Navicula.

- Macroscopic (50m), Ex: Macrocystis.

Navicula Macrocystis

Page 3: Plant like protist

● Shape of body

a. Uniselluler

- Solitter (Ex: Chlorella don’t have flagel).

- Coloni (Ex: Gonium, Volvox, Hydrodictyon).

Chorella Volvox

Page 4: Plant like protist

b. Multiseluler

Ex: Spirogyra, Oedogonium, dan Ulva.

Spirogyra Ulva

Page 5: Plant like protist

● Body structure and function

- Has membrane nucleus (eucarotic)

- Cell have chloroplas (in cell contain pigment to

absorp light for photosyntesis

- Main pigment: clorophyll

add pigment: karoten (xantofil and fikobilin) and

fikobilin (fikosianin/fikoritrin)

- Has pirenoid, for reserve food place

Page 6: Plant like protist

● Habitat and the way life

- Fotoautotrof

useful as produsen for heterotrof organism, in

supplying food and oxigen

- Free life in damp habitat/water, ex: swamp, river,

soil, stone, or tree

Page 7: Plant like protist

● Reproductiona. Axesual (vegetatif)

- Division cell (only in uniseluler algae)- Fragmentation (in multiseluler algae

filamen/thallus shape)- Zoospora (uni and multiseluler)

b. Seksual (generatif)- Isogami- Oogami

Page 8: Plant like protist

Klasifikasi Alga

● Euglenoid (Euglenophyta)- Uniseluler, cell pakaged by pelikel (kind of protein)- Procariot- Has stigma contain fotoreseptor- Has two flagellum- Habitat: water- Food reseve: paramilon

Page 9: Plant like protist

- Reproduksi: axesual (biner division)

- Ex: Euglena.


Page 10: Plant like protist

● Gold Algae (Chrysophyta)

- Uniseluler soliter and multiseluler

- Compose cell wall: hemiselulosa, silika, and


- Pigmen: karoten (santofil)

add pigmen : fukosantin, chlorophyl a and c.

- Reseve food: lipid and charbohidrate

- Habitat: water and sea

Page 11: Plant like protist

- Reproduksi: a. axesual (biner division, spora shape)

b. sexual ( joint two kids of gammet)

- Ex: Navicula, Synura, and Mischococcus.


Page 12: Plant like protist

● Fire Algae (Dinoflagellata / phyrrophyta)

- Uniseluler fotosintetic

- Cell wall contain cellulose

- Pigment: chlorophyl a and c, xantofil, dinosantin,

and fikobilin.

- Have 2 flagellum

- Main producen sea fitoplankton

- Habitat: sea

Page 13: Plant like protist

- Reproduction: asexual (biner division)

- Ex: Gonyaulax, Noctiluca scintillans.

Gonyaulax Noctiluca scintillans

Page 14: Plant like protist

● Green Algae (Chlorophyta)

- Uniseluler and multiseluler

- Cell wall compose from cellulose

- Pigmen: klorofil (klorofil a and b)

add pigment: karoten

- Reseve of food: amilum

- Habitat: water

Page 15: Plant like protist

- Reproduction: a. asexual (spora shape, fragmentation, and self division)

b. sexual (isogami, anisogami,


- Ex: Volvox, Gonium, and Chlamydomonas.


Page 16: Plant like protist

● Brown Algae (Phaeophyta)

- Multiseluler, like thread or thallus

- Pigment: karoten (fukosantin)

add pigment: chlorophyl a dan b, xantofil

- Cell wall contain pektin and algin

- Food of reseve: laminarin

- Habitat: sea

Page 17: Plant like protist

- Reproduksi: a. axesual (Fragmentation and zoospora)

b. sexual ( isogami, unisogami, and


Ex: Sargassum, Macrocystis, Turbinaria.

Sargassum Turbinaria

Page 18: Plant like protist

● Red Algae (Rhodophyta)

- Pigmen: fikoeritrin

add pigment: chlorophyll a and d, karoten,


- Multiseluler

- Cell wall contain pektin and cellulose

- Reseve of food: florid flour

- Habitat: in deep sea

Page 19: Plant like protist

- Reproduction: a. axesual (spora)

b. sexsual (oogami)

- Ex: Eucheuma spinosum.

Eucheuma spinosum

Page 20: Plant like protist

Peranan Protista Economic

- Foraminifera: its scheleton as clue to find resource of

oil, gasses, and mineral

- Radiolaria: its scheleton can used for tool brush

- Chlorella: for food material.

- Laminaria lavaniea (G. cokelat): farm dan manure

and cattle food

- Laminaria digitalis: yodium producen.

Page 21: Plant like protist

- Diatom (brown algae): residue of scheleton used to

explotion material, isolation make material, material

of paint and pernis.

- Macrocystis and Laminaria: producen alginat acid

for thick of make ice, cosmetic, textile, pill/tablets.

- Eucheuma spinosum dan gelidium: maked material

seaweed for mix make cookist.

- Ulva, Caulerpa, dan Enteromorpha: as source of

food like vegetables.

Page 22: Plant like protist

Radiolaria Diatom


Page 23: Plant like protist


- Trichonympha campanula : help digest in intesti ne termite and cockroach.

- Red Algae (Rhodophyta): shape of precipitate kapur

either in sea or water.

- Gold Algae (Chrysophyta): main authorize plankton

(producen in sea environment).

- Green Algae (Chlorophyta): phytoplankton in sea


Page 24: Plant like protist

Disadvantages Protist

- Saprolegnia: parasite in organism aquatic

- Plasmopora viticola: white fungi in grape

- Phytophtora infentans: rotten disease in tomato and

potato caused by water fungi.

- Entamoeba histolytica: cause disentri disease.

- Trypanosoma brucei: cause sleep disease (inAfrika).

- Trypanosoma evansi: cause sleep disease in cattle

animals (cow, goat, and horse)

Page 25: Plant like protist