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David Jones and Michael Wilcox. Peltier Devices. Basic Function. Bismuth Telluride cubes carry heat from one direction to the other Charge comes from DC Voltage. Hot Side. Cool Side. Δ T is the most important. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Peltier Devices

  • Jones and Michael Wilcox

  • Bismuth Telluride cubes carry heat from one direction to the otherCharge comes from DC Voltage

  • Increase in Voltage => Increase in TAt 12 V => T = 51CCurrent heat load = 0WThot,spec chart = 35C, Tcool,spec chart = -16C

  • Two Peltier Devices connected to stainless steel platesCoolant runs between radiator and peltier devices.

  • Coolant is used to keep the Thot down (Troom)Pumped through a fan-cooled radiatorCoolant used for anti-rust, anti-mold, increased heat dissipation

    Stainless Steel used Easily cleanedResistant to RustingHolds Heat WellStainless Steel: k=14.9 W/m*K

  • Thermal grease used to bridge the gapStainless Steel @10,000 kN/m2, R=.7-4.0 x10-4 m2*K/WThermal grease (@ 3500kN/m2), R=.04 x10-4 m2*K/W


  • Measure time constant () to reach steady stateCooling = 86s

    Return to Troom = 98.8s

  • Basic Assumption: 1-D Transient ConductionGoverning Equation: Temperature Distribution:

    Additional Assumptions:h = 300 W/(m^2*K)Peltier device neglected, exceptDevice modeled by usingT = Ti - T = -27C

  • Time constant: = 89.9s

    ********Time constant: *