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Open Doors magzine, North East edition, Spring 2012

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  • Open D

    oors The Regional Training ProspectusIssue 5 | N

    orth East Edition | Spring 2012

    NOrth East EDitiON issue 5 - Spring 2012ISSN: 2044-7159

    apprENticEships carEErs JObs traiNiNg a-LEvELs cOLLEgE UNi


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    We a

    re awesom

    e and so a

    re You





    tel: 01635 294 816 email: or visit

    AN EXCELLENT WAY TO GAIN QUALIFICATIONS AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN THE WORKPLACE, WHILST GETTING PAID.Clean, professional, cutting edge like todays vehicle repair technicians, the modern crash repair environment is geared up for innovative, highly skilled repair techniques on technologically advanced vehicles.

    With nearly 33 million vehicles on the roads in the UK - Now is a great time to be a part of this fast paced, exciting industry.

    Thatchams Automotive Academy is the largest training facility of its kind in the UK, providing a state of the art facility for a new generation of crash repair technicians. We offer apprentice training leading to VCQ Levels 2 & 3 in Body Repair, Body Refinish and Body Fitter.

    Contact our Apprentice team now, and find out how you can be a part of it












    feel free to put a link to our website on your schools resources web pages or intranet

    HEllO, wErE OpEN DOOrS...

    Open Doors Spring 2012 - North East edition

    Open Doors The Regional Training Prospectus is published by Open Doors Media Ltd 2011.

    ISSN: 2044-7159All material is copyrighted both written and illustrated. Reproduction in part or whole is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the publisher. All images and information is collated from extensive research and along with advertisements is published in good faith. Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the information in this publication was correct at press time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

    Throughout this Prospectus, youll see lots of facts and figures about our region and its sectors. We get them from UK National Statistics, various Sector Skills Councils, regional local authorities and industry experts. Its all official stuff, theres no Wikipedia where were involved!

    ... and this is our Regional Training Prospectus, here to help you decide what to do next.

    Its an exciting time, after all young people like you up and down the country are planning for their futures in September 2012 and did you know that there are endless opportunities, right on your doorstep! You could start earning money with an Apprenticeship; get a taste of the working world with employer funded study; carry on learning at sixth form or college, and much more.

    In this issue we will profile some of the biggest sectors in your region and explain how to take the first step to a career in the ones that interest you. Well also cover all of the main sectors out there, explore trends in your area, and take a look at some remarkable true stories of young people who have had success after leaving school.

    But thats not all! We also have a guide to all of the confusing qualifications out there, advice on how to make the most of our social media and we will answer some of the most common questions that you might have.

    the future is in your hands... right here in this prospectus. so turn the page and lets get started!

    Publisher Karl

    Editor Stan

    Business Development Simon

    Production Manager Lindsey

    Design Studio Belly


    To contact us:01765 694120 |


    the intro bits

  • the perfect place to start, jump straight to any section that instantly appeals or keep turning the pages and continue reading its all here to help you find your dream career


    The Intro Bits Careers Insight

    07 HOw tO ApplY Here we answer some of the most common queries you might have

    10 QUAlIFICAtIONS tABlE See how different qualifications add up, and how they compare

    12 lIFE StOrIES Past and present students tell us all about their experiences and how they succeeded

    17 CONStrUCtION SECtOr Build a successful career for yourself

    21 ENvIrONmENtAl & lAND- BASED SECtOr Consider a career out in the fresh air

    25 SpOrt & FItNESS SECtOr How about a healthy career helping people stay fit?

    29 mANUFACtUrINg SECtOr Its about making things we need, from food and medicine to petrol and clothing

    33 CrEAtIvE, DIgItAl & mEDIA SECtOr Exciting, trendy careers for artistic types

    37 ImAgINE A CArEEr... We give you a heads-up on the other sectors out there, which well cover in later issues

    p17 Construction se


    the intro bits


  • Heres How IT worksEvery term, we publish a new issue of Open Doors that covers five sectors in detail so you get a good idea of what a career in those industries would be like. Dont worry if the sector youre keen on isnt one of the five youll find it in our overview of remaining sectors in the Imagine a career in... article. With each new issue, well cover five totally new sectors in detail, so make sure you look out for us next term.If theres anything else youd like us to cover, or if you just want to say hello, email us at We want to make sure our magazine offers everything you need (or just want to read about)! Happy reading, and hope you have a great term.

    Useful stuff

    43 SpOtlIgHt ON tHE NOrtH EASt All about your region

    52 mOrE HElpFUl StUFF Useful links, contact details and more because you can never have too much information

    54 CHECK US OUt ON SOCIAl mEDIA A step by step guide on how to find us on facebook, twitter and google +

    p25 sport & fitness sector

    p29 Manufacturing


    p21 environmental


    land-based secto


    p33 Creative, digita


    & media sector


    the intro bits

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  • HOw tO ApplY

    How do you approach a

    company for work experience?

    Do you know what the Common

    Application Process is?

    Now you have an idea of what course or subjects would be right for you its time to think about taking the next step and making an application...

    around 70% of 16 year olds choose to remain in full time education


    of employers say relevant work experience is the

    most important part of an application


    (number of school leavers and graduates who enter the job market each year)


    applications without spelling mistakes

    are 61% more likely to get a reply

    (number of apprenticeship starts in England each year)

    275,000+there are more thanuniversity places in the UK each year



    the intro bits

  • CoMMon APPlICATIon ProCess14-19 area prospectuses use an online resource called the Common

    Application Process (CAP) which makes it easier to apply for different

    types of courses at age 14 or 16.

    What is the Common Application Process?

    Basically the CAP allows you to easily manage all of the applications

    you want to make for different courses. There might be lots of courses

    that interest you and the CAP lets you upload your application details

    so that you can quickly apply for any courses on your local 14-19

    area prospectus. This means that you should not have to fill out lots of

    different application forms but can just upload your details once and

    then browse courses and click to apply.

    The system also keeps track of the status of all of your applications so

    you can check their progress and see if you have any offers of places.

    It also links to local Information Advice and Guidance services so that

    you can get some helpful advice if the providers you have applied to

    are unable to make you an offer.

    What kind of courses does the Common Application Process

    help me apply for?The courses on here are those offered by local colleges and training

    providers. As it is used for all applications through your 14-19 area

    prospectus you can use it to apply for the following types of courses:

    ASandALevels Basic/KeySkills BTECs GCSEs HigherEducationCourses VocationalQualifications

    HowdoIgetinvolved?Your school should be able to give you a login to use on your 14-19

    area prospectus, which will allow you to complete a personal profile and

    application form, browse the available courses and apply for them online.

    For the details of your 14-19 area prospectus turn to page 52 of this

    magazine or head to